Your September 2022 Monthly Tarot Reading

This month’s spread suggests diving into a nourishing project.

A collage of a hand holding tarot cards, a planet and the text TAROT
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Let’s start September with a five-card tarot spread asking, “What do we need to know this month?” In this tarot reading for September 2022, the message is to dive into a new project that feels important to you despite fear of change. It will be good for you.

How I Read Tarot Cards

The call to action from this month’s reading is to assess the areas of your life that feel stuck, and see where you can breathe new life into them by pursuing a goal, opportunity, or change that would make you feel more empowered and independent.

As passionate as I am in my work to contextualize tarot reading as a Romani trade born out of persecution, beginning when Roma arrived in Europe from India around the 1400s, sometimes I’m afraid to continuously put myself out there. I’ve been going slowly with many of my projects — creative writing, podcasting, fortune telling, my even my online thrift shop — partly because I’ve been disabled from Long Covid and fibromyalgia the last two years, and partly because of the fear of visibility. My health concerns are real, and I’ve been learning how to balance my need for rest with the need to work. For months, my friends urged me to launch a Patreon, since the structure would accommodate my physical limitations and still allow me to earn some income. Even though I knew it was a great idea, I found myself delaying. This month’s reading inspired me to move forward, Queen of Swords style, and finally launch my Patreon. It feels so good to be courageous on my own behalf, and I hope you join me and take the leap for one of your passions, too.

The five cards below represent embodiment, or your energy right now; situation, or what’s around you at the moment; obstacle, or a struggle you’re facing; action, or what to do about it; and a lesson, or what you will learn from this month.

Embodiment: Queen of Swords

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Queen of Swords represents independence and clarity. She speaks to your ability to come into your power, particularly when making rational decisions, cut away what no longer serves you, and proceed with any intellectual endeavors. Now is a good time to write, problem solve, and step up to the task at hand. It’s important to remember that independence doesn’t mean isolation. You may be coming into your own, but it’s still OK to ask for and accept help.

Situation: Four of Cups

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Four of Cups suggests that your current situation might feel a little stagnant, emotionally or otherwise. Sometimes you need to rest, say no to opportunities that aren’t quite right, and appreciate the stillness. However, staying still purely out of habit won’t help you. If there are areas of your life in which you’ve settled, consider stirring up the waters with some powerful, direct, and clever Queen of Swords energy.

Obstacle: Knight of Wands

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Knight of Wands as an obstacle suggests it might be difficult to muster up motivation to pursue goals that could change your life for the better this fall. The Knight of Wands has fiery energy and speaks to forward motion. Change can be scary, and sometimes it feels safer to stay where you are, and maybe for good reasons. For inspiration, think about the potential joy and achievement ahead of you.

Action: Knight of Swords

Rider-Waite Tarot

The action to resolve this obstacle is another knight, The Knight of Swords. This card speaks to the part of you that can plan and reason out the best path forward. Knights in general represent a mission, often rooted in your values. If you find that some areas of your life feel stuck, taking those first daunting steps toward change could help you live your life in better alignment with your beliefs. It will feel good to pursue something that matters to you right now, whether it’s a project at work or home, a creative opportunity, a hobby, or a new routine.

Lesson: Page of Cups

Rider-Waite Tarot

The Page of Cups reminds you that the whole point of challenging yourself to achieve a goal that’s close to your heart is to improve your relationship with yourself. When you prioritize your own aspirations, you are listening to your needs and responding accordingly. This card also speaks to your relationship with your inner child, so it’s a good idea to indulge in some creativity and whimsy while you’re working hard this month. It’s also important to meet any fear of change or failure with compassionate encouragement.

How To Use September 2022's Tarot Lessons

It might be helpful to think of this month as a time to start and finish an empowering project, or to complete a step of it. Deadlines can be essential for making sure something gets done. You know best how to pace yourself, so be realistic. You might assign yourself something each week of September to make your mission more manageable. I’m inspired by Romani writer Caren Gussoff Sumption, who started her latest sci-fi story, So Quick Bright Things Come To Confusion, on a dare after a male colleague told her she writes “women’s sci-fi.” She wanted to challenge what that meant, and came up with the idea of an uncomfortable alien-human love story rooted in a dangerous misunderstandings. As she worked, her fun idea turned into a real novella, and now it’s available September 6, 2022. Her story reminds me that working on endeavors that are personally important is always worthwhile, and can bring great things into your life and the world.