45 Smart Things For Your Home With Thousands Of Perfect Reviews On Amazon

Real people have tried these products — and loved them.

Written by Bimini Wright
45 Smart Things For Your Home With Thousands Of Perfect Reviews On Amazon
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When I need a good recommendation, I like to ask around my friend group. It’s easier to trust a product when it’s been suggested by somebody who has personal, hands-on experience with it. When shopping online, it’s as though you have thousands of friends at your fingertips, all of whom are keen to tell you whether a product is good or not.

This list has 45 smart things for your home that come with thousands of near-perfect reviews on Amazon. From lighting to storage to nifty kitchen gadgets, everything on this list has been thoroughly vetted by — and received a thumbs-up from — people like you.


These Light Bulbs That Have A Motion Sensor Built In

Illuminate your space efficiently with this two-pack of motion-sensor light bulbs. These 12-watt LED bulbs emit a crisp daylight glow. Equipped with a built-in motion sensor, they activate within 8 to 10 feet in the dark and turn off after 45 to 60 seconds of no motion. Plus, a built-in sensor ensures they light up at dusk and go off at dawn, conserving energy. They're a smart, eco-friendly lighting solution.


This Bluetooth Speaker That Lets You Play Music Anywhere

Set a mood anywhere in your home or yard with this Bluetooth speaker. Portable and mighty, this speaker delivers crystal-clear stereo sound that's distortion-free — even at max volume. Its advanced antenna design and Bluetooth tech offer a remarkable wireless range of up to 100 feet. With IPX5 water resistance, up to 14 hours of playtime, and a built-in microphone, it's perfect for any occasion, indoors or out.


The Grater & Zester That Helps You Shred Cheese Like A Pro

Make food prep so much easier with this zester and cheese grater. Its razor-sharp stainless steel blade is durable and can handle everything from nutmeg to chocolate. The curved sides offer rigidity for efficient grating. With a slim profile that won’t take up much space, this compact tool handles everything effortlessly. Create restaurant-quality dishes, zest fruits with ease, and enjoy finely grated ingredients.


An Expandable Shelf That Declutters Tricky Areas

Transform cluttered spaces with this under-the-sink organizer. It expands from 15 to 25 inches, offering adjustable height with four levels and sliding shelf panels, making it ideal for tricky storage areas. Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, or garage, organization just became a lot easier.


These Invisible Shelves That Store Books In Style

Stack your favorite reads on these sturdy metal shelves, creating the illusion of books magically floating on your wall — a distinctive decor piece that's both space-saving and functional. Crafted from strong steel with a stainless steel coating, each shelf can support up to 15 pounds of books, toys, artwork, or more. They’re low-effort to install; once they’re up, they’ll look like art on your walls.


These Nonslip Pads That Help Prevent Furniture From Sliding Around

Tired of furniture that won't stay put? These anti-slip rubber pads will put your furniture in its place and keep it there. They're perfect for all types of furniture and floor surfaces. Strong adhesive helps ensure the pads won't budge, providing a strong shield for your floors and preventing scratches as well as scuffs.


A Popper Bowl That Makes Theater-Quality Popcorn At Home

Unlike fragile glass poppers, this popcorn maker is a family-friendly and convenient popcorn solution. Made from heat-resistant, food-grade silicone, it's toxin-free and can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn. Just pour in kernels, add flavorings, and microwave for tasty popcorn. When you're done, collapse it for easy storage and cleaning.


This Coffee Maker That Can Brew Your Own Delicious Iced Coffee

Elevate your coffee game to barista-quality levels with this easy-to-use iced coffee maker kit. Crafted from durable, BPA-free borosilicate glass, it features an ultra-fine mesh filter to trap sediment. Simply add grounds, cold water, and chill. This reusable brewer is eco-friendly, and cleaning is a breeze — just unscrew the filter cap and flush out the grounds.


These Storage Containers That Keep Food Fresh For Longer

Seal in freshness with this set of three airtight storage containers. These silicone lids lock tight, even for liquids. Stackable and versatile, they fit perfectly in your fridge, freezer, or cupboard. Plus, they're safe for use in the microwave (without the lid), dishwasher, and freezer.


This Cart That Makes Use Of Awkward Storage Spaces

Maximize your space with this slim and chic four-tier storage cart. At just over 5 inches wide, it fits snugly into tight spaces like closets, kitchens, and bathrooms. The wheels make it easy to move, and the side hoops provide extra storage. With quick and simple snap-together assembly, it's made from sturdy plastic that blends with any decor.


These Stretchy Silicone Lids That’ll Fit Over Various Food Containers

Reduce waste and save money with this set of reusable silicone lids. These airtight, leak-proof lids keep your food fresh for longer, eliminating the need for single-use plastic wrap. With seven different sizes, you can cover everything from small containers to large bowls. Plus, they're safe for use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.


A Bidet That Leaves Your Tush Fresh & Clean

Turn your toilet into a throne with this bidet attachment. Made of durable plastic, it's easy to install and adjusts to any toilet. The adjustable jet-spray water pressure helps ensure a tailored, hygienic cleansing experience. You can save money on traditional toilet paper and wet wipes while being environmentally friendly. Your guests will appreciate the royal treatment in your bathroom.


These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths That Replace Paper Towels

Stop the presses, these Swedish dishcloths are the perfect cleaning companion for your kitchen and bathroom. These reusable wonders pick up spills effortlessly and can be tossed in the wash for endless use. Each pack includes 10 washable dish rags in your choice of vibrant colors. Made from cellulose and cotton, these dishcloths are gentle when wet and tough when dry, safe for all your cleaning needs.


A Digital Thermometer That Helps Cook Meat Perfectly

This instant-read thermometer is the ultimate kitchen companion. Whether you're grilling, baking, or brewing, this thermometer has you covered. It delivers accurate temperature reads in under three seconds, and its waterproof design makes it an easy-to-clean kitchen essential. It even has a built-in bottle opener, perfect for enjoying a cold one while you BBQ.


This Enzyme Cleaner That Helps Clean Up Pet-Related Stains

Say goodbye to pet messes and lingering odors with this enzyme-active cleaner. It's tough on stains, urine, feces, and vomit, delivering up to 80 hours of freshness. Plus, it's formulated to be safe for both pets and children with a delightful citrus scent.


These Bottle Brushes That Reach Hard-To-Scrub Areas

This bottle cleaner brush kit is the perfect solution for keeping your bottles, tumblers, and baby bottles squeaky clean. It comes with two bottle brushes, a narrow brush, a baby bottle brush, and even a straw cleaner — all made with stiff nylon bristles. These dishwasher-safe and BPA-free brushes work with popular brands like Hydro Flask, Contigo, Yeti, and S'well.


This Reusable Pet Hair Remover That Picks Up Stray Fur Easily

If you’re frustrated with pet hair on your furniture, you must try the ChomChom roller. This pet hair remover is eco-friendly, reusable, and requires no batteries. With BPA-free plastic construction, it's built to last and doesn’t require those annoying sticky papers. Just roll it back and forth to trap pet hair, and when it's full, press the handle catch to empty.


A Vanity Gadget That Washes Makeup Brushes Quickly

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a necessity if you want to maintain healthy skin, but doing the task by hand takes forever. This electric brush cleaner makes it quick and easy. It comes with eight rubber collars to fit various brush sizes; just choose the right collar, fill the bowl with water and soap, and let the machine do the work.


The Automatic Soap Dispenser That Always Gives You The Perfect Amount

This infrared motion sensor soap dispenser is a futuristic way to upgrade your hygiene routine. Its no-touch technology ensures a clean and efficient way to dispense soap for your hands or dishes. With a generous 17-ounce capacity, it lasts for over 1,400 uses before needing a refill. Plus, five adjustable soap output levels cater to your needs, helping reduce waste.


These Reusable Food Storage Bags That’ll Help You Cut Down On Plastic Bags

Switch to a greener lifestyle with these eco-friendly reusable food storage bags. Made from food-grade PEVA material, they're free from harmful substances like PVC, lead, chloride, and BPA. These versatile bags are heat- and cold-resistant, so they can go from freezer to pantry with no worries. Easy to clean by hand, they come with a handy rack for drying. With multiple sizes, they're perfect for storing various items, from food to cosmetics.


This Lid Holder That Helps Keep Your Stovetop Clean While Cooking

Keep your countertops clean and organized by resting your cooking spoon or hot pot lids on this handy holder. It’s crafted from high-quality stainless steel, so it's not only durable but also sleek and modern in design. The removable upright support is easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient cleaning. Compact and versatile, it's perfect for any kitchen, even in small spaces.


This Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That Open Jars & Bottles With Ease

Open any jar one-handed with this bottle opener. It tackles the tightest lids, whether factory-sealed, vacuum-locked, or childproof. Ideal for seniors — or those with weak hands or arthritis — it has a nonslip grip for added security. The under-cabinet mount saves counter space while ensuring it's always within reach.


A Plastic Bag Saver That Stores Plastic Bags Tidily

Conveniently store your plastic grocery bags in this sleek bag dispenser, complete with extra-wide openings for easy access. Installation is a breeze with included hardware, and its high-quality, brushed stainless steel finish keeps it looking good and fingerprint-free. It fits easily on a wall or the inside of a cabinet door.


This Collapsible Colander That Saves Space In Your Cupboard

Drain pasta, veggies, and more with this eco-friendly silicone collapsible colander. Crafted from sturdy, BPA-free materials, it's designed for durability and easy cleaning in your dishwasher. Its large 6-quart capacity can handle all your cooking needs, plus its nonslip handles offer stability whether you use it in (or over) a sink or freestanding on a counter or table.


These Puck Lights That Illuminate Dark Corners

Light up closets, under cabinets, or the stairs with these wireless puck lights. Control your lighting with the wireless remote, allowing you to turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, or set auto-off timers. These touch-sensitive, tap-activated lights emit a super-bright 55 lumens with a warm 3000K glow, ideal for any room.


An Organizer That Keeps All Your Batteries Charged & In One Place

This versatile battery storage solution holds up to 93 batteries, including various sizes like AA, AAA, 9-volt, C, D, and flat batteries. You can easily mount it on a wall or store it in a drawer, and the transparent lid allows for quick visual identification of your inventory. It even comes with a removable battery tester to ensure you always have power when you need it.


This Hair Catcher That Helps Prevent Clogged Bath Drains

If you’re plagued by clogged tub drains and costly plumber visits, you need this ingenious drain protector and hair catcher that prevents clogs effortlessly. It fits neatly inside the drain, collecting and concealing hair, unlike unsightly plugs that go over the drain. Cleanup is a breeze; just wipe it off.


A Ceramic Blade That Helps You Open Packages Safely

Slice through tasks effortlessly with this safety cutter. Featuring a microscopic ceramic blade, it's quick, easy, and safe for various cutting needs. Perfect for opening packaging, clipping coupons, or tackling art projects, it eliminates the need for finicky scissors. The ceramic blade is durable with a wide plastic covering that protects fingers.


The Toothbrush Holder That Organizes Your Dental Hygiene Routine

This all-in-one toothbrush holder and automatic toothpaste dispenser is a one-stop shop for dental care. Maximize bathroom space with this dispenser’s storage shelf, room for four brushes, and automatic toothpaste dispenser. Additionally, magnets hold two cups upside down to prevent stagnant water from accumulating. Installation is a breeze with seamless stickers that won't damage your walls.


This Kitchen Tool That Slices & Dices Veggies Efficiently

Experience the ultimate kitchen tool with this mandoline slicer. It has five interchangeable stainless steel blades for slicing, grating, and chopping. You can easily adjust the thickness of your veggies and change inserts for the perfect chop. Plus, it comes with a bonus handheld spiralizer that's compact and dishwasher-safe.


A Folding Step Stool That Helps You Reach The High Spots In Your Home

Made from heavy-duty plastic, this folding step stool is built to last. It has an ergonomic carrying handle, rounded corners, and a safety stop-gap feature for added stability. Anti-slip rubber grips and feet provide maximum security, and it has a 300-pound capacity.


This Milk Frother That Helps You Elevate Your Morning Coffee

Take the daily coffee ritual to new heights with this milk frother. This versatile tool expertly whisks hot and cold beverages, from cappuccinos to protein shakes, giving a rich, creamy froth every time. Powered by a robust motor, it delivers foam in just 15 seconds. Built to last with a comfortable silicone handle and stainless-steel wand, it rests on a sleek stand.


This Trusted Adhesive Remover That Cleans Gooey Messes

Found yourself in a sticky situation? This trusted brand of adhesive remover is the solution. Whether it's stickers, wax, crayons, glue, or even stubborn tar, Goo Gone gets the job done safely. With its citrus power formula, it effortlessly cleans up stains and sticky residues on various surfaces, making your cleanup tasks a breeze.


An High-Definition Smart Security Camera For Less Than $35

Keep an eye on your home day and night with this 1080P HD indoor plug-in smart security camera. The Blink Mini offers motion detection, two-way audio, and the ability to view, hear, and speak to people and pets from your smartphone. You can even customize motion detection zones and receive instant alerts.


This Egg Cooker That Can Cook Your Eggs Perfectly Every Time

This nifty egg cooker guarantees eggs are cooked the way you want every time. It has a six-egg capacity, so it’s great for large families or those with busy schedules. It's compact, lightweight, and stylish, making it perfect for small kitchens, dorms, or RVs. The package includes all the accessories you need, and cleanup is a breeze with dishwasher-safe parts.


A Surge Protector That Adds More Room To Your Outlets

This surge protector is your electronic guardian angel, offering 1080 joules of protection and fire-proof MOV technology. With six pivoting AC heads, you'll never run out of outlets. It’s easy to install over existing outlets and keeps cables tidy.


These Drain Tools That Help Clear Tough Clogs

These flexible drain tools effortlessly remove hair and blockages, saving you from expensive plumber visits. Made from sturdy plastic, they’re reusable and compatible with all household drains. Clear your sinks, bathtubs, and showers safely and efficiently while keeping your plumbing in top shape.


This Oven Cleaner That Can Help Get Your Oven Squeaky Clean

Cleaning your oven is a really tough job. Get rid of tough baked-on spills without the harsh fumes or need for gloves with this easy-off fume-free oven cleaner. It has advanced cold-oven technology that takes on oven grease effortlessly. Ideal for ovens, broilers, and grills, it's also perfect for everyday spot cleaning. Choose the lemon-scented option for a refreshing cleaning experience.


These Wooden Hooks That Can Hang Bags, Hats, & More In Style

Crafted from walnut, these wall hooks blend beauty and functionality. Coated with natural wood oil, they're both eco-friendly and durable. With a sturdy construction and a 35-pound weight capacity, they can hold various items from coats to hats, towels to backpacks. They’re decorative enough to enhance any space, whether in your home’s entryway or the bedroom.


A Sleek Wall-Mounted Tray To Organize Your Mail

Streamline your home's organization with this minimalist mail station. Designed for instant organization, it eliminates the hassle of searching for everyday items. It boasts a spacious basket and five hooks, perfect for sorting mail and keeping essentials like keys, bags, and accessories at your fingertips. Soft-ended hooks protect your clothing and scarves. Easy to mount and clean, it's a versatile addition to any room.


This Organizing Rack That Stacks Pans Neatly For Easy Access

Maximize your kitchen's efficiency with this versatile pan organizer. It's designed to save cabinet and countertop space while providing a neat solution for organizing pans and lids. With the capacity to hold up to five pans vertically (or four horizontally), it's a must-have for any organized kitchen.


These Plant Food Spikes That Help Keep Your Houseplants Healthy

Packed with essential micronutrients, these fertilizer spikes simplify indoor plant care, ensuring your home, office, or business is filled with thriving, beautiful potted plants. Tailor-made for all your favorite indoor plants, these spikes provide continuous nourishment for up to two months, promoting lush, vibrant growth.


These Heat-Resistant Claws That Help You Shred Meat At A BBQ

Revolutionize your BBQ game with these shredding bear paws. These time-saving, meat-shredding marvels are the answer to perfectly shredded meat without the mess of knives and forks. Whether it's pork, chicken, or beef, these ultra-sharp claws make quick work of it all. They're not just efficient; they're built to be melt-proof and dishwasher-safe, too.


An Oversized Caddy That Helps Organize Your Shower Essentials

Declutter your shower with the ultimate shower caddy. It's generously sized with three tiers, offering ample space for all your shower essentials, including a special spot for your soap. It stays firmly in place, thanks to heavy-duty suction cups and a secure over-the-showerhead holder lock. Made from robust iron steel with a rust-resistant finish, this caddy is built to last.


These Bumpers That Soften The Blow Of Slammed Cabinet Doors

Protect your surfaces and silence the noise from loud slams with these clear rubber bumpers. Discreet yet effective, they come in a pack of 100 and are perfect for a variety of uses. Whether it's your doors, chairs, drawers, or cabinets, these bumpers are designed to reduce impact noise and extend the life of your hardware. With their adhesive back, they're a breeze to apply.