6 Clever Cabinet Organizers That Will Give Your Pantry A Total Makeover

You know that feeling when you open the cabinets and it looks like a small hurricane struck? Well, I can tell you that you're not alone (note: please don't ever open the bottom left cabinet in my kitchen). This is why the best cabinet organizers can be such a lifesaver. Whether you're using shelves, bins, drawers, or another system, having basic organizational tools can make a world of difference.

When you're shopping around for these handy items, it's helpful to scroll through the reviews to get a sense of how well-made they are. Look at the material, too — whether it's metal, plastic, or another option, make sure there are plenty of customers vouching for its durability.

Another thing to consider is stability. If you're looking at shelving units, for example, you want to know that they won't wobble when you set things on them. Or if it's drawers or bins, make sure they won't shake or shift around when you open them.

To give you an idea of the options out there, I gathered the best cabinet organizers on Amazon and listed them below. When making my selections, I read all the reviews carefully to make sure they fit the above criteria.

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The Best Stackable Shelves

What's great about them: Whether you're organizing plates and bowls or food items like cans and jars, these versatile stacking shelves are just what you need to get your cabinets tidied up. They're made of durable perforated steel and they're extremely easy to set up. Just place them inside and start piling things on them (you can choose to stack them on top of each other or place them side by side). They come as a set with two slightly staggered sizes.

One reviewer wrote: "Great shelves! Easy to put together, everything fits together perfectly. They are sturdy and well made. They are clear coated, making them nice to put things on, would clean easily and be rust resistant. Look great in the kitchen cabinet, too!"


The Best Bins

What's great about them: If you're more into organizing with bins than with shelves, these clear storage containers are the secret to revamping your cabinet space. The robust bins are built with sturdy BPA-free plastic that's shatter-resistant and fully transparent so you can easily see what's inside. They stack perfectly on top of each other, and the lightweight material makes them easy to transport should you desire. The convenient bins come in a four-pack with grippy handles and handy raised feet.

One reviewer wrote: "Love, love, love these! I measured my cabinets to ensure these would fit not only inside, but also hold the stuff I needed them to. So happy I found these! They turned my [cluttered] cabinet into something much more manageable."


The Best Drawers

What's great about them: With more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon, these popular cabinet organizers are a convenient pick, thanks to their double-tier, drawer-like design. They're constructed with durable metal and covered in a sleek silver coating. The two bins slide out smoothly, according to customers, and it fits in a variety of cabinet types.

One reviewer wrote: "These have made a world of difference in terms of organizing my cabinets. No more crouching down and digging through a bunch of random crap every time I need to find a cleaning product. I'm not an organized person by nature, so I need all the help I can get [...] I've had the one under the sink for several years now and its held up very well."


The Best Corner Shelves

What's great about them: These handy corner shelves, which come as a single three-tier unit, are ideal for storing flatter items, like dishes, paper, art supplies, and other miscellaneous gadgets. The unit is built with ultra-durable iron that is sturdy and doesn't wobble when you put things on it, according to reviewers. The clever corner design allows you to utilize every inch of pantry or cabinet space.

One reviewer wrote: "It's amazing how something so simple can transform a cabinet. This corner shelf is sturdy enough to hold a stack of ceramic plates without bending at all. It comes in one piece as shown, with nothing to put together.


The Best For Pans

What's great about it: If your pots and pans are in complete disarray, this cabinet rack organizer is the perfect solution. The double-sided apparatus has a flexible design that allows you to stack things vertically or horizontally, depending on your space. It's made of strong metal with a sleek black finish, making it both attractive and practical. The versatile rack, which is super easy to set up, comes with handy rubber tubes to keep your pots stable when taking them on and off.

One reviewer wrote: "Talk about kitchen organization! Perfectly holds all my pots, pans, and lids while GIVING ME EXTRA SPACE! I can actually find the skillet, pot, or pan I need when I need it without emptying up a cabinet. I highly recommend this and so you'll never feel disorganized again!"


The Best For Spices

What's great about it: There's nothing worse than spending 10 minutes trying to find the coriander or garlic salt in your jumbled mess of spices. This amazingly useful spice cabinet organizer ensures that you'll never go through that hassle again. The convenient four-tier shelving unit, which can hold up to 12 spices bottles at time, will organize everything into neat, easy-to-read rows. It's made of super lightweight plastic and involves no assembly.

One reviewer wrote: "This fits perfectly in my cupboard! Like it was custom made!! Love it."