Scorpio Zodiac Signs’ Biggest Strengths, According To An Astrologer

Your secrets are definitely safe with a Scorpio.

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Whether in the form of worship or warnings, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Scorpios. Born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 22, approximately, these deep-feeling water signs are ambitious, intuitive, and devoted — and there’s no other sign that’s got such a powerful air of mystery working in their favor, either. While some people might be intimidated by the intensity of the cosmic scorpion, learning more about Scorpio zodiac signs’ biggest strengths will help you appreciate their softer sides.

Scorpios are one of the water signs, so despite their stinger-slinging exterior, they’re actually highly sensitive people who feel their emotions deeply. Their fixed zodiac sign nature also makes them loyal and dependable — you can count on them to go to bat for everyone and everything they care about. Scorpios aren’t afraid of taboo topics and are always down to explore the more mysterious aspects of life, so they make great existential conversation partners and solid keepers of secrets.

Everyone has their own unique experiences and biases when it comes to astrology, but as an astrologer, I can assure you that there are no zodiac signs that are inherently better or worse than any other. Each of the signs have one-of-a-kind strengths and struggles, and our birth charts include a perfect blend of each of them. And in the case of Scorpio zodiac signs, their authenticity and realness make them some of astrology’s most valuable players. Here are just a smattering of Scorpio zodiac signs’ biggest strengths.

1. They’re Fiercely Loyal

As one of the fixed zodiac signs, Scorpios are deeply devoted friends, partners, and colleagues. Loyalty is important to them, and they make sure to practice what they preach. They always seek to finish what they’ve started, so you can depend on them to follow through on anything they’ve committed themselves to and stay true to their word.

2. They Have A Psychic Sixth Sense

Scorpios have a hard exterior, but deep down, they’re sensitive to even the most subtle shifts in energy. These intuitive feelers are highly observant, so they can easily pick up on people’s moods, moves, and motivations — which gives them an eerily psychic sixth sense.

3. They’re Deeply Passionate

As water zodiac signs, Scorpios have strong feelings and experience their emotions in intense ways. So whether it’s related to a heart-based matter of love or a career-building project at work, Scorpio’s soulful drive ignites a spark of passion inside of them that few other zodiac signs possess.

4. They’ve Got Sex Appeal

The sign of Scorpio corresponds with the mysterious eighth house of the zodiac, which rules over themes like sex, intimacy, and taboos. This influence explains why Scorpios have a reputation for being, well, sexy! They wear their carnal sides on their sleeve, and they’re not afraid to express their desires.

5. They Can Keep A Secret

There’s no sign that’s more private than a Scorpio, so they tend to respect other people’s desire to keep certain things hidden, too. If you share your secrets with a Scorpio, you can trust them to keep things under lock and key — and they’ll appreciate that you’re willing to get vulnerable with them.

6. They’re Not Afraid To Get Real

Scorpios aren’t ones to shy away from the gritty and real issues in life. For them, ignorance is never bliss — they want to get to the heart of every matter, even if the truth is bound to hurt. That said, you can always trust Scorpios to come forth with the raw insights and radical honesty you crave.

7. The Dark & Mysterious Vibe Works For Them

Scorpios are known for being dark horse of the zodiac, as their enigmatic mystique can make them a little hard to read or understand. However, this mysterious presence often works to their advantage. People tend to find Scorpios alluring and captivating upon meeting them, as they want to know more about these fascinating strangers.

8. They’ll Work Hard For Their Goals

Scorpios are stealthy and strategic, so once they put their minds to something, they usually won’t stop until their work is complete. They’ll go to great lengths to conquer their goals and will work tirelessly to make sure they reach their desired destinations in life. Never underestimate the power of a Scorpio!

9. They’re Always Authentic

Don’t try to put on a front around a Scorpio, because these investigative minds can spot a phony from a mile away. Being authentic is extremely important to Scorpio placements, so they’ll rarely put on a fake face or say something they don’t mean. You can trust that they’re being fully genuine when they do open up and share something.

10. They Look Beyond The Surface Of Things

As the sign ruled by transformational planet Pluto, Scorpio is all about diving beneath the surface of life to see what lies beneath. These mystery-solvers understand that life isn’t always as it seems. Scorpios won’t judge a book by its cover — they’re much more interested in exploring the stories and secrets that lie between the pages.

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