Can GABA Supplements Help You Sleep Better? Reviewers Swear By These 3 Options

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Although research on the benefits of taking oral GABA supplements is limited and up for debate, some people find that taking an amino acid Gamma-aminobutyric acid supplement, better known as GABA, helps them to get a better night's rest. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid and taking GABA before bed may potentially help with other conditions that affect sleep, like feelings of anxiety or stress. (Note: There's limited research on these secondary benefits.) But, when shopping for the best GABA supplements for sleep, what do you need to look for?

Frist, before starting on a GABA supplement, it's a good idea to consult with a doctor, as it may interact with other medicines or supplements you're taking. Some people may also experience unwanted side effects from taking GABA, so it might not be right for everyone.

Also, keep in mind as you shop that the FDA has no governance over supplement formulas, so it's important to find a GABA supplement produced by a reputable company. (Reviewers can help you out with testimonials, but be diligent when shopping.) Finding a dietary supplement that's made without a lot of fillers or preservatives is also a good idea, to ensure you get the most benefits of the GABA in the formula.

There is also the dosage to consider; GABA supplements on the market range from 100 to 750 milligrams. Again, you should consult your doctor for specific medical advice on dosage and ingredients, as much of this will depend on your individual health, needs, and sleeping issues.

With that said, see below for more details on the top-rated, best GABA supplements for sleep.


The Overall Best: Amazing Nutrition GABA Dietary Supplement

Dose: 750 milligrams of GABA

For the most bang for your buck, these Amazing Nutrition GABA capsules offer the highest dose of GABA at a great price. Each pill contains 750 milligrams of GABA, and there are 100 pills per bottle. Plus, these pills are entirely vegan and are free of gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy, and yeast. They are also non-GMO. Best yet, hundreds of Amazon reviewers rave that these have improved their daily sleeping habits and reduced feelings of anxiety and stress.

Helpful review: “This supplement works amazingly well taken just before bed. I use it when I feel the need for an extra restful night. I can really tell a difference the next morning in how well I slept.”


The Best Dissolvable: Frunutta GABA Under-The-Tongue Instant Dissolve Tablets

Dose: 100 milligrams of GABA

If you dislike swallowing large pills or prefer an easy-to-take option that you can keep on your bedside table, these Frunutta GABA tablets are made to dissolve under your tongue without any water needed. Each pill contains 100 milligrams of GABA, plus 2 milligrams of stevia to give the supplement a more pleasant taste. They're non-GMO and made without preservatives, gluten, additives, or artificial flavors. However, they do contain lactose so those with lactose sensitivities may want to opt for a different option.

Helpful Review: “I have been suffering from insomnia for some time. Two or three of these at bed time really help me sleep through the night. They melt in your mouth quickly and I don't find the taste to be a problem.”


The Most Affordable: NOW GABA Dietary Supplement

Dose: 500 milligrams of GABA

If you're cost-conscious, this 100-count of NOW capsules are a quality GABA supplement to consider. Each pill contains 500 milligrams of GABA and 2 milligram of vitamin B6. (Vitamin B6 has a lot of purported cognitive and mental health benefits.) In addition, this supplement is vegan, kosher, and not genetically modified. For the price, this affordable GABA supplement is a fan-favorite amongst Amazon reviewers.

Helpful Review: “I have purchased 3 bottles now. I have to say its the best sleep I've had in a very long time. I take 2 500 mg at bedtime and I am out in 20 minutes or less and get at least 8 hours solid uninterrupted sleep. At first I was a little groggy when I woke up, but I am passed that now after a month. I will continue to buy this product.”

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