Scorpio Season Dos & Don’ts

Slow down and recharge.

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The sun moves into elusive Scorpio on Oct. 23, bestowing magic and taboo into our lives. And between a dizzying eclipse season and Mars going retrograde, Scorpio season will be nothing short of intense. To prepare, you’ll want to keep these dos and don’ts handy.

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DO: Take A Much-Needed Break

Mars, the planet of action and passion, is going retrograde on Oct. 30. While this may cause setbacks to your goals and passion projects, this period reminds us to slow down and recharge. Pour some time into your wellness goals instead.

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DON’T: Force Creative Projects

With action-oriented Mars retrograde prompting blocks left and right, you may feel frustrated with the creative journey. Avoid putting pressure on yourself to complete your objectives, and see the value in having patience instead.

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DO: Embrace Your Sensuality

Scorpio is the sign of intimacy, so expect to feel that sultry energy this season. Whether it’s experimenting in the bedroom or getting deep with self-intimacy, this is a powerful time to explore the things that make you feel good.

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DON’T: Stifle Your Emotions

Eclipse season will unearth feelings you may have bottled up this year. The solar eclipse on Oct. 25 will open up the floodgates of emotions, while the lunar eclipse in Taurus will shake up your sense of security. Be honest with how you feel.

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DO: Step Into Your Power

Even the light needs a break sometimes. Ruled by the malefic planet Pluto, Scorpio embodies strong-willed characteristics like authority and control. Mirror Scorpio’s dominance by making the first move, taking charge of your projects, and speaking your truth.

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DON’T: Be Overbearing

As a fixed sign obsessed with domination, Scorpios tend to go rogue (and, let’s be honest, a little jealous) when they aren’t in authority. While this season is inspiring us to embody our inner power, it’s also important to share the light, too.

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DO: Indulge In Your Passions

Scorpio’s traditional planetary ruler, Mars, is all about our impulses and deep desires. This season reminds us of the importance of focusing on what sets your heart on fire in your relationships, at work, or immersing yourself in your hobbies.

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