TikTokers Think They've Spotted Starbucks' New Valentine's Day Cups

This cute color-changing cup is going viral.

Starbucks' Valentine's Day Cup 2021 Lineup Is Rumored To Be Here

Love is in the air! Or at least back on the shelves. Though it may feel like we just barely dipped our toes into January, Starbucks Valentine's Day cups for 2021 are already in stores for the upcoming holiday. If you weren't feeling the love before... well, you still may not be feeling it, but at least you've got some cute cups to keep you company in the meantime.

While Starbucks hasn't officially announced any of its Valentine's Day line-up, a few eagle-eyed Instagram users have already spotted the new Valentine's Day cups at their local locations. It appears the new holiday cups dropped on Jan. 5, though what's available may vary from store to store. In addition to the kind of cups you may expect for the holiday — glittery pink hot and cold tumblers with heart designs, mugs in pink and red with Valentine's Day-themed iconography, a pack of color-changing cups in purples and pinks — Starbucks has some new fun favorites and brought back a couple of cups you already love.

First up, there's the new hot, to-go cup in purple with a red kiss print. When you add hot liquid to the cup, the kiss print changes from red to light pink. You heard it here, folks: thermochromism is ~romantic~ now!

If Valentine's Day has you feeling particularly spiky, Starbucks has something for that, too. There's a red spiked cold cup that was also available during the past holiday season. There's a lavender-gridded tumbler with a matte finish that looks like the violet drink turned into a cup. Finally, it looks like Starbucks has brought back the studded matte black tumbler they introduced back in 2019 and quickly became a fan favorite. Like, "currently being resold for nearly $45 on eBay" fan favorite. If missed out on the initial batch of matte black tumblers, you'll want to snag one this Valentine's Day lest you be stuck scrolling through second-hand cups marked up 30 bucks.

While you're grabbing the new pistachio latte, you may want to pick up some of the latest Starbucks Valentine's Day merch while it's still in stores.