The Best Dog Beds From Walmart For Any Type Of Pup

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by Amy Jamieson

No two dogs are alike — any devoted dog owner can tell you that and provide a million and one stories to back it up.

From dogs that protect you like it’s their job to the mutts who’d make friends with a mailbox, their personalities are as diverse as their furry little faces, and therefore, no two should be treated the same — which is why choosing the best dog beds for our unique canines requires Goldilocks-level judgement. There are big beds, small bed, cushy beds, hard beds, long beds and short, and so many materials to choose from. No wonder making a decision could have you heading for the hills like the three little bears.

But never fear, because I took at deep dive over at — a cavernous treasure trove of every kind of dog bed on the planet — to do the discerning doggy research, and categorized a snuggly bed for every kind of dog out there. Whether you're looking for a simple cushion for a tiny teacup Chihuahua, or a super-sized bed for your towering great Dane, you'll find plenty of reasonably priced, high-quality options below.

Keep scrolling to find the best dog bed from that gives your drooler, shedder, or bed hogger the perfect place to rest their head between walks, snuggles, and playtime.


An Easy-To-Clean Bed For New Puppies

Designed with smaller dogs in mind, this snuggly sleeping spot is ideal for puppies up to 19 inches in length. Not only is the machine-washable fabric easy to clean, but it's also made with soft, durable cashmere that'll withstand regular trips through the laundry cycle. The waterproof bottom will come in handy during potty training, and the lightweight design will travel wherever they do (which is pretty much everywhere).


A Cooling Bed That Comes In Multiple Sizes

Not every pup needs a warm place to snuggle, and this elevated cooling bed is ideal for dogs who love to lounge. The raised design and mesh fabric keep the ventilation flowing, and the steel frame is outdoor-friendly and easy to clean.


An Orthopedic Option For Small Breeds

Turn up the comfort level for your small-breed dog with this fleece-lined, donut-like bed that comes in two dreamy colors. The cushion is made from an orthopedic foam, and the high walls give your furry friend a safe place to relax.


A Frou-Frou Cushion That Glam Dog Parents Will Love

If your dog (or you!) are all about the finer things in life, may I recommend a bed that suits your stylish standards? This super soft, fancy bed envelopes your small pooch in plush, three centimeter-long faux-fur, plus is available in an entire rainbow of colors.


A Comfy Crate Addition

The pooch who covets (or loathes!) their time inside a crate needs a plush bed to kit out their cave. The Quiet Time pet bed is designed with four elastic straps that secure the mat over their crate's hard pan, and like any good dog bed should be, it's also machine-washable and dryer safe.


A Smart Design For Senior Dogs

For the senior dog who's set in their ways (read: will only nap on the hard floor close to the family room action), this chaise lounge is just what their aging back and hips ordered. The unique L-shape boosts support around the body and the egg crate foam inside helps ease those pressure points to help your beloved friend rest easier.


An Ideal Place For Messy Pets To Rest

Another day, another instance when your dog took a dip in the pool and then went to bed? Hey, that’s a dog’s life. Thankfully, with it’s water-repellent inner cover and removable and washable outer cover, this comfortable pillow pet bed is ready for whatever your dog throws at it.


A Memory Foam Model For Medium Breeds

Not too small, not to large — this one is just right. Medium-sized dogs will enjoy the heavenly combination of the two-inch thick layer of memory foam and the two-inch thick egg crate, wrapped in ultra soft, brushed microsuede.


A Supportive Spot For Wallflowers

Nobody puts baby in the corner — unless baby's favorite snoozing spot happens to be in the corner, that is. This triangle-shaped lounger features a supportive base that'll be easy on their joints and pressure points, as well as a non-skid base that'll stay put on a wide range of surfaces.


A Cozy Pick For Large Breeds

Your canine will feel in charge in this large bed that has a supportive couch-like design. The beauty is in the arm rests; they're similar to the ones on your own couch, except they’re tailor-made for those long body parts and offer therapeutic joint pressure relief.


An Extra Warm Spot For Heat Seekers

Some like it hot! And for those select few, offer up this deluxe bed with an internal thermostat that’ll warm your dog’s cockles. It’s perfect for hangouts like the garage or dog house.


A Dog Bed That Could Improve Their Sleep Quality

For the pup that struggles to settle in for a snooze, this “true orthopedic” dog bed — featuring “healopedic” comfort cushions — promises to improve sleep quality and increase mobility. It will also inadvertently increase the chic factor in any room.


The Washable Solution For Shedding Breeds

Combat those fly aways with this fur- and hair-resistant bed that has a water-resistant liner and a human-grade mattress. Toss the cover in the washing machine and voila! Fur-free.


A Great Pick For Enthusiastic Chewers

The pooch who destroys everything in his path has finally met their match! This chew-resistant bed is easy to wipe clean, and is made with a durable polyester fabric that's suited for indoor and outdoor use.


A Bed You Can Customize For Several Needs

Ready for this? This quilted sofa-style bed comes in five sizes, five colors, and offers three different insert options: an orthopedic foam to support your dog's joints, a memory-top foam to offer overall better support, or a cooling gel-top foam to keep your pup cool and comfortable.


A Bed That's Basically A Couch Of Their Own

No more spats over a spot on the couch! This faux-leather modern lounger with trendy nailhead detailing has an ultra-plush cushion cover (both removable and washable), two bolster pillows, and a storage pocket for toys — or the TV remote. (Kidding!)


A Stylish Addition To A Minimalist Bedroom

For the canine who loves to sleep in your room, this fancy ortho bed — which comes in small and medium sizes — will help them get a solid night's sleep while not completely wrecking your room's design aesthetic.


The Quintessential Midcentury Modern Dog Bed

Small dogs or (gasp!) cats will adore the modern aesthetic of this Homebeez 12-pound bed, but they’ll also be keen on the removable, soft padding inside that can be easily cleaned.


A Smart Pick For Warmer Weather

Short nose pups, like French bulldogs, or canines that sport thick coats, can struggle to stay cool as temperatures rise. Chill things out with this colorful bed that has an inner bamboo material to absorb heat during the dog days of summer.


The Perfect Spot For Burrowers

The dog that consistently disappears under blankets will appreciate this faux-sheepskin lined dome bed that is best described as a dream waiting to happen. The “hood” can be used with or without the plastic hoop, depending on your dog’s desired level of snuggle. Take the hoop out and it transforms into a cozy blanket.


A Great Pick For Extra Large Breeds

It’s a good day (yay!) when you find stuff that fits. Plenty of room on this one for the limbs of extra large dogs who struggle to find a place that holds all of them. How’s this for a tall order: this 100 percent memory foam promises not to flatten over time.