46 Products That Make Your Outdated Sh*t Much Nicer

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I just bought a house this past year; it's my sanctuary and I'm really proud of it, but granted, I purchased it alone and on a freelance writer's salary, so it's a bit of a fixer-upper. Yes, the bones are solid, the appliances are functional, and the heat works (kind of), but like most houses and apartments that weren't renovated two minutes ago, it could use a little TLC in the aesthetics department. That's why I'm always on the lookout for smart products that make your old things look like new again — and don't require you to call in a professional to do it.

That said, while I do love DIY jobs, I don't have ample time and endless money to dedicate to them. Luckily, Amazon is filled with cheap, easy products that make a big impact on your home and the things inside it. If your countertops are outdated, your rugs are stained, your lightbulbs are draining energy, your car is looking a little worn, or your grout is not the color it should be, these handy solutions will fix it for less than $40. Best of all, these products significantly upgrade your home and belongings with minimal effort on your part, and if you won't take it from me, take it from the thousands of reviewers who can't stop raving about them.


These Magnetic Accents That Transform Your Garage In Seconds

Add instant charm to a steel garage door with these magnetic accents, which have almost 10,000 reviews and a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars. They're made from weather-resistant plastic that stands up to rust, discoloration, and UV rays, and they install in seconds (without tools or damage) thanks to the strong magnets on the back. "This set allowed me to get my dream garage for a few bucks," one reviewer wrote.


This Self-Adhesive Marble Paper For Your Backsplash, Countertops, Or Furniture

Don't have thousands of dollars to drop on a new backsplash, countertop, or vanity? No problem — this marble adhesive paper lets you transform your old one for under $10. While its PVC material has an authentic marble look, it's durable, easy to wipe clean, and can be cut to suit any area. It also has a built-in self-adhesive backing, so you don't have to worry about messy glues.


A Stylish Basket To Hide Clutter Or House Potted Plants

Clutter looks significantly less like mess when you put in in a basket. In fact, this one from BlueMake helps your toys, towels, and tools look like deliberate accent pieces. Reviewers also use it to house their plants and disguise pots they don't love, and since it's handmade from natural seaweed, each one is unique. Get it in two designs and three sizes.


This No-Primer Interior Paint In 12 Different Shades

Give any surface (like furniture or even cabinets) a new look with Rust-Oleum's ultra-matte Chalked paint, which has a low-odor latex formula that adheres without prep and remains durable once dry. Reviewers have used it on everything from chairs and dressers to bricks and countertops, and the consensus seems to be the same: "The best chalk paint brand I've found yet!"


These Sprays That Clean & Polish Wood At The Same Time

"I used this on my kitchen cabinets that had years of built-up dirt and [they] look like new!" one reviewer wrote. Others raved: "I used this on a door that's over 50 years old" and "I have also used it on my hardwood floors (corners and baseboards) with great success." Orange Glo is a two-in-one formula that cleans and polishes at the same time, and it can be used on any wood surface (even floors) to help it look its best.


An Affordable Way To Upgrade Your Shower To Spa-Status

Buyers "can't believe" this AquaDance showerhead is "so reasonably priced," especially considering it makes their home shower feel like they "paid money at a fancy spa." It has two heads (one handheld and one rainfall) and six different settings, all of which maximize pressure and minimize water waste at the same time. Last but not least, it's easy to install and comes in chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.


These Rechargeable Lights For Stairways, Closets & Under-Cabinets

It's not cheap or easy to electrically wire new lights in your home — but luckily, you don't have to. These small but mighty light strips stick onto any surface with adhesive or magnetic strip and automatically turn on when they sense motion. Then, when it's time for a power up, you simply remove the light from its magnetic base and recharge it with the included micro USB cord, no batteries required. Reviewers especially love them for pantries, closets, staircases, hallways, bathrooms, and under cabinets.


This Easy-To-Install Bidet That's Changing People's Lives

"The best thing I've bought in a long time," one reviewer wrote. Another raved, "I've found heaven in a toilet accessory [...] In all reality, the entire [family's] life has been changed by this little gizmo." The Luxe bidet comes with everything you need for a DIY installation on most U.S. toilets, after which it cleans your bum and itself for the most hygienic experience possible. If you're not satisfied with its customizable water pressure and high-quality parts, there's an 18-month warranty.


These Plugs That Turn Any Electronic Into A Smart Electronic

You don't need to buy all new electronics in order to control them with your phone or your voice. In fact, these Kasa smart plugs turn any item into a smart item, no hub required. Simply plug in your lamp, fan, humidifier, Christmas lights, or curling iron, and you'll be able to turn it on or off from anywhere, make groups and set schedules, monitor your energy consumption, and make hands-free demands if you have Alexa or Google Home.


This Spray Paint That Weatherproofs Your Outdoor Stuff

At the beginning of the summer, I used Rust-Oleum's enamel spray on the rusted, second-hand wrought-iron chairs I put around my fire pit. Months later, they still look like new — no rust marks in sight. That said, this spray can also be used on wood, concrete, and masonry to restore color and boost weather-protection. Since it's a spray paint, it's easy to apply evenly and get to hard-to-reach areas, plus it comes in just about any color.


Some Screw-In Magnets That Make Any Light Switch A Key-Holder

Replace your existing switch-plate screws with these screw-in magnets, and bam — instant key holder on any light switch. Since each one can hold up to 3 pounds, you can also use them for small tools and other metal items you'd rather not forget. The bigger the pack, the more you save. (The 6-pack is just $12!)


This Genius Tablet Holder That Stands Alone Or Mounts To Walls

Whether you're reading a recipe, watching a movie, recording a cooking how-to, or video-chatting with someone, the CTA Digital stand ensures that your tablet is always at the ideal angle. The padded clips adjust to fit any tablet from 7 to 13 inches; the arm hinges in three places and rotates 360 degrees; and the legs separate to create a sturdy foundation or come together to fit into the included mounting bases (which you can adhere under cabinets or to walls).


This Gel Water-Spot Remover For Your Car

Extend your DIY rejuvenation projects to your garage or driveway with 3D Store's eraser. This no-drip gel formula is designed to remove water spots on your car's glass or paint, so it looks like it did the day you got it. It's made without harmful chemicals, and according to reviewers, it produces "absolutely amazing results."


These Under-Bed Lights That Turn On When They Sense Motion

These under-bed light strips from GZBtech look cool — but they're functional, too. Whenever they sense motion, they automatically turn on, so you can make it to the bathroom, kitchen, or out back door to let the dog out, all without hurting your eyes or waking your partner. Each roll has 36 warm LEDs and comes with traceless adhesive strips.


A Wire-Free, Clutter-Free Way To Charge All Your Devices

If you're a fan of Apple, this POWLAKEN charging station is one of the best things to have. It wirelessly charges your Qi-enabled phone, watch, AirPods, and pencil all in one place, all while looking especially sleek. (It'll also work for other Qi-enabled phones, too.) Reviewers have called it an amazing "clutter-free charging solution" and said they got "one for [their] office and one for [their] night stand."


This Pair Of Color-Changing Smart Bulbs For $19

Choose between 16 million different colors. Set schedules and group rooms together. Control your lights when you're not home using the app, or dim the light without getting off the couch thanks to the voice-control compatibility. With these smart bulbs from Peteme, you can bring your lighting to the 21st century — and for shockingly little money, too.


A Car Restoration Kit That Gets Rid Of The Haze On Your Headlights

Remove the haze and yellowing on headlights so the bulb shines like new again. This restoration kit from Meguiar's comes with everything you need (remover, coating, and various scrubbing tools, one of which can even be drill-powered) to get the job done — without having to replace anything expensive. "Easy to do. Came out so good," one reviewer wrote. "Can't wait to drive at night."


A Turntable For Everything From Ingredients To Tools

Most people use their lazy Susans for spices, teas, canned goods (you know, edible stuff). This one from Copco, however, can also handle toiletries, tools, and crafting supplies. That's because it has a wipe-clean non-skid surface that's molded onto the platforms, and buyers say it's way more "sturdy and durable" than most other options. It also turns smoothly, so you can reach the items in the back no problem.


This Wheel-Cleaning Spray That Car Professionals Are Asking About

No matter what your car's wheels are made out of (chrome, aluminum, or white wall), this TriNova spray will get your rims looking incredible. Its concentrated but acid-free formula penetrates deep into crevices to remove dirt, stains, grime, and discoloration, and the results, according to reviewers? "Best wheel cleaner ever. My rims are 5 years old and my local Schwab dealer asked what I have been using. They look new again," one customer raved.


A Dispenser For Your Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner

Seriously reduce bottle clutter in your bath or shower when you opt for the Better Living dispenser instead. It attaches both in corners and against flat walls using waterproof silicone adhesive, and it has three distinct chambers that hold your body wash, shampoo, and conditioner all at once. "It just looks so much cleaner not having bottles all over the place," one reviewer wrote.


These Interior Car Lights That Sync With Your Music

These strip lights make your car's interior look like it's been professionally modified, but in reality, they're "so so easy to install" on your own, according to reviewers. In addition to the 32 vivid color options and dimming abilities, you can also choose between 10 scenes — including one that syncs with your music thanks to the built-in mic.


This Strong, Magnetic Knife Strip For Your Kitchen

Not only does this magnetic knife holder save you precious counter space, but it also displays your kitchen utensils in a modern, safe, and practical way. Each one is 16 inches long and comes with the mounting hardware you need to attach it to tiles, walls, or cabinetry. Last but not least, the built-in magnets are "so strong that the heavy meat cleaver doesn't even move," according to one reviewer.


These Markers That Restore Your Grout Color, No Scrubbing Required

Thanks to these popular markers (which come in white, cream, and terra-cotta), you can restore your discolored grout without any scrubbing. Each one has enough long-lasting, nontoxic ink to cover up to 60 meters of grout, so it's great for the bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash.


A Shaker To Create, Store & Pour DIY Dressings

Make your own dressings and marinades (and store them, too) with this effective yet stylish shaker from OXO Good Grips. Its wide opening allows you to add tons of different ingredients from oils to herbs while its leakproof seal keeps things fresh and mess-free. Then, when you're ready to use your creation, simply open the lever with one hand and tilt the shaker forward to pour. It's even dishwasher-safe.


These Light Strips For A Backlit TV In Lots Of Colors

Instantly upgrade your TV to home-theater status with these light strips — or use them on your gaming setup to further immerse yourself in the action. They install with double-sided adhesive tape and plug into a USB port. You can then choose between 12 color options, 16 brightness levels, and four lighting effects thanks to the included wireless remote.


These Bands That Keep Your Fitted Sheet In Place

Thousands of reviewers no longer need to adjust their fitted sheets (even when the elastic is stretched out) all thanks to BedBand. These ties clamp onto the corners and fasten them securely underneath your mattress, so slipping, sliding, and sleeping on a partially bare surface are things of the past. The nickel-plated clamps work on all types of bedding without damage while the adjustable clasps allow you to customize the tension.


This Set With Everything You Need To Manage & Organize Your Wires

The Tokye cable management box helps you hide and organize your wires from your TV or gaming setup. The box itself conceals your power strip while protecting it against dust and potential electrical hazards. Then you get a cable sleeve, clips, and ties, so you can mount and direct your cords in a safe, tangle-resistant, visually pleasing way.


A New, Safe Home For Your Gaming Headset

Free up desk space and keep your gaming headset safe but always within reach with this mount that hangs off of your desk or shelf with its universal clamp that fits surfaces up to 37-millimeters thick. It also has a rotating arm and a built-in cable loop, not to mention soft pads that protect your glass, metal, or wood furniture.


This Phone Photography Kit For Amazing Mobile Pictures

You don't have to drop hundreds on a new phone just because your camera is a bit outdated. This genius phone photography kit comes with four lenses that let you take close-up, wide-angle, macro, and fisheye photos with high-quality precision — and they all clip onto your phone without damage. The set also comes with a shutter button and a free tripod, all of which work alongside most popular phone models.


The Best Stain & Odor Remover For Households With Pets

As someone who's had both a cat and a dog, I've found myself reaching for Rocco & Roxie more than any other cleaning product I've ever bought. Yes, it removes stains and residue from all organic messes, but it also utilizes natural enzymatic bacteria that break down odors so not even your pet can smell them anymore. (That prevents your cat or dog from re-marking their territory down the line.)


A No-Hassle Cleaner For Your Glass Or Ceramic Cooktop

Glass cooktops are supposed to be easy to clean (they're flat for that reason, after all), but unfortunately, grease, water stains, and baked-on messes don't always wipe away. That's where the Weiman cooktop cleaner comes in. It's a heavy-duty yet biodegradable formula that easily removes stains and messes from both glass and ceramic ranges. Each order even comes with three free scrubbing pads.


These Stick-On Vanity Lights That Are Super Customizable

Create the vanity of your dreams using any old mirror. These 14 USB-powered bulbs are dimmable with 10 adjustable brightnesses and can be set to daylight, warm, and natural modes. They also adhere to frames, glass, and walls with their peel-off sticky backs and allow you to customize the length of the wires in between each one.


A Clear Fabric Adhesive For Crafts & Repairs

Those who are into sewing and crafting can add embellishments to their shoes, clothing, and crocheted creations with Aleene's Fabric Fusion — but past buyers have also used this clear, strong adhesive to repair holes in throw rugs and stop upholstery frays in their tracks. It creates a permanent bond between fabric and other materials, and it does so while remaining flexible, transparent, and machine-washable.


This $5 Jewelry Cleaner With A 4.6-Star Rating

Get your diamonds sparking, your precious stones glimmering, and your platinum and gold looking brand new again. Connoisseurs cleaner uses a special formula that gently removes smudges, dirt, and discoloration from your jewelry. It also has a built-in dip tray to protect your fingers and an included scrub brush so you can reach between links and into settings. Oh, and it costs a mere $5.


This Formula That Removes Rust Stains Before Your Eyes

Rust stains can happen virtually overnight, but they take forever to get rid of — until now. "I let it sit for a minute and then scrubbed it with the toilet brush," one reviewer wrote about Whink's rust remover. "VOILA, the [months-old] stains are GONE!" People have also used it on tubs, sinks, concrete, carpets, and colorfast fabrics with great success. "The rust disappeared right before my eyes," another buyer wrote. "I seriously couldn't believe it!"


This Leather Restorer With Astounding Before & After Photos

The before and after reviewer photos on this nontoxic formula are astounding. It restores your leather belongings when they're scratched, faded, and worn — and it works on everything from shoes and purses to couches and car seats. It's also flexible (to retain leather's natural texture) and won't rub off on your skin or clothing. Get it in nearly 20 different colors.


An Elegant Way To Hang Your Maps, Posters & Prints

Frame and display maps, posters, or prints with the Travelization frame, which is significantly more stylish than simply tacking it to the wall. Just sandwich your poster between the magnetic teak bars and hang the whole thing with drywall anchors, screws, or an adhesive hook (all included). "It holds my scratch-off map perfectly!" one reviewer wrote, while another wrote: "Super easy assembly and looks beautiful."


This Adapter With USB Ports, AC Plugs, A Device Mount & Surge Protection

The POWRUI outlet adapter acts as a charging station, a power strip, a surge protector, and a phone or tablet mount, all in one. It plugs into any existing three-prong outlet to offer four USB ports and three AC plugs, and it has a lip at the top to hold your devices while they charge. "This is the best thing since sliced bread! It just cut down on so much clutter! We now can charge almost all of our devices at once in one spot," one reviewer wrote.


This Fabric Shaver That Removes Lint, Pilling & Fuzz

Most people wouldn't think to shave their sweaters, leggings, sheets, and winter coats, but some Bustle editors swear that it's the most effective way to remove lint and pilling. This fabric shaver has a special mesh honeycomb guard that prevents damage to your most fragile materials while simultaneously making them look like new with the sturdy stainless steel blade. Since it plugs in with an included USB cord, you never have to worry about batteries, either.


This Brush For Gently Cleaning Suede & Nubuck

Buyers call this special brush a "must-have" for cleaning shoes that are made from hard-to-care-for materials like suede and nubuck. It has two sides as well as special rubber tabs for cleaning edges and crevices — and it's affordable as well as travel-friendly, too.


A Solution For Stained Sinks, Tubs, Tiles & Appliances

Sinks, tubs, backsplashes, grout, cookware, and metal appliances are all prone to hard-to-remove stains from rust and mineral deposits. Luckily, Bar Keepers Friend is a powerful cleanser that's safe on all of the aforementioned. "This stuff is amazing!" one reviewer wrote. "I had tried many other methods to remove rust from our bathroom tub, but all were unsuccessful. This removed it almost instantly without harsh scrubbing! It also removed some stubborn marks in the porcelain sink of a home we recently moved into. I will continue to keep a can of this on hand."


This Handheld Steamer That Removed Wrinkles, Sanitizes & Refreshes

Yes, the Hilife steamer is designed to keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free while you're on the go. (It's super lightweight and portable, after all.) That said, because it creates up to 15 minutes of steam, its 19,000-plus reviewers also say it's great for refreshing bedding, de-wrinkling curtains, deep-cleaning grout, loosening stains on hard surfaces, and sanitizing items that won't fit in the washing machine like pet beds and upholstered furniture.


A Cleaner So Every Shoe In Your Closet Can Look "Like New"

"I’ve tried several different cleaning products for my Nike and Jordans and Sof Sole is by far the most effective one," one reviewer wrote. In fact, the phrase "like new" has been used all throughout the reviews section. Its foaming formula is designed to loosen and remove tough dirt and stains from sneakers, and the bottle even has a built-in scrubber for improved effectiveness.


This LED Light That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Indoor Gardening

If you've got a black thumb or your home doesn't get enough natural light, this GrowLED garden light is designed to help. Simply place your herbs, leafy vegetables, succulents, or other plants inside, and the 24-volt LED will support photosynthesis and take the guesswork out of growing. It even has a smart automatic timer that turns on for 16 hours and off for eight.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That Reduces Germs & Messes

Put it in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the laundry room — either way, this Secura soap dispenser elevates the space and makes your life so much easier. It's battery-operated and motion-sensored so that when you put your hand underneath, it automatically releases liquid soap into your palm without the spread of germs (and you can adjust the amount of soap, by the way). Get it in chrome, brushed nickel, or dark gunmetal.


These Kid-Friendly Dry Food Dispensers

Each container in this Zevro dispenser holds up to 17.5 ounces of dry food, and it keeps the contents fresh for over a month. Thanks to the shatterproof and scratch-resistant materials, they're great for households with kids — especially since each turn of the knob dispenses 1 ounce for portion control while the tray underneath catches crumbs for mess-free serving. Use it for cereal, nuts, granola, or even pet food.