Popular, Cool Things People Are Buying This Year That Are Under $35 On Amazon

From the best-seller lists to your home.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Sometimes I’m scrolling through TikTok or Amazon, and I see a super popular kitchen tool, beauty product, or genius gadget that I swear I’ll remember for later, but inevitably, I won’t be able to find it again, and I’ll wish that I had just clicked “Add To Cart.”

So, I decided to track down all of those cool, cheap things people are buying this year and put them on one list. These viral things aren’t just on your social feeds, they’re on Amazon’s trending and best-seller lists, so you know they’re in the hands of real customers all around the world — and soon they can be in your hands, too.


These Motion Sensor Night Lights That You Simply Plug In

These mini LED night lights will feel so much more expensive than your usual ones because they create a calming warm white glow when all of your other lights are off. There’s also a switch to turn on a motion sensor setting, so you can line a hallway with this set, and they’ll turn on as you walk — so luxurious.


This Turmeric Scrub That Doubles As A Glowy Face Mask

Reach for this turmeric-packed face scrub when you want a face mask or an exfoliating facial scrub. Whichever way you use this versatile skincare add-on, it uses turmeric, chamomile extract, raw manuka honey, brightening lemon, and cane sugar to buff away unwanted dark spots and reduce inflammation.


These Chic Satin Scrunchies That Reduce Hair-Creasing

It’s definitely worth swapping out your usual scrunchies (or worse — those worn-out elastic hair ties) with these super gentle satin scrunchies. They won’t cause creasing or breakage, and this breathable set even helps out with frizz every time you toss your hair in a bun. In addition to helping out your hair, their shiny finish adds a touch of glam to any outfit.

  • Available colors: 5


A Mini Bluetooth Receiver To Give Your Car A Smart Setup

You can toss every annoying aux cord floating around your car if you get this miniature Bluetooth receiver, because it completely replaces them. It looks super tidy hanging out in the aux port, and you can connect up to two devices for all of your music. Plus, you can take phone calls with the built-in mic. It even helps out with road noise while you listen to music with your cord-free setup.


These Clear Pimple Patches That Prevent You From Picking At Blemishes

These pimple patches have a wearable and barely noticeable matte finish, so you can even wear them when you’re out and about. In about six to eight hours, you’ll realize that you haven’t picked at that spot (yay), and this non-drying patch with medical-grade hydrocolloid has taken care of the swelling and pus.


This Mini Surge Protector That Makes Your Wall Outlets Seriously Functional

This surge protector instantly takes care of that wall in your home that’s covered in tangled cords. Three unique design allows you to plug in five traditional cords, three USB cords, and one USB-C cord in, and the trapezoid design means the plugs won’t bump into each other. It’s a simple yet effective solution, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating after 36,000-plus reviews.


The Best-Selling Non-Stick Liners That Make Oven Spills A Breeze To Clean Up

These reusable oven liners save you from trying to figure out a way to reach that pizza sauce spill in the back corner of your oven. You can pull the entire thing out and let your dishwasher take care of the pizza sauce instead. Plus, your dishwasher won’t have any problems with that burned sauce because these trimmable sheets are completely non-stick.


These Crocs That Are So Breathable & On-Trend

These lightweight Crocs with an adjustable strap are seriously the easiest (and trendiest) things to pull on. Those classic cutouts make these clog-style shoes way more breathable than any of your sneakers, and they’re also completely waterproof for rainy days or beach trips.

  • Available colors: 46
  • Available sizes: 4 — 19


These Protective Fridge Liners That Make Your Produce Last Longer

These refrigerator liners are actually made of soft foam to prevent tomatoes and all of your fruit from bruising when you toss them in the veggie drawer. They also give your veggies more airflow than if you just pop them on the plastic fridge shelf, so you can prevent gross and moldy produce.


These De-Shedding Gloves To Pair With Your Pup’s Shampoo

These gloves are the only thing you need to keep next to your pup’s favorite shampoo because while you bathe them like usual (by simply trying to keep them in the tub), the gentle bristles will de-shed their fur and give them a little massage. You can also pull these adjustable and massaging gloves on when it’s brushing day between baths to prevent loose hairs from getting all over your furniture.


A Peppermint Shoe Deodorizer That Also Soothes Your Skin

This shoe spray is not only deodorizing for all kinds of footwear, but it also has a cooling formula that feels soothing and hydrating every time you slip your shoes on. It even has unique ingredients, like tea tree oil, ginger, white tea, and more, to help out your skin and odor-causing bacteria.


A Heart-Shaped Mini Bag That’s Super Functional

This faux-leather purse with an adjustable strap has so many on-trend details, like the miniature design and that adorable heart shape. It has shiny gold-tone accents, including a zipper that almost goes around the entire bag, so you easily grab your lip gloss at the bottom.

  • Available colors: 18


This Gel That Makes Removing Annoying Calluses Easier

This callus removing gel uses professional grade ingredients to help remove tough, hardened skin from your feet. Simply apply it after soaking, break out your pumice stone, and your corns and calluses will be gone. This easy-to-use product is a best-seller on Amazon with over tk five-star reviews, so you know it works.


A Versatile Shower & Tile Mat That Won’t Get Gross

Not only is this bath mat perfect for next to your tub, but you can also stick it in your shower for a non-slip add-on. The anti-slip backing is gentle enough for your shower tile or the bottom of your tub. Wherever you use it in the bathroom, this durable mat will give you a comfy cushioned mat that won’t get all moldy and grimy thanks to the soft, durable PVC material.


A Flake-Free Mascara With Over 219,000 Five-Star Reviews

Reach for this mascara no matter how much you’re rushing to leave because it has a unique conic fiber brush, so you won’t even have to check for clumps or globby pieces, and you can trust that it won’t flake or fade. This defining mascara is also perfect when you have a bit more time because you can add a ton of volume with two to three coats.


A Chic Mixing Bowl Set That Doubles As Airtight Food Storage

Swap out all of the mismatched bowls in your kitchen for these dishwasher-safe stainless steel mixing bowls that look so professional that you’ll want to stack them up and display them on your countertop. Stick the airtight lids on top, and they’ll also look way nicer in your fridge than baggies or food containers.


A Bag-Cleaning Gadget To Catch Grit & Dirt In Your Purse

Toss these little sticky gadgets in the bottom of whatever trendy bags you use the most, and it will take care of all of the grimy crumbs and tiny pieces of straw wrappers. They’re super small, so you won’t have to take those extra lip glosses out of your bag. Every once in a while, you can take it out, wash it off, and admire your clean bag.


A Mini Waffle Maker With A Trendy & Easy-To-Use Nonstick Design

With this mini waffle maker, it’s seriously not a big deal to add a fun appliance to your kitchen because it’s small enough to tuck in any cabinet. This 4-inch nonstick waffle maker lets you know when the food inside is ready, and it honestly comes in enough trendy colors for you to display it on your countertop.


This Essential Oil Treatment With A Ton Of Scalp & Hair Benefits

This strengthening scalp and hair oil comes in a little dropper bottle, so you can pop it right next to all of your other skincare serums. It has biotin and 30 essential oils, including stimulating rosemary and mint, and somehow it still feels super lightweight in your hair. This little bottle is beneficial for soothing your scalp, encouraging hair growth, nourishing dry split ends, and so much more.


An Armband For Comfier Jogs While You Finish A Podcast

This armband makes it so much easier to hit play on that podcast and immediately start your jog. Plus, you won’t have to find a spot for your phone because, let’s be honest, putting a phone in your leggings pocket isn’t super comfy. This zip-up pouch is also breathable, water-resistant if it rains on your run, and, of course, sweat-proof.

  • Available styles: 7
  • Available sizes: Small — XL


These 14-Karat Gold Plated Necklaces For A Trendy Layered Moment

These 14-karat gold-plated necklaces give you that layered moment without a bunch of effort, but most importantly — without spending a ton. It comes with three perfectly paired dainty chain styles that you can wear together or separate, so you honestly won’t have to style any other accessories with it to look put together.

  • Available styles: 24


These Reusable & Absorbent Mop Pads With A 4.8-Star Rating

These machine-washable mop pads are way better for those unexpected spills because you’ll never open your closet to find an empty box of single-use ones. They stick right onto your attachable mop, and the microfiber fabric will absorb the spill, take care of dust, and even pick up pet hair instead of just pushing dirt around.


A Soft Shower Cloth That Seriously Exfoliates

This wash cloth will instantly replace that stained wash cloth or frayed loofah in the shower because the quick-drying design won’t get gross between showers. It’s large enough to use like a loofa, while the nylon fabric is perfect for lathering up body wash and even exfoliating. When you’re done showering, this cloth dries so quickly.


These Bluetooth Earbuds With An Expensive-Looking Screen

These Bluerooth earbuds look so expensive because they have a screen on the front to let you know how much battery each headphone has and how charged the sleek case is. They’re also perfect for workouts because they have touch controls and a sweat-resistant, lightweight design, so they won’t fall on your yoga mat or the treadmill.


A Cooking Oil Spray Bottle For Easier Dinner Prep

Pour your usual cooking oil in this spray bottle, and you can totally avoid spending money on spray cooking oil for baking or your air fryer. The misting design is also way easier to use than having to pull out an olive oil bottle every time you prep dinner.


These Neutral & Non-Slip Claw Clips That Are Easy To Style

This claw clip set comes in neutral shades, so you won’t even have to think about if it matches your outfit when you reach for one. Each one has a trendy matte finish, and this set even comes with two adorable ‘90s-inspired clip designs to choose from. These non-slip clips are also free of rubber accents that might tug your hair.

  • Available styles: 2


This Tidy Little Fabric Marker Set That Won’t Wash Off

These permanent fabric pens come in a little zip-up bag, so they won’t make your closet or desk drawer super messy. Each one comes with a smaller tip for precise DIY’s or a thicker side for coloring your white sneakers a trendy new color. Plus, you can still toss those sneakers in the wash — even after customizing them with this water-based set.


These Drill Brush Attachments That Quickly Clean All Kinds Of Surfaces

This power cleaning set is the thing to grab when you’re tired of spending way too much time scrubbing your tub or shower tile. It comes with three different brushes to attach to your drill, including a rounded one to take care of that seriously annoying space where the tub meets the tile. They come in a variety of textures that can clean everything from glass to grills.


This Pack Of 5 Makeup Sponges With A Useful Egg Shape

It’s obvious why these budget-friendly makeup makeup sponges are so popular — you get a five of them for a fraction of the price of a name-brand sponge, and they add the trendiest colors to your makeup bag. They have that classic egg shape with a precise tip to pair with your favorite concealer, and they even work with sensitive skin.


These Trendy Waterproof Slides That Are *So* Cushiony

These adorable slide sandals are so on-trend right now because they have such a minimalist design. The unique EVA material is cushioned enough to feel like slippers and waterproof enough to style with your everyday outfits. You can also shrink them with a hairdryer for a custom fit without ruining the trendy texture.

  • Available colors: 22
  • Available sizes: 4 — 16


A Best-Selling Insulated Water Bottle With A Trendy Color-Block Lid

This insulated stainless steel water bottle looks way trendier than your usual one with its color-blocked flip-top lid. This adorable and colorful lid is also hiding a little pop-up loop to carry it and, of course, a removable straw. This straw is also super unique because it has two openings for small sips or chugging water on a hike, which is why this adorable drinkware has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after 24,000 reviews.


A Hilarious, Quick-To-Learn Card Game With A 4.8-Star Rating

You won’t need an entire game drawer to keep this little card game around for dinner parties because it’s super compact. Each card has simple illustrations, like an adorable taco or wedge of cheese — just like the name implies. These little illustrations and the easy-to-learn rules make this game so funny and quick to play, which is why it’s so beloved on Amazon with over 36,000 five-star reviews.


A Soft Cat Ear Headband To Keep Your Hair Back While You Wash Your Face

This stretchy headband easily beats those classic (and super uncomfortable) plastic headbands you usually reach for when you do your makeup because it feels like a soft and comfy towel. Of course, this gentle, reusable microfiber headband also stands out with those adorable cat ears on top.

  • Available styles: 4


This Projector Alarm Clock To Stay Cozy While You Check The Time

You won’t have to sit up to check if it’s almost time to get up because this alarm clock has a clock projector built right in. With this dimmable projector, you can see the time and go right back to sleep. It also has a USB charger and backup batteries, so you can be extra sure that you won’t be late for work.


This Dishwasher-Safe Mat To Catch Flying Dog Food

Not only will this waterproof and dishwasher-safe pet food mat catch water splashes, but it has a small lip around it to stop food from flying all over your floor. When your dog or cat is done, this unique design also makes it easier to carry it to the trash without spilling any dog food.


An Easy-To-Fill Ice Cube Set That Crafts Trendy Nugget Ice

These mini ice cube trays come in a super easy-to-use and stackable kit for trendy round nugget ice cubes every single day. This BPA-free set even comes with an ice bin and scoop, so you won’t have to pop ice out of the trays every time you want an iced coffee.


An Oversized Exfoliating Mitt To Help Clogged Pores

This exfoliating mitt has a secure wristband on the bottom, so it will stay put the entire time you’re scrubbing away. The oversized design allows you to exfoliate quickly, and it works with sensitive skin, so you’ll have the best base for your moisturizer, regardless of skin type. It also helps out with clogged pores, and all it needs is water to start exfoliating — no syrupy sugar scrubs required.


This Glass Pitcher For Chic Cold Brew Storage

This half-gallon pitcher is possibly the chicest cold brew storage option because it has a durable glass design and an adorable little shape. It’s airtight, so that cold brew will be totally fine hanging out in the fridge. Plus, the lid stays perfectly sealed until you twist it open for your morning coffee.


These Dainty, Durable Gold-Plated Studs That Look So Expensive

These little earrings have that minimalist and easy-to-wear look, but they also stand out with their unique bar-shaped design. Their dainty design is finished off with sterling silver and 14-karat gold plating, so you won’t have to worry about them if you wear them every day, and they look much more expensive than they are. If bars aren’t your style, these chic studs come in six other classic shapes.

  • Available styles: 21


A Holographic Nail Polish That’s *Actually* Easy To Apply

This nail polish is surprisingly budget-friendly for just how trendy it is with its holographic finish. Even with all of that glimmering holographic glitter inside, this vegan polish is still super pigmented and easy to apply. Of course, this unique polish is also topped off with a glossy finish, which reviewers say lasts for a long time.

  • Available colors: 22


This Bacon Grease Container To Save On Cleanup Time

With this bacon grease container, you won’t have to figure out what to do with extra grease when you’re in the middle of cooking or wreck a drain by pouring it down there. The stainless steel design is durable enough for you to pour hot oil right in it and then get back to cooking. It even comes with a removable strainer and a pouring spout so you can easily reuse the oil.


A Sliding Dog Puzzle Toy That’s Easy To Keep Clean

This durable dog puzzle stands out from all of the others because it’s so easy to take out all of the interactive boxes and clean them. Each box has a flip-top lid and a sliding design to reveal treats underneath to keep your dog engaged as they exercise their brain. This brick puzzle is an intermediate level, but this puzzle also comes in over two dozen varieties at four difficulty levels.


This Trendy Personal Blender With A Portable Cup Right On Top

This blender proves that those trendy personal blenders don’t have to be super pricey, and it still comes in super cool colors. Not only is the base super compact and operated with the single touch of a button, but you can pull the durable jar off and use it like a cup to make this blender even more portable.


This Nourishing, Slightly Tinted Lip Balm That You Can Reach For All Day

Just because this is a hydrating kukui oil lip treatment doesn’t mean you can’t also keep it in your bag and use it all day. It actually has a sheer finish and a slightly pink tint, so you’ll want to apply it all day long. It also has agave nectar, shea butter, and grape seed oil for extra moisture, no matter how you’re using this treatment.


This Best-Selling Masher & Mixer To Reach For With Every Recipe

I promise that this heat-resistant masher is worth adding to your kitchen because it has way more uses than simply making mashed potatoes. Pull it out when you’re cooking ground meat or mixing up batter. The unique BPA-free nylon design is even perfect for scraping pasta sauce from the sides of the pan.