The 4 Best Umbrellas For Windy Beach Days

Many of us have been there before — you're enjoying a sunny day at the beach underneath your umbrella when a strong gust of wind comes along and suddenly, your shade tarp is halfway down the shoreline. The best beach umbrellas for wind are a simple solution to this classic dilemma, and they typically have several traits in common:

  1. Sand anchor: Having a way to secure your umbrella to the sand is key to safeguarding it from the wind. All of the options below come with their own anchor system or are compatible with separately purchased options (I've included a great universal anchor at the end of my list).
  2. Steel ribs: In addition to a solid anchor, a reliable wind umbrella needs some sort of ribs in the fabric (preferably made of steel or a similarly durable material) to prevent it from flapping around too much.
  3. Wind vent: Lastly, it's helpful if the umbrella has an air vent in the fabric to let wind to pass through (and thus reducing the amount of tension on the umbrella). Although this feature isn't essential, it boosts an umbrella's wind stability by a landslide.

In addition to these wind-specific qualities, you'll want your sun umbrella to have basic features like durable fabric (Oxford or polyester are great choices), simple push button operation (rather than a heavy hand crank), and UV sun protection (preferably UPF 50 or higher).

With all of this in mind, check out the best beach umbrellas for wind below.

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The Overall Best, All Things Considered

Diameter: 7 feet

What's great about it: With durable fiberglass ribs and a tough telescoping steel pole, this beach umbrella with an anchor is one of the best options for high gusts. Its sturdy anchor is fully integrated, and it also has air vents that let breezes flow through without toppling it over. You can secure it down with an easy twist of the hand, and you press a simple button to tilt it. The strong Oxford fabric offers UPF 50+ sun protection and it comes with a convenient carry bag.

One reviewer wrote: "Living minutes from beach, a beach umbrella is a must have. In the past, other umbrellas would collapse on a breezy day. Not this one! It is sturdy and better made than most out there on the market [...] [It] is easy to set up with plenty of area for coverage. Best thing, it doesn't collapse on itself in ten mile an hour on shore wind."


The Best Investment

Diameter: 7.5 feet

What's great about it: If you spend a lot of time at the beach and you're willing to pay a little more for the best, this top-rated beach umbrella is worth the splurge. With nearly 800 reviews on Amazon, fans swear by its gopher anchoring system, which offers a unique apparatus to secure it to the sand (without requiring you to dig very deep). It also has heavy duty steel ribs that help it withstand gusts of up to 35 miles an hour, plus rugged polyester fabric that's made to last. As a bonus, it comes with a roomy carry bag with a padded strap and handle. And, like the previous pick, this one also features UPF 50+ sun protection.

One reviewer wrote: "This umbrella is amazing. Just went to the beach with 25mph winds and while everyone's umbrellas weren't holding up, our Bub was solid! My mom and I got a laugh out of the girls next to us who tried to put their umbrella up and took it right down after it blew upside-down. The beams on the underside are nice and thick, so no bending. The material is nice. The tote is heavier than a normal one, but comfortable to carry. [...] I'd for sure recommend this umbrella to anyone!"


The Best Budget Option

Diameter: 6 feet

What's great about it: For folks looking for something more wallet-friendly, this budget sun umbrella still holds up to wind fairly well, according to reviewers. Although you'll need to purchase a universal umbrella anchor to make it really secure, it does a great job of cutting down on gusts. (And even with cost of the anchor, it's still the cheapest option on this list). It has an air vent on the top to further enhance its wind stability, along with a durable steel pole and ribs. The strong polyester fabric features UPF 50+ sun protection and it's simple to open, close, and tilt.

One reviewer wrote: "Since this was so inexpensive I figured it would be pretty flimsy. It is not! It's very sturdy, is a beautiful color blue, tilts, and actually seems more capable of handling the wind than my other large 9' umbrella. The air vent at the top may be why, I don't know, but it definitely can hold it's own with some pretty brisk winds!"


The Best Small Umbrella

Diameter: 5.25 feet

What's great about it: If you're looking for something smaller for just one or two people to fit underneath, this personal-sized beach umbrella is just the ticket. Like the budget option, it does better when used with a universal umbrella anchor; however, it's a great pick just the same. It's constructed with a steel pole and ribs for stability and wind-protection, plus tough polyester fabric for UV-protection (though, the UPF-rating is not specified). This umbrella tilts with the simple push of a button and closes easily, too. The only downside is that it doesn't have a wind vent, though many reviewers found it to be stable enough without one.

One reviewer wrote: "Purchased for grandfather for his boat and it worked exactly as we needed. He needed the tilt function that we didn't have before. It has more than an inch diameter for the pole that makes it sturdy for those high winds. And its perfect for his pontoon as he designed a way to connect it to his chair."


Also Helpful: A Universal Sand Anchor

What's great about it: If you want to add an anchor to any of the selections that don't come with one, this universal anchor from Rio Brands is an excellent choice. Made of tough nylon-fiberglass, it will help your umbrella withstand winds of up to 30 miles per hour. It's easy to use, super lightweight, and fully rust-proof.

One reviewer wrote: "I consider my wife a "beach professional." We live in South Florida and she is there often. This anchor is easy to screw into the sand and really helps the umbrella stay put. Yes, it's one more thing to have to pack and carry, and it does take a minute or two to set up, but this puppy really works and will definitely help with keeping your umbrella in place. It won't stand up to a gale, but in normal windy conditions, this device is a terrific beach appliance."