The 6 Best Dog Blankets, According To Pet Owners

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Like people, dogs enjoy sleeping on a comfortable bed and snuggling up with a blanket on a cool night. And while pets would be happy to make do with any blanket lying around your home, the best dog blankets offer benefits that regular blankets do not.

Notably, dog blankets are designed in different sizes for a range of dog breeds, but most are smaller than a typical human blanket. That means that they're better able to fit on top of a dog bed or inside a crate, and their smaller size also means less to wash. Plus, some soft dog blankets even have a furry or shag-like texture that many pups may find comforting. For your car or a couch, pet owners may also want to consider a water-resistant or waterproof dog blanket that doubles as a furniture cover while protecting the car or couch's exterior from hair, drool, and accidents.

Since dogs can be messy, all of the best dog blankets are also machine-washable and dryer-safe.

In a hurry? These are the best dog blankets:

1. The Overall Best: Furrybaby Fleece Dog Blanket

2. The Most Comforting Blanket: Best Friends by Sheri Shag Blanket

3. The Best For Large Dogs: PetAmi Dog Blanket

4. The Best Couch Cover: RHF Reversible Sofa Cover

5. The Best Blanket For Your Car: Winner Outfitters Dog Car Seat Cover

6. A Waterproof Blanket To Protect Against Accidents: Mambe Waterproof Furniture Cover

Keep in mind if you're buying a blanket for your pup for the first time that some dogs may not necessarily "get" how to cuddle under it, especially if they've never used one before and are not a breed that's known for burrowing behaviors. In my experience with my own dog, it may take you gently placing a blanket over their body a few times before they realize how enjoyable snoozing under a warm blanket can be.

For more info on the best dog blankets, see the top six picks below.


The Overall Best

This Furrybaby fleece dog blanket is a great deal and offers a lot of benefits for its price. It's made of soft, lightweight polyester fleece and has a fluffy texture that dogs will love snuggling up with. It's also available in four sizes; the small is best suited for puppies and toy breeds, while the jumbo size is ideal for German shepherds, labs, and other large dogs. This blanket also cleans well in the washing machine and can be tumbled dry on the lowest setting. Plus, you can select from colors gray, pink, or beige.

Helpful review: “This is a perfect throw for my dogs to sleep on at night. They love is so soft and it must be fairly warm as both my dogs love it. I now have three of in the family room during the day and one in the bedroom at night.”

  • Available sizes: Small (24x32 inches) to Jumbo (59x78 inches)


The Most Comforting Blanket

For younger puppies or anxious dogs, this soft Best Friends by Sheri shag blanket offers both warmth and comfort. It may even remind them of the feeling of snuggling up with their litter-mates, thanks to the blanket's nylon and faux fur shag material that is reminiscent of mother's fur. It's also machine-washable and dryer-safe on low and comes in frost gray (pictured) or taupe. Pick between two blanket sizes: one for small to medium dogs between 25 and 40 pounds and a larger one ideal for medium and large pets between 40 and 60 pounds.

Helpful review: “My dog loves this blanket! It’s super soft and it seems to bring her comfort and calmness. I have like 5+ blankets in a room she regularly sits in and she doesn’t seem super interested in any. Once I gave her this one she snuggled it right away. I bought her for her cage so I put it in there. She goes to the trouble everyday to go upstairs in her cage and drag the blanket downstairs where we sit so she can have it. So cute! [...]”

  • Available sizes: 30x40 inches or 40x50 inches


The Best For Large Dogs

Designed with large dogs in mind, this reversible PetAmi dog blanket is available in three sizes, machine-washable and dryer-safe, and offers a different texture on each side; one side features a warm sherpa material while the other is made of a soft fleece. You could also fold the blanket up and use it inside of a crate, too.

Helpful review: “I was looking for some time for a blanket to replace one I had that was creating a static shock whenever I took it off the dog! This one is so soft and cozy and no shock!! I kept bringing it upstairs every night and then back down so that he could stay warm. End up buying the same blanket but a smaller size. Even the small is quite large and is perfect for my 65 lb. cattle dog. I'm jealous!”

  • Available sizes: 50x40 inches, 60x40 inches, and 80x60 inches


The Best Couch Cover

If your dog loves to nap on the couch, you may want a blanket that's also a sofa cover, like this RHF one. Not only is it resistant to water and pet hair, it has an elastic strap that keeps it in place so your dog can't kick it off or burrow underneath it. This blanket also comes in two sizes to fit most couches and sofas, as well as a wide range of colors. Plus, it's reversible which means you get two colors to choose from right from the start. It's easy to clean, since it's machine-washable and dryer-safe on low. Note: It is not recommended for use on leather couches, since the straps will be more likely to slide off.

Helpful review: “That’s exactly what I wanted it to do, covers my couch and allows the dogs to get up there and eat their bones and whatever and you throw it in the washer if it gets dirty and it comes out looking brand new again!”

  • Available sizes: Large (for sofas up to 68 inches in length) or Extra-Large (for sofas up to 78 inches in length)


The Best Blanket For Your Car

For car rides, this Winner Outfitters dog car seat cover is the best dog blanket to have. It's machine washable and dryer safe (on delicate cycle and low heat) and easy to install. Plus, it's also waterproof. The top layer is made of a soft quilted material, while the bottom contains a rubber backing that protects your car seats from urine or other liquids seeping through. This pick can be used as a simple seat cover or as a hammock-style one that protects both the front and back passenger seats.

Helpful review: "The car seat cover is awesome. Our dog loves it he seems to have more room and able to move around just fine. He's an Alaksan Malamute so he sheds alot and these have saved the seats and floor from our furry guy and also from muddy paws. Plus its super easy to install and takes no time. We love it."

  • Available sizes: one size only


A Waterproof Blanket To Protect Against Accidents

Although it's the priciest pick on the list, this reversible Mambe furniture cover is your best bet for a waterproof dog blanket to use at home. Instead of having a rubber backing, the blanket is made of soft microfiber on both sides but has a rubber membrane built inside of it that helps guard against liquids soaking through. It's also available in a range of sizes and is machine-washable and dryer-safe, to boot.

Helpful review: "I LOVE this waterproof blanket. We have two goldendoodles, one of whom likes to occasionally pee on our bed. We use the 90x90 as a cover on our king size bed (every morning when I make the bed, I pull this on top like a bedspread). The dogs love to sleep on it and it keeps muddy paws, dirt, and the occasional pee off our bed. (It keeps our bed totally clean and free from anything the dogs bring in.) To launder, I machine wash and hang to dry and have had no problems at all (looks as good as the day I bought it after multiple washings). I just bought a second one to cover our sofa cushions. Highly recommend."

  • Available sizes: Sofa (70x120 inches), King/Queen (90x90), Twin/Loveseat (70x90), Recliner Throw (70x70), Large Seat (30x30), Long Seat (30x70), X-Long Seat (30x90)