TikTok Has Some Thoughts About Deacon Phillippe’s Apartment Tour

“The House That Reese’s Book Club Built.”

Step aside, KarJenners, there’s a new celebrity kid making headlines. This week, it’s Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s son Deacon Phillippe who is going viral for showing off his enviable New York City apartment on TikTok — a space that most 20-year-old college students wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.

The questioning comments began after the famous son shared his digs with TikToker Caleb Simpson (@calebsimpson), the guy on your FYP who asks people on the streets of NYC if he can tour their apartment. In the Nov. 14 video, Phillippe says he pays “West Village prices” for his home without disclosing an actual number. If you’re unfamiliar with the rental market in the popular downtown area, an average three-bedroom apartment like Phillippe’s typically goes for around $6,495 per month, according to RentHop.

Simpson was immediately impressed with Phillippe’s apartment, calling the space “sick” as soon as he walked in. He’s not wrong: With stunning floor-to-ceiling brick walls and a spiral staircase that acts as the centerpiece of the space, there’s no denying that Phillippe and his roommates live in a gem of an apartment. (It’s important to mention that some people seem to believe Phillippe lives in a four-bedroom apartment, though we only meet two roommates in the video.)

Simpson even admitted he had never seen a staircase like that before, which goes to show just how rare a feature like that might be in NYC, considering how many apartments the creator tours for his TikTok followers.

The wow factor doesn’t end there, though. Phillippe and his college roomies somehow managed to fit a couch and two lounge chairs in their living room — a luxury in NYC — and keep their impressive vinyl collection displayed on the wall hanging above a few keyboards and other presumably pricey musical equipment. Phillippe is currently majoring in music at NYU, so it makes sense why he would have his equipment lying around the apartment.

Though music seems to be his main focus right now, Phillippe has also dabbled in acting and even had a short stint on the Netflix original series Never Have I Ever playing the character Parker.

Phillippe also has a “studio set up” in his bedroom. The rest of his room is pretty modest, TBH — there’s a full, maybe queen-sized bed, a side table with storage, a window AC unit, and that’s about it. Still, that didn’t stop TikTok users from commenting on his parents’ financial status.

“West village prices is rich kid language for free,” remarked @mercy3687. “The House That Reese’s Bookclub Built,” quipped @itsevanolson, before clarifying that “there’s nothing wrong with parents helping their kids out.”

Without knowing who his parents are, you’d probably be pretty confused as to how Phillippe and his roomies could score a place like this while still in school. “How does a college student afford that??” wondered @juliaann333. “He’s a nepo baby,” replied @shyquan.howell. “Have Reese Witherspoon as your mom,” said @daisyboobum.

Other users took their bets on how much an apartment like this would run for. Some wagered the rent is priced somewhere around $9,000 a month, while others believe the monthly payment could cost as much as $13,000.

A rep for Phillippe did not immediately respond to Bustle’s request for comment regarding the reactions to the video.

All the fancy furnishings aside, there’s one classic New York City feature that the apartment does have: a tiny bathroom. The space is so small that the door just barely clears the vanity when entering or leaving the bathroom.

Living in an apartment with two floors is a luxury that most New Yorkers would only dream of, so to have a space like this in the West Village is certainly a flex. But hey, if your mom were Reese Witherspoon, she’d probably help you with your bills, too.