These Incredible Heated Socks Are A Game-Changer For Skiers

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There’s nothing worse than heading up to the mountain for a big day on the slopes, only discover that your toes — once soft, living extensions of your feet — have suddenly morphed into frozen, miniature icicles before you even get off the first chairlift. The best heated ski socks are the only things that can solve this maddening scenario or, better yet, prevent it from occurring in the first place.

If you’ve never tested out heated socks before, you really need give them a try. Like, yesterday. They are total game-changers. The innovative warming technology uses tiny battery packs that slide into discreet pouches on the sides of the socks to create a toaster-like atmosphere in your boots, custom-heated to whatever temperature you desire.

If you’re someone who stays mostly warm but occasionally gets chilly toes when the temperature starts dropping, you can keep them on low. If you’re that person who begins losing sensation in your feet due to the cold before you even step outside, you’ll want those babies cranked all the way up high. Either way, you're going to be absolutely blown away by how much warmer your feet will stay on the slopes with by investing in the best socks for skiing. Below, the four best heated pairs on the market.


The Overall Best, So You Can Focus On The Slopes

If you're looking for a straightforward option that'll keep you warm on the coldest summits, you can't go wrong with these heated socks that have earned the respect of hundreds of outdoors enthusiasts and a 4.3-star rating overall. The relatively affordable sock uses nano-fibers to heat the instep, forefoot, and toes, and the three settings let you adjust the amount of heat output, so you can find the perfect level of comfort. The reinforced heel and toe enhance durability, and the calf pocket keeps the battery securely inside. Reviewers say the socks are "amazing" and "plenty warm," so you might not even be tempted to take a break in the lodge for hot chocolate.

  • Available sizes: Medium - Large (fits women's shoe sizes 6.5 - 7.5 and 8.5 - 14.5)

According to a reviewer: "Wore these to a ski trip recently and loved them! They stay warm for over 6 hrs at the maximum warmth setting."


A Remote Controlled Sock That You Can Adjust From The Pocket Of Your Ski Jacket

This badass ski sock is not only fully heated, but also has a remote control keychain you can use to turn the heat on and off or adjust the warmth settings (which offer high, medium, and low heat modes). That means no digging under your ski pants and messing with your boots to make adjustments to the temperature. The robust warmth is generated via infrared nano-fibers that evenly distribute all of the ultra-cozy goodness throughout the front of your feet, toes, and instep, allowing you to focus on the mountain in front of you. The compact battery box fits right into the built-in calf pocket, and the flexible cable lets you position it over your ski boot, so it doesn't get in the way.

  • Available sizes: One size (fits women's shoe sizes 8.5 - 11.5)

According to a reviewer: "I love these!!! If you ski or snowboard these are great! You can turn them on without having to ungear and take everything up! The remote worked great and the remote works flawless."


A Budget-Friendly Sock That Absorbs Sweat While Your Shred The Slopes

If you love skiing but your mountain gear budget doesn't typically include fancy battery-heated footwear, you'll want to check out this moisture-wicking sock that keeps you warm and dry when you work up a sweat (which, let's be honest, can happen on even the most freezing days). The warming element heats the front instep to deliver cozy, cushy warmth via two lightweight 3.7-volt rechargeable lithium ion batteries, making this quite possibly one of the warmest socks on the planet. On top of that, it heats up more quickly than many similar products and offers three heat settings of red, orange, and green.

  • Available sizes: Medium - Large (fits women's shoe sizes 6 - 9 and 9 - 12)

According to a reviewer: "These work great so I bought more as gifts!"


A Cute Patterned Sock That Has The Most Heat Settings

If you're looking for a little more customization over the amount of warmth you're getting, you'll want to consider this winter sock with four heat settings. The sock warms up the entire forefoot area, and the battery pack is held securely in the buttoned calf pocket. Plus, the battery pack is curved to fit more seamlessly around your leg, so it'll be less noticeable as you carve turns down the hill. Just as good, an LED indicator lets you know how much battery life is left, so you can adjust accordingly (or make your way more quickly down that last run).

  • Available sizes: One size (fits women's shoe sizes 8 - 15.5)

According to a reviewer: "They work great! They keep my feet warm and toasty which really helps the rest of me stay comfortable. I like the material of the socks and I like that the charger is not too bulky."

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