The 5 Best Dry-Erase Boards

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best dry erase boards

It’s hard to imagine a time without the convenience of dry-erase boards in the classroom, office, or kitchen. Available in a range of sizes, you can mount the best dry-erase boards to a wall, stick them on your fridge, or — in the case of portable options — stash them in your bag. Some are even made out of glass to resist permanent marks and ghosting, so you can have a clean slate (er, whiteboard) for years to come.

One of the first things to consider is portability. If you need a dry-erase board when traveling to business meetings or while teaching out of multiple locations, a foldable board with a handle that’s easy to carry is the way to go. On the other hand, if you just need to move your board from one room to another, a larger freestanding board equipped with wheels will give you more space to write and draw while still being relatively seamless to move. Last, if you’re planning to use it in a single location, the best whiteboard for you will likely be a wall-mounted option that provides extra stability while taking up zero floor space.

Dry-erase boards are typically constructed from materials like steel, porcelain, or melamine. While steel and porcelain boards generally resist streaks and marks, it’s possible that your markers will leave permanent impressions on them over time, a phenomenon known as “ghosting.” While they’re sometimes more expensive, a dry-erase board made out of glass is a good way to prevent ghosting, so you can use your board for years. One note: Glass boards typically aren’t magnetic, and they must be fixed to your wall permanently to prevent accidental drops and shattering.

Below, I’ve rounded up the best dry-erase boards on Amazon in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit your specific needs.

1. A Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet For Your Fridge

This magnetic dry-erase board sheet is perfect for leaving quick memos on your refrigerator door. The white-colored surface is made out of durable stainless steel, which erases easily, and the board’s entire backside adheres to the front of your fridge, creating a strong hold that keeps it from sliding down. According to the manufacturer, you can leave markings on the board for up to 40 days and still be able to wipe them off with no residue, and most reviewers reported that they were pleased with the stain-resistance. Plus, you also get a set of four markers and an eraser, all of which have magnets, so you can attach them to the fridge right next to your board. Boasting an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon after more than 4,000 reviews, this board comes in four different sizes, so it works on refrigerators big and small.

According to a reviewer: “I only have good things to say about it. It is lightweight, flexible, strong, easy to clean, and no matter how hard the door gets slammed it doesn’t even move. The markers are the best dry erase markers I have ever used, it was such a pleasure to write with them that I was finding every excuse to write and draw anything in the board.”

  • Available sizes: 17 x 11 inches, 20 x 13 inches, 25 x 16 inches, 29 x 21 inches

2. A Freestanding Board With Wheels

If you want a large dry-erase board with a stand to teach a class or give a business presentation, this option is a worthy pick. Not only is this big whiteboard double-sided so that you get more writing and drawing space, but you can easily flip it over in seconds using the built-in rotation button. The plated steel board is magnetic and easy to wipe down, and reviewers were generally happy with the resistance to ghosting. The unit has a set of lockable wheels for moving the board from room to room. Plus, the aluminum frame — which is available in black, red, blue, and white finishes — features a full-length marker tray for convenient storage (but doesn’t come with markers). For added versatility, the board’s height can be adjusted to suit your needs.

According to a reviewer: “Great mobility, easy to transfer around and is thin enough for storage against the wall, but large enough so that the whole classroom can see what is written on it! [...] What I love is that the height is adjustable so that I can use it and then adjust it so my students can reach the board. Also has a double sided feature so I can have multiple students using the board at the same time.”

  • Available sizes: 46 x 32 inches, 48 x 36 inches, 60 x 46 inches, 70 x 36 inches, 96 x 46 inches

3. A Portable Dry-Erase Board You Can Take Anywhere

Here’s a portable dry-erase board that’s small enough to fit in your bag, so you can take it with you anywhere. No bag? You can use the attached metal handles and carry it like a briefcase. The foldable aluminum alloy frame allows the double-sided board to stand up on its own, so you can set it up on a desk, countertop, or table for easy viewing. This board’s coated surface is constructed from a steel and polymer blend, and buyers remarked that it’s easy to remove marker stains after each use, and a single marker is included. It’s also magnetic, so you can attach learning tools or small notes on the front. The board may be small enough to entertain children, but adults also love its portability.

According to a reviewer: “I love the portability of the board and that it stands on a table. I use this for small group/individual guided reading and writing lessons. It is also magnetic and would work great with magnetic word or sentence stems”

  • Available sizes: 16 x 12 inches

4. A Glass Dry-Erase Board With Superior Ghosting Resistance

While a glass dry-erase board can often be an investment, this one is relatively affordable — and it’s a surefire way to prevent stains and streaks from haunting the board forever. In fact, there are zero reports of ghosting with this highly rated option after 900 reviews. It affixes to the wall with the included metal mounts, making it an ideal choice if you only plan on using your dry-erase board in one location. Unlike the other options on this list, this board’s surface is not magnetic, but there is a detachable tray for holding markers (not included). This model is fashioned from totally clear glass that adds a minimalist touch to your office or classroom, but you can also opt for frosted, white, and semi-transparent options.

According to a reviewer: “If you want dry-erase boards that look like an interior design firm had them custom made for your space, then these [...] are exactly what you want [...] Also, being glass, these dry-erase boards erase more thoroughly than any white dry-erase board I've ever seen. There are no smudges, letter fragments, or "ghost letters" left behind after erasing.”

  • Available sizes: 24 x 18 inches, 36 x 24 inches, 48 x 36 inches, 60 x 41 inches, 72 x 36 inches

5. A Calendar Whiteboard That Organizes Your Schedule

This set of three dry-erase board calendars makes it incredibly easy to break down your busy schedule. The set includes magnetic boards for monthly, weekly, and daily to-do lists, so you get an overview of your long-term schedule, as well as the details for the day at hand. While the manufacturer doesn’t list the board’s material, several reviewers have commented on its durability and how effortless it was to clean up, with minimal ghosting left behind. This board comes with four colorful markers and an eraser, all of which magnetically stick to your fridge. If you plan on using your refrigerator’s dry-erase board for the sole purpose of scheduling, this set will save you a lot of time and energy.

According to a reviewer: “I’ve always struggled to use a calendar continuously and this has been so helpful! The markers are really nice and write super fine. It’s really easy to clean off as well and I haven’t had any of the dyes stain it, even with other brands of dry erase markers.”

  • Available sizes: 18 x 183 inches (monthly and weekly calendars), 5 x 10 inches (daily calendar)

Also Essential: Highly Rated Dry-Erase Markers

You’ll definitely need some dry-erase markers to go with your new board, and reviewers can’t get enough of this set that boasts a 4.8-star overall rating and more than 47,000 reviews. Vividly pigmented for easy viewing, the marks dry quickly on the board and resist smearing, while the chisel tips allow for both broader strokes and finer detailing. Plus, the low-odor formula makes these much more pleasant to use than standard dry-erase markers.

According to a reviewer: “Superb quality. Bright, vivid colors that show up great on the white board.”