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As a perpetual avoider of social media, I can honestly say that Reddit is different. You can join only the subreddits that interest you, thus personalizing your feed. You can downvote a comment that’s mean or untruthful, sending it further down the thread. And you can reach (and be reached by) anonymous strangers outside of your usual network, so you can get advice, perspectives, and recommendations you wouldn’t otherwise get. Take, for example, the life-hack products people are obsessed with.

I review items for a living, and I do almost all of my shopping online — and I’m still regularly amazed by the most upvoted products on Reddit. Thanks to active participants in popular shopping subs, it’s easy to find purchases that are designed to last a lifetime, products that actually improve your life on a daily basis, and genius inventions that make you say “shut up and take my money.”

Reddit is the inspiration behind tons of articles I write, but it’s also the reason I make a lot of my own purchases — things that I now use on a daily basis and honestly love. So if you’re looking for some shopping inspiration, here are 47 products Redditors like me have gone wild over.


A Set Of Clever Lids That Prevent Splatter But Let Steam Escape

These things got about 8,000 upvotes, and ample Redditors commented that they have them, use them all the time, and love them. Thanks to their adorable steamship design, they allow excess moisture to escape from whatever it is you’re cooking — but they also fully cover your cookware to prevent spills and splatters. They’re made from BPA-free silicone which is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.


These Cheap Face Cloths That Remove Makeup With Just Water

When a Redditor posted a picture of their roll of reusable face towels, tons of people raved about their own collection — but the main takeaway? You don’t have to spend $20 on a name-brand option. This affordable multipack works just as well at removing all of your makeup (including mascara, lipstick, and waterproof foundation) using nothing but water. They’re also reusable and washable for a more eco-friendly alternative.


Some Right-Angle Chargers So You Can Use Your Phone Without Bending

It’s a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience all the same — you’re trying to use your phone while it’s charging, so the wire gets bent and the plug pokes into your chest. That’s why someone invented these right-angle chargers, and Reddit is thrilled; in fact, a mere picture of one got almost 20,000 upvotes on r/INEEEEDIT. This pack of three comes with 10-feet reinforced charging cords and a Lightning plug, but there are also Micro USB ones.


A Deeply Moisturizing Cream That’s On Every Beauty Sub

After seeing it on just about every beauty subreddit for the past few years, I finally broke down and got the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream, and it’s now the only moisturizer I’ll use for my extra-dry skin. Its hyaluronic acid formula gets rid of flaking and patches like nothing else I’ve tried, but it still soaks into skin fast for a matte, makeup-friendly finish. I guess that explains the 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, too.


This Drill Attachment That Works On Countless Shapes

The KUSONKEY universal socket was one of the most upvoted posts of all time on r/INEEEEDIT because it provides a quick fix for just about any fastening job. Instead of searching endlessly through your toolbox for one specific bit, this one has 54 steel pins which automatically adjust to fit most hexes, hooks, eyes, and nuts. Just attach it to your drill, fit it over the fastener, and press the trigger.


This Non-Sticky Facial Sunscreen With SPF 50+

“When you've made mistakes but none like this,” u/LintPlastic posted on r/SkincareAddition, followed by a picture of their ETUDE HOUSE’s Sunprise Sun Milk after they accidentally dropped it in the toilet. Upwards of 3,000 Redditors mourned alongside OP, because this non-sticky, mineral-based sunscreen with SPF 50+ is considered a holy grail product. It contains 20 plant-based ingredients that protect your skin while simultaneously creating a smooth, matte canvas for your makeup.


This Drain Plug That Catches Every Hair

After snaking my drain one too many times, I finally broke down and bought the TubShroom, and my only complaint? I wish I’d done it years ago. This little thing is all over Reddit because its revolutionary mushroom-shaped design really does catch every hair, all while allowing water to drain freely down. “Catches my hair before going down the drain to clog my pipes and make me have to call a plumber and be sad about how expensive it is for a house call,” Reddit user gitsgrl wrote.


This $25 Buy That’s The “Best Value In Chef Knives”

GoodValue is a subreddit dedicated to helping people find (you guessed it) good values, and when this post asked for Redditors’ favorite purchases, u/LargeCupOfTea commented: "Victorinox Fibrox is cheap, light, ergonomic, durable, and takes a keen edge (that is easy to hone and to resharpen). The best value in chef knives and paring knives in my opinion." You can get it on Amazon for $25, where it has almost 1,500 reviews and a near-perfect rating.


The “Best Cup Of Coffee” Redditors Have Ever Had

Scroll through any subreddit about coffee, kitchen accessories, or amazing values, and you’re bound to find at least one post about the AeroPress coffee maker. Thanks to a rapid but total-immersion brewing process, it makes up to three cups of low-acid, non-bitter coffee using just grounds and hot water. Basically, people are obsessed with the results: “Makes the best cup of coffee I've ever had, period,” u/j_stack wrote.


These No-Tie Laces That Come In Different Colors

Transform any pair of shoes into slip-ons, so you never again have to tie another knot, with these elastic no-tie show laces. The laces can be installed easily, in any pair of sneakers, shoes, or boots, and they come in 20 colors.


This Simple Purchase That’s Worth Every Penny

Whether it’s on your bedside table, your kitchen counter, or your living room coffee table, the right power strip can act as a charging station where you need it most. “I bought an eight outlet power strip with surge protectors and 4 usb charger plug ins built into the power strip,” u/patches402 wrote. “I have everything on my entertainment stand all plugged in and a phone charger that reaches from there all the way to the couch.” Since it saves space and boosts convenience, an Amazon reviewer reports that it’s “well worth the price.”


Some $30 Earbuds That “Sound Better Than Any Other Headphones”

Reddit user thx1138guy has apparently found an affordable dupe for AirPods and other expensive Bluetooth earbuds: "After several tries, I finally found fantastic true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that sound better than any other headphones I've ever had and were [about] $30. Soundpeats TrueAir. I own two pairs." They offer active noise cancellation, a built-in mic, and a charging case that expands the battery life to 25 hours. You can get them in black or white.


This Phone Mount That Uses Extra-Strong Magnets

Reddit user melodicjello wrote that this super inexpensive purchase was one of the best they ever made: "Magnet phone mount in the car - no awkward putting it in the holder and taking it out." This two-pack in particular is a top-seller with over 9,000 reviews, all because it works on any dashboard and with almost every phone. Since it swivels 360 degrees and it uses a strong magnet, you can view your phone from any angle and mount it without any clasps, arms, or inconveniences.


This Multipurpose Cleaner That Seriously Works On Everything

According to Redditors and Amazon reviewers alike, Pink Stuff Miracle cleaner might actually be a miracle. "I have the spray, the cream, and the paste. I use it on everything, it's such a good cleaning product,” mellymoos16 wrote on a post about cleaning tips. Its versatile formula penetrates deep into stains to remove grease, grime, and dirt on just about any surface, from tiles and glass to cookers and outdoor furniture.


These Glowing Chopsticks That Look Like Light Sabers

“Lightsaber chopsticks I received for Christmas,” u/FOTOJONICK posted to r/INEEEEDIT/. Loads of people responded, including several who also have them and love them. They’re sold on Amazon for about $10 a pair, and they come in just about any color you could want. In terms of materials, they use BPA-free plastic, bright LEDs, and replaceable camera batteries.


These Nasal Strips That Are “A Miracle”

“Tried these once when I was desperate. The claims sounded so absurd. I don't question them anymore. They're a miracle,” u/HesSoZazzy wrote about these Breathe Right nasal strips. User deadrobins agreed, “This sounds stupid as hell but I swear to God I smelled things I never smelled before.” The spring-like nose band uses a gentle upwards pull and natural lavender to open your sinuses, so you can breathe better, reduce congestion, and minimize snoring.


This Litter System That Seriously Prevents Odors

According to a post on r/AskReddit, the “Tidy Cats Breeze litter system” was the best product u/Bobra_Bo ever bought. “It's a godsend on my asthma. No more ammonia!” Using self-draining, non-clumping pellets that are suspended above a collection tray, this solution is super easy to clean — and it’s really effective when it comes to preventing odors. Just scoop out the solids, or pull out the tray and switch the absorbent pad for liquids.


A Dry Shampoo Redditors Really, Really Love

When asked "What's the best product you ever bought?" u/cutesy_blogger commented "Batiste dry shampoo," and it makes sense. This is a cult-favorite on hair subreddits and has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. In short, it gives you an instant refresh by absorbing oil and boosting volume, and it works on any hair type or color.


This Adorable Pen Holder That Got 100K+ Upvotes

Reddit truly went wild over this crab pen holder, which earned more than 100,000 upvotes when it was posted to r/mildlyinteresting. A quick Amazon search reveals that you can get it for under $10 in your choice of four different colors. You can also use it to hold your keys or glasses, which is why reviewers have called it an “adorable and rather useful desktop trinket.”


These Playing Cards That Stop People From Cheating

Even if someone was at the right angle to see your cards, this special deck prevents it. That’s because the cards’ matte-black foil surface is only easy to see when you’re looking at it head-on. (The cards are also durable and waterproof, so spilled drinks or outdoor games won’t ruin them.) No wonder they got over 35,000 upvotes and ended up on r/ALL.


The Fastest Way To Peel Tons Of Potatoes (Or Anything Else)

Someone posted this automatic potato peeler to r/oddlysatisfying and it got over 40,000 upvotes. According to its 4.4-star overall rating and 8,000-plus reviews, it’s a lifesaver for large groups and Thanksgiving-dinner prep. Plus, it also works on apples, pears, beets, onions, tomatoes, lemons, and cucumbers. This particular unit has a nonslip base, two spare blades, and built-in storage.


A Pillow For Side-Sleepers Or Cuddlers

Reddit user poteraka43 posted this memory foam pillow with the title: “This new pillow has a hole for your arm.” The accompanying video showed a couple cuddling comfortably (without losing circulation or disturbing each other when they moved), but it’s also great for side sleepers who need some extra shoulder, neck, and arm support. On Amazon, you can get it for right-facing or left-facing sleepers, and you can opt for pillowcases — because good luck finding the right shape and size otherwise.


An Oven-Safe Thermometer For Perfectly Cooked Meat

After purchasing an oven-safe thermometer, Reddit user PureFicti0n wrote that they "consistently get compliments on my juicy chicken breasts (not a euphemism, I swear)." In just two seconds, you get an accurate temperature reading which is then displayed on the large LCD screen. Thanks to its long wire and curved probe, it’s great for meat in the oven, smoker, or barbecue — but it also works for candy and yogurt, too.


This Wallet Card That Transforms Into A Utility Knife

“I have one of these in my wallet. I've actually used it several times and they're handy to have,” u/ladyofthelathe wrote when this card knife was posted. “Just... remember to take it out before you go through airport security.” It’s flat and square like a credit card, so it’s easy to carry with you, but the sides fold inwards to create a stainless steel tactical knife. According to reviewers, it comes in handy for tons of things, including fishing, camping, opening boxes, and cutting fruit.


A Keychain Flashlight That Both Beams & Glows

Use the 650-lumen beam to see clearly in front of you in the dark, or make the body itself glow for reading, camping, or ambiance. The RovyVon Aurora A5x flashlight has been crossposted all over Reddit because it’s well-designed, portable, and waterproof. “It's great!” one user wrote. “I clip it inside my waist right next to my pocket [and] don't ever feel it.”


This Bluetooth Speaker For Your Shower

When asked about the best thing they’ve ever purchased from Amazon, Reddit user Merkuri22 called their Bluetooth shower speaker a “game changer for listening to podcasts, Spotify, and radio during my showers." It’s water-resistant and has a built-in suction cup so you can attach it to your shower wall. Plus, it has on-device controls, a built-in microphone, and a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to six hours on a charge. Get it in several different colors.


A Waffle Iron That Lets You Build With Your Breakfast

Even if you’re an adult who wasn’t into Legos as a kid, this waffle iron is undeniably awesome. “Now I can finally make better waffle houses than Drew Barrymore,” one Redditor wrote. Each batch makes 14 individual bricks you can use to build stuff and easily dip into syrup. The iron is also nonstick, easy to clean, and finishes cooking in mere minutes.


This Clever Way To Store Your Toilet Paper

Gives you a place to store your extra toilet paper? Check. Doubles as a wall decoration? Yes. Makes your guests chuckle? If they’re anything like the Redditors on r/INEEEEDIT, probably. This unique metal shelf makes it look like two tiny people are running away from an avalanche of toilet paper. According to reviewers who have actually bought it, it’s durable, easy to install, and adds character to your bathroom.


This Reflective Safety Jacket That Practically Glows

When u/jaspersurfer first posted a gif of this jacket to r/woahdude, I thought it was somehow producing its own light. In actuality, though, it’s just made from an extremely reflective material that picks up the slightest bit of illumination and sends it back to the eye. Needless to say, it’s a great way to keep yourself safe while you’re walking, running, or biking in dark environments. It’s also waterproof and has a hood and zippered pockets.


The Fast Way To Grate Cheese — Or Anything Else

I could watch this cheese-grating video from r/oddlysatisfying all day long — so it’s no wonder it has gotten nearly 30,000 upvotes. If you have ample cheese to grate (or tons of vegetables to slice, nuts to grind, or fruits to peel), this rotary kitchen tool is a lifesaver. It comes with three different drum blades that spin with an easy cranking motion, so it works without electricity. Each order also includes a manual peeler and a cleaning brush.


A Drink Holder That Eradicates Spills

You’d think this no-spill drink holder would just be a novelty, gag gift, or science experiment — but some Redditors are actually getting good use out of it. Someone posted a video of it in action to r/oddlysatisfying, where it received upwards of 40,000 upvotes. Basically, it uses centrifugal force and a nonslip pad to ensure that not a single drop is spilled, no matter how vigorously you swing your mug around.


A Genius Bit Holder That Pivots For Tight Angles

If you’ve ever done a DIY job, you’ve probably been stumped by a screw in a tight corner. The DEWALT pivoting bit holder is the solution, which is probably why r/INEEEEDIT followers couldn’t get enough of it. Pull the ring backwards to angle the bit up to 20 degrees, so you can get into small nooks and drill right up against a hard surface. It’s rated for up to 2,000 pounds of torque and works with most drywall screw guns.


These Blackout Curtains That Limit Light, Heat & Noise

“As someone that has worked night shifts and slept during the day, I would happily pay 10x what I did for my blackout curtains,” u/JohnnyFootbrawl wrote on a post about the most “worth it” purchases. These ones from NICETOWN are a best-seller with more than 60,000 ratings on Amazon, all because they’re affordable, effective, and offered in tons of colors and sizes. In addition to blocking out light with a triple-weave fabric, they also help to insulate your home and block out noise.


This Cat Hammock That Attaches To Your Window

If your cat spends all day looking out the window, Redditors and Amazon reviewers alike report than this kitty bed is a must. (u/torminFrou also asked, “Is it normal if I'm jealous of a cat?”) Using industrial-strength suction cups that can support up to 60 pounds, this felt bed attaches to your window in seconds without permanent damage. It also comes with a removable heater and a washable cover, though it comes with a heat-free version, too.


A Cordless Gadget That Makes Your Phone Screen Way Bigger

This post from r/damnthatsinteresting features a video of this screen magnifier in action; just unfold it and put your phone on the back stand, and the front screen will expand the picture so it’s 12 inches large. (Now you can watch movies without straining your eyes or show a bunch of people a video without having to take turns passing your phone around.) It works without batteries or cords, it comes in three different colors, and it’s designed to fit the vast majority of popular smartphones.


A Bronzer That’s A “Cult-Favorite For A Reason”

Looking for a new favorite all-in-one makeup product? "The Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer is a cult favorite for a reason," one Redditor wrote on this post about the best drugstore products. "So blendable and buildable, smells amazing." It’s packed with natural plant butters for moisture and softness, it blends into the skin for lightweight coverage, and it has refined pearls and soft-focus pigments for a glow.


These Light-Up Blocks You Can Stack Any Way You Want

This nostalgic night light is comprised of colorful, light-up block pieces you can actually rearrange in different patterns. When it was posted to Reddit, users commented things like “I actually have these. [They’re] really cool!” and “Where could I buy this?” It turns out you can buy it on Amazon for about $25, and it’s got a 4.5-star overall rating.


This Pill Bottle With A Built-In Timer

“This is a weekly occurrence for me. ‘Did I already take my meds today?’” one Redditor wrote when someone posted a picture of a pill bottle with a built-in timer. This one has both a last-opened stamp and allows you to set up to 24 different alarms per day. It’ll even let you know if you’ve missed your last dose.


A Chainsaw You Can Keep In Your Pocket

The camper, survivalist, or just all around handy person would get some serious use out of this Sportsman pocket chainsaw. A similar one got over 70,000 upvotes on r/oddlysatisfying, and according to commenters, they actually work for quick fixes or cutting wood on the go. This one is a best-seller in camping saws because it has comfortable handles and metal brackets that can be resharpened. Plus, it comes with a carrying case and flint.


This Genius Chair That Inflates In Seconds — Without A Pump

Use this inflatable lounger air chair at the beach, at concerts, while camping, or in your own yard. Either way, it doesn’t need a pump, it’s waterproof, and it has pockets. When you’re done, it then collapses into a tiny drawstring bag for travel or storage.


This T-Rex Taco Holder That’s Actually Functional

Typically when people post things to r/WeWantPlates, they’re making fun of the ridiculous surfaces that restaurants are using in place of actual dishes. When a T-Rex taco holder was posted, however, Redditors wrote things like, “I only want to be served out of this from now on” and “I'm 52yrs old and want that for our next taco Tuesday.” Despite the novelty, it’s actually pretty functional — it holds two tacos at once and does so in a way that makes filling and eating way easier.


These Window Markers That Create An Awesome Crystal Effect

When these Crayola window markers were posted to r/INEEEEDIT, they got thousands of upvotes. “My kids love making stained glass-esque shadows,” one Redditor wrote. Much like your standard window markers, they’re bright and fully washable — but unlike your standard window markers, these dry into an incredible crystal effect that looks like frost or stained glass.


These Oven Mitts That Look Like Cat Paws

Reddit user 1phatdj joked that when you put these cat paw oven mitts on, “you don’t grab things [anymore],” you now “push them to the floor.” In actuality, though, they have a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon because they’re washable and made from 100% cotton that’s thick enough to be heat-resistant. One reviewer wrote, “The heat resistance is great and I meow at my boyfriend every time I have them on.”


A Memory Foam Topper That Transforms Your Mattress

Most people claim that a good mattress can change your life, but when r/HappyOpal didn’t have the money for a new mattress, they invested in a 4-inch topper instead. According to them, it was the most “worth it” item they have ever purchased. For less than $100, you can transform your existing bed with responsive, tension-reducing, cooling memory foam. Get this mattress topper in eight sizes and two thicknesses.


These Lights That Make Your Movies & Games More Immersive

One Redditor’s COD Warzone drop experience made a lot of Redditors jealous, but using similar Govee Smart Light Bars, you can make your movies or video games just as immersive. Their smart bars, for example, are capable of automatically interacting with sound effects, so your whole living room (or gaming setup) becomes part of the action. You can also control them via an app and choose from four modes — vivid, rhythm, strike, or vibrate.


This Cult-Favorite Appliance That Makes Cooking A Breeze

Not exactly a chef? Not a problem. According to u/le_muzhik, the Instant Pot changes all of that: “Cooking was never so easy. Throw everything into a pot and let it cook.” More than 5,000 people upvoted that comment, and over 150,000 people reviewed the Instant Pot on Amazon, giving it a 4.7-star overall rating. This single appliance can make rice, slow-cook stews, steam meat and vegetables, saute things, make yogurt, and — everyone’s favorite — create a melt-in-your-mouth roast in under an hour thanks to the pressure cooker function.


This Thing That Sweeps Up All Your Leaves For You

Forget leaf blowers and rakes. When a mechanical lawn sweeper was posted to Reddit earlier this year, it got thousands of upvotes. Basically, you just push it like a lightweight, wireless lawnmower, and its four rotating brushes will pick up lawn clippings, leaves, and acorns. All of the aforementioned then collects in the massive bag, which you can just transport into the garbage or compost pile when full. This one also has height-adjustment options and is collapsible for storage.

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