The Best Citronella Candles On Amazon, According To Reviewers

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Especially popular for patios and backyards, citronella candles are a generally nontoxic, affordable, and attractive method to keep bugs at bay. And the best citronella candles burn for a long time and come in a scent (yes, there are some options here!) that you enjoy. To find the right candle for you, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Citronella has a distinctive fragrance similar to lemongrass, and in candle form it can have a mild or more intense level of citronella depending on what you prefer. If you’d like to downplay the smell of citronella, look for a candle that combines it with other powerful fragrances, such as pine, mint, or rosemary.

Percentage Of Citronella

Though citronella candles aren’t exactly a remedy for mosquitoes, they are a great place to start and can be made even more effective by adding a natural eucalyptus bug spray to the mix.

More effective citronella candles contain concentrations of at least 5% of the oil, and this is considered on the high end for popular citronella candle options. That said, many manufacturers won't list the citronella percentages in their blends.

Burn Time

A few factors will dictate the true burn time of a candle, including size, the number of wicks, and how and where you set your candle. A three-wick candle may burn more evenly than a single-wick candle, and it will also be more fragrant. Most candle manufacturers will list an estimated burn time. Generally speaking, larger candles burn longer, but it’s helpful to know that votive candles belie their size by burning for seven to nine hours per ounce of wax, which is a bit better than the five to seven hours of burn time per ounce in a larger candle.

In a hurry? These are the best citronella candles:

1. The Best Overall: Murphy's Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle

2. The Best Mosquito Candle: Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle

3. The Most Stylish: Geelywax Citronella Candles

4. The Best Votive Candles: Candle Charisma Votive Citronella Candles

5. The Best All Natural: Farm Raise Candles Mintronella

With all this in mind, below are the best citronella candles. Each one is highly rated on Amazon, and I've included a variety of candles with different scent blends and burn times to suit your space.


The Overall Best Citronella Candle

The best mosquito repellent citronella candle uses a blend of oils of rosemary, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, and cedarwood. This single-wick candle is intended for the outdoors, and it has a matching lid on its recyclable tin to protect the candle.

This highly rated, portable candle has a burn time of 30 hours. With 5% citronella oil, the high concentration of essential oils is what makes it more effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Murphy's Naturals is also a Certified B Corporation, which means it has shown a commitment to social and environmental transparency and accountability.

A helpful review: “Worth the money! I subscribed to these candles because I loved them so much. They did help keep the mosquitoes away. I used the candle combined with their spray on natural mosquito repellent and we barely saw mosquitoes."


The Best Mosquito Candle

This candle doesn't have quite as high a percentage of citronella oil as the best overall, but it comes from the experts in bug repellents, Repel. Formulated with 3% citronella oil, this candle promises 40 hours of uninterrupted freedom from any bugs or insects who may be pestering you. It may not be the most attractive citronella candle on this list, but this 20-ounce three-wick candle comes at an amazing price, all things considered.

A helpful review: “Best mosquito repellent ever. I can sit inside my house and not get eaten alive every time we have a hard rain. Those little buzzing buggers are bad to sneak into the house when a door gets open. I light up and they leave me alone."


The Most Stylish Set Of Citronella Candles

These stylish citronella candles have a strong citronella scent and repel mosquitoes, according to reviewers. Reviewers note that this triple set of highly rated three-wick candles has excellent scent throw and each candle has a burn time of about 30 hours. Plus, the decorative tins make them pretty enough to leave out, and with matching lids the candles are protected during rain. The manufacturer is not transparent about the percentage of citronella oil in these candles.

A helpful review: “I really like the intricate design of these candle jars. They look very cute together or with other decors. The scents is very strong and fragrant that will sure keep the mosquitoes away. I think I can still use the jars after it's done."


The Best Citronella Votive Candles

Citronella votive candles in this value pack of 72 allow you to use a little bit or a lot of citronella at a time. Reviewers report the citronella scent is strong and does a good job of keeping bugs away. Each candle burns for up to 10 hours. The percentage of citronella oil in these candles is not apparent.

The manufacturer doesn't specify, but each single-wick votive candle is about 2 ounces based on the provided burn time and standard candles of this size. With their powerful fragrance, these candles are best suited to outdoors. Keep in mind you'll need to get your own votive candle holders for these.

A helpful review: “I use these candles while camping. I keep one burning in a lantern in my tent to keep mosquitoes out and it works. I light the candle just before dark and keep it burning all night so the tiny beasts stay and get out of my tent. I also light a couple of them around my camp. They last several hours if you don't blow them out and relight them, which seems to reduce their burning time."


The Best All-Natural Citronella Candle

For a citronella candle that is all natural, made from soy wax, and designed in a reusable jar that's better for the environment, this is a top-notch pick that blends together other oils that can stand up to its heavy fragrance: lemongrass, citrus, mint, lavender, and rosemary. This candle is free of petroleum and paraffin and hand-crafted by a family-owned company. The percentage of citronella is not stated.

Reviewers commented they love the fresh scent of this single-wick candle. This jar candle, which is the largest on this list, comes with a screw-top lid, and its burn time is about 80 hours. Plus, it is designed to deter mosquitoes as well as gnats and no-see-ums.

A helpful review: “Absolutely love this candle! Not only does it smell amazing with all of the different beautiful [scents] combined together perfectly, but it also keeps the pests away! I love sitting out on the patio with this burning, so relaxing and enjoyable. Definitely buying more!"