The 6 Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

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If you have curly hair, you know the work it takes to achieve defined, frizz-free curls. Of course, using a blowdryer can be tricky — with direct heat, you run the risk of adding frizz, losing definition, and even increasing the risk of hair breakage. But if you find the best diffusers for curly hair, none of that will be an issue.

There are a few reasons you might want to use a diffuser: It can help curly hair that's particularly thick to dry evenly, it speeds up styling time, and it can remove some of the frizz that appears when you air dry. But to find the right one for you depends on your lifestyle and your curl type.

A universal diffuser can work best for travel to level up those hotel dryers — and will work on that expensive new blowdryer you just bought. The diffuser that looks like a hand can help leave your natural curl pattern undisturbed (just like when you're scrunching it with gel). One that has a large body works if you have extra-thick hair that takes a long time to dry. But most importantly, you'll want to choose something that is specifically made for curly hair.

The ones that traditionally come included with a hairdryer are way more suited for straight hair or blow outs — and can turn your curls into limp waves. There's better options out there that dry curly hair without losing any of the curl, and you'll want to make sure it'll fit the hairdryer you already have. But once you know what you want, there's great options for diffusers that will enhance your curly look.

1. This Hand-Shaped Diffuser That Gives An Air-Dried Look

The DevaCurl DevaFuser is a diffuser made for every curly hair type, only for curly hair types. It might be odd-looking, but the 360-degree airflow gives natural curl definition, volume, and lift — all while adding softness.

It also fits on most blow dryers, and it's recommended to finish off your styling with the cold air setting on your dryer to lock curls in place. It's rubber nozzle helps it securely fit on your dryer, and it works like fingers running through your hair — which can help keep the natural curl pattern completely undisturbed.

One fan raved: "This attachment is AMAZING! I wasn’t sure it would be any different than the hundreds of other diffuser I’ve tried. I could not have been more wrong. My hair has all of it’s “next day” volume and gorgeous free-free curls! I am thrilled with this purchase."

2. A Finger Diffuser That's Perfect For Loose Waves

This universal finger diffuser fits on any blowdryer and the large dome helps to evenly distribute heat so you'll minimize damage. Reviewers love that hair doesn't get caught or tangled, and it's perfect for most hair types — but it's especially great for those of you who have less time in the morning, as the even distribution also helps to quickly dry hair.

This one is also good if your hair is slightly wavy — it creates shine and bounce, but not so much ringlet curls, so this one is the perfect choice if your curls are a bit looser.

One fan raved: "Very nice product! Diffuses air and helps reduce frizziness even with the high humidity of summer!! It fit on my travel dryer and on my regular dryer. I would highly recommend this diffuser. I hope it lasts a long time but if I need another, I would definitely purchase another one exactly like this."

3. An Extra-Large Diffuser For Natural Textures

Long or thick hair can benefit from this large hair diffuser — and it's meant for more natural textures. The 3-D prongs disperse air evenly, keeping curls defined while adding volume, which thicker hair can sometimes lack when curls weigh it down. It fits perfectly on a blowdryer with a 6-inch circumference, and the silicone base helps secure the diffuser to the nozzle (and of course, its heat-resistant material).

One fan raved: "This has totally transformed my hair! My curls tend to frizz and my hair takes millennia to fully dry. This isn't a miracle worker but it got my dry time down to about 40 minutes which is close enough to a miracle for me. The 'fingers' don't break up my curls or cause any frizz and it diffuses air so well that it really helps thoroughly dry the root."

4. This Space-Saving Collapsible Silicone Diffuser

When you're on a weekend vacation and don't want to rely on your friend's hair tools, this collapsible hair diffuser will condense to fit easily and neatly into any suitcase or backpack. And it'll keep things neat and organized under your bathroom sink.

Its collapsible silicone design also helps to fit it on any blowdryer model. When used with low heat, it'll keep the natural texture of curls while reducing frizz.

One fan raved: "I love this product! I travel often, and I’m always freaking out that the plastic diffuser that came with my dryer will get broken during transit leaving me to deal with bad hair for my entire trip. This diffuser fits snugly on my dryer, even with my dryer’s somewhat oddly shaped end. There is no struggle to put it on or get it off. I simply put the collapsed diffuser down on a flat surface (typically the bed) and press my dryer into the end. I do not have any issues with it collapsing during use. I actually get more air flow with this one versus the one that my dryer came with giving me a faster dry without sacrificing any curls. A very satisfying purchase!"

5. A Blowdryer That's Designed To Diffuse Curly Hair

This Bed Head blowdryer is made for the included diffuser attachment— the round, flat shape makes diffusing curly hair easier and adds definition and volume. The tourmaline, ceramic technology ensures your hair dries frizz-free, and the cold shot button locks in style. There's three heat settings, two speed settings, and a 6-foot cord. You can even remove the diffuser if you're looking to blow out your hair, so it's the only hot tool you'll need.

One fan raved: "The best thing I have ever bought for my hair....EVER. This was a game changer for me. I've already recommended this to friends who have ordered it and said the same thing. Picture is with a regular blow dryer vs. with THIS blow dryer. If you have curly hair, you NEED this in your life. No questions asked. Buy it now! Don't read any more reviews, you're wasting valuable time. Just trust me. This is all you need in life."

6. A Lightweight That Stretches To Fit Any Blowdryer

This neat little sock diffuser is a unique option: because it'll stretch to fit, you can be sure it'll work on any dryer. It's also great if you travel a lot or go between apartments often — keep one in your purse and you'll be ready for any overnight stay that comes your way. It takes a longer time than traditional diffusers, and you'll have to make sure you're scrunching often, but it's a far superior option then drying without a diffuser.

One fan raved: "I love the Hot Sock because I can hold my blow dryer however I want and not worry that it's gonna fall off. As always, defusing takes patience but I have gotten some beautiful results using this and I will never go back. Not to mention, it's easier to travel with."

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