4 Things To Do & 3 Things To Avoid During Saturn Retrograde

It’s a mega growth opportunity.

Illustration of Saturn. Saturn retrograde 2022 do's and don'ts.
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Saturn officially went retrograde on June 4 in the forward-thinking Aquarius. The stern planet is chock-full of wisdom, teaching us the value of discipline and hard work. It's a rocky period of rules, karma, and tough love, but these dos and don'ts have your back.

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DO: Buckle Down On Your Goals

Saturn is the ultimate goal-crusher. Its backspin activates our determination, urging us to get serious and take those next steps in achieving our biggest ambitions. Use this retrograde period to structure a game plan and zero in on making it happen.

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DON’T: Take Shortcuts

Sure, cutting corners might save you time, but at what cost? Saturn views hard work as a way to develop character. This period is about self-discipline. Now's the time to put in the hours and learn from the challenges along the way.

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DO: Set Boundaries

As the planet of duty and restrictions, Saturn's retrograde period is a reminder that establishing boundaries is your responsibility, especially when it comes to working toward your ambitious goals. Know your limits and don't be afraid to be assertive!

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DON’T: Isolate Yourself

Despite Aquarius being all about community, the Saturn-ruled air sign struggles with being understood by others. While you crack down on your responsibilities, remember to stay connected with others rather than retreat to seclusion. Support is important.

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DO: Straighten Out Your Priorities

The summer fun may have just begun, but Saturn's rewind is a reminder to sort through the important stuff, shedding light on any procrastination tendencies. Right now is about getting your ducks in a row before jumping into vacation mode.

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DON’T: Be Too Hard On Yourself

Tough love may be the theme of Saturn's backspin, but that doesn't mean you should ice yourself — and everyone else — out. This is a period of patience, so even if you miss the mark, this time is about practicing fortitude during upheaval.

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DO: Think Long-Term

Saturn will be retrograde for nearly five months, giving us more time to reflect on its responsibility and discipline lessons. Aquarius has a bigger picture type mindset, making this transit important to think about your future and make long-haul decisions.

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