40 Super Easy Ways To Make Your Home SO Much Nicer

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Creating your dream home sounds exhausting, right? Think again. By shopping deals on Amazon, you can find tons of easy and affordable ways to make your home feel luxurious. Seriously: Check out these 40 super easy ways to make your home so much nicer.

On this list, you’ll find plenty of decor items to elevate your home, such as a plush area rug and metallic Morrocan wallpaper. These quick swaps take little effort but pack a punch when it comes to impacting your interiors. You don’t need to make huge renovations or knock down walls to make an impact on your home’s look.

I’ve rounded up 40 highly rated and reviewed products that’ll help you take your home from worn-out to wow without breaking a sweat.


Keep Your Entryway Clutter-Free With A Coat Rack

Keep your entryway free of clutter with this standing coat and hat hanger. It’s earned more than 8,000 positive ratings and the spot of Amazon’s “#1 Best Seller” in coat racks for its sturdy metal construction and elegant bronze coating. It’s easy to put together and features 12 hooks that can hold hats, handbags, coats, and dog leashes to avoid that inevitable pile by the door.


Add This Area Rug To Make Your Space Feel Complete

This cozy area rug is ideal for a kid’s bedroom, family living room, or playroom. It’s plush, thick, and fuzzy — and the soft, luxurious material comes in nine colors as well as four sizes. It has an anti-slip base that helps keep it in place (even on slippery floors). Plus, it can be vacuumed, spot-cleaned, hand-washed, or washed in the machine.


Disguise Clutter With This Stylish Storage Bench

This fabric storage ottoman is a prime example of how to store things without compromising style. It keeps things out of sight (without sending them to a black hole). This go-to piece makes a great home for everything from toys to towels, and it has a classic design with fastening buttons on top that fits right in with any home decor. Choose from six colors, as well as a faux leather option.


Leave Your Countertops Clear By Installing A Towel Bar

Keep your bathroom countertops clean and tidy with one simple fix: this adhesive towel bar. The satin nickel bar is modern and sleek, and it can be hung without any tools. It comes with four water-resistant strips that adhere to glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood, and painted surfaces while holding up to 3 pounds. Use it to hang hand or face towels.


Upgrade Appliances With This Stainless Steel Wallpaper

Say goodbye to appliances that are mismatched or show signs of significant wear. This removable contact paper looks like stainless steel and is easy to apply (and much cheaper than buying new appliances). It has a self-adhesive film that effortlessly sticks to surfaces and doesn't require a drop of glue. Simply measure, cut to size, and peel and stick to any smooth surface to transform the look of appliances or surfaces.


Swap Out Your Pillow Covers To Refresh A Space

Throw pillows can really pull a space together or make it look outdated. These throw pillow covers are a super elegant and easy way to breathe new life into old pillows. The set comes with two velvet covers that fit an 18-by-18-inch insert (which is not included). The hidden zipper makes it easy to swap the covers out whenever it’s time to toss them in the washing machine. Choose from 38 sumptuous colors and nine different sizes.


Add This Corner Shelf Wherever You Need Extra Storage

The unique corner shelf provides extra storage in your kitchen by maximizing otherwise unusable space. The bamboo unit has three tiers and is designed to slide into right-angle corners on your countertops or in your cabinets. Use it to store produce, spices, or other ingredients and utensils. One reviewer noted, “I really like this bamboo shelf. It fits perfectly in the corner where it holds the items I use every day but didn't want on my counter. It was very easy to assemble, it's sturdy and it looks nice making my counter less crowded.”


Provide Your Guest With Elegant, Marble-Looking Coasters For Drinks

A home’s design is really made in the details — like these marble pattern coasters. The elegant hexagonal coasters are made of ceramic and feature cork backs. Sure, they help prevent water rings and spills — but this set of six also looks expensive, and the high-end marble will elevate your coffee table or lounging space.


Update Your Bathroom Trash Can With A Small, Modern Option

You need a place to toss the trash in the bathroom — but in a tight space, you probably want to make it as discrete as possible. This small trash can has a small footprint and a modern aesthetic. The white steel bin and bamboo lid look sleek together like an accessory in your bathroom, rather than a place to throw trash. It has a step pedal, and removable liner, and comes in 3 or 5 liters.


Display Your Items On This Sleek Tray With Gold-Polished Handles

With this decorative rectangular serving tray, you can display candles, flowers, or maybe an essential oil diffuser. Use it by your door as a drop-zone for your keys, or put it on your coffee table to keep track of your remotes and coasters. You could even put it on your vanity countertop to keep your makeup and jewelry together. It has gold-polished handles that make it easy to move around, and the glossy finish looks expensive (but isn’t).


De-Clutter Your Office Space With This Rattan Desk Organizer

Update your home office with this stylish-yet-functional pen container. The rattan cylinder is warm and trendy (and an upgrade from the plastic cup your pens might currently be in). You can also use this as a vase, makeup brush organizer, or tea caddy. It’s versatile and affordable and will bring intentionality to any space.


Conceal Tangled Cords With A Cable Management Box

Technology cords can make a space feel cluttered, but this cable management box sits nicely under your desk and is an inexpensive solution to deal with the gaggle of cords in your home. The box can fit a standard six- to 12-outlet power strip. It has three access points: one on either of the short sides of the box, as well as one at the top. Plug everything into your power strip and shut the lid to conceal the mess. It even has a convenient flip door on the top so that you can access your cords when you need them without disassembling the box.


Replace Disposable Soap Bottles With These Glass Ones

You can instantly upgrade your bathroom by replacing your disposable soap dispensers with amber glass ones like these. This set of two features a matte black pump and dispenser that won’t rust over time — even if you add essential oils or use it to dispense lotion. Each pump is made of stainless steel to last you for years to come.


Freshen Up Your Fabrics With This Deodorizing Spray

You can eliminate any lingering, unwanted odors with this fabric spray that smells like clean linens. The fresh scent is made to spray on fabrics that you can’t easily wash (like couches, rugs, purses, and athletic shoes). Just a few spritzes will kick odors to the curb — even in clothing. You can skip washes and refresh your wardrobe with this spray to save time and money.


Store Clutter In Large Woven Baskets Around Your Home

This cotton rope basket continues to grow in popularity because it’s both stylish and practical. While you can use it as a laundry basket, it also makes a great place to store linens, kid’s toys, or spare blankets. It adds texture to the space while serving a functional purpose. This one has earned more than 2,000 reviews and is available in three colors and two sizes.


Lift Your Plants Off The Floor With A Sleek Stand

If you ask me, plants should be purposeful in a home and never be there to just create random clutter. Lift your plants off the ground with this stylish acacia plant stand. The mid-century modern design is classic and an easy way to upgrade your plant display. The stand expands to fit pots between 8 and 12 inches. It’s super versatile for any space in your home that needs a little life.


Illuminate Dark Spaces With These Adhesive LED Lights

Custom lights in your home aren’t cheap — but if you need some extra light, these battery-powered slim push lights will do the trick. They have a genius screw-mount, as well as an adhesive option, so you can stick them anywhere for a little extra light (for hundreds less than you’d spend with professionals). One reviewer noted, “This casts a soft under cabinet light on our dark winter days. I could have mounted three under the cabinet for a brighter, work light.”


Brighten Up Your Patio With These Futuristic Umbrella Light

Add some overhead lighting to your outdoor space with this cordless LED light. The battery-powered light puts off 200 lumens and has three brightness settings. It has a built-in auto adjustable strong clamp, as well as two hooks for hanging. Attach it to the inside of your patio umbrella to use at night or hang it from the top of a tent or pergola.


Apply Double-Sided Tape To Keep Your Rugs In Place

I swear by this budget-friendly carpet tape that keeps your rugs in place. This heavy-duty tape is double-sided and features a durable mesh to grip rough or smooth surfaces without damaging them. Use it on tile, vinyl, concrete, wood, and cement, without worrying about it leaving residue behind. Plus, it’s only $14.


Set Up A Charging Station To Keep Devices Organized

This charging station can hold up to six devices at one time while keeping cords organized. It has strong dividers that hold a variety of devices in place — even those with bulky covers. This modern design looks good on any countertop or side table and eliminates the clutter of seeing cords everywhere you look in your home, and it has an optional nightlight to make finding your devices in the middle of the night a lot easier.


Install A Floating Shelf By Your Door For Keys, Mail & More

Even if you don’t have a big, grand entryway, you can make the most of your space by adding this wall-mounted floating shelf. It’s ideal for the doorway because it features five hooks for keys, umbrellas, dog leashes, and purses, as well as a shelf for plants, clocks, mail, or mirrors. The white shelf is made of sturdy MDF wood and can hold up to 10 pounds. It’s easy to install and comes with all the hardware you need.


Fill Empty Walls With Gallery Frames To Add Personality

Filling empty walls can make a home feel more complete, and this set of floating shelves will make a big impact. It comes with three, cube-shaped floating shelves with ledges for your plants, photos, and other trinkets. The walnut finish is elegant — however, this set is available in six colors. The shelves are each a different size to create visual interest and give you flexibility when installing them in your home.


Add A Decorative, Yet Useful Lazy Susan To Your Kitchen

This bamboo lazy Susan is convenient, sturdy, and stylish, so you can leave it out on your counters without it messing up your home’s aesthetic. It has two tiers that each spin 360 degrees with ease, with three pegs that fit into pre-drilled holes to make assembly a breeze. Each tier has a rim to keep items from sliding off. It measures 10 inches in diameter and serves as the perfect spot for storing spices, produce, and more.


Install A Unique, Decorative Corner Bookshelf For Art & Plants

This unique wall-mounted corner shelf is the perfect place to display your favorite plants, family photos, or other decorative pieces to dress up your home. The five-tier unit easily mounts to the wall with the included hardware. It comes in seven finishes to match your space. One reviewer noted, “So I bought one shelving unit - took about 10 min to assemble and it was the perfect floating shelving unit. I turned around and bought another for the other corner. They updated the bathroom so much. Highly recommend for the hard-to-fit area.”


Repot Your Plants In These Glamorous Ceramic Planters

Give your plants the beautiful home they deserve with these handmade ceramic planter flowerpots. This set comes with two round planters, which measure 4.3 and 5.5 inches. The premium quality pots are healthy homes for your plant babies, and they look beautiful as decor. One reviewer noted, “Absolutely in love with these. Great modern decor. Nice colors and style!!”


Create A Place To Hang Towels With Wood Wall Hooks

Swap those command hooks you use to hang your purse with these wooden wall hooks that are just as affordable and chicer. The 100% beech wood hooks are decorative and practical, since they can hold up to 25 pounds. This pack comes with four hooks that are simple to install. Use them to hang your bath towels, plants, and dog leashes.


Apply Peel & Stick Wallpaper For An Accent Wall

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy DIY you can add to your home to make it feel custom. This metallic and cream Morroco-inspired wallpaper looks luxurious and adds dimension to any room. Create an accent wall with this removable paper that’s self-adhesive and won’t leave a residue. It can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well since it’s moisture and steam-resistant. Choose from five unique colors to add pizzazz to your space with ease.


Switch Your Pillowcases To These Silky Satin Ones

These satin pillowcases, which come with two in a pack, are so smooth and soft that you’ll feel like you’ve achieved royalty status simply by sleeping on them every night. It’s no wonder that they’ve earned more than 240,000 reviews and the title of Amazon’s “#1 Best Seller” in bed pillowcases. The low-maintenance polyester satin pillowcases are machine washable and have envelope closures. They come in four sizes and 21 shades, including rich tones of blue and burgundy and plenty of neutrals to match any decor.


Replace Outdated Hardware With Sleek, Modern Pulls

Upgrade any boring hardware in your home with these sleek, modern cabinet pulls that come in three colors: brushed brass, matte black, and satin nickel. These 5-inch cabinet pulls come in a pack of 30 so you can redo your entire kitchen for less than $35. The brass finish is versatile and high-end looking to make a bold statement on any cabinet.


Clip Your Spices To The Back Of Your Cabinet Door For More Organization

You can tidy up your spice cabinet with this simple fix: cabinet grip clips. Just stick them to the inside of your cabinet door or other flat surface and snap your spice jar into the clip. This set comes with six strips with five grips each to hold a grand total of 30 spices at once. These clips fit most spice jars. One of the 15,000 reviews noted, “Not only did I gain a drawer space, but I absolutely love it because it is so easy to see all my spices instead of digging around in the drawer.”


Organize Kitchen Tools By Hanging Them On This Rail

Hang your commonly used kitchen tools on this pot-and-pan wall rail to help avoid overcrowded drawers or cabinets. This 29-inch rail easily mounts to the wall and comes with 15 S-shaped hooks to hang measuring cups, whisks, pots, and pans. The thick powder-coated iron metal rail can hold up to 22 pounds and makes a functional and pretty display in your kitchen.


Update Your Bedroom Lighting With A Dimmable USB Lamp

This is more than just a table lamp for your bedside because it features two USB charging ports. You can charge your phone or any other devices nearby, as well as illuminate the room. The dimmable light has three brightness settings which are activated by simply touching the base of the lamp. Its slim design and modern wood accents make it an easy fix to make your bedroom look nicer.


Accessorize With Rustic Wall Sconces For A Cozy Vibe

These wall sconces add rustic charm to an otherwise empty and bland space. This two-pack features mason jars filled with fairy lights and raw-looking wood backings (along with twine hooks). The lights are battery-powered and give off a warm, ambient light. They are easy to mount on the wall — and since they come in a pair, you could hang them on either side of a bed, door, or entryway.


Refresh Your Bedding With These Smooth Bamboo Sheets

Even the world’s highest quality bed sheets will need to be replaced over time. Opt for this comfy and stylish pick that’s under $30. The four-piece set includes a fitted bedsheet, a top sheet, and two pillowcases. These sheets are made with rayon derived from bamboo and brushed microfiber that’s silky-soft, wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable. They shouldn’t fade over time and are even resistant to stains. Choose from 12 colors and five sizes.


Upgrade Your Closet With These Nonslip Velvet Hangers

Those plastic hangers in your closet have probably seen better days — and they’re taking up precious closet space. These thin nonslip hangers give you the look of a high-end closet system, and each one is covered in velvet to help keep your clothes in place. They each feature a tie bar for accessories and notches on both sides to help prevent spaghetti straps from sliding off. The hooks swivel 360 degrees around, and the hangers themselves come in eight colors.


Store Your Shoes In These Hanging Organizers

In my opinion, a better-organized closet is the secret to living a minimalist lifestyle. This pack of three 10-shelf hanging organizers gives you ample space to store your shoes so you can easily see what you have — making it more likely that you’ll actually wear them. This $25 organizer set features side zip pockets for even more storage and it conveniently hooks onto your closet rod.


Organize Your Home With These Foldable Storage Cubes

These soft storage cubes make staying organized a breeze. Each bin is collapsible, so you can lay them flat when they’re not in use. They come in 10 colors and each has handles on the side, making them easy to grab. These six organizers also have transparent slots where you can slip labels so that it’s easy to identify what’s in each box. Use them for storing extra linens, snacks in the pantry, bathroom essentials under your sink, and more.


Keep Your Plants Thriving In These Self-Watering Flower Pots

This self-water planter makes it easy to care for your plants, even if you don’t have the greenest thumb. The 6-inch pot features a large basin that holds excess water, which plants absorb directly from the soil via hollow legs. This bottom-up watering technique helps eliminate the risk of root rot. It also holds enough water to keep your plants hydrated for about two weeks, depending on the plant and time of year.


Give Your Space A Subtle Glow With This Himalayan Salt Lamp

This handcrafted Himalayan fire bowl set will add instant ambiance to your home. The salt lamp bowl features a wooden base where it’s wired to light up and can be dimmed. The bowl is full of salt chunks that reflect a warm amber glow when the light is on.


Cover Your Mattress To Help Make It Last Longer

Keep your mattress looking its best with a waterproof cover like this one. This best-selling mattress protector is made of cotton and can keep your mattress protected from spills, sweat, or accidents. It’s noiseless under your sheets and has deep pockets to fit mattresses up to 18-inches wide. This $30 option has earned more than 170,000 five-star ratings, too.