The 14 Best Goal-Setting Journals For 2022

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If you struggle with procrastination or forgetfulness, writing things down is an easy place to start. The best goal-setting journals are designed to help you implement new habits and boost your productivity. These goal-setting journals are so much more than your average journal — for one, they're all undated, so you can start, stop, and take breaks without feeling that all-consuming paper-wasting guilt. For another, they utilize scientifically proven methods, fun activities, and smart structures to help you get the most out of your day.

A planner can be an extension of your brain, and these genius planners have been specifically created to help you organize any jumbled thoughts and achieve your goals. You can use them to plot everything from year-long goals to daily grocery reminders — and tackle a whole lot more in way less time. You may also experience some positive benefits to using a planner once you longer have to-do lists swarming around in your head.

Whether you're looking to streamline your day-to-day tasks, plan long-term projects, boost your creativity, or achieve career goals, these are the best goal-setting journals on Amazon. Plus, all of them have glowing reviews from real people to back them up.

1. Panda Planner

With over 5,000 reviews, the Panda Planner is helping people get more done every day. In addition to monthly, weekly, and daily sections, it comes with free videos and e-books to show you scientific strategies that can help in all areas of your life.

According to a fan: "I have only been using the product for a couple of weeks. My favorite thing so far is that it's causing me to think about what I'm doing! [...] My Panda enables me to tie everything together by day, week and month and hold myself accountable. Also, seeing everything in one place, I noticed that a lot of is related and I am more creative and efficient in general."

2. Freedom Mastery Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner

This planner is ideal for those who want to learn how to manifest new and exciting things into their lives. It uses prompts, to-do lists, gratitude sections, and goal-setting to create healthy habits. This wildly-popular goal-setting journal comes with stickers you can outfit your journal with, and even an included video course for how to establish a 10-minute morning routine.

According to a fan: "This really makes you think of your goals, emotional and physical health. To be able to sync this information with my work schedule is awesome. Really helps me keep my work-life balance."

3. Little More Daily Organizer Planner

This classic journal comes with 328 undated pages, so it's not your classic yearly goal-setting journal. That said, thanks to its flexible design and focus on both monthly and daily goals, this planner is a great pick for anyone looking to set up a habit or reach for a new goal and actually stick to it. It also has space for you to outline action steps for your goal, reflect on your progress, and prioritize multiple goals. This planner comes with a bunch of stickers you can use to set up the cadence of your goals, denote to-do lists, and so much more.

According to a fan: "This planner has monthly and daily goal prompts but is otherwise open-ended which is nice. It's a very nicely made little planner and suits my needs perfectly."

4. Erin Condren Petite Planner Goal-Setting Journal

This small planner has just 80 pages, but is packed with features that are great for setting and sticking to your plans. This journal has a space to describe your goal, outline your "why" (so crucial when making consistent goals), and write out your action plan. The opposite page allows you to set small steps that will eventually lead you to achieving your goal — perfect for chunking out large goals into manageable tasks.

According to a fan: "This has to be my favorite purchase of 2020. This goal-setting planner helps you to break up your goals step by step. The new year has just begun and I already achieved a big goal of mine thanks to having a clear and simple plan to follow. I highly recommend this."

5. The 100-Day Goal Journal

The 100-day goal journal is a great option if you find the concept of an entire year a bit daunting. It includes monthly spreads, daily reflection pages where you can start a gratitude practice or check in with your overarching goals, and space for you to reflect on your current challenges and problem solve for how to move forward. This is a great pick for anyone looking to jumpstart a project, start a daily habit, or channel more productivity in your life.

According to a fan: "I'm well on my way to accomplishing my 100 day goal. I love that you decide what you are going to do that day, and then reflect on how it worked out. If it didn't, it asks how you could make it better tomorrow. I find this concept very helpful in moving forward."

6. Ignited Life Planner

With three simple steps, you can identify and prioritize your 15 most important goals, whether it's career, school, or something in your personal life. Each weekly and monthly page in this planner highlights action steps and project plans, so you can move ahead with what's most important to you.

According to a fan: "I have used this planner for years, and it is by far my favorite. It grabs an entire year (or actually up to 60 weeks), and has just enough to organize and keep my head around everything for the course of a year, while having enough space to creatively use the planner. This is not too minimalist to question the use of this planner, and not too loaded with steps that both take too long and have me lose a sense of the big picture or fill out items that have little meaning to me."

7. BestSelf SELF Journal

This epic planner includes a daily gratitude acknowledgement, places to track your goals on a weekly basis, and even features inspirational quotes interspersed in the pages to keep you motivated. This 13-week undated journal is great for shorter-term goals, and for getting into the daily practice.

According to a fan: "This journal is designed to help you accomplish 1 to 3 goals within 13 weeks. It allows you to really think about what you want, how you want to accomplish it, and requires you to develop a plan. The pages are clean and offer a variety of sections to complete on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis for those 13 weeks. I've had goals or resolutions that didn't work out because I didn't have a plan or a way to keep accountability, but now I have a plan and a way to keep track of my progress.'"

8. Transcending Waves Planner

The Transcending Waves Planner is specifically designed to help you achieve balance in your life. It allows you to plot your to do plans, dates, gratitude levels, expenses, and even helps to eliminate bad habits. It's also beautifully constructed with leather and thick rich pages, and it comes in six beautiful colors.

According to a fan: "Love this planner. Perfect blend of time management, affirmation, and reflection."

9. Mountain Planner Pro

This daily planner prioritizes your schedule with half-hour time slots from 6 in the morning to 9 at night, plus tasks, priorities, and daily missions. There's also a little room for self-care, too — you can write down what you're grateful for and what you're hoping for, and reviewers love the monthly and weekly spreads, too.

According to a fan: "Great planner. Love that it's both a blank slate but at the same time gives a structure for getting my life together. Small touches will make it really user-friendly, like having more than one bookmark and the handy folder in the back (hello receipts and hastily scribbled notes!). My phone can do everything but it's a lot easier to get (and stay) organized when I have it all in front of me and being able to look at the big picture in this planner."

10. Bloom Daily Planners List Planner

So you're big into lists, and lengthy writing prompts just stress you out. No problem. The Bloom Daily Planners To-Do planner organizes your whole day with quick, simple lists — what to buy, what to eat, how you'll exercise, and of course, your most prioritized to-dos. It comes in three gorgeous designs and reviewers say, "Greatest creation for crazy busy list-making moms like me!"

According to a fan: "This is a great day planner/ tracker. Doesn’t have all of the extra bulk that I don’t need which keeps it from looking messy and stressing me out. Perfect for shopping list and to-dos for the day."

11. The Daily Career Journal

The Daily Career Journal features scientific approaches to tracking your incremental progress, making it so much easier to gain the confidence, satisfaction, and drive you need to move ahead in your job. All you need to do is follow the system provided in the first few pages and fill out the daily prompts.

According to a fan: "I love this planner. It is training me to think about work in a new way. It is not just my work contributions that matter. I am being taught to consider how I am branding myself to others, to seek out how to make social contributions regularly, and to analyze whether or not my soft skills are hitting the mark. I highly recommend this planner to anyone who wants to keep moving ahead in their career."

12. The Phoenix Journal

The Phoenix Journal allows you to set goals week by week, list sub efforts underneath each goal so you can stay motivated by checking off small steps toward your larger achievements. It also provides you with check boxes to remind you to make your goals specific, actionable, and measurable, and even has a spot for you to write what you're most excited for the next week. This specific journal is 12 weeks long and undated, so keep this in mind when shopping.

According to a fan: "Excellent planner, I have used a lot of planners and journals and even made my own for quite awhile using the bullet journal technique. This journal covers almost all the points I think an excellent journal should cover such as long term goals and short term goals and breaks them down week by week and then day by to day to make them bit sized in order to accomplish your goals."

13. Legend Planner Daily 90-Day Journal

How could you go wrong with a name like that? The Legend Planner has 90 days filled with beautiful designs, clean, undated layouts, and stylish fonts. It breaks your time down by weekly and monthly intervals so you can track your goals, schedule, and habits. It's also got free bulleted space for creativity — and comes with tons of bonus stickers.

According to a fan: "The Legend Planner allows me to be hyper focused on my goals! The layout makes the process less intimidating. I made the right choice."

14. Moleskine Classic Dotted Notebook

“For my goal setting and yearly planning, I love using this dotted Moleskine journal to create lists, calendars, and charts and graphs where I can track my progress,” wrote Amy Biggart, BDG Commerce Editor. “It's definitely more of an empty template than other goal-setting journals I've seen or tried, but the dots make for easy guides and allow me to really customize the way I track my financial, personal, or reading goals. I buy a new one every year!"

According to a fan: “Good tool for people who want to capture thoughts and ideas while also keeping notes for meetings. Great for professionals.”

Also Great: The Vision Board Book

While it’s not a journal per se, the Vision Board Book is a great alternative for manifesters, scrapbookers, and those who prefer to set visual goals rather than written ones. It’s filled with over 700 words and images that help you to visualize your ideal life. The categories include food, lifestyle, home, finances, social, wellness, and more — plus there are a few pages of individual letters so you can create your own words. Finally, the photos are inclusive and vivid.

According to a fan: “Gorgeous, high-quality pictures (it almost hurt to cut it up!) to really help visualize your dream life. Lots of variety also.”

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