46 Surprisingly Cheap Things That Make Your Home Seem So Much More Expensive

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While it’s nice to have expensive things, it’s not always nice looking at the receipts. This is especially true when it comes to shopping for your home, when you know you want to outfit every room in quality, good-looking products that’ll make you feel good while impressing your guests. Whether it’s a soft sheet set, a fancy coffee maker, or a chic mirror, you deserve the opportunity to make your home look expensive without having to drain your bank account.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to splurge all the time to get those decorative items you really want and still make your space look like a million bucks? Because the truth is that you don’t have to. There are plenty of products out there that will instantly upgrade your home, and you’ll be shocked at how inexpensive they can be.

Here on this list, you’ll find tons of Amazon products that you’re guaranteed to love — from throw pillows to cheese boards and even a rainfall shower head — all at astoundingly low prices. In fact, you’ll be so psyched about these cheap items that it’ll be hard not to add them all to your cart.


This Gold Silverware Set That’ll Have You Eating Like Royalty

This silverware set comes with not only 20 pieces of beautiful gold silverware, but also an organizer for your drawers. These are the perfect essentials to add to your kitchen, and they even look like decorative pieces when you set them on the table each night. The gold shouldn’t dull or rust overtime, and you can clean the flatware easily with a run through the dishwasher.


A Vintage-Looking Rug That Ties Together Any Room

It’s no secret that a rug can really tie a room together, and this gray and ivory one definitely understands the assignment. This 5-by-8-foot rectangular rug is stain-resistant and incredibly easy to clean, and its neutral color scheme allows it to seamlessly fit the aesthetic of any room. It’s rare you’ll find a rug this quality and chic at such a low price.


A Ridiculously Comfy Down Alternative Duvet

Give your bedroom an extra-cozy feel with this quilted duvet insert filled with down alternative. This insert is guaranteed to give your bed a total upgrade with its cloud-like comfiness that fits perfectly inside any duvet cover. Even better? The comforter is completely machine washable, just make sure to put it on the delicate cycle.


This Gorgeous Wall Trim That Guests Won’t Believe You Put On Yourself

You can make your home look like the inside of a palace with this faux crown molding that’s actually just peel-and-stick (meaning no difficult installation). This molding is the perfect way to upgrade any wall or mirror in your home, giving it an ornate look in four easy steps. Just measure and cut the length you need, peel the trim off of its backing, and stick it onto the surface you want to cover.


These Color-Changing Bulbs That You Can Control From Anywhere

Color-changing lightbulbs are cool enough on their own, but what about ones you can control with your phone or voice, like these? With 16 million different colors to choose from, these bulbs are the ultimate upgrade for any lightbulbs in your home. You can control them at your fingertips with the Lepro LampUX app on your phone, or connect them to your Alexa or Google Assistant for a hands-free control option.


These Beautiful Fake Plants That Actually Look Legit

If you love the look of plants in your home but can’t find the time to take care of them, you need these pretty fake plants that come in their very own pots. This pack of three, 8-inch tall plants comes with a faux boxwood, eucalyptus, and rosemary that will effortlessly spruce up any room — no maintenance required!


A Cheese Board That’ll Win You “Best Host” In Your Friend Group

Impress all of your dinner party guests with this charcuterie board that comfortably fits all of your favorite meats and cheeses. This 100% bamboo board is easy to clean and has compartments on each side to fit crackers, nuts, berries, or any other additions to your cheese board that won’t fit in the center part.


These Outlets That Come With Built-In Nightlights

If the outlets in your home are overrun by clunky nightlights without room to plug in the rest of your devices, you might want these light-up wall plates. Each in this pack of two requires no complicated installation; just snap them onto any outlet, and voilà — any hallway or room will emit a powerful glow as soon as it gets dark, without draining a ton of energy.


A Sleek Wine Decanter For Your Bar Cart

This wine decanter not only helps your favorite wines breathe better (and therefore taste even more delicious), but they also look incredibly elegant on the table at any dinner party. This decanter is made of crystal — and its unique shape allows for effortless pouring, making any wine-drinking occasion a breeze.


This Faux Brick Wallpaper To Give Your Home An Industrial Look

Wallpaper is an easy way to revamp any walls in your home once the paint job starts to look tired, and this realistic brick wallpaper is a great option. This roll is easier than regular wallpaper because you can peel and stick the paper to nearly any smooth surface — no sticky paste necessary.


A Faux Cashmere Blanket To Keep You Cozy

The perfect accent piece for your living space that will also keep you toasty during the chilly months? This faux cashmere blanket is truly a necessity, if you ask me. It’s so incredibly soft and warm that you’ll forget it’s 100% acrylic and not actual cashmere. The beautiful beige color of the blanket also makes it a perfect addition to any space, no matter its color scheme.


These Strip Lights That Transform Anything In Your Home

Change the vibe of any room with these LED strip lights that you can add to the back of your TV, on your bed frame, and more — they’ll work on basically any flat surface. These lights have 16 different color modes and can easily be made brighter or dimmer at the click of a button (they can also jump and fade for an even cooler effect). They couldn’t be easier to install, either — so you’ll probably be tempted to add them everywhere.


These Motion Sensor Lights For Your Bedroom

If you love alternatives to bulky nightlights, you’ll like these under-the-bed lights with motion sensors. These are essential if you make frequent trips to the bathroom (or to the kitchen for a midnight snack), because they’ll light you way in the dark. Just attach them to your bed frame with adhesive tape and you’re good to go.


These Pillowcases Lined With Smooth Satin

These satin pillowcases can be beneficial not only for a good night’s sleep, but also for your skin and your hair. More specifically, the satin will help keep your skin hydrated — and it can even reduce split ends in your hair. They’re available in 10 colors, too.


A Pour-Over Coffee Maker With A Stainless Steel Filter

You don’t have to be an expert barista to make a great cup of coffee anymore; you just need this coffee maker. This pour-over carafe coffee maker looks fancy, but is simple to use in just four easy steps. The stainless steel filter helps your coffee maintain its flavors, and the borosilicate glass structure keeps it sturdy.


This Alarm Clock That Doubles As A Mirror

It may be hard to imagine how an alarm clock can be used to help you do your makeup — but alas, this mirror surface clock can really do the trick. The 6-by-3- inch display can be used as both a digital clock, with numbers visible even if you’re 30 feet away. It has adjustable brightness levels so the light won’t bother you while you’re sleeping, and it even comes with two USB ports so you can use it to charge your devices.


A Sleek Step Trash Can That’s Available In Rose Gold

This stainless steel step trash can is ideal for plenty of reasons. First, it’s small and compact enough to fit in cramped bathrooms, kitchens, or offices. Second, its sleek design can look good in any room and is completely fingerprint-resistant. And finally, all you need to do to empty the trash is take out the removable bucket and toss everything in your garbage bag. It’s even available in shades like rose gold, chrome, and black.


A Shower Head That Feels Like A Rainstorm

Give “treat yourself” a whole new meaning with this rainfall shower head. This product will transform your daily shower into a luxurious spa retreat with its three spray modes as well as easily-regulated water pressure. It also comes with a handheld shower head and four hooks that you can easily stick onto your shower walls to hold loofahs, scrubbers, or cloths.


A Gold Mirror Tray To Display All Of Your Favorite Beauty Products

Make your dresser or vanity look chic with this tray that conveniently holds all of your beauty essentials. This tray is the perfect size to fit all of your products, all while not taking up too much space on the counter or other surface. Not to mention, its gold structure and mirrored base makes it a beautiful addition to any getting-ready space.


This Peel-&-Stick Backsplash That’ll Refresh Any Room

Love the look of subway tile but don’t like the price and difficult installation? You might want to add this peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash to your cart. Peel off this backsplash’s backing and stick it onto any wall for an instant upgrade to your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. This comes with 10 sheets of backsplash that are easy to clean and won’t yellow over time.


These Blackout Curtains That’ll Help Dim The Room

These insulated blackout curtains will not only dim the room (and possibly benefit your sleeping schedule), but your energy bill, too. Coming in 36 different colors and various different sizes, these curtains will block out 85% to 99% of light from the outside, allowing you to get a full night’s rest without the sunrise waking you up too soon.


These Crystal Curtain Rods That Add A Lavish Touch

Sometimes, even the smallest things need some spicing up — which is why I love these elegant curtain rods. They’re extendable from 3 feet to 6 feet and can hold up to 30 pounds (meaning they can sustain even heavier curtains). Many reviewers wrote that they’re “great quality,” too.


A Chic, Circular Wall Mirror With A Golden Metal Lining

If you ask me, any room could benefit from a chic new mirror like this one. This beautiful gold circular mirror is incredibly lightweight despite its diameter, and it only needs a nail to hang up. You can put this simple-yet-classic mirror in any room, and you’ll love how it instantly transforms the space.


A Kitchen Faucet Head With Adjustable Water Pressure

You’ll love how this $11 kitchen faucet head works to satisfy your cleaning needs and save you money on your water bill. This faucet head comes with three different spraying modes, and it can be rotated so it can spray any way you want it to. It can also be attached to most faucets and is easy to install in just a few steps.


An Hands-Free Soap Dispenser That You’ll Want For Every Bathroom

This automatic soap dispenser helps prevent soap-filled countertops and the need to use your hands to pump out the suds, because it dispenses soap when your hand is detected. It can hold up to 17 ounces of soap and can be adjusted to your preferred soap volume, and it even looks good on your countertop with its sleek design.


A Shower Dispenser That Keeps Your Products In One Place

A product that’ll declutter your shower space and make your shower routine seamless? This shower product dispenser really is a must. This wall dispenser comes with three containers that you can fill with shampoo, conditioner, face, or body wash — anything you need to complete your shower routine. Just push the button and the perfect amount of product will come right out.


A Toothbrush Holder That Keeps Your Counters Clutter-Free

This mounted toothbrush holder can accommodate four toothbrushes, two cups, and numerous smaller products on top and inside the little drawer. It even comes with a toothpaste dispenser that helps you get every last drop, and it’s available in three different colors.


This Marble Paper You Can Stick Onto Nearly Any Surface

If you’re looking for more easy ways to refresh a space, try this marble contact paper. This paper looks like real marble, making it the perfect way to bougie-up your home without paying the high price of the real thing. It’s easy to apply, too: Just attach it to any smooth, dry surface (like a countertop or shelf), and you’ll be amazed at how sophisticated it makes everything look.


This Ultra-Plush Memory Foam Bath Rug

If you ask me, you need this memory foam bath mat to replace the one currently in your bathroom ASAP. It’s plush, absorbent (which means no puddles on your bathroom floor), and should last long due to its durable nonslip design — even after trips through the washing machine. You’ll look forward to the end of your shower for the first time ever with this luxe bath mat waiting for you when you’re done.


A Wireless Doorbell That Lets You Customize The Chime

This wireless doorbell is the perfect way to modernize your home. It doesn’t require wiring in your house like regular doorbells; it simply uses an FM signal in order to pair with your home and let you know of any visitors. You can also change the chime of this doorbell to any of 58 song choices, alter the volume, and even put it in mute mode if you don’t want to disturb others in your house.


These Cute Bowls To Throw All Of Your Trinkets In

These geometric bowls are so versatile, you can put them anywhere in your home. Use them as planters on your shelves, sticky note holders in your office, or as cotton swab holders in your bathroom. They’ll look stylish in any space and easily store any items on the smaller side that are cluttering up your desk or drawers.


This 3-Pack Of Rustic Floating Shelves

In my opinion, shelves are a great addition to any room for both utility and style reasons — and these rustic floating shelves help give your space the chic vibe you’ve always dreamed of. This set comes with three different-sized wood shelves that can hold up to 40 pounds and are sure to give any room in your home an instant upgrade.


These Velvet Throw Pillow Covers That Are Soft & Decorative

These gorgeous throw pillow covers are not only chic, but cozy too. Coming in 37 fun colors and suitable for throw pillows of many sizes (there are eight available currently), these pillow covers are the perfect way to spice up your living space in just one quick step. They’re also machine washable, so you’ll never have to stress about keeping them clean.


A Milk Frother That’ll Make You Feel Like A Barista

You can easily take your morning brew to the next level with this handy milk frother. The frother comes in different fun colors — and it’s perfect for latte, cappuccino, and matcha lovers as it makes delicious, rich froth in just a few seconds. It even comes with a metal stand so your frother is easily accessible when it’s time to make your morning brew.


The Soothing Himalayan Salt Lamp That’s Shaped Like A Rose

This authentic Himalayan salt lamp provides a subtle glow that’s ideal for making any room feel cozy and relaxing, and it’s even shaped like a rose. You can also make it brighter or dimmer in order to create your perfect ambience in any room.


This Portable Sound Bar That’s Great For Movie Nights

You’ll wonder how you went your whole life without this Bluetooth sound bar after you realize how much better your movies or music are with it. This sound bar can be brought with you anywhere and uses Bluetooth to connect to any of your devices to amplify whatever you want to listen to. It even comes with a remote to control everything from volume to song choice.


These Salt & Pepper Grinders With Tons Of Cool Features

You won’t have to use regular old salt and pepper shakers again after purchasing these electric grinders. They don’t only dispense salt and pepper, but they can also grind even the coarsest of spices (like peppercorns). They also have adjustable coarseness features, come with blue LED lights so you can see how much seasoning is on your food, and work at the click of a button.


This Super Soft Towel Set That Reviewers Love

This soft cotton towel set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, all of which are plush and great at absorbing moisture. They even come in 16 fabulous colors, so you can match them to any bathroom aesthetic.


A Lamp That Can Charge Your Devices Via USB

This lamp is equipped with three charging ports and two outlets. It’s stylish and functional, making it the perfect decor piece for any bedroom or office where you keep your electronics. Many reviewers love it, too — and it currently has over 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


These Cooling Sheets That Wick Away Moisture

If you often get warm at night, you’ll love this bamboo rayon sheet set. This six-piece set comes with a fitted and flat sheet as well as four pillowcases, all of which help wick moisture while you snooze. They’re also soft, wrinkle-free, and shouldn’t pill even after going through the washing machine.


These Simple Frames That Display All Of Your Precious Memories

These frames are the perfect decor items for any room in your home, especially with all of the different ways you can use them. This pack of six comes with different-sized frames that you can hang or prop horizontally or vertically, so you can display your family pictures and favorite artwork any way you like.


A Soothing Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser features a 300-milliliter water tank and the ability to change colors (there’s seven to choose from). You can also adjust its brightness and set it on different timers so it can shut off automatically when you want it to.


These Mirror Lights That’ll Make You Feel Seriously Glam

These glamorous vanity mirror lights are easy to attach onto your mirror with the adhesive backs, and they’re super bright to help ensure you’re doing your makeup or hair in the absolute best lighting possible. Not to mention, you’ll feel like a Hollywood star getting ready the second you turn them on.


These Stylish Velvet Ottomans That Double As Storage

This velvet ottoman has hidden storage, making it decorative and functional. It’s the perfect piece for any room in your home, especially in small spaces where storage and seating options may be limited. It’s soft and comfortable to sit on, and it comes in grey and pink so you can switch up the styles depending on the room it’s in.


These Flameless Candles That Look So Realistic

These flameless candles have a flickering effect that looks so real guests won’t know the difference — but they’re completely fake and controlled by a remote. You can even make them dimmer or brighter and set them on a timer so that they’ll shut off whenever you want them to.


These Stainless Steel Canisters That Help Your Food Last Longer

Your pantry will thank you once you start using these stainless steel storage containers to keep it organized. This set comes with four different-sized canisters to store all of the dry foods in your pantry — such as pasta, beans, or rice — keeping unwanted moisture out and helping everything last longer. They’re even stylish enough to keep on your countertops, too.