40 Tedious Things You Do Around Your House That Could Be So Much Easier

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I always get to the weekend and realize I need to do laundry, clean the fridge, plan out meals, water all of my plant babies, and yeah, it gets exhausting. Those weekly chores really pile up throughout the week, and soon they take up an entire day (if not more). But chores don’t have to be, well, a chore. That’s why I’ve filled this list with solutions that make all of those tedious tasks so much easier, quicker, and sometimes a little more fun.

Making arduous tasks easier starts with spacing them out throughout the week, so you aren’t stuck with all of them on a Sunday. I found a magnetic chore calendar that helps you stay organized and spread tasks out across different household members.

Once you have your schedule settled, this list is full of helpful things to make each task easier. There are dishwasher cleaning tablets, a rollable dish drying rack, a gadget that helps you make your bed, and even handles that help you carry a bunch of grocery bags at once.

We’re all probably making our weekly chores way harder than they should be. I’m sorry to say this list won’t make them totally disappear. But the good thing is: the things on this list will make our chores so much easier.

Tedious Task: Folding Laundry

Solution: Getting A Perfect Fold With The Help Of This Board

Not only will this portable folding board makes laundry faster, but it will also make your closet a little tidier. The durable plastic design helps you fold everything in your closet perfectly — even pajamas, pants, and dresses — in just three movements. This laundry helper is easy to store too, just fold it up and hang it in your closet when you’re all done.

Tedious Task: Chopping Vegetables

Solution: Dicing Everything At Once With This Best-Selling Veggie Chopper

Dinner prep and cleanup are way easier with this strong stainless steel vegetable chopper that’s top-shelf dishwasher-safe. You’ll chop all of your ingredients faster with the four interchangeable blades, which can dice veggies or trim them into trendy spiralized cuts. Plus, the attached container holds four cups of vegetables, which makes measuring a breeze.

Tedious Task: Unclogging A Drain

Solution: Installing A Fan-Favorite Drain Protector That Prevents Clogs

There’s nothing worse than trying to get hair out of your shower drain — except calling a plumber. This drain protector stops major clogs before they happen and makes getting that hair out of your drain process pretty painless. Simply pull it out whenever you’re cleaning your tub, and wipe away any hair or gunk it catches. It fits inside any standard bathtub drain, which is why it has over 71,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Tedious Task: Making Breakfast Every Morning

Solution: Cooking Up To A Dozen Eggs At Once With This Genius Gadget

Prep up to 12 eggs in advance for your daily avocado toast with this double-decker egg cooker. It comes with a measuring cup and makes preparing soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled eggs easy and foolproof. There’s even a poaching and an omelet option if you want to switch up your daily meals. Whatever your go-to egg recipe is, this gadget will save you from scrubbing a pot or pan. That’s because the trays, lid, and measuring cup are easy to throw in the dishwasher after breakfast.

Tedious Task: Dusting Every Single Surface

Solution: Slipping These Duster Slippers On Your Shoes, Hands & Mop

You can pop these duster slippers onto your shoes, hands, or even the end of your mop to make cleaning fun and efficient. This set of five fits most feet and mopes, and the elastic band keeps them secure while you dust. When you’re done dusting, these colorful microfiber slippers are machine-washable.

Tedious Task: Organizing Your Fridge

Solution: Sorting Groceries In These Stackable Fridge Bins

Putting away your groceries doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal if your fridge is already organized with these BPA-free plastic bins. They’re stackable and even shatterproof in case you drop one while looking for an ingredient. You get six transparent, sturdy bins of various shapes and sizes, including an egg holder and an organizer that’s designed specifically for your favorite canned beverages.

Tedious Task: Cleaning The Toilet

Solution: Installing A Self-Cleaning Toilet Attachment With Built-In Bleach

This toilet cleaning system hides away in your toilet tank, but works hard to keep your toilet clean by releasing bleach and a cleaner with every single flush. Installing it on your toilet’s tank wakes just a minute or two, and after that you’ll enjoy a clean and deodorized toilet bowl without needing to pull out your toilet brush or using tablets that harm your plumbing system.

Tedious Task: Peeling Garlic Cloves

Solution: Using These No-Touch Garlic Peeling Tubes

These silicone garlic peeling tubes save you a ton of time during dinner prep. Even if your recipe requires a lot of garlic, these easy-to-clean peelers are up to the task and can peel multiple cloves at once. Bonus perk: these no-touch peelers mean your hands won’t get sticky or smell like garlic. They also have a small cutout if you want to hang them in an easy-to-grab spot.

Tedious Task: Drying Your Laundry

Solution: Tossing In These Reusable Dryer Balls That Speed Up Dry Time

Laundry day can take forever, especially if you’re drying towels or sheets. This pack of plastic dryer balls helps your clothes — and linens — dry faster so you can wash, fold, and get on with your day. You can also stop spending money on dryer sheets because these endlessly reusable quick-drying laundry helpers prevent wrinkles and fluff your towels just as well, if not better, than the alternative thanks to their little spikes. They’ll even replace your go-to fabric softener and create less static in your clothes.

Tedious Task: Hand Washing Dishes

Solution: Scrubbing Them With A Dish Brush That Dispenses Soap For You

Get through your dishes quicker with this soap dispensing dish brush. The refillable soap holder means you don’t have to stop washing to grab more soap. Simply press the button to release more soap whenever you’re running out of suds. Thanks to the drip-free design, soap won’t leak on your countertop when you’re not using it,

Tedious Task: Organizing Mail, Bills & Paperwork

Solution: Keeping Papers In A Tiered Wire Organizer With Plenty Of Slots

Sort your mail or other important files and keep them organized with the help of this wire organizer. This organizer has two tiers for papers or magazines and a top section to sort mail, bills, invitations, and other important documents. There are even two metal mesh slots on the side for pens, stamps, or your mailbox key.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Your Dishwasher

Solution: Using These Zero-Effort Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets

You can clean your dishwasher and dishes simultaneously with these dishwasher cleaning tablets in an empty or loaded dishwasher. Simply, drop one of the tablets in the bottom of your dishwasher, put detergent in its compartment, and run it like normal. If you need a more thorough clean, add a tablet to the detergent tray and run it without dishes. Either way, these tablets will clean every part of your dishwasher and get rid of odors, mineral build-up, and limescale with no effort on your end.

Tedious Task: Dusting Fans Or Ceiling Corners

Solution: Cleaning With A Ceiling Fan Duster With An Extra-Long Handle

The days of precariously balancing on your couch to reach your ceiling fan are over thanks to this ceiling fan duster. It has an extra-long handle that extends from 27 to 47 inches, so you can safely stand on the floor to dust. This duster is built to clean both sides of your fan blades at once because of the clever oval design, but this can also be extremely helpful for tall ceiling corners. Oh, and no need to worry about dirt raining down on you — the fluffy design effectively locks in the dust.

Tedious Task: Opening Cans

Solution: Using A Highly-Rated Electric Can Opener That Fits In The Drawer

With an astonishing 4.8-star rating on Amazon, this compact electric can opener doesn’t need any help from you to open cans while you’re busy cooking. Pop it on top of the can, push the button, and this battery-operated opener will get started. You don’t even have to hold onto it while it works because it sticks to the can with a magnet. When it’s done, the magnet holds onto the loose lid, and your can won’t have any sharp edges.

Tedious Task: Getting Chores Done

Solution: Getting Your House Organized With A Reusable, Magnetic Chart

Get your chores done more efficiently throughout the week with this magnetic chore chart. It comes with a magnetic eraser and six magnetic dry erase markers so you could even go above and beyond and color-code your chores or the person in charge of doing them. Just be sure to check them off throughout the week, so you’re not left with a bunch of cleaning to do on Saturday.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Up Spills

Solution: Wiping Up With These Reusable, Super Absorbent Dishcloths

These Swedish dishcloths are made of absorbent cellulose and cotton that soaks up all types of spills from glass, wood, marble, tile, stainless steel, and other surfaces. A more eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, these cloths dry quickly, so they’re always ready for the next spill. When you’re done with them, toss them in the washing machine so you can make them clean all over again.

Tedious Task: Making The Bed

Solution: Getting Tight Corners With A Clever Sheet Tucker

It’s tempting to messily pull your duvet cover up and call it a day, but this bed sheet tucker is a game-changer. It helps you quickly make your bed with perfectly tucked sheets and crisp corners. This specially designed plastic tool helps you tuck your sheets without even lifting your mattress. It works on plenty of bed frames, including platform beds.

Tedious Task: Scrubbing Away Stains

Solution: Wiping Tough Grime With The Cleaning Pads That Only Need Water

Use these magical cleaning pads to quickly clean up messes instead of endlessly scrubbing with a regular sponge. OK, there’s no real magic in these sponges, they’re just made of dense melamine foam that can wipe away even the grodiest grime without a surface cleaner. Simply wet the cleaning pad and wipe away messes.

Tedious Task: Organizing Your Pantry

Solution: Keeping Ingredients In A Set Of Airtight Containers With Labels

This set of BPA-free airtight food storage containers comes with everything you need for quick pantry organization. You’ll get labels, a labeling marker, and universal lids that allow you to stack these bins right on top of each other. The lids also have a locking lever to keep your favorite snack sealed, so you can ensure your food stays fresh.

Tedious Task: Sweeping Up Tiny Crumbs

Solution: Cleaning With A Best-Seling Broom & Dust Pan That Traps Dirt

You know that tiny line of crumbs that never makes it into the dustpan? This broom and dustpan set has a rubber strip that traps tiny crumbs and stops them from sliding underneath. There’s even an attached broom comb to make sure every last crumb makes it into the extra-large dustpan. It also locks in place when you’re ready to empty, saving you from having to clean all over again. Plus, this genius sweeping duo clips together when you’re done.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Your Fridge

Solution: Lining Your Shelves With A 9-Pack of Wipeable Liners

These cushioned refrigerator liners are easy to pull out and wipe down anytime there’s a spill, and the unique bubble texture helps prevents spills from spreading. Plus, these 100% food-safe (of course) and non-slip liners will protect your fridge from scratches, condensation, and food spills. And there’s no need to measure your fridge before buying, because you can just cut these liners to size.

Tedious Task: Drying Your Dishes

Solution: Using An Over-The-Sink Dish Rack That Rolls Up For Storage

When it’s time to dry your dishes, this over-the-sink dish rack is the easiest thing to reach for. You don’t need to set it up like countertop options: Simply roll it out and place up to 70 pounds of dishes on the rust-resistant stainless steel bars. The non-slip grips keep it secure on your sink as your dishes drip directly into the vessel. Plus, this rack can double as a trivet because it’s heat-resistant up to 400 degrees.

Tedious Task: Carrying In Groceries One Bag At A Time

Solution: Using Some Grocery Bag Handles That Can Hold Up To 80 Pounds

Each of these grocery bag handles hold up to 80 pounds, which means you can more easily carry all of your grocery bags at once without dropping any. Each handle has two hooks to stack as many bags as you can fit, but these bag carriers have a soft handle that won’t dig into your skin the way plastic grocery bags do.

Tedious Task: Making Dinner & Sides Separately

Solution: Cooking Food With A Steamer That Has Stackable Baskets

This two-tier steamer with an automatic turn-off feature is especially handy for quick after-work dinners. It only takes 30 seconds to get started, so it’s ready to steam fish, dumplings, or veggies quickly. The separate and stackable steaming baskets let you cook your protein of choice and sides all at once. And after dinner, the baskets and the lid are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleanup a breeze.

Tedious Task: Getting Stains Out Of Your Laundry

Solution: Spritzing Stains With This Unscented, Natural Stain Remover

This natural stain remover will get stains out of your laundry and fabrics around your home, and it was built for kids’ stains, so you know it’ll work on everything. The non-toxic, unscented formula works on all types of stains, even oil, blood, and food. It works instantly with a few spritzes and a little blotting.

Tedious Task: Scrubbing Away Spills In Your Oven

Solution: Putting An Oven Liner In That You Can Just Wipe Clean

Anytime a cake pan overflows or cheese melts off frozen pizza, this non-stick oven liner will catch it and prevent hard-to-remove burned bits from making your oven a smelly mess. Instead of scrubbing your oven, just pull out the liner and wipe it clean or put it in the dishwasher. You can trim this liner to fit your oven’s exact dimensions, and it’s totally safe for oven temperatures up to 500 degrees. If you have liner leftover or are in need of other oven-safe products, this liner doubles as a baking or grill mat.

Tedious Task: Remembering To Water All Of Your Plants

Solution: Putting Your Plants In A Self Watering Pot That Aerates The Soil

This BPA-free plastic self-watering planter is for those of us who love our plant babies but hate watering day. The removable tray is the perfect bottom-watering solution — just pour water in the reservoir using the handy removable watering attachment. The hollow legs of this planter will handle the rest for up to two weeks. Plus, it has an elevated and ventilated design that gives the soil plenty of airflow, so no worries about root rot.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Your Microwave

Solution: Using A Hilarious Microwave Cleaner That Uses Steam To Tackle Mess

This adorable non-toxic microwave cleaner makes cleaning up food stains and splatters easier. Simply fill it up with water and vinegar before you pop it in your microwave for five to eight minutes. It loosens leftover food spills, so won’t have to spend time scrubbing. You can also add in lemon juice instead of vinegar. You’ll still get the same cleaning benefits, and it will leave a fresh lemon scent.

Tedious Task: Sorting Your Laundry

Solution: Putting Dirty Clothes In A Laundry Hamper With 4 Compartments

Sort your laundry as it gets dirty with this rust-resistant rolling laundry cart. There are four compartments for lights, darks, towels, and all of those clothes with very specific washing instructions. Each compartment is an individual, durable, and waterproof lining laundry basket that’s completely removable and easy to carry with the included handles. If you want to do all your laundry at once, this cart can be rolled from the bedroom to the laundry room, and the wheels lock to keep it in place when needed.

Tedious Task: Planning Your Menu & Grocery Shopping

Solution: Using A Magnetic Menu Planner With A Removable Grocery List

This meal planning pad can hang right on your fridge, so you’ll never forget what you planned to have for dinner that night. It also has a handy grocery list section on the side so you can add ingredients as you plan out your weekly meals or use the last bit of oat milk. The best part is: the grocery list section is perforated, so you can pull it off and take it on your grocery run.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Your Shower

Solution: Reaching Every Corner Easily With An Extendable Tile Scrubber

This extendable tile scrubber will get your tiles cleaner than they’ve ever been because you can actually reach all of them without you balancing on the edge of the tub. Yep, this thing can extend from 26 to 42 inches. The triangular, pivoting scrubber head is built to deep clean every tile and all of the grout, including the corners.

Tedious Task: Finding The Cooking Utensil You Need

Solution: Keeping Silverware & Tools In An Extendable Drawer Organizer

This expandable bamboo drawer organizer is designed for your cooking utensils and can have seven to nine slots, depending on how large your drawer is. There are long, deep compartments to fit tongs, spatulas, your go-to wooden spoon as well as smaller slots for cutlery and smaller utensils, like measuring spoons. This organizer is totally water-resistant and complete with non-slip feet, so it won’t slide when you open your drawer.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Up Tables & Desks

Solution: A Tiny Vacuum With A 360 Degree Design

This tiny vacuum cleaner has a 360-degree design so you can slide it all over your dinner table, coffee table, or desk in any direction to vacuum up messes. While you’re tidying, you can even use this 3 1/4-inch vacuum to clean your computer, keyboard, or to clean small spaces in your car, and it’s small enough to easily keep nearby at all times. Unlike other tabletop vacuums, this one is charged by USB and will run for over six hours on one charge.

Tedious Task: Shredding Cheese & Vegetables

Solution: Prepping Ingredients With This Easy-To-Use Crank Grater

Get through your dishes quicker with this soap dispensing dish brush. The refillable soap holder means you don’t have to stop washing to grab more soap. Simply press the button to release more soap whenever you’re running out of suds. Thanks to the drip-free design, soap won’t leak on your countertop when you’re not using it.

Tedious Task: Unloading Your Groceries

Solution: Putting Everything In These Extra-Large, Structured Grocery Bags

If you’ve ever experienced a broken plastic grocery bag, you’ll know why these reusable grocery bags are genius. They’re extra-large, and you can fit five normal grocery bag’s worth of items in each one. You’ll also never have to worry about a broken bag again because they have reinforced bottoms that hold up to 65 pounds. Plus, their structured design stays open while you unpack, making putting away groceries slightly less annoying.

Tedious Task: Using Pots & Pans To Press Tofu

Solution: Using This Dishwasher-Safe Tofu Press With A Drainer

This dishwasher-safe tofu press is just large enough for a block of tofu (or paneer), so it won’t take up a bunch of extra space in your cabinet. Instead of awkwardly balancing your cast iron skillet on top of paper towel-wrapped tofu, add your tofu to this device, choose from two pressure settings, and it will only take 15 minutes to fully press. There’s even a built-in drainage tray in the bottom to collect all of the liquid, saving you from another mess

Tedious Task: Packing Lunches

Solution: Prepping Meals In A 21-Pack Of Reusable Sectioned Containers

You’ll always have what you need to quickly pack lunch with this bulk pack of dishwasher-safe meal prep containers. They’re complete with three compartments, so you won’t need to carry around separate containers in your bag. Each one is BPA-free, microwave-safe, and comes with a leak-resistant lid. If you’re really on top of meal planning, you can stick your prepped containers in the freezer.

Tedious Task: Putting Away & Storing Toys

Solution: Keeping Plushes In A Holder That Doubles As A Beanbag Chair

Toy pickup time can even be a fun thing to do with your kids with this storage bean bag. This soft, durable cotton storage solution is perfect for putting away plush toys because it zips up and doubles as a comfy bean bag chair. It’s also a great spot for extra clothes or blankets. This machine-washable storage bag is complete with a handle to pull it around with you while you tidy up.

Tedious Task: Cleaning Your Glass Stovetop

Solution: Covering It With A Stove Cover That Gives You Extra Counter Space

If you’re tired of dusting your glass stovetop, protect it with this waterproof rubber stovetop cover when you’re not cooking. It’s non-slip and dishwasher-safe for whenever it’s dusty (or you spill something). Plus, it lets you use your stovetop as extra counter space for prepping dinner. When you’re ready to cook, this cover has two loops on the top and comes with hooks, so you can hang it.

Tedious Task: Peeling Potatoes By Hand

Solution: Using An Electric Potato Peeler That Gets Skin Off In 10 Seconds

This electric potato peeler actually works on any fruit and vegetable that fits including eggplant, apples, carrots, and more. The adjustable holder lowers or raises to keep your produce secure. It gets all of the skin off in one smooth movement and does so in about 10 seconds, which is much, much faster and easier than peeling anything by hand.