The 10 Most Comfortable Pillows For Every Sleeping Position

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If you're less than comfortable when you lay your head down every night, your pillow might be getting in the way of quality sleep. A great pillow really can make a huge difference — but choosing one of the most comfortable pillows is a balance of personal preference and learning what works.

If it's been awhile since you've perused the pillow aisle, there are way more options now than ever before. Luckily, most are specially designed for your sleeping position or the material you prefer. If you're a side sleeper, for example, you'll want to choose a pillow that fully supports the gap between your neck and the bed. A medium firm pillow with memory or shredded foam tends to be your best bet. If you tend to overheat, look for a bamboo or a gel pillow that can breathe and will stay cool even during hot nights.

For back sleepers, you also need to think about head and neck alignment. The pillow shouldn't push your chin forward or let your head fall back. A contoured design gives your neck extra support since the pillows shape mimics the curve of your spine.

Stomach sleepers: We didn't forget about you. Often, tummy sleepers don't want an overstuffed marshmallow of a pillow — in fact, it's best to find a super flat or adjustable cushion. That way, you get a bit of extra padding without throwing your neck completely out of whack.

No matter which way you sleep, check these out and you'll definitely find the most comfortable pillow of your dreams.


The Best-Selling Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

More than 30,000 people on Amazon have added this pillow to their nighttime routine. The shredded memory foam filling gently conforms to your body while keeping your neck supported — and you can even add or remove stuffing to get to your desired firmness. Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, this pillow will keep you breathing easy.

Editor's note: I am obsessed with this pillow. I've bought it multiple times and recommended it to everyone I know. It's supportive and soft, super customizable, and won't overheat thanks to the shredded memory foam and bamboo pillowcase. Buy it. Seriously.

According to one reviewer: "Love this pillow. I’m a side sleeper and find that this pillow puts my head/ neck in the correct position. You can easily remove some of the fill if you need a thinner pillow plus extra fill is included if you need more. It’s like the pillow was made for me!"

  • Available in sizes: Queen and King


The Most Affordable Down-Alternative Pillows

These pillows are overstuffed with 28 ounces of microfiber filling, making them soft and easy to fluff. Just as soft as down, but mite-resistant and hypoallergenic. Good for all sleeping positions and made in the USA, these pillows are even safe to throw in the wash. These are also some of the most affordable pillows you can find, just $25 for a pack of two.

According to one reviewer: "It was time to replace our pillows and these are a great replacement! Last night was the best nights sleep either of us have had in a coon's age."

  • Available in sizes: Standard


The Best For Neck Pain & Back Sleepers

This contoured memory foam pillow is designed to keep your head and neck properly aligned, which can help with any neck pain or headaches you might get from sleeping. Unlike the other memory foam pillow above, this one isn't made with shredded foam, so it might not be the right pick for you if you tend to overheat at night. But, a breathable cotton-polyester pillowcase is machine-washable, so you can easily clean it. And, the high-density memory foam in this pillow offers unbeatable support and an ergonomic design great for back and side sleepers.

According to one reviewer: "Game changer. I have lots of neck pain when I sleep. I’m a side sleeper while tosses and turns all night, and occasionally lay on my back. I had yet to find a pillow that supported everything I needed, and this pillow changed things for me."

  • Available in sizes: One Size (23.62 x 13.39 inches)


The Most Customizable

For the most customizable experience, this down-alternative pillow can be as flat or as full as you like. One case holds six separate pillows that you can stack to get your perfect configuration. The 300-thread-count, 100% cotton case is breathable, luxe, and machine-washable. And the down-alternative fill is soft and hypoallergenic.

According to one reviewer: "This pillow is great I use 2 layers of the 6 in the package. Needed a thin pillow being able to add or remove layers has been ideal. First pillow I found that has quality and thin enough so I sleep comfortably."

  • Available in sizes: Queen and King


The Best Bamboo Pillows For Hot Sleepers

This two-pack of bamboo pillows have some of the same features that the first pick on this list has, but at a much more affordable price. The exterior pillowcase is made of a viscose-derived bamboo blend that is breathes well, and the interior is filled with shredded memory foam to allow more air to move through it: two big perks for anyone who gets sweaty at night. And, like others on this list, this pillow is hypoallergenic and the pillowcase can be washed in your washing machine. Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers have tried out this pillow and the reviews are rave.

According to one reviewer: "Love my new pillows! Such a great price! So comfortable I haven't woke up with a stiff neck and headache since sleeping with these!"

  • Available in sizes: Queen


The Best Down Pillows For A Fluffy Experience

These down pillows are made with 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcases and filled with a combination of feathers and down for a luxe, soft night's sleep. With a generous 40 ounces of down feathers, this fluffy pillow has the perfect amount of give to support your next without feeling too structured or hard. Easy to clean, just throw these into the wash (yes, the entire pillow can go in your washing machine!).

According to one reviewer: "I have purchased numerous pillows in my search to find the right ones. My search has finally ended! This pillow is perfect for the "flat pillow fans". These pillows are my go to for comfort but I've purchased other fluffy pillows for aesthetics. I have been using these pillows for about 2 years now and no feathers have poked out."

  • Available in sizes: Standard, Queen, and King


The Best Body Pillow For Total Body Alignment

Keep your body in comfortable alignment with this extra-long pillow. The pillow's 240-thread-count, poly-cotton pillowcase is soft and the long, 54-inch design holds your neck, hips, and knees in alignment for pain-free sleep. The fiber filling is entirely hypoallergenic, and the pillow even comes with a five-year warranty. Nearly 10,000 Amazon reviewers have invested in this cult-favorite body pillow.

According to one reviewer: "This pillow is softer than clouds. I have hip issues and wanted to upgrade what I use between my knees at night to keep a natural posture. This pillow is perfect because it also allowed for neck support when lying on my side watching tv."

  • Available in sizes: One Size (24 x 54 inches)


The Best Reversible Cooling Pillow, Great For Hot Sleepers

If you run hot and cold, this gel pillow has you covered. The memory foam pillow has one side for cold nights while the other side is covered in cooling gel for hot weather. The hypoallergenic knit cover is machine washable and the pillow's 5 inch height is perfect for nearly all sleepers. Over 5,000 Amazon reviews speak for themselves.

According to one reviewer: "I currently have one of these pillows and just ordered another one. This is hands down one of the best pillows I’ve ever had in my life. I use the side with the cooling gel when I’m too warm and flip it over to the memory foam side for comfort or during winter!"

  • Available in sizes: Standard


The Best Latex Pillow, With Superior Neck Support

Latex may sound like an odd material for a pillow, but it provides amazing support, bounce, and comfort. Plus, this latex pillow has targeted ventilation for extra airflow. The soft but firm surface gently cradles your neck making it great for back sleepers. It comes with a washable, 100% cotton cover that's soft and breathable and hypoallergenic. Nearly 1,000 Amazon reviewers sleep on this popular latex pillow.

According to one reviewer: "It's like a cloud holds my head and allows it to lay just perfectly, every time. Oh my gosh I can finally sleep!!! After raving about it to my husband, he bought one too. Best. Purchase. Ever."

  • Available in sizes: Standard, Queen, King, and Travel (Soft, medium, and firm options)


The Best Gusseted Pillow For A Higher-Loft Design

These two-pack of gusseted pillows are soft and supportive, making them great for stomach and back sleepers. The quilted pattern and blue piping makes for an attractive design, and these pillows are machine washable for easy cleaning. Best yet, the brand offers a 365-day trial so you can try them out and see for yourself. Over 3,000 Amazon reviewers have purchased these pillows and the reviews and rave.

According to one reviewer: "I like how soft these pillows are, and I appreciate that they are gusseted on the sides. They support my head well and evenly. They are great for sleeping."

  • Available in sizes: Standard, Queen, and King

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