Saving Money Around The House Would Be So Much Easier If You Tried Any Of These Clever, Cheap Things

Simple, cash-saving solutions.

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There are lots of areas around the home that can be unexpected little money pits. A good cash-saving tip or bargain deal can be worth (more than) its weight in gold, and I have several such things on this list.

The items here are made from high-quality materials so you can rest assured your money is being well spent. And if you’ve been considering swapping out some of your household items with more sustainable replacements, there are plenty of options to browse through, too.


This Set Of Motion Sensor Night Lights That’s So Handy

Light up your house in an eco-friendlier fashion by placing these LED motion sensor night lights in different rooms. Plug them into your outlets and they’re ready to use. They’ll pick up movement in a 3- to 5-meter range and will stay on for 60 seconds after the last bit of motion has been detected. There are even three lighting modes to choose from.


A Pack Of Felt Pads To Help Protect Your Floors From Furniture Legs

Putting these felt pads underneath the legs of furniture, such as chairs and tables, will help preserve the integrity of your house’s floors. They are perfect for preventing scratches and other daily wear and tear that happens from sliding chairs in and out or moving tables around. The sticky adhesive backing attaches to the bottom side of the furniture for quick and easy installment.


These Silicone Spatulas That Get Out Every Bit Of Product

You will be surprised at how useful these mini silicone spatulas are for a variety of things around the house. In this set there are two large, two long, one medium, and one mini spatula that will fit in a variety of jars and containers to scrape out the last drops. They’re made from food-safe silicone, as well.


These Reusable Storage Bags That Are An Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative

These reusable food storage bags are a great money-saving secret and will also reduce the need for single-use plastic ones. This set comes with four small, four medium, and two large bags that give you a great variety to use. They have a zip-top design and are safe for the fridge and freezer.


These Produce Storage Containers With Built-In Ventilation

Keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer by investing in these produce storage containers. The lids have a built-in vent to circulate fresh air which helps extend the shelf life of the food inside. It has an elevated base that prevents moisture from building up on the produce.


This Stick Of Repair Putty To Fix Damaged Drywall

You don’t have to deal with unsightly wall damage thanks to this nifty Erase-A-Hole repair putty. Fill in holes from old nails and screws with ease. It’s even capable of fixing small cracks that may form in the plaster. As a bonus, it dries quickly after applying it to the wall.


These Reusable Mop Pads That Are Swiffer-Compatible

Save yourself money and become more eco-friendly all-in-one with these microfiber mop pads. They’re compatible with your Swiffer Sweeper so you can forego the disposables. They’re designed to work on a wide range of flooring without you having to worry about any potential damage.


A Razor Saver That Helps Keep The Blade Sharper For Longer

Extend the use you get from your razor with the help of this silicone blade saver. Bend back the sides to slip this securely over your razor blade. It helps prevent water from collecting around it so rust won’t be an issue. The life of your blades can last 66% longer, which will also save you money in the long run.


This Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit That Helps Improve Efficiency

Keeping your dryer vent clear from lint buildup is a safety precaution not to be taken lightly. This vent cleaning kit is the perfect solution to make sure your dryer is running at its best throughout the year. It has an extendable rod that reaches up to 40 feet and is flexible so it can maneuver through vent twists and turns.


A Digital Shower Timer That Helps You Monitor Water Use

Limit the amount of time you spend luxuriating in the shower (and save on your water bill) by putting this digital timer to use. It is easy to read thanks to the digital display face on the front. Use the magnetic back to stick it to the shower door or prop it up on its stand.


These Pretty Swedish Dish Towels That Are Reusable & Biodegradable

You can cut back on how many paper towels you use by investing in some of these Swedish dishcloths. They’re made from a durable cotton and cellulose blend that can be washed up to 50 times in the dishwasher or washing machine. The fun floral pattern gives them a kitchen-beautifying look, too.


These Reusable K-Cup Pods To Reduce Unnecessary Waste

Give up excess waste without giving up your Keurig with the help of these reusable K cups. These are designed to properly fit just about any Keurig machine available, and the fine mesh basket securely holds your coffee grinds or loose-leaf tea. It has a pop-open top so you can easily discard the remains when your beverage is done brewing.


This Country Chic Bread Box That Helps Keeps Baked Goods Fresher

This bread box has a rustic feel to it that is quite charming. It’s large enough to hold two entire loaves of bread comfortably. The lid lets in enough air to let your goodies breathe while maintaining freshness. And it will look great out on your kitchen counter.


These Reusable Silicone Lids You Can Use On A Variety Of Containers

The versatility of these reusable silicone lids is hard to beat. Unlike most storage lids, these are capable of stretching from 3 to 12 inches in diameter to fit over bowls, pots, food storage containers, and more. They’re leak-proof, too, which can’t be said for aluminum foil and cellophane wrap.


A Set Of Rechargeable AA Batteries & Charger

There’s no need to throw out used batteries anymore once you get this rechargeable battery set. It is compatible with AA and AAA batteries and comes with four AAs. This device is able to recharge two or four batteries at a time. Once they’ve fully charged, it will shut off automatically.


These Simple Wool Balls To Replace Your Dryer Sheets

You may never want to go back to single-use dryer sheets after switching over to these wool dryer balls. They help remove wrinkles and static from your clothes. If you want, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the balls for a pop of freshness in your clean clothes.


A Set Of Silicone Baking Mats In Different Sizes

These silicone baking mats have a way of becoming a kitchen MVP. They’re great for working with a wide range of doughs as they prevent sticking and keep your countertops clean. You can line baking trays with them and put them in the oven or freezer as they can withstand temperatures from -40 to 400 degrees.


This 20-Pack Of Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads

Swapping out single-use items in your home for more sustainable options doesn’t have to break the bank, as is proven with these reusable cotton pads. You can use them with an array of facial products and to take off makeup. They have a mesh bag so you can easily toss them in the washing machine to get them clean.


This Toothpaste Squeezer That Ensures You Don’t Waste A Drop

You will get every last bit of toothpaste out of the tube with the help of this toothpaste squeezer. Just slip the end of the tube into the little key, pop it into the base, and you’re ready to go. This works well for any product in a tube, and makes it stand up so it has a smaller footprint.


A Door Draft Guard To Help With Insulation

Help regulate the temperature of your house better by using this draft guard at any breezy doorway. The adhesive backing lets it stick securely to the bottom of your door where air tends to seep in and out. It has a double layer of sealer which helps with loud noise reduction, as well.


This Oil-Misting Spray Bottle For More Precise Application

Upgrade the way you apply oil to the food you’re cooking with this misting oil dispenser. You no longer have to worry about too much oil coming out of the bottle when you tip it over or getting your hands all messy rubbing it into the food. The easy press button on the cap will spritz oil wherever you need it.


These Blackout Curtains That Help Make For A Better Night’s Sleep

Getting a well-made set of blackout curtains can make a huge difference in how well you sleep through the night. These are thermal insulated, so they also help regulate the temperature in the room. There are six silver grommets at the top that make it easy to slide them onto most curtain rods.


A Simple Repair Kit For Items Made Of Leather & Vinyl

If you have any leather or vinyl items — think couches, purses, or belts — that are in need of some love, this leather and vinyl repair kit is for you. There are 10 different shades of repair compound included along with a small spatula, applicator brush, mixing jar, and backing fabric. It works well on fixing holes, cracks, tears, and more.


This Set Of Cloth Napkins To Step Up Your Table-Setting Game

You’ll feel like a bonafide adult when you switch out single-use napkins for these chic striped cloth napkins. They are soft and absorbent, so even though they’re for your home use they feel like restaurant quality. These napkins are made from 100% cotton and get softer with each wash.


These Garden Lamps Equipped With Solar Power

Add external lighting to your house without added electricity or major upgrades thanks to these solar garden lamps. You assemble these lights by connecting the three pieces together, with the stake at the bottom going directly into the ground for quick installment. They have a weatherproof design to withstand all seasons.


These Washable Pee Pads You Won’t Mind Having Out For Your Pooch

Pet owners are rejoicing over the unsuspecting look of these reusable pee pads for potty training their dogs. The thick layers absorb large quantities of liquid and keep it from leaking through to your floors. On the backside is a nonslip surface that will help the pads stay where you want them to.


A Handy Cleaning Kit That Works Shoe Miracles

Your grubby shoes can look brand new thanks to this Pink Miracle shoe cleaning kit. This concentrate is formulated to work on leather, canvas, suede, and more. You only need to use a few drops of this powerful concentrate when cleaning your shoes — a small amount goes far.


These Cute Flameless, Flickering Tea Light Candles

Create a relaxing atmosphere without compromising safety by opting for these flameless tea light candles. These battery-operated candles can give you up to 100+ hours of mood lighting. And because there’s no melting wax to worry about, you can use them without votives and holders.


A Spray That Helps Shield Outdoor Fabrics From Sun & Water

You’ll be happy you used this Scotchgard sun and water shield spray to protect items you regularly use outside. Once you apply this spray to outdoor fabrics and furniture, it helps protect against UVA/UVB rays and repel water. That will also help keep the colors of your furniture and other objects from fading over time.


These Reusable Silicone Straws With A Cleaner & Carrying Bag

Keep upping the eco-friendly game of your household products with these colorful silicone straws. There are 10 in the pack and you get two of each color: blue, teal, white, purple, and pink. Use the included scrubbing brush to easily clean out the inside.


These Door Bumpers That Protect Walls From Slamming Doors & Cabinets

Wall damage and loud banging from slamming doors and cabinets can be a thing of the past with the use of these clear bumper pads. You get 128 small, circular pads that are made from premium silicone. They will stick to glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and more for versatility.


This Set Of Drain Snakes To Deal With Clogs & Back-Ups

You really get your bang for your buck with this set of four drain snakes. They have a flexible band that extends just over 19 inches, so they will reach far down into the drain. They’re designed with barbed spikes on the edges so they can grab just about anything that may be causing the clog.


A Must-Have Spot Remover To Help Banish Stubborn Stains

Getting rid of stubborn stains has never been easier than with the help of this powerful spot remover. This concentrate is toxin-free, so it will be gentle on your clothes, furniture, rugs, and other fabrics. It has been proven to remove stains including the likes of blood, ketchup, grease, grass, and more.


These Glass Spray Bottles For Misting Plants Or Mixing Cleaners

Not all spritzing devices are created equally, as is proven by these beautiful amber glass spray bottles. You can fill them with whatever you want from water to hair treatments to cleaning solutions. The caps twist on and off to easily refill them when they get low while the amber glass looks nice and makes it easy to keep track of the level.


A Liner For Your Shower That Keeps Water In The Tub

This shower curtain liner is the key to keeping spray and puddles from collecting everywhere while you take a shower. There are 12 rustproof grommets to hang it from your shower rod. It’s also designed with stabilizing magnetic weights that keep it where you want it and not flapping around.


A Handy Bed Light That Is Motion Activated

Add just the right amount of illumination to your bedroom with this motion-activated bed light. It gives off a subtle glow that will help guide you safely from one place to the other in the dark without disturbing anyone else. Choose from different setting options to customize how long the light will stay on once movement is detected.


This MVP Drain Catcher Shaped Like A Mushroom

Help prevent nasty clogs from forming in your pipes with the help of this hair-catching drain protector. It is shaped to look like a mushroom, and the top part that looks like a cap holds it in place on the drain. This drain protector will fit into most standard-size drains and has almost 82,000 five-star ratings.


This Collapsible Rack To Reduce Reliance On Your Dryer

If you prefer to save energy or don’t have a dryer, consider getting this collapsible laundry rack to hang dry your clothes. It has an accordion design that makes it easy to fold up when not being used. It’s also made of a durable but lightweight steel that is capable of holding up to 32 pounds.


These Big, Reusable Grocery Bags That Stand Up

These reusable grocery totes are super heavy-duty and built to last. One of these totes is able to hold the same amount as six normal plastic store bags, or up to 65 pounds. The fact that they stand up in the cart while you’re shopping is an added bonus.


A Soft & Quiet Mattress Cover That Protects From Leaks

Help preserve the integrity of your bedding with this hypoallergenic, waterproof mattress cover. The top is made from a soft terry cotton material, while the backside is made from a coated membrane that repels liquids. It won’t make noises or change the comfort of the mattress when you lay down on it.