So Many Dog Owners Are Obsessed With These Weird Dog Products

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If you’re one of those dog parents that have as much fun shopping for your furry friend as you do shopping for yourself, you’ll love this list of fun and useful products that your fellow dog owners are absolutely, totally, and completely obsessed with.

You see, Amazon makes it super easy to find the best of the best for some staples (like a comfy dog bed) and some tasty treats (literally). All the pet-friendly items I’ve included have thousands of positive reviews and have received the seal of approval from dog lovers just like you. These poop bags, for example, have over 150,000 five-star ratings. I know, who knew so many people would want to write about picking up after their pup? I guess when a product is this good, you have to.

In addition to the basics, there are some genius inventions that you may have never come across before. There’s a water-dispensing bottle that turns into a drinking bowl for on-the-go use and even some paw balm to keep your pup’s feet moisturized and protected.

After adding these to your cart, you’ll be scoring some major brownie points with your fur baby. Keep scrolling to spoil them and yourself.


A Soothing Paw Balm Made With Cold-Pressed Olive Oil & Other Nourishing Favs

Since dogs walk around on their adorable paws all day and come in contact with rough surfaces and various weather conditions, it’s not surprising that their paw pads can quickly become dry and cracked. This paw balm is full of soothing, cold-pressed natural oils (like jojoba, coconut, and olive) that moisturize and protect your pup’s paws and even nose. A little goes a long way with this waxy formula, which also includes human skincare favorites like shea butter and vitamin E.

One reviewer raved: “My dog and I go on a lot of hikes and long walks. He’s very active on different surfaces. I wanted something to keep his paws moisturized and heathy. After his bath, about every two weeks, I’ll rub this into his paws, between his toes, and a little on his nose. I love the smell and what I love more is that it is safe if he licks it. I trying to distract him to allow for it to absorb, but the little guy can’t resist licking them. Works great. No complaints!”


This Snuffle Mat That Feels Like Grass & Keeps Your Dog Engaged

This snuffle mat acts as both an interactive toy and training tool. Spreading your dog’s food in this mat that mimics the look and feel of grass presents them with a bit of a challenge, keeps them occupied, and fulfills their natural desire to sniff and search. Plus, by accessing the food in parts, it slows down their eating time to promote healthier digestion and less bloating. Unlike other snuffle mats, this one comes with suction cups that’ll keep it firmly in place while your pup sniffs around.

One reviewer raved: “This is the best snuffle mat I have purchased. I like the shag on this. It's not cheap felt. My dog loves eating his meals from this. There is a removable foam ring around it that keeps it sturdy while in use but you can remove it to wash it.”


This Slow Feeding Food Bowl That Comes On A No-Spill Mat

This food bowl solves the two most common problems when it comes to feeding your dog. First, the inevitable mess. The silicone mat that’s built-in here contains the mess and stops it from dirtying your home thanks to the raised lip. Second, our furry friends can get a bit too excited sometimes and chow down in just seconds. The maze-like design of the food bowl slows down their eating. The mat has an anti-slip bottom and can easily be wiped clean and folded for storage or travel.

One reviewer raved: “I really love this. It’s easy to clean, holds up well, and the slow feeder really helps my dog to eat slower. It’s well-made and portable. It folds in half for easy storage. The silicone mat does not slide, the slow feeder is hard plastic, and the water bowl is steel.”


This Car Harness That Fits Into Any Seatbelt

As fun as it is to let your dog feel the wind in their fur, safety always comes first. To keep them secure while on a ride, strap this car harness into any seatbelt and attach the other end to their collar. The durable nylon will give a sturdy hold while the 360-degree clasp will allow your pup to freely sit, lay, or stand without being too constricted.

One reviewer raved: “My little guy ‘the 9 pound king of the car’ would jump from front to back, to the dash, just anywhere. We had to bring the crate wherever we went just to keep him in one spot so I could drive safely. Thanks to this dog seat belt we now don't have to lug that heavy crate around, I can drive safely and he is still happy enough to have a little ‘controlled freedom’. Very easy to use and adjustable to limit or add space as needed. I was afraid it would choke him and be too short but it hasn't!”


An LED Collar That Lets Others See Your Dog From 1,000 Feet Away

Available in nine bright colors and four sizes, this LED light-up collar is a must-have for those who walk their dog when it’s dark out or for pet owners who like to let their pups wander around in the yard at dusk. This unique collar gives your dog up to 1,000 feet of visibility, allowing you — and others, like motorists — to see them well. This rechargable collar has three light options that help your dog be seen: a solid light, a fast blink, and a slow blink.

One reviewer raved: “When I did my research, this was the best quality and best deal I could find on Amazon. I love that it's rechargeable. It usually lasts about a week before the lights get dimmer. I put it on the charger and it's ready in a short time. And she GLOWS! You can see her for a long way. There is one section of our walk where I let her off leash and I can see her running in the distance and can keep track of her because of that. It's wonderful.”


These Hypoallergenic Wipes Made With Natural Shea Butter

For a quick wash of your dog’s face, paws, and tushy, grab a pack of these bio-based wipes. The compostable material is not only good for the planet but also free of sulfates and alcohol, making them gentle enough for daily use while being thick enough to stand up to nails. The blend of shea butter, aloe, and chamomile will leave your pet smelling great, looking shiny, and feeling fresh.

One reviewer raved: “Ok, so it might be a bit much to say that I’m ‘obsessed’ with dog wipes, right? Wrong, they are just that good. I’ve tried so many dog wipes but none compare to these. The wipes are extra damp (and stay that way even after opening) which means one wipe goes a long way. They also smell great, have a thick feel, and are hypoallergenic. I have a dog who has sensitive skin and we use these wipes after walks to get rid of allergies. Game changer. Try them out you won’t be disappointed!”


A Plant-Based Ear Cleaner That Relieves Itch & Irritation

To relieve any itching, irritation, or even odor, start applying this plant-based ear cleaner to your dog’s adorable ears. The non-toxic formula enters the ear canal to get rid of any wax, dirt, or fluid that may be causing your pup discomfort. Just three days of use can make a world of difference.

One reviewer raved: “I noticed my doggies ears were getting a little irritated, so I got this to get them all cleaned up. After a few days of use, they look so much better!! I feel like this saved my dog from an ear infection!”


This Water Bottle That Turns Into A Compact Portable Bowl

Staying hydrated while on the go isn’t as easy for your dog as it is for you. Since they can’t drink straight out of a bottle, this portable water dispenser turns from a leakproof water bottle into a bowl. All you have to do is press the button to have the water released into the bowl section. Any unused water can float back into the bottle so nothing goes to waste. Plus, the silica gel seal ring assures that nothing leaks so you can confidently carry it in your bag.

One reviewer raved: “The best travel little water bottle. Has a button to lock it and has a strap for easy carry! I’m obsessed.”


These Lavender-Scented Poop Bags That Are Completely Leak-Proof

Quite possibly one of the worst things ever is when a poop bag leaks after picking up after your dog. Using recycled materials, each one of these 120 bags is made to be extra thick so you can avoid having to deal with a mess. Plus, they smell like lavender, which is quite the improvement over poo. With over 155,000 five-star Amazon reviews, I think you’ll be buying these time and time again.

One reviewer raved: “I love and I am obsessed with these dog poop bags. A great deal for how many you’re getting. The packaging is really fun and cute. The scent stands out which is so nice. No problems what so ever I haven’t needed to buy extra bags in months and I have 2 dogs.”


This Interactive Treat Puzzle That Exercises Your Dog’s Brain Power

If you (like most pet parents) feel a little guilty any time you have to leave your dog home alone, set up this interactive treat puzzle next time you do. With three different kind of hiding compartments, this toy will keep your pup occupied and exercise their brain at the same time. The scent holes on each piece lets them know where the treats are hidden so they can choose which lids to lift up or push to the side.

One reviewer raved: “Wow my dog loves this! It’s a great way to keep him entertained and happy. Love how it works his brain and helps him learn! Highly recommend.”


A Natural 5-In-1 Wash That Leaves Their Coat Clean & Shiny

Getting a dog in the bath is no easy task so when you do, you want to get the job done as quick as possible. Instead of reaching for multiple bottles, use this 5-in-1 wash that cleans, deodorizes, conditions, detangles, and moisturizes. Over 98% of its ingredients come from natural sources like coconut and palm, and none of the formula contains any sulfates or parabens. It also has soothing ingredients like oats and aloes, in case this wash wasn’t already doing enough.

One reviewer raved: “This stuff is AMAZING! I've used a different brand for years and it's been ok, but decided to give this a try and I am so glad I did. My little Bichon came out so much cleaner after using this. His fur is bright white again! The smell is really nice and I noticed he didn't freak out when it got in his eyes like he did with the old stuff. I love products that are high quality but also gentle. This one knocks it out of the park!”


These Immune Health Supplements That Come In Tasty Flavors Dogs Love

These multifunctional supplements not only come in tasty flavors like chicken and peanut butter but also support a great amount of health concerns. Containing various vitamins and probiotics, each supplement aims to improve joint support, gut health, the immune system, and more. They even include fish oil and vitamin E for coat and skin health.

One reviewer raved: “These vitamins did wonders for my dog! I have a 2 year old VERY active heeler with arthritis in his front shoulder. Before using these supplements he would get very stiff and sore and hobble around the house every night. We tried a bunch of other supplements but nothing really helped...until we tried these! After a few days he was not limping around at night and we could stop cutting back on his walks and ball time as we had to do before. He is one happy dude and back to his active self! And he will eat these things just like they're a treat!”


This Fast-Drying Microfiber Towel That’s Super Lightweight

To avoid having your dog trying to shake themselves dry every few minutes, grab this microfiber grooming towel with lightweight material that’s fast-drying. The super absorbent material will quickly soak up water from your pup’s fur. And since it’s not nearly as heavy as traditional cotton towels, it’s a breeze to bring along to the beach, park, or anywhere else where they might get into some shenanigans.

One reviewer raved: “This towel works great. I couldn’t wait to use it the next time it rained and didn’t have to wait very long. As soon as he stepped in the house from the yard with his muddy feet and then off the towel he left no trail of mud anywhere except on the towel. It works very well. It’s very absorbent. I will buy more for sure!”


These Clever Silicone Can Covers That Keep Wet Food Fresh

If your dog eats canned wet food, stop using inefficient plastic wrap that lets odors leak out and start using these can covers. Made from non-toxic, BPA-free silicone, these can covers work on canned foods of various sizes and keep food fresher for longer. They’re dishwasher safe, too, which makes cleaning them a breeze.

One reviewer raved: “Like Goldilocks, I've found some pet food cans too large or too small. But Bonza offers a tight-fitting cap with three settings, so you could use it on your cat or dog food or even the baked beans. I'm a very happy pet owner, plan to buy more. Great people. They even send notes on how to get maximum use out of the product.”


A Stylish & Plush Dog Bed With An Anti-Slip Bottom

Shopping for a dog bed doesn’t have to be complicated. This one has the two things that you’re probably looking for: a 1.5 inch thick, plush top that can lull your fur baby to sleep and a non-skid bottom to keep them from sliding around. Choose between seven different sizes and three neutral colors to best suit your pup and your home decor.

One reviewer raved: “My dog loves this bed. He's a 50 lb american bulldog. This is the first bed (out of many) that he hasn't torn to shreds. It's a nice color and the beddin can be easily taken off and thrown in the washer.”


This Treat-Dispensing Chew Toy That Can Handle Even The Toughest Bites

Instead of constantly catching your dog chewing on your shoes or furniture, satisfy their desire with this treat-dispensing chew toy. When filled with kibble or treats, this fun-colored rubber toy will keep your dog occupied and give them a bit of a challenge too. Each is made of non-toxic materials and are dishwasher-safe.

One reviewer raved: “This is a very sturdy toy. I put peanut butter in the middle and stick a few small dog bones and some kibble into the peanut butter. Then I freeze it so the treat will last longer. I give it to my dog when I leave home so she is distracted while I go out the door. It is well designed so that it is difficult for her to chew off bits of it. It’s made of tough material that is not hard like a antler or hoof chew. That makes it easier on the teeth.”


A Dispenser That Refills & Filters Your Pet’s Water Supply

To make sure your dog has enough water without having to constantly refill their bowl, take just seconds to set up this automatic waterer. Simply using gravity, the dispenser releases water any time your dog drinks. The water that’s dispensed is also cleaner than when coming straight from your sink thanks to the built-in charcoal filter that removes impurities.

One reviewer raved: “I bought these filters and the bowl last year around this time. My "test year" has gone well: it really helps with keeping the bowl clean. Maybe my dog drinks more water and thinks it is tastier, or not, either way, the primary purpose is to keep icky stuff from growing in the bowl. I can leave the bowl for a week or more without needing to refill, and when I do have to refill and clean, it's much easier--no slime lining the bowl anymore; the filters are definitely worth not having to clean slime.”


This Ball Launcher That Can Give Your Dog Quite The Workout

If your dog has a ton of energy, they may finally meet their match with this sport ball launcher. With a long handle, you can get a great amount of speed and distance on your dog’s favorite ball, taking fetch to the next level. Even better: the handle prevents you from having to touch a slobber-filled, muddy ball with your hands. You can just scoop it up in the little basket.

One reviewer raved: “I have a young Golden Retriever who would retrieve balls and frisbees all day long if my arm could take it. Bought the 26M Chuck-It and love it! I can throw the ball a lot farther and for more throws, so he gets more exercise. Love that I no longer need to bend over to pick up the ball or have to touch a slimy, sandy, filthy ball! It's quite intuitive to use and within about 3 throws you'll have it down perfectly. You can also use regular tennis balls with it.”


A Life Jacket With Reflective Accents So Your Pup Is Easy To Spot

To keep your dog safe while splashing around, slip on this life jacket. Designed with bright colors and reflective strips, the vest is easy to spot, so you won’t lose sight of your furry friend. Of course, the material provides maximum buoyancy and has a handy front neck piece to keep their head above water at all times. Choose between seven different sizes to find the best fit.

One reviewer raved: “Doggie life jackets run the range from absolute crap to human-worthy support. Outward Hound is definitely the latter. I have a standard poodle who weighs about 55 pounds - long body, long legs, deep chest and small waist - so he can be tricky to fit. The large Dawson Buoyant life jacket fit him perfect, with enough adjustability to fit both his chest and waist. The color is perfect because I can see it from far away, and so can boaters. My dog can swim, but sometimes I need to haul him out of the water into my kayak, and it is impossible without a handle, so this life jacket makes it easy to get him into the boat. It also acts as peace of mind if I fall in the water and can't help him, because it helps him stay afloat even when he isn't paddling.”


A Waterproof Front Seat Cover That Protects Your Car From Mud & Fur

Instead of having your furry friend in the back, keep them close to you while driving with this front seat cover. The seat anchor, non-slip backing, and two snap buckles keep the cover in place while the double layer of waterproof cotton assures that your car’s interior is protected from any messy accidents. This cover couldn’t be easier to clean, either. You can simply use a vacuum or wet towel.

One reviewer raved: “Super happy with this! It works exactly as advertised. Was very simple to install thanks to the video in their product listing. I was really skeptical about the waterproof ability of it as when I first received it the material felt like some sort of porous material but them I realized its actually a plastic or some sort of polyester type of material that's impermeable and keeps the water off my nice clean seats. After a couple trips to the river I was scared to check under the cover as I was expecting to see a big spot where water seeped through, but my seat was still perfectly dry. The material looks stitched but it's actually heat pressed together so there aren't any stitches where water can wick through. My pup loves it and so do I. This keeps her from sliding around on the seat when I have to brake quickly.”


This Pooper Scooper That Eliminates The Need To Bend Down

Clean up after your dog from a comfortable position with this pooper scooper that comes with a 36-inch long rake that stops you from having to bend down to pick up poo. The rust-proof blend of metal and aluminum on both the rake and scooper is long-lasting, plus it’s easy to clean by simply hosing it down. When done, use the top holes to hang both tools up in your garage for compact storage.

One reviewer raved: “This works very well for its intended purpose. I was assuming that it would be a cheap, crappy crap picker upper. I was impressed by the initial quality. It was very simple to assemble, taking somewhere between 47 and 53 seconds. It is sturdy and well made. Nothing is flawed in the design. The tines on the rake are stiff and up to the task of rolling even the largest of dog logs into the ample depository scoop. The length of the rake and stiffness affords the proper mechanical advantage necessary to dislodge hard canine fecal deposits that have turned white with age and are imbedded into deep grass blades because you are a week late mowing. If you are in the market for dookie disposal implements, I think you found the winner.”


These Probiotic Treats That Can Help Dogs With Tummy Issues

These cheese-flavored, preservative-free probiotic treats are a sneaky way to give your dog a supplement that tastes as good as a treat. The digestive enzymes are made with natural ingredients like pumpkin seeds and safflower oil that work together to support gut health and even boost nutrient absorption so they’re getting the most out of the food you give them.

One reviewer raved: “I normally don’t write reviews but I’m blown away ... I’ve tried EVERYTHING including, prescription dog food, Purinas pro biotics that u sprinkle on the food, pumpkin, another anti-diarrheal... you name it, nothing has worked... and my vet can’t figure out why my puppy is having diarrhea! Well this stuff right here to my surprise is THE ONLY thing that has helped! His poo is no longer straight mush, it’s formed enough so I can pick it up and it isn’t messy!!!! I’m forever grateful”


These Durable Rope Toys That Will Last A Long Time

Whether you have a teething puppy or a restless full-grown dog, this seven-pack of rope toys will keep them occupied and away from your precious shoes. The durable cotton and nylon blend requires a ton of work and strength on your pup’s end to actually make a tear, assuring that they’ll last a long time.

One reviewer raved: “Product is durable and our dogs enjoy playing with them, alone or by themselves. (We have two pit bulls and these rope toys hold up well) I occasionally wash these rope toys in the washing machine from time to time, sometimes even throw them in with a load of throw they are not as noisy while washing.”


A Hide & Seek Toy For Hours Of Digging Fun

If you’re too busy to play fetch or hide-and-seek with your energetic pet, set them up with this burrow toy. Place the three squeaky pieces inside the main compartment (which comes in adorable options like a taco truck or tree trunk filled with squirrels) and let them dig away trying to get them out. The durable stitching is meant to withstand the strong chews that are sure to come.

One reviewer raved: “I cannot praise this product enough. I purchased it for my 12 lb Mountain Feist - a cross between a Rat Terrier and Jack Russell bred to be a small animal hunting dog. They are chewers and highly motivated and active. I have had this toy since November and it's still in tact with the exception of one of the leaves on the side. Bluebell loves challenges and this toy does it. I can hide treats in, stuff all her small toys and the squirrels in and she dives in. She has figured out she can get to the treats faster by going thru the side holes but then spends a lot of time just throwing the log around and running around the house with it on her head.”


A Black Light That Reveals Hidden Stains & Odors

One of the worst surprises to come home to is a mess that you can, unfortunately, smell but can’t see. With 68 LED lights, this black light helps you find urine and other messes that your dog may have caused while you were away. The small, lightweight flashlight is easy to bring with you anywhere so you always know exactly what needs a deep clean.

One reviewer raved: “My wife bought the light to check for stains in the carpet due to the new puppy. The light worked great. It was bright and was able to see all the stains in the carpet. Only downside was that after she saw the carpet I spent my entire weekend pulling out the carpet and pad from the house!!! I guess we're getting hardwood floors... Fml”


This Portable Hair Remover That Works On Couches & Car Seats

This hair remover rolls to instantly and easily collect even the most minuscule pieces of pet hair or dust. All the lint gets dropped into the waste compartment that is easy to empty and clean. Yep, that means this pet hair remover is endlessly reusable — no sticky tape required. This pet hair remover is a fan favorite on Amazon with over 90,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer raved: “A friend told me about the Chom Chom. I have a cat and a pitbull mix that both shed badly. I bought this even though I had doubts as I have bought so many devices that are suppose to help with pet hair. This thing is the real deal. It absolutely works. And it even gets up human hair. You never have to order refills. I am so thrilled with it that I have dehaired everything in my home. And tomorrow I am starting on my trucks. I'm obsessed with the Chom Chom. The best $25 I have spent in years.”


A Freezable, Color-Changing Dog Bone That Helps With Teething

As your pup plays with this freezable soft chew toy, a few surprises are in store for them. First, the material will fade from red to yellow as it returns to room temperature after being frozen. Second, they’ll enjoy tastes of lamb and apple flavors throughout to make them want to keep playing. The nubs and grooves along the surface help clean teeth and prevent plaque as they chew away. This bone is particularly suitable for teething puppies, because it’s soft yet firm and the ability to freeze it can help soothe any pain associated with incoming teeth.

One reviewer raved: “We have an aggressive chewing puppy on our hands. This helps sooo much with her teething! We did put it in the freezer after getting the rag part wet and it's like her special treat several times a day now. She loves it and it helps her feel better. She even carries it around for a while before the effectiveness wears off and it's rinsed off and back in the freezer again.”


These Collapsible Food Bowls That Are Perfect To Bring With You

Whether your dog is your hiking partner or your date for a beach picnic, you’ll want to keep them hydrated and fed throughout every adventure. this two-pack of collapsible bowls can be folded down to just half an inch, making them super easy to carry along. Pack them in your bag or use the ring to attach it to your belt, backpack, or dog leash. The silicone material is study, non-toxic, and can be thrown in the dishwasher once you’re back home.

One reviewer raved: “I am very pleased with these bowls especially for how low in cost they were. They are a very sturdy rubber that can handle being thrown around. They are the perfect size for taking the dog for a walk or hike. The come with carabiners so you can clip them to anything.”


These Nail Clippers That Prevent Over-Cutting

If you don’t want to bring your pup to the expensive groomers every time they need their nails trimmed, use these clippers to do it yourself. The safety guard keeps you from over-cutting and the ergonomic handle gives you a sturdy and comfortable grip so you can quickly get the job done. The blade is coated with an anti-rust oil, so this one pair can be used time and time again.

One reviewer raved: “We have a chocolate lab. As he's gotten to be an old man dog, his nails don't naturally grind down like they used to for walks. My wife is able to clip the dogs nails quickly and effectively with these. Being able to use it single handed is a nice feature and a must for a dog who does not generally like you putting your paws on his paws.”


A Waterproof Car Seat To Safely Hold Your Small Puppy

Puppies and smaller dogs may have a hard time sitting still in the car, and they can’t always see out the window, which can cause car sickness. To keep them safe while still allowing them to see their surroundings, strap in this car seat made of waterproof mesh material that’ll keep the little one comfy and your seat mess-free. The thick memory foam on the bottom provides a plush seat for your pup.

One reviewer raved: “Our dog Homer already enjoyed riding in the car with us but this booster seat made his ride more comfortable. He seems to like having his own place to sit or sleep where he is more secure. He will curl up and sleep in the seat if we are on the road for very long. The instructions on the pictures on Amazon were very clear and it was easy to install. It is also easy to uninstall when needed.”

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