9 Stylish Humidifiers That Will Upgrade Your Home

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Humidifiers are mostly about practical things like relieving dry skin and congestion, but that doesn’t mean they have to look totally utilitarian, and these stylish humidifiers are proof. Not only do they add moisture to the air, but they add an aesthetic touch to to any room, thanks to unique shapes and design-forward accents, like wood accents and bright colors.

The look of a humidifier mostly comes down to your personal preference, but there are a few technical specs to keep in mind. First, most of the options in this roundup are cool mist humidifiers, but you can opt for one that also has a warm mist setting. Both do a great job of moisturizing air, but cool mist is safer to use around kids and pets because there’s no risk of touching anything hot, while warm mist humidifiers are less likely to release any bacteria, mold, and mineral buildup that may be in the tank. (But no matter which option you choose, it’s a good idea to clean your humidifier regularly.) You'll also want to consider size. Some of these options are powerful enough to cover big spaces like your living room, while others are better for small bedrooms or even your desk. (For reference, the average American bedroom falls somewhere between 100 and 224 square feet, while the average living room is 216 feet, but sizes vary greatly, and you'll want to keep open floor plans in mind, too.)

Other features to consider: LED lights in soothing colors so you can use the humidifier as a night light, a timer, sleep mode, and auto-shutoff functions. Also great? The majority of these humidifiers can also be used as essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy — just add a few drops of your favorite scent to the water tank or an oil tray. And of course, this list is all about style, so whether you want a discreet humidifier or an eye-catching design, these are the most stylish humidifiers on Amazon that’ll earn you compliments galore.

1. A Minimalist Design For Medium-Sized Rooms

With an easy-to-clean 4-liter water tank, this minimalist humidifier is a good choice for most mid-size rooms up to 215 square feet. It features three mist level settings and a hidden, touch-controlled LED display that shows you the tank’s current water level. There’s a timer you can set for two, four, or six hours, an auto-shutoff function that kicks in when the water runs out, and a sleep mode, which dims the indicator light and locks the controls. Unlike some options on this list, there are no colored LED light options (aside from the white indicator light on the front), but the cool mist humidifier does come with five essential oil diffuser pads for aromatherapy.

  • Coverage: 215 square feet

According to a fan: “The steam power/ level is so strong you can literally see it across the room. You can barely hear it so the noise level is out of this world quiet. I always get compliments on the humidifier whenever I have company over.”

2. A Highly Rated Option With Warm & Cool Mist Settings

With a simple aesthetic and near-perfect Amazon reviews, this versatile humidifier creates both cool and warm mist, so you can make adjustments depending on your needs. The warm mist is less likely to release bacteria and germs that may be in the tank, and according to the manufacturer, it'll humidify spaces more quickly than cool mist.(Important to note: If you have kids or pets in the house, you'll have to take extra care when using the warm mist setting to avoid steam burns.) The cool mist setting, on the other hand, humidifies the air for longer and it's safer to use around kids and pets.

The humidifier has an easy-to-fill 6-liter tank that’s great for larger rooms, and it automatically monitors the humidity in the air and turns off when the desired level is reached. There are three mist levels, three temperature settings, a timer, and a sleep mode, all of which you can control with the included remote. Plus, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the tray for an aromatherapy experience. There's an auto-shutoff function that activates when the water runs out, but there are no LED light colors — just a simple display on the front.

  • Coverage: 430 to 753 square feet

According to a fan: “This is a very simple, beautiful humidifier. I love that this doesn’t scream humidifier like so many other options do. It’s very easy to use with just the simple push of a button. Cleaning is fast and easy too. If you enjoy diffusing oils, there’s a spot in the back for you to add your oil of choice. It worked beautifully, and I foresee us using this frequently (asthma, family allergies, etc). Overall, I’m very pleased with this humidifier and plan on purchasing more for our family.”

3. A Raindrop Humidifier That Comes In Bright Colors

This ultrasonic humidifier earns style points for its unique raindrop design and eight color options — including bright orange, pink, and green. The cool mist humidifier features an easy-to-fill, 1-gallon tank, adjustable mist settings, and a 360-degree nozzle, so you can direct the mist where it’s needed most. Plus, it has a built-in night light that gives off a soft glow, and it automatically turns off when the tank is empty. It doesn't come with extras like timers or an aromatherapy tray, but it's remarkably affordable given the fact that the mist can cover up to 500 square feet of space. And although there's no essential oil tray, reviewers report you can add a few drops directly to the tank.

  • Coverage: Up to 500 square feet

According to a fan: “There is a built in nightlight that gives off a soft (orange) glow. Other colors will give different light. Has a dial so you can have light mist to a full steam cloud. For the price you can't beat it."

4. This Chic Wood Grain Humidifier For Small Spaces

This faux-wood humidifier makes a chic addition to small rooms, and it’s available in white, black, and blonde finishes. The cool mist humidifier has an easy-to-clean 400-milliliter water tank, two mist settings, and four timers, so you can keep it on continuously or for one, three, or six hours. The humidifier automatically turns off when the water runs out, and if you want to enjoy an aromatherapy session, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water tank (the black humidifier even comes with six popular essential oils to get you started). Plus, there are seven LED light colors with adjustable brightness settings to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Coverage: 65 to 82 square feet

According to a fan: “I love the curved shape and wood grain finish. It holds enough water to keep running for most of the day, then sounds a quiet beep once when it automatically shuts off. I usually keep the light rotating colors, but you can select one color or none at all. I’ve used it with essential oils but my primary reason is to add humidity to the air since the house furnace dries the air so much.”

5. An Elegant Marble Humidifier

For a luxe look, you can’t go wrong with this marble humidifier and essential oil diffuser. The stylish cool mist humidifier is available in black and white, and it has a 350-milliliter tank and two mist modes: normal and intermittent, which turns on and off every minute. Other features include a timer for one, three, or six hours, auto-shutoff when the tank is empty, and seven mood-enhancing LED light colors with two brightness settings.

  • Coverage: Up to 300 square feet

According to a fan: “Great humidifier, looks modern and matches my furniture and style perfectly. Works great and doubles as a nice night light. Very easy to maintain and very quiet.”

6. A Cute Cloud-Shape Humidifier

This whimsical cloud-shape humidifier is so cute, and you can control the cool mist output with an easy-to-use knob on the back. The 1.8-liter water tank is easy to fill, and a cleaning brush is included. The humidifier turns off automatically when the tank is empty. Plus, it doubles as a rainbow spectrum night light with eight soothing color options. However, you can’t use this humidifier as an essential oil diffuser and there’s no timer.

  • Coverage: Up to 250 square feet

According to a fan: “This cloud is so cute! The size is perfect, and the colors a an awesome touch. It doesn't look like an appliance, which most humidifiers do.”

7. A Gold Metal Humidifier That Looks So Luxe

With an intricate golden metal exterior, this essential oil diffuser and humidifier is a real showstopper. The 500-milliliter reservoir creates a fine mist, but the power level isn’t adjustable. You can leave it on continuously or set it on a one-, three-, or six-hour timer, and it automatically turns off when the water runs out. The cool mist humidifier also works as a night light with multiple color options.

  • Coverage: Up to 430 square feet

According to a fan: “This diffuser/humidifier is absolutely beautiful. Everyone who sees it in my home wants one of their own. It last throughout the whole night. It’s pretty quiet.”

8. A Sleek Humidifier That Sits On The Floor

This floor-standing cool mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser fits discreetly in the corner and offers three mist settings, a large 5-liter water tank, and automatic humidity control. Other features include a sleep mode and auto-shutoff if the water tank is empty, but there is no timer or LED light color options. A handy remote control is included, so you don't have to get off the couch to adjust it.

  • Coverage: 200 to 420 square feet

According to a fan: “Really like this humidifier! Initially, I thought it would be too tall or too overwhelming for our living room, yet it turned out to be pretty low key. I like the sleek design and you can tell the designer really thought this through.

9. A Modern Humidifier With A Clear Tank

If you want to match your modern decor, this ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is a sleek and stylish choice. It features a clear 5-liter tank so you can easily keep an eye on the water level, and you can control everything using the slim touch panel display or included remote control. There are three mist settings, a timer, sleep mode, and a humidistat, which you can set to your desired humidity level. There’s also an essential oil tray where you can add your favorite scent and an auto-shutoff that kicks in when the water runs low. But there are no LED light color options — the only light is from the display on the front.

  • Coverage: 215 to 430 square feet

According to a fan: “It's stylish, small, and ultra-quiet, but at high Settings, the airflow is quite dense (good).”