40 Surprising Ways You're Wasting Money At Home

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If your bills seem higher than usual, there’s a good chance you might be wasting money in unexpected ways. Putting up with drafty doors and using disposable plastic baggies might not seem like that big of a deal, but both can add unnecessary strain to your wallet. That’s why I’ve put together this list of surprising ways you’re wasting money around the house.

From cleaning out your clogged lint trap to labeling food in your fridge, there are at least a few tips here that can apply to every home. But if you want to start saving, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


Mistake: Losing Track Of What You Have In The Fridge

Solution: These Food Labels That Help Keep You Organized

Having food go bad in the back of your fridge is a giant waste of money, so why not grab these labels? You can use them to put dates on your ingredients so that you know exactly how old they are — and the adhesive backing easily sticks to glass, wood, metal, plastic, and more.


Mistake: Spending Money On Wasteful Plastic Wrap

Solution: These Stretchy Lids That Are Reusable

Whereas plastic wrap ends up in the trash after one use, these silicone lids are tough enough that you can wash and reuse them hundreds of times. They stretch to fit nearly any container, bowl, or even halved pieces of citrus. And unlike plastic wrap, they’re also safe to use in the microwave and freezer.


Mistake: Letting Open Pet Food Cans Spoil

Solution: These Lids That Let You Save Open Cans For Later

Don’t let that open can of pet food go to waste — just save it for later with these lids. Their universal design allows them to fit onto nearly any pet food can. And since they’re BPA-free, odorless, and nontoxic, you can rest assured that they won’t negatively affect your pet’s food.


Mistake: Wasting Money On Disposable Plastic Baggies

Solution: Opting For These Reusable Food Bags Instead

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on disposable plastic baggies, why not upgrade to these reusable ones? They’re made from tough silicone, with a pinch-lock seal at the top that makes them leakproof. And since they’re also heat- and cold-resistant, you can easily store them in the freezer if needed.


Mistake: Using Disposable Tissues To Remove Your Makeup

Solution: These Cotton Rounds That You Can Wash And Reuse

While it can be tempting to use single-use tissues when wiping away makeup, these cotton rounds are reusable — but that’s not the only great thing about them. They’re soft enough for sensitive skin, and the cotton fabric is also thick enough that you can use both sides before tossing them into the wash.


Mistake: Drying Clothes With Laundry Sheets

Solution: Tossing These Dryer Balls In With Your Wet Clothes

Not only are these dryer balls a cost-effective alternative to dryer sheets, but they can also help you save money on your utility bill. They create pockets of air between your clothes as they tumble, helping warm air circulate throughout so that your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard — and you can even reuse them for thousands of loads.


Mistake: Forgetting To Clean Out That Clogged Lint Trap

Solution: Using This Vacuum Attachment To Suck Out All That Lint

Speaking of overworked dryers, a clogged lint trap can make your dryer work way harder than it needs to — so grab this vacuum attachment. It reaches deep into your dryer’s lint trap to suck out any stray bits of fuzz that have escaped into the machine. Plus, the versatile design is made to work with most vacuums.


Mistake: Not Getting Every Last Drop Out Of Your Jars

Solution: These Miniature Spatulas That Help You Scrape Jars Clean

From peanut butter to body lotion, these miniature spatulas make it easy to get every last drop out of your containers. The flexible silicone heads contour to the walls of nearly any container so that you can scrape them clean, and the small size means that you shouldn’t have any problem fitting them through narrow bottle openings.


Mistake: Cleaning Up Spills With Wasteful Paper Towels

Solution: Using These Swedish Dishcloths To Clean Up Around The House

Consider upgrading to these Swedish dishcloths once you’ve gone through all your paper towels. They’re gritty when dry, yet soft when wet, making them great for scouring delicate cookware as well as wiping up spills. The best part? You can reuse each one up to 100 times.


Mistake: Letting Fresh Produce Spoil In Your Fridge

Solution: These Produce Saver Sheets That Help Keep Greens Fresh

Cilantro, lettuce, tomatoes — these produce-saver sheets are great for all sorts of fresh greens. They absorb excess moisture to help them last up to four times longer in your fridge, and each sheet lasts for about one month before you need to swap it out.


Mistake: Mopping Your Floors With Disposable Pads

Solution: These Reusable Pads That Work With Nearly Any Floor Mop

Designed to work with nearly any spray mop between 10 and 12 inches in size, these reusable pads can help you save so much money over time. They’re made from soft microfiber that traps dirt within its fibers, holding onto it until you’re ready to either toss them in the wash or shake them out over a trashcan. Each order comes with two.


Mistake: Brewing Coffee With Wasteful Plastic Pods

Solution: These Reusable Pods That You Can Fill With Your Own Grounds

Fill these reusable coffee pods with your favorite grounds — they’ll help you save so much money over time in comparison to the pre-filled plastic ones you’ve likely been using. Their fine-mesh filter helps keep grounds out of your mug, and they’re designed to work with a variety of Keurig coffee makers.


Mistake: Coating Your Bakeware With Nonstick Sprays

Solution: Lining Your Sheet Pans With These Baking Mats Instead

Place one of these baking mats on your cookie sheet, and its nonstick surface will make it easy to lift away your baked goods once they’ve finished cooking — no spray required. And if you’re worried about them melting at high temperatures? Not a problem, as they’re made from tough silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mistake: Letting Drafty Doors Run Up Your Utility Bill

Solution: Slipping This Draft Stopper Underneath Your Doors

Drafts underneath doors can lead to higher utility bills, making this draft stopper a smart investment. It slides underneath your door to fill up that open gap, insulating your home from the cold or hot air outside. The best part? You can cut the foam tubes on the inside as needed to fit smaller doors.


Mistake: Buying Pre-Made Popcorn Instead Of Making Your Own

Solution: Using This Collapsible Bowl To Pop Fresh Kernels

There’s no need to buy pre-made popcorn when you have this bowl. Simply add fresh kernels with a little oil, then send it through the microwave for a spin — no air popper required. The best part? It’s large enough to hold up to 15 cups worth of popcorn and even collapses down to a fraction of its size to help save space in storage.


Mistake: Using Disposable Lighters To Ignite Candles

Solution: This Rechargeable Lighter That’s Completely Windproof

Whereas a traditional flame lighter will eventually run out of butane, this rechargeable lighter only needs to be plugged into a USB port whenever it runs out of power. Instead of a flame, it produces an electrical plasma arc that can be used to light candles, grills, campfires, and more. And since it’s windproof, there’s no need to cup your hands around it in order for it to work.


Mistake: Buying Extra Batteries When You Already Have A Ton

Solution: Keeping Track Of Your Batteries With This Helpful Organizer

Not keeping track of what batteries you have can lead to wasting money buying extras, so why not grab this organizer? There’s space inside for AAAs, Ds, and every size in between. And since each order includes a tester, you can easily toss all those old batteries that have lost their charge.


Mistake: Turning Up The Air Conditioner When You’re Hot At Night

Solution: Snuggling Underneath This Cooling Blanket On Hot Nights

Hot sleepers may be tempted to crank the air conditioner at night — instead, give this cooling blanket a try. It’s made from breathable bamboo fiber that lets air circulate throughout, helping keep you cool when your body temperature rises high. And if you do happen to sweat, it’ll even help wick away moisture to keep you dry.


Mistake: Forgetting To Water Your Plants

Solution: Adding These Self-Watering Bulbs To Your Flower Pots

Always having to buy new plants because you forgot to water them? Not a problem when you have these bulbs. Simply fill them up with water, then press the stem into the soil. The water will gradually seep out over the course of two weeks, helping keep your plants hydrated without any extra work on your end.


Mistake: Letting Leaky Hoses Run Up Your Bills

Solution: Swapping Out The Sprayer Head With This Heavy-Duty Upgrade

A consistently leaky hose can run up your water bill within just a few days — luckily, this sprayer is designed to fit all standard garden hoses. It’s made from solid metal with a baked enamel finish, helping it withstand frequent use. You also have the choice of eight different adjustable spray patterns, including flat, center, cone, and more.


Mistake: Not Hanging Up Your Clothes To Air Dry

Solution: Using This Drying Rack To Cut Down On Your Electricity Bill

Letting your clothes air dry is an easy way to cut down on your utility bill, so why not grab this drying rack? It collapses down to just 3 inches in height for storage and features 24 linear feet of space to hang up your clothes. Plus, the steel frame is tough enough to handle heavy pairs of wet denim jeans.


Mistake: Leaving Sponges In The Bottom Of Your Sink

Solution: This Ceramic Cup That Helps Sponges Dry Quickly

Leaving sponges in the bottom of your sink can lead to mildew growth — instead, keep them stored inside of this ceramic cup. It lets air circulate throughout to help your sponges dry quickly, while the embossed exterior is a decorative addition to any sink top.


Mistake: Allowing Your Expensive Jewelry To Get Grimy

Solution: This Cleaning Solution That Gets Jewelry Sparkling Like New

This cleaning solution can make your jewelry sparkle like new. It’s 100% nontoxic as well as biodegradable and doesn’t rely on harsh ammonia in order to clean your precious stones and metals. Simply place your jewelry in the perforated dip tray, then let it sit for three minutes before giving it a brush and rinse.


Mistake: Not Using A Deflector To Direct Cool Air Where You Need It

Solution: Adding This Deflector To Your Air Vents

Rather than crank up your air conditioner or heater, try adding these deflectors to your vents. They direct air where you need it, eliminating the need to turn up your HVAC in order to cool your home — and the strong magnets on either end keep them held in place without any drilling or screws necessary.


Mistake: Letting Your Cat Scratch Up Your Furniture

Solution: These Shields That Help Protect Furniture Upholstery

If your cat likes to scratch your furniture, consider putting these shields on their favorite spots. They’re made from clear plastic that blends into the upholstery, giving them an ultra-subtle look so that they’re hardly noticeable. Plus, the adhesive backing makes for easy installation.


Mistake: Using Disposable Baking Cups Instead Of Reusable Ones

Solution: Using These Reusable Cups Made From Food-Grade Silicone

Not only are these baking cups reusable but they’re also made from food-grade and odor-resistant silicone that can handle high oven temperatures. And if you want to save your cupcakes for later? They’re also safe to store in the freezer. Choose from two colors: bright rainbow or soft pastels.


Mistake: Not Sealing Your Open Snack Bags Shut

Solution: Using This Sealer To Close Those Open Bags

Leaving your snack bags open is an easy way for everything to turn stale, making this bag sealer a smart buy. It’s designed to work with various different snack bags, from potato chips to dried fruit. There’s even a small slicer built into the side to help you open up your sealed bags when you’re ready to snack.


Mistake: Dumping Out Fresh Bacon Grease

Solution: Saving It For Later Inside Of This Container

Incorporating bacon grease into your cooking is a delicious way to add an extra layer of flavor, so why not grab this container? It’s made from tough stainless steel that can handle hot bacon grease — and there’s even a built-in strainer to help remove any burnt bits, leaving you with pure, fresh grease.


Mistake: Letting Your Razors Get Rusty

Solution: Keeping Your Blades High & Dry On These Hooks

Using a razor with rusty blades is never a good idea — that’s where these hooks come into play. They’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel that won’t corrode in humid bathrooms, and they feature an adhesive backing that makes for effortless installation. You can also use them to hold scrubbers, towels, and more, as each one is able to hold up to 2 pounds.


Mistake: Giving Your Pup Easy-To-Chew Toys

Solution: Letting Your Pup Chew On This Tough Ring Instead

If your dog quickly shreds the chew toys you give them, consider giving this chew ring a try. It’s made from tough nylon that can hold up against aggressive chewers, while the textured ring shape makes it easy for dogs to grab onto it. Plus, the ridges and nubs even help clean their teeth as they chew.


Mistake: Throwing Out Razors Instead Of Sharpening Them

Solution: This Razor Sharpener That Also Helps Clean Blades

While a typical razor only gives you about 10 shaves, this sharpener can help you get up to 150, making it a cost-effective addition to any bathroom. The best part? It also helps clean the blades by removing skin cell buildup.


Mistake: Letting Bare Chair Legs Scratch Your Floors

Solution: These Leg Covers With Soft Felt Bottoms

Replacing your hardwood floors is rarely ever a cheap endeavor, so why not cap your furniture legs with these protectors? The silicone material stretches to fit nearly any chair leg and has a lightly grippy texture that keeps them held in place — no screws or glue necessary. Choose from three colors: clear, brown, or black.


Mistake: Always Turning On Your Oven To Cook Meals

Solution: Turning On This Air Fryer Instead

Heating up your entire oven just for a quick snack is a waste of electricity — instead, turn on this air fryer. Not only does it use significantly less electricity, but eight cooking presets also make whipping up chicken, steak, cakes, and everything in between a total breeze. Plus, the nonstick basket won’t latch onto your meals as they cook.


Mistake: Leaving Your Devices On When You Aren’t Home

Solution: Plugging Your Devices Into These Smart Plugs

Can’t remember if you turned off that lamp? Not a problem when you have these smart plugs. They let you control your devices remotely, making it easy to save electricity if you’re always forgetting to turn devices off. And if you pair them with Alexa or Google Home, you can even control them using convenient voice commands.


Mistake: Not Sealing Your Open Wine Bottles Shut

Solution: Saving Them For Later With This Vacuum Pump

There’s no need to drink an open bottle of wine in one sitting, especially when you have this vacuum pump. Simply insert one of the included stoppers, then use the pump on top of it until you hear a clicking sound. The airtight seal will help keep that open bottle fresh for up to 10 days — and it works just as well on reds as it does whites.


Mistake: Losing Track Of What’s Inside Your Pantry

Solution: A Lazy Susan Turntable That Helps You See What’s Stored In The Back Of Your Shelves

Not knowing what’s inside your pantry is an easy way to wind up with spoiled products, so why not grab this turntable? A gentle spin is all it takes to bring items stashed in the back of your shelves to the front, making it easy to see what you’re working with. Plus, the tall lip around the edge helps keep items from sliding off.


Mistake: Purchasing A New Notebook Once Yours Is Filled Up

Solution: This Smart Notebook That Features Reusable Pages

Once you’ve filled up the pages inside of this smart notebook, you can use the free smartphone app to upload your handwritten notes to Slack, iCloud, Google Drive, and more. But if that isn’t enough? The pages wipe clean with the included microfiber cloth, allowing you to reuse it over and over again in order to save money.


Mistake: Letting Avocados Go Bad

Solution: Storing Them Inside Of This Airtight Cover

Brown avocados are nowhere near as appetizing as fresh green ones, so why not store yours with this cover? It creates an airtight seal to help keep your avocados from browning, while the customized shape even accounts for the large pit in the middle. Cleanup is also a total breeze since it’s safe to toss into the dishwasher.


Mistake: Leaving Your Fridge Door Open

Solution: An Alarm That Reminds You To Shut The Door

Leaving your fridge open is one of the easiest ways to wind up with a ton of spoiled food — but that’s where this alarm comes into play. It lets out a loud sound at the first- and second-minute mark. Once your door has been left open for three minutes, the alarm plays continuously in order to catch your attention. Choose from three colors: grey, black, or white.


Mistake: Misplacing Your Water Bottles

Solution: Using This Organizer To Keep Track Of Them

Always losing your water bottles? Not only is this organizer an easy way to keep track of them, but its stackable design also helps you save space inside your cabinets, fridge, or even on top of your counters. Choose from two sizes: six or 12 bottles.