All About Mars, Aries’ Ruling Planet

The god of war gives this cardinal sign its initiative.

Spaceship orbiting Mars at dawn. Aries is ruled by Mars in astrology
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If you know your birth chart, you may know that each planet rules a certain sector of life — but did you know your sign also has a planetary ruler of its own? In fact, each zodiac sign can attribute some of its defining characteristics to the energy of the planet governing them. In the case of the trailblazing Aries, who are known for their brazen attitude and ambitious hearts, they owe much of their grit and tenacity to a certain red planet. These impulsive fire signs are courageous and always ready for friendly competition, which is what the rocky planet is all about in astrology: determination, conflict, and passion.

You guessed it: Aries zodiac signs are ruled by Mars. In astrology, the crimson planet is as abrasive as it is full of intensity, and rules primordial instincts — think libido, passion, aggression, and knee-jerk reactions.

“Mars gives Aries its initiatory, intense, and never-ending physical strength,” Narayana Montúfar, House of Intuition astrologist, tells Bustle. “Mars’ influence over Aries is what fuels this fiery sign’s thirst for leadership, and desire to be an unstoppable force.” And because Mars heavily influences Aries zodiac signs, the fire signs are symbols of strength, determination, and confronting inevitable conflict.

Although Mars is a malefic planet associated with misfortune, the rugged planet is responsible for what brings you passion and fuels your determination, so there are plenty of positives to gain when it travels through the zodiac. Plus, knowing what makes Mars tick is a great way to understand your own birth chart better. Keep reading to get to know Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, on a deeper level.

All About Mars, Aries’ Ruling Planet

Astronomer Galileo Galilei was the first person to use a telescope in astronomy to observe Mars in 1609. The rusty planet has two moons and is known for its red hue and rocky terrain. In both Greek and Roman mythology, Mars is symbolized the god of war. Although there are slight differences, for the most part, the protector Mars symbolizes a leader at the front lines of conflict.

Similarly, Mars represents the more primal parts of life, like natural impulses, aggression, and sex. “In astrology, Mars is the planet of drive, ambition, passion, and action. It is the epitome of the raw masculine (or yang) energy that helps us go after what we like and desire,” says Montúfar.

Your Mars sign absorbs the motivations and traits of the sign it’s stationed in. For example, if your Mars sign is in Capricorn, you mean business, and you probably have an unwavering drive to go after you want because according to Montúfar, “the most powerful zodiac sign placement for Mars is Capricorn, as this practical earth sign helps direct Mars’ can-do vibe into meaningful and ambitious endeavors.”

Mars’ Influence On Aries

Mars is a planet of passion and action, which explains why Aries likes to take charge and bulldoze their way to get what they want. The pioneers of the zodiac, Aries aren’t afraid to be first in anything, which is largely due to being represented by the planet of ambition. “At its highest vibration, Aries natives lead by example, opening the road for those who want to follow the steps,” Montúfar explains. “Aries is the leader of the pack due to its incredible amount of willpower and stamina.” The cardinal sign’s readiness for action and willingness to lead the pack are heavily influenced by Mars, inspiring Aries to strive for first place.

But their initiative and boldness are only a couple of the hallmark traits granted by Mars. The malefic planet has its shadow side, too, which can influence impassioned reactions. According to Montúfar, “at its lowest vibration, Aries can manifest as an impulsive and extra-competitive adversary due to Mars’ shadow side. After all, Mars is the only planet that relates to our most primal instincts for anger, aggression, and survival,” Montúfar explains.

Want to use the power of Mars in your life? According to Montúfar, there are rituals you can perform to make use of the power of this red-hot planet. “For those who are looking into bringing more spark into their lives, the ‘Candle Magic for Confidence and Strength’ ritual from Your Intuition Led You Here, is the perfect way to channel Mars’ driven, passionate vibes. Perform this ritual on Tuesday, which is Mars’ day, to assist in amplifying our inner drive,” explains Montúfar.