The 50 Best Cheap Products Suddenly Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon

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Do you ever just stop and think about how Amazon has made life better thanks to its extensive collection of popular items that make your life a little easier, a little happier, or a little less expensive? I constantly do.

All the products I’ve included here are the best of the best on Amazon right now, and their rising popularity on the online retailer prove it. Most of these genius inventions have thousands of rave reviews and all have at least a 4-star rating. That means that you are absolutely getting the best bang for your buck. Some items, like these velvet hangers, even have nearly 50,000 reviews that almost makes it a crime not to add them to your cart. Because, believe me, Amazon may be the one place you won’t regret putting your trust in strangers.

This list has spa-worthy treatments like a foot peel mask and a wireless doorbell that’s easy to install and customize. You can turn your kitchen into a bar with a cocktail shaker set or have wrinkle-free clothes in an instant with this handy steamer. Or maybe you just want some reusable solutions like silicone baking mats or a water bottle with a clever infuser for fruit or mint.

Don’t wait any longer. I won’t be surprised if most of these sell out soon.


This Trio Of Exfoliating Brushes For Your Face & Body

You can apply all the serums you want, but if you’re not exfoliating correctly, nothing will truly get rid of ingrown hairs. This exfoliating brush gently massages your body to reveal glowing skin, and the convenient handle makes it easy to control even when in the shower. In addition to a body exfoliator, this set comes with two face scrubbers that use super soft silicone bristles to massage and clean your face.


A Handheld Frother That Can Whip Up A Latte In Just 15 Seconds

While this milk frother can most definitely turn you into the ultimate barista whipping up fancy lattes for the whole house, it can also be used as a handheld blender. Use the powerful motor and stainless steel whisk to mix together a protein shake or even whip your eggs for your next dessert recipe. The ergonomic handle is comfy to hold — even though most things will take just 15 seconds to froth.


A Wireless Doorbell That Has More Than 50 Chime Options

If you think it’s hard to install a new doorbell and customize it to your exact needs, this wireless doorbell will make you realize that is absolutely not the case. This doorbell has everything you need to set it up including double-sided tape and anchors, and it only takes mere minutes to get going. Once set up, you can customize this doorbell with over 50 tones and four different volumes, and the signal will work for up to 1,000 feet in your home. This weatherproof doorbell comes in a dozen colors, including fun blue and sleek white, and can operate in temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees.


A Foot Mask That Leaves Your With Baby Soft Heels

With 16,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this foot peel mask is a no-brainer. The blend of botanical extracts work to peel away dead, dry skin resulting in baby soft heels and no calluses in sight. The mask goes on like a pair of socks, and you wear them for just one hour. After that, your skin will magically peel off over the next two weeks, and the result is feet that are totally soft and supple.


This Neck Fan That Has 3 Different Breeze Speeds

Stay cool and comfy no matter what you’re doing with the help of this hands-free portable neck fan. Rechargeable via USB and lasting up to 16 hours on one power-up, this neck fan has three different speeds to keep you feeling refreshed even in the middle of summer. Best of all, this neck fan operates quietly and is lightweight, so you can wear it without constantly feeling like you’re in a tunnel.


A 50-Pack Of Slim Velvet Hangers That Can Hold Up To 10 Pounds Each

The first step to having a more put-together looking closet is switching out those old school plastic hangers for these chic velvet ones. The non-slip material is soft enough to hold even the most delicate pieces, and the construction is strong enough to hold up to 10 pounds. The ultra thin shape will free up some space, while the 360-degree swivel hooks make them easy to organize. Grab this pack of 50, and you’ll be all set.


These Silicone Baking Mats That Eliminate The Need For Parchment Paper

Put the wasteful, single-use parchment paper to the side and instead pull out this two-pack of silicone baking mats. The non-stick surface assures that your cookies and roasted veggies won’t stick to your nice sheet pan without the use of a ton of oil. The mats can handle heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and are safe to put in the freezer and dishwasher.


A Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle That’s Completely Leakproof

If you don’t drink as much water as you know you should, make it more appealing with this fruit infuser bottle. Fill the removable and BPA-free infuser with fruits or herbs to add some flavor to your water, and sip out of the leakproof, flip-top lid. Enjoy 32 ounces of mint cucumber water or strawberry kiwi water — the possibilities are endless.


These Durable Under-Bed Storage Bags With A Clear Window

These storage organizers seem to pull space from thin air. At just 6 inches high, the collapsible boxes can fit underneath nearly any bed frame, saving you from having to get rid of the shoes, bedding, and sweaters that you love but just don’t have any proper place for when they’re out of season. Made of lightweight, breathable, and dust-proof material, this two-pack is easy to move around with the convenient side handles. Zip them up and use the clear top covers to see exactly what you have available.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That Can Hold Up To 33 Pounds

Counter space is a precious thing, so it seems kind of silly to give so much of it up to a dish rack when you can get this roll-up one. The stainless steel rods and silicone ends are designed to be placed over any size sink for drying and easily rolled away for compact storage after. The durable materials can hold up to 33 pounds of dishes and is heat safe up to 400 degrees.


A Trunk Organizer With A Side Hook To Keep It In Place

To clean up your trunk, start using this trunk organizer. The waterproof material will rid you of any worry about spillage, while the separate compartments can help you keep your cleaning supplies, groceries, camping gear, or tools organized. This collapsible organizer can be used at half-size, full size, or can be completely folded up when not in use. Hook it to the side of your trunk to keep it in place using the attached strap.


An Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner That’s Completely Wireless

This automatic makeup brush cleaner make the annoying but necessary task a lot less tedious. The brush spinner not only does the work for you, but does it a lot more effectively than you would if just using your hands. Choose from the various rubber adapters to fit your brush, place it inside the shatter-proof bowl with the included cleaning solution, and you’ll have a clean and dry brush in minutes.


A Digital Meat Thermometer That Gives A Reading In 3 Seconds

Most chefs will say that the key to any recipe is precision. Whether you’re cooking, baking, or firing up the grill, this digital food thermometer can be used to make sure your creation comes out perfect every time. The LED screen will display your ingredient’s temperature accurately in just 3 seconds so you can move on to what’s more important — eating, that is.


These Gliding Discs Perfect For An Intense Full Body Workout

These gliding discs can take any exercise you’re doing and kick it up a notch. Instead of doing regular lunges and pushups, why not glide as you do them? The discs work on carpet, tile, wood, and gym floors, and allow you to add more fluid movement to your workouts so there’s always a new challenge.


A Silicone Scalp Masssager That Can Help With Hair Growth

This scalp massager helps remove dry skin and product buildup so you have a truly clean base for your hair to thrive from. A gentle massage can also help to increase blood flow and promote growth, which is an added bonus. The silicone bristles and ergonomic handle are comfortable and safe to use, and unlike other massagers, this one comes with a removable base for thorough cleaning.


A Hanging Purse Organizer That Spins 360 Degrees For Easy Picking

As beautiful as handbags are, they take up a lot of space. To put them away but still be able to see what your options are, place them in this hanging purse organizer. The clear plastic slots will keep them dust-free and the 360 degree swivel of the hook makes it easy to have a view of all your bag babies. This useful closet organizer is also great for towels, bedsheets, and more.


A Mosquito Repeller That Is Completely Scent-Free

Mosquito repellers are usually sticky sprays or smelly candles. This shield is neither. It uses heat-activated cartridges to create a 15-foot barrier that’ll keep you protected against mosquitos for four hours at a time. Place one into the metal holder and you’ll have a safety zone in just 15 minutes without the use of DEET sprays or other harsh products.


A Microneedling Roller That Gives Your Face An Instant Glow

A trip to the spa can cost a pretty penny. To experience one of the most sought-after treatments at home, try this microneedling roller. The 540 tiny and gentle needles exfoliate to bring a healthy glow to your complexion, and works great to let your favorite serum really soak in.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Give You So Much More Space

If you continuously find yourself without any closet space after going on a shopping spree, shrink your things down as much as you can with these space saving bags. By vacuum-sealing the bags, you’ll be able to increase your storage space in your closet, suitcase, or under bed. Not to mention, they’re smart to use even if do still have some room to spare since they protect your clothes from odors, insects, mold, and more.


An Alarm Clock That Runs Away From You & Forces You To Get Up

We all struggle to get out of bed sometimes, but if that’s you every single morning, it’s time to invest in this alarm clock on wheels. This loud alarm clock won’t let you hit snooze more than once. Instead, it’ll jump off any nightstand (up to 3 feet high), roll around your room, shake, and hide so you have to get out of bed. Once you’re up, you’re up! Is it annoying? Kind of, but for deep sleepers, that’s the whole point.


This Smart Switch That Let’s You Control Your Lights From Anywhere

Whether your hands are too full with groceries to turn on the light or you want to turn on the coffee machine from bed, this smart switch can get the job done. Use the app, Alexa, Google Home, or Siri to remotely control the switch and tell it to turn your appliance on or off. There is also a built-in timer for when you want to plan ahead. Use the adhesive back to stick it next to any switch.


This Cocktail Shaker Set That Comes With A Sleek Velvet Carrying Case

Turn your kitchen counter into a professional bar with this cocktail shaker set. With 14 pieces, this convenient set gives you all you need to whip up your favorite drink. Every piece is made of rust-proof, long-lasting stainless steel that’ll look so sleek when displayed on your bar cart. If you don’t want to keep the set out or want to give it away as a fun gift, slip it right back into its chic velvet carrying case.


This Clip-On Strainer With A Non-Slip Grip That Keeps Food From Falling Over

Transferring boiling hot food from a pot to a colander can be dangerous, difficult, and messy. To avoid having to transfer, clip on this silicone strainer to the edge of nearly any of round pots, pan, or bowl. The BPA-free material is safe to use with food and can handle up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, you can strain with just a single hand. Not only does this strainer make cooking easier, it’s also just a quarter the size of a standard strainer, making it easier to store.


A Bluetooth Tracker That Can Help You Find Any Misplaced Item

Skip spending half an hour looking for your phone and keys and instead attach this Bluetooth tracker to any item that you tend to misplace. Use the app to make the Tile activate — as long as it’s less than 250 feet away, it will ring, allowing you to find your belongings. If you’re farther away, the app will show the tracker’s last-known location on a map so you can have a better idea or where it is, instead of playing Marco Polo with something that’s not playing back.


A Set Of Satin Pillowcases That Look & Feel So Luxe

Though these pillowcases look and feel so luxe and expensive, they cost less than $10. These satiny pillowcases don’t just look shiny and pretty on your bed, the soft material is actually gentler on your skin and hair, which helps to prevent dry skin and frizzy hair. These stylish pillowcases are available in over 20 colors and in four sizes, so there’s sure to be one that matches your bedroom’s decor.


These Refrigerator Liners That Keep Your Shelves Spill & Crumb Free

Taking everything out of the fridge and trying to clean the small corners is always a pain. Place these refrigerator liners on each level to make the process much easier. The BPA-free material is safe to come in direct contact with fruits and vegetables and provides a non-slip grip for all your containers and bottles to stay in place. When it’s time for a refresh, just wipe them clean and they’ll be good as new — and so will your fridge.


This Charging Station That Keeps All Your Electronics Organized

Never wonder “Where did I leave my phone?” again when you have this charging dock. Compatible with all USB devices, this charging station eliminates extra wires in your home, keeping things tidy, and allows you to charge your phone, tablet, power bank, e-reader, and more all in one place. It charges your electronics fast and has indicator lights to signal when your items are fully charged, making this a sleek and convenient addition to your home.


This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy With A Built-In Tablet Holder

I get it, once you get in the tub you don’t want to come out. In order to have everything you need nearby, set up this bathtub caddy. The beautiful eco-friendly bamboo will add a nice touch to any decor and is water resistant. The caddy has built-in wine glass and tablet holders plus plenty of other designated spaces for a candle, your phone, or even a snack.


A Quick-Heating Steamer That Comes With 3 Handy Attachments

For a quick de-wrinkling session while on the go, this portable steamer will be your best friend. The compact device is powerful enough to heat up in just 30 seconds and provide 15 minutes of continuous steam, allowing you to smooth out your clothes in no time. The head is completely leak-proof and can be switched out for one of the three additional attachments: a lint brush, soft brush, or creaser.


This Curling Brush That Automatically Turns Itself Off If You Forget To

If you’ve ever had to blowout or straighten your hair before curling it, you need this curling iron. The gentle nylon bristles will stop you from going backwards and instead easily comb through any hair type to de-tangle and style all at once. The barrel can be set to 25 different heat settings to better protect your hair and will actually turn off if left on for too long.


A Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

Even though we may not notice, screen doors always have some small openings that insects love to find their way through. This magnetic screen door has magnets that run throughout its entire length to effectively keep out pests while the polyester mesh body allows fresh air to still flow in and out. Easily install using the Velcro-like strips, and walk through hands-free whenever you want to head outside.


These Magical Packets That Turn Fires Into A Rainbow Of Colors

Whether you’re camping, having a backyard bonfire with friends, or just relaxing indoors with a fire, jazz up your flames with these magical color packets. Safe to use indoors and out, these pouches will change your fire to an array of beautiful hues, including blue, green, purple, and yellow. This 12-pack ensures days’ worth of good times and stunning fires.


A 2-Pack Of Door Stoppers With A Built-In Alarm System

This sturdy door stopper can, of course, keep your door in place with its rubber bottom but it can also scare off intruders. The extremely loud alarm will sound off once turned on and any movement is detected. The sensitivity switch allows you to adjust the amount of movement required to set it off.


These Pants Hangers That Can Hold 5 Pairs At Once

Give your closet a makeover with these classic-looking wooden pants hangers that can save you space and time. The five-tier designs makes it easy to pile pants and scarves together all onto one hook. Plus, the 360 degree swivel of the hooks allow you to turn your items around any which way. That smart design also means you can also use these hangers vertically or horizontally while still keeping your pants wrinkle-free.


This Magnetic Phone Holder That Keeps It Mounted In The Car

Instead of struggling with clips that usually make up car phone holders, use this mount that magnetically attaches to your phone. The lock system securely attaches to any air vent and will keep up to 10 pounds stable while driving. No more shaking when you’re trying to follow the map or getting distracted trying to put your phone back into the holder — this genius product will promote safer driving.


This Bamboo Lazy Susan That Can Hold Up To 25 Pounds

No matter how messy your kitchen cabinets are, with a weight limit of 25 pounds, this lazy Susan will be able to get it all organized. The strength comes partly from the beautiful and natural bamboo that it’s made of. The classic finish will transform your cabinets and make it easy to find all your spices and oils using its 360 degree turntable.


This Stain Remover That Works Great With Red Wine Spills

I know you don’t want to be that person that wants guests to stick to clear drinks when they come over, so grab this wine stain remover to quickly fix any mishaps. The strong but safe formula is free of phosphates, sulphates or parabens so you can feel free to use it on clothes as well as your rug or couch where the cabernet may have spilled. It’ll work both on fresh and set-in stains so you don’t have to worry if you notice something the morning after.


These Lightweight Storage Cubes With A Convenient Side Handle

Organize your mess (whether it’s clothes, skincare products, toys, books, or cleaning supplies) with these square storage cubes. Fit everything you need to within their lightweight walls that are easy to transport using the side handle. If you end up having less of a mess than you thought, easily collapse the cube for storage.


A Bed Tray Table With Conveniant Foldable Legs

Use this tray table to have a tasty meal while lounging in bed or on the couch. Made of natural bamboo, the tray’s durability will last you quite some time and the raised edges give you a bit of a bumper so that can spills don’t reach your duvet. When not eating off this tray (or using it as a convenient workspace), the legs fold up for convenient storage.


A Magnetic Wristband That Keeps Screws Within Easy Reach

Whether you’re hanging up pictures, building a shelf, or doing other work around the house, few things are more frustrating than constantly searching for nails or screws. This magnetic wristband keeps all of your hardware within sight and easy reach. One size fits most, and each wristband has 10 strong magnets to keep your screws and such secure but a breathable, soft mesh interior to keep your arm comfortable.


The Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders With Adjustable Coarseness Levels

Upgrade every meal in the simplest way with these electric salt and pepper grinders. With a few batteries and just one hand, you can add freshly ground salt and pepper to all your recipes, which can really take them over the top. Adjust the level of coarseness depending on if you’re using that Himalayan salt you want finely cut or the black peppercorn that you want to visibly decorate your creation.


These Shoe Stackers That’ll Save You A Ton Of Floor Space

These shoe stackers are guaranteed to save you closet space — which means you can buy more shoes. Each slot has adjustable height level, making these ideal for storing flats, gym shoes, and heels alike. The durable and non-toxic material is safe to use in even the kids room and is sure to last.


This Superfine Misting Bottle That Even Works Upside Down

This 5-ounce spray bottle is actually kind of genius. The airless, ergonomic design allows you to spray a consistent, superfine mist (even upside down!), making this an aerosol-free solution for wetting your hair, giving your face a little refresh, or watering your plants and herbs.


An Over-The-Sink Colander That Makes Rinsing Fruit Easier Than Ever

Adjustable from 14.5 to 19.5 inches, this colander is able to fit over most sinks to cut the time you spend draining and rinsing. The basket design makes it perfect to use for both rinsing and drying, because you don’t have to transfer from bowl to bowl anymore. All your food can remain on it’s BPA-free surface.


This Sofa Arm Tray Table That Lets You Always Have A Drink By Your Side

When the coffee table just isn’t close enough or you don’t have space for a side table, turn your arm rest into one with this sofa tray table. The bamboo material is coated with a beautiful finish that makes it both easy to clean and a nice addition to your decor. The tray can flex to fit any size arm.


This Broom Organizer That Can Mount Up To 50 Pounds Of Tools

This broom wall mount is made for much more than just sweeping tools. With three rubber clamps and four hooks, you can organize nearly your entire garage or basement with it. Hang up your rake, mop, and so much more to free the floor of clutter and your tools from dust. And don’t worry about the weight — this thing can hold up to 50 pounds.


A Storage Container With A Built-In Filter To Keep Produce Fresh

While storage containers are great for putting away leftovers, your fruits and veggies still need space to breath in order to retain their freshness. The built-in filter in this pack allows them to do so. Plus, the elevated base lifts the produce away from any moisture at the bottom to keep them from getting soggy.


This Wall-Mounted Dispenser That’s Great For Detergent, Rice & More

Using your wall space for practical purposed is one of the best ways to organize your home, and this wall-mounted dispenser works equally well in the laundry room and kitchen. Use it to hold up to six pounds of powdered detergent, laundry scent beads, rice, dry black beans, and more. It takes just a single push to dispense the things you need and comes with two handy cups for your dry goods.


These Gripper Pads That’ll Keep Any Rug In Place

A slippery rug can be as dangerous as it is annoying. To keep things in place, grab this gripper pad whose grid construction allows circulation in order to better stick to any wood or tile. The pad is available in three different sizes and can be cut to perfectly fit under any size rug.


These Self-Draining Soap Holders That Will Keep Your Counters Clean

This will be the most simple but genius thing you add to your bathroom sink or tub. These soap holders suction on to your counter and have a clever leaf shape that can be positioned to flow directly into your sink. This means that your soap will stay in place for once and not cause a slippery mess. Double-sided tape is also included for extra strength.