The 4 Best Toe Separators To Wear In Shoes

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by Lisa Fogarty
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Toe separators, aka toe spacers, are usually made from silicone, gel, or a comfortable rubber material. They conform to your feet and toes, separating them so that they don't overlap and helping to strengthen them for better foot health. If your toes get stiff after a long day — or if bunions, hammertoes, or plantar fasciitis are a regular part of your life — implementing the best toe separators to wear in shoes can change your life for the better.

While there’s no substitute for proper medical treatment particularly if you’re suffering from chronic conditions, toe separators can provide short-term relief for a number of foot problems. But, as great as some pairs are, they are tricky to wear outside of your home, making it hard to reap the benefits of them. Luckily, all the separators listed below are thin enough to fit comfortably inside your favorite shoes without issue.

Whether you're looking for a single unit toe separator, individual spacers, or even a great pair of toe separator socks, you'll find it here. Feeling pumped to change your footwear game? Give your toes a (literal) break, and keep reading to find the best toe separators for hammertoes and so much more.


The Overall Best Toe Separators To Wear In Shoes

In order to feel confident about wearing toe separators under shoes, it's important that they're durable and slip-proof — and that's one of the reasons why these rubber YOGABODY separators score big as the overall best pick. They're thinner and less cumbersome than most, so they're great to wear under sneakers and shoes. Plus, unlike a lot of competing, one-size-fits-all toe separators, this two-pack comes with different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. The set is pricier than others on this list, but it comes with a bamboo storage box and is well worth the cost.

According to one reviewer: "Before this product, I would have foot pain after walking for a long time; it seemed like my toes would start curling or become super smushed together. I’ve been wearing the small pair (My feet are size 3-5 in women’s) every morning after getting out of the shower, starting at 30 minutes to four hours, then to my entire eight hour work shift.”


A Solid One-Size-Fits-Most Option That Offers Plenty Of Coverage

Developed with athletes in mind, these waterproof, one-size-fits-most toe separators are made from medical-grade silicone and provide the most coverage out of all the options on this list. This kind of additional coverage is especially helpful if you have painful bunions or sores. They provide a layer of protection (kind of like a bandage) that helps the area heal faster and prevents additional chafing. These separators are easy to clean with soap and water and conform well to the foot, making them a solid option to wear while running or working out.

According to one reviewer: "This is only day [two] but I am giving this 5 stars. My husband has horrible cramped up and crooked toes. He has pain in the bottom of his foot all the time and the pain is sometimes severe. Well he has been wearing these spacers for 2 days and takes them off at night. What a difference in his pain level. he said his foot is 75% better! The difference with these toe spacers is that they are soft and stretchy which makes them very comfortable to wear.”


A Value Pack Of Individual Separators

You may not need or want to wear a single unit, and that's when these individual toe separators come in handy. They're made from soft, vitamin-enriched gel that moves with your toes, and you can pick and choose which toes to wear them on. They won't cause chafing and are interchangeable between feet. But according to reviewers, there's one potential drawback: All the spacers are the same size, which might make them tough to fit on your smaller toes.

According to one reviewer: "I have been experiencing pain in the ball of my foot that my Doctor said might be Mortons Neuroma. These little puppies have significantly reduced the pain I was experiencing. Very grateful I gave these a try.”


A Pair Of Toe Separator Socks

To make things even easier, these stretchy socks — crafted from a blend of cotton, acrylic, and spandex — have built-in toe separators. They relieve pressure on your joints and work to realign bone structure. Dozens of reviewers gave them a positive review, noting that they're thick and prevent toes from cramping up. The one drawback is, unlike traditional toe separators, you can't just quickly wash and reapply them. That's why it's awesome that they come in several colors, ready for stocking up.

According to one reviewer: "I had serious doubts about how well a pair of socks would help my metatarsalgia foot pain, but after only two days, there has been a marked improvement. I have to buy several more now because I cant wear the same pair of socks every day!”

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