These Water Bowls For Cats Will Get Your Kitty Drinking — & They’re A Cinch To Clean, Too


When it comes to keeping your cat hydrated, choosing the right bowl is key. Felines can be finicky about drinking water, but the best water bowls for cats are designed to keep your kitty comfortable while encouraging them to drink more. (Fun fact: Before they were domesticated, cats got much of their hydration from prey — which is why it can be such a challenge to get your kitty to drink.) To keep your cat from getting dehydrated, I’ve included a variety of easy-to-clean water bowls in different sizes and styles. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Material: Many of these picks are made from stainless steel or ceramic — these are all easy to clean and tend to keep water cool for longer, which may entice your cat to drink more. If your cat tends to knock over bowls, a heavier ceramic bowl is a good choice. Plastic is also a durable, practical choice, but some cats are averse to the flavor.
  • Size and shape: Many cats experience whisker fatigue when their sensitive whiskers brush up against bowls too much — so choosing a wide, shallow bowl can help prevent that. However, very shallow bowls may need to be refilled more often and might not be a good choice if you’re away from home all day.
  • Elevation: Drinking from an elevated water bowl can be easier for older cats and kitties that have trouble bending over.

Also keep in mind that some cats prefer to drink running water from a faucet over still water in a bowl. If that’s the case with your cat, I’ve included a quiet pet water fountain that keeps fresh water flowing all day.

No matter which style your cat prefers, these are the best water bowls available on Amazon to keep your cat happy and healthy.

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A Classic Stainless Steel Bowl That Comes In 3 Sizes

This affordable stainless steel bowl with a brushed finish is durable and dishwasher-safe. It comes in three sizes — 13 ounce, 24 ounce, and 56 ounce — so you can choose the best option based on how often you want to refill the bowl throughout the day, as well as your cat’s drinking preferences (the larger sizes make more space for sensitive whiskers, too). The extended rim makes it easy to lift, but keep in mind: While stainless steel is sturdy, it’s more lightweight than ceramic and easier for your cat to knock over.

According to fans: “My cats love these bowls. They keep the water cold throughout the day. Easy to clean too.”


A Ceramic Bowl That’s Harder To Knock Over

Boasting a little more style, this ceramic water bowl is a cute way to keep your cat hydrated. And since ceramic is heavier than stainless steel, this option is harder for cats to knock over. This durable bowl is dishwasher-safe, and there’s a silicone ring on the bottom to prevent the bowl from sliding around. The bowl is available in three sizes: 6 ounces, 14 ounces, and 24 ounces. Choose from four colors: aqua, gray, blue, and pink.

According to fans: “Wonderful water bowl. Large in size, nice material, and useful grip on the bottom. My cat loves to push water bowls over, but with the grips on this, he can't do it anymore!”


An Elevated Bowl That’s Great For Older Cats

Older cats and kitties that have a hard time bending over can benefit from eating and drinking out of elevated food bowls, like this cute raised bowl made from durable and heavy ceramic. The bowl has a fun fish design, as well as a wide base and a non-skid bottom to prevent spills. It’s dishwasher-safe, and although there aren’t multiple size options, the 8-ounce bowl is wide enough to prevent pressure on whiskers.

According to fans: “My cat is elderly and needs something easy to eat and drink out of. Not only is this bowl taller than the other brand, it is nice and heavy and is not in danger of tipping. [...] The width is great as well. Most cats don’t like bowls where their whiskers can touch the sides and this is shallow and wide enough to avoid that.”


A Water Dispenser You Don’t Have To Refill As Often

This pet water dispenser uses the power of gravity to keep the bowl filled, so you don’t have to think about refilling it when you’re away all day. The dispenser features an antimicrobial coating and a replaceable built-in charcoal filter to fend off pathogen growth and keep water fresh. (Quick note: The filters should be replaced every six to eight weeks.) However, the bowl is made from plastic, which can be an issue if your cat is sensitive to water flavor, and it's also on the narrower side. It's not dishwasher-safe, either, although reviewers say it's easy to hand wash. While there are no grips on the bottom, the weight of the full dispenser keeps it securely in place. It's available in four sizes: 64 ounces, 128 ounces, 320 ounces, and 512 ounces.

According to fans: "We can go for days without worrying if my teenage son has given our kitty water. I put a lot of ice in the container and then fill with water. I fill from our filtered fridge, but I love that there is a filter on this too."


A Water Fountain For Cats That Love Drinking From The Faucet

If your cat loves to drink running water out of the faucet, this pet water fountain is a good choice. This is also a good option if you’re away from home during the day and you can’t refill water as often. The quiet fountain has a 2-liter capacity and three water flow settings so you can choose the fountain style that’s most appealing to your cat. There’s a recirculation system that keeps the water fresh and clean, and the fountain comes with two replacement filters. (Filters should be replaced every two to four weeks — you can purchase additional replacement filters here.) The fountain plugs into a standard AC wall outlet, and reviewers note that the fountain is easy to clean every few days — although it's not dishwasher-safe.

According to fans: “My cat would only drink from a faucet for years. I finally got her to drink from a bowl but wanted something that lasted more than a day and offered fresher water […] This water dispenser is very quiet and just what I was looking for.”


An Affordable 3-Piece Set For Water, Wet Food, & Dry Food

This affordable set of shallow stainless steel cat bowls is perfect for water, wet food, and dry food, or for multiple cat households. The set comes in a variety of color combinations, and each bowl holds about 9 ounces. The diameter on these bowls is a bit smaller, so they're not ideal if your kitty has extra sensitive whiskers, but each bowl has a rubber ring on the bottom to prevent slipping. And while the print design is extra cute, the bowls should be hand washed.

According to fans: “They are great for dry, and wet food. I also use them for water. I like that they are non-slip and stackable.”


Also Great: A Waterproof Mat

A durable waterproof pet food mat is super helpful for keeping water dribble and food off your floor. In fact, this mat even features a raised border on the edges to keep messes well contained. The nonstick silicone mat measures 18.5 by 11.5 inches and comfortably fits two standard-size bowls for food and water. The mat is dishwasher-safe and available in six colors, including gray, black, and bright pink.

According to fans: “The mat is non-slip so not only does it not slide on the floor (I have wood floors) it also keeps the bowls from sliding, moving, tipping, etc. Being silicone, it is very easy to clean whether quickly with a paper towel and some all purpose cleaner or with dish soap and a sponge.”