On TikTok, A ‘Snackle Box’ Is The Best Way To Pack Charcuterie On-The-Go

It’s not just for kids.

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Avoid getting sand in your charcuterie display and invest in your very own “Snackle Box” — a tackle box used for fishing, but instead of holding worms, fishing line, or bobbers, it’s carrying your favorite cheese, crackers, and fruits like a to-go charcuterie board. Basically, TikTok creators are making their charcuterie boards more accessible by transforming their tackle box into the ultimate “Snackle Box.” TikTok parents started the trend back in November 2019, grabbing a plastic tackle box from their nearest dollar store and filling it with their kids’ favorite goodies. Then parents realized it wasn’t necessarily just for kids — adding some more exciting snacks to fulfill their cravings too.

Since then, parents have continued to up the ante on this trend, starting with one layer plastic tackle organizers and eventually moving onto multi-layered tackle boxes. People have started sharing how they customize their own Snackle Box — from explaining recipes, to tackle box recommendations, and even including how to make a Snackle Box for a toddler versus an adult. Also lovingly referred to as an adult Lunchable, the Snackle Box is the perfect way to take your favorite treats on the go. With over 6 million views, the hashtag #SnackleBox has overtaken food TikTok.

When Did The Snackle Box Gain Popularity?

Whether it’s on a family road trip, a picnic in a National Park, or a beach day, the Snackle Box is the ultimate summer fun product. On November 6, 2019, @AylaJalyn posted a video on TikTok introducing her 5.7 million followers to her parenting life-saver, the Snackle Box, which makes her hungry kid a lot less “hangry” while traveling. She says she discovered the hack on Pinterest multiple years ago, and has since never betrayed it. Jalyn filled the Snackle Box with marshmallows, nuts, cookies, chips, and of course, Goldfish crackers. She said the snacks can last up to a week and basically live in your kid’s diaper bag. No more tantrums thanks to the Snackle Box.

In the years since, millennial parents have put their own spin on Jalyn’s Snackle Box — upgrading from plastic boxes to large tackle boxes, only used by the most skilled fishermen. From 2019 until late 2021, the Snackle Box was primarily reserved as a parenting hack — unknown to people outside of the TikTok parenting community. However, in June 2022, people without little ones at home started jumping on the trend, adding their favorite snacks to their Snackle Box. If only it could fit an alcoholic beverage or two…

On June 26, @SkyBut took the Snackle Box to the next level. She took a product originally used to soften a child’s hunger and made it suitable for adults. Instead of getting a single-layer plastic box, Skylar bought a tackle box for under $20 on Amazon and filled it with meats, cheeses, cashews, dried fruits, olives, and even a few dill pickles. This tackle box held four layers of tasty treats, each layer separating the snacks with organizational dividers. Seriously, the slow-motion video of her opening the Snackle Box was incredibly satifsying to watch. Created for a bachelorette party, the Snackle box was a safe space for their snacks to hang while they spent a whole day cruising around on the lake. Skylar’s ingenious idea quickly received 2.2 million views, unsurprisingly ranking in quite a few comments.

Some people were huge fans of the Snackle Box 2.0, one commenter saying, “this is the best thing I’ve seen all week.” Another person said, “ a charcuterie tackle box is the most southern thing I’ve ever seen… I’m so in.” It’s clear the Snackle Box was the key to thousands of outdoor lovers’ snack problems.

Along with an obsession for the upgraded Snackle Box came some questions and concerns. One commenter said, “It looks like a nightmare to clean.” Others were worried if the plastic used to create the Snackle Box was food safe. There were quite a few people who asked how Skylar kept the refrigerated items cold. One person suggested she put ice in the bottom to which Skylar replied, “That was our original idea! But we had so much fruit that we decided to use the bottom for that and just keep the snackle box inside an iced cooler.” When creating your own Snackle Box and making your way to Walmart or Amazon, make sure the plastic in the tackle box is made out of an FDA-approved plastic.

What started as a hack for parents of hungry kids turned into an adult’s snack heaven, keeping everyone’s favorite snacks hidden, safe, and edible throughout long days in the sun. If you’re looking to add your very own Snackle Box to your summer activities, make sure you’re prepared with all your favorite snacks, confirm that the plastic is food-safe, and don’t forget to add some adult-friendly goodies. Place your Snackle Box in an ice-filled cooler and you’ll never have to stress about summer snacks again. Snackle Boxes definitely aren’t just for kids.

Want to try the Snack Box trend yourself? Check out the options below for your next beach day, picnic, or road trip.

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