Glittery Maple Syrup Exists & Your Pancakes Will Never Look Better

Get it while it lasts.

by Mia Mercado
Originally Published: 

Has this year got you in need of a glimmer of hope? Will you settle for something that quite literally glimmers? If so, you’re in luck because maple syrup brand Runamok is selling glittery maple syrup. It’s maple syrup infused with gold glitter, and it is exactly what your at-home brunches call for.

I’m sure you have questions like “what?” and “why?” and “how?” and also “why?” Let’s start with the basics: Runamok’s Sparkle Syrup tastes like your typical syrup. Like the rest of Runamok’s syrup selections, it’s rich in flavor and made sustainably. Unlike any other syrup before, it is full of sparkly gold glitter.

The shimmer comes from food-safe pearlescent mica. It’s completely edible and adds no additional flavor to the syrup. It’s there purely for aesthetics and you know what? It’s working. I’m not sure who decided “sparkly” was akin to “magical” but they are correct. My tiny lizard brain would absolutely eat anything that’s sweet and sparkly.

While it won’t be available until Sept. 1, you can preorder your Sparkle Syrup now. If you’re at all interested, you’ll want to preorder ASAP. The small-batch syrup is a limited-release only. While you may not be able to buy happiness, you can buy an 8.45 fluid ounce bottle of sparkly syrup for $16.95, and maybe that’s close enough for now.

What could you possibly need sparkly maple syrup for? I’m so glad you asked. You can top your pancakes and waffles, sure, but Runamok also recommends adding them to cocktails and other drinks for a little extra sparkle. Some other instances that call for sparkly maple syrup:

  • Having breakfast in a global pandemic
  • Having brunch in a global pandemic
  • Eating ice cream in a global pandemic
  • Making smoothies in a global pandemic
  • Because you want to and feel like it and also, did I mention, the pandemic?

As for the “why?” Runamok has already answered that question on the syrup’s product page: “Sparkle Syrup was created with one sole purpose: to make you smile." As Runamok notes, life has been serious and heavy as of late. "And while we can’t fix the big stuff," the description continues, "we can offer this little bit of whimsy to help make everyone smile.”

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