The 11 Best Pill Organizers In 2021

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A medication schedule isn’t always easy to follow. But whether you're treating a chronic condition, taking a daily vitamin, or caring for a loved one, the best pill organizers offer a simple way to stay on top of every dose. Healthcare routines (and health products) are deeply personal, so choosing the ideal pill organizer for your lifestyle will be highly dependent on your individual needs. Before you make a purchase, it’s worth taking some time to think about how you’ll be using your pill organizer and using this to decide on your ideal size, shape, configuration, and any extra features you might need.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Size and configuration: Pill organizers come in daily, weekly, and monthly configurations. It’s up to you whether you want to plan out your whole month of medication at once, or whether you’d prefer to refill every week or day. On a daily level, your organizer should be split into a number of compartments that match the number of times per day that you take medication. If you take large pills (or lots of pills), you’ll also want to make sure the compartments are big enough to accommodate them.
  • Portability: If you plan to throw your pills into a purse or suitcase, you’ll want an organizer that can close securely (no one wants spilled medication at the bottom of their bag!) without taking up unnecessary space.
  • Accessibility: If you have arthritis or other conditions that cause hand pain or weakness, you might require a pill organizer that is designed to be easy to open.
  • Digital features: Smart pill organizers are a great option for those who would benefit from a medication reminder or who work with caregivers to track their medication intake. Smart pill organizers have digital components that provide services such as sounding an alarm when it’s time to take a dose or locking to ensure only the correct pills are taken.

Now that you’ve thought about what you need, take a look at the picks below. Each has been labeled to indicate a suggested use case or noteworthy feature, but if a pick doesn’t seem quite right for you, keep scrolling to see if the same product is available in a different size or configuration. And don’t worry — even if you’re not sure how to streamline your healthcare routine, a well-designed pill container is a great place to start getting organized.


An Editor-Favorite Pill Organizer

If you’re looking for a versatile daily pill organizer that’s decent for travel, the AUVON iMedAssist pill organizer is a really great choice. I’ve been using it every day for the past few years to organize my medications, and it’s by far the best organizer I’ve ever used. While it’s a bit bulky for anyone who doesn’t need to take too many pills and probably won’t fit in a purse, the clever design of this product makes it incredibly functional.

No matter which size you choose (it comes in one-, two-, and four-compartment-per-day designs), you get a BPA-free plastic organizer made up of a transparent, moisture-proof carrying case and seven color-coded organizer pods labeled with different days of the week. Each compartment has a symbol to represent the time of day when you might use it. I find the color-coding and labeling system to be both cheerful (rainbow colors! cute symbols!) and genuinely helpful. The overall design of the individual pods in the carrying case is also infinitely convenient because you can throw a few days of pills in your bag if you’re going away for the weekend and don’t want to bring the whole organizer, but the sturdy case latches securely for those times when you do want to pack the whole organizer in your luggage.

The twice-a-day version of this pill organizer has a lot of room for medication, with seven pairs of compartments that each fit up to 10 1,000-milligram fish oil pills or 14 multivitamins. In addition to a few other sizes of this specific case, AUVON also makes a few more portable styles and a similar monthly organizer.

Helpful review: “This is without a doubt the best pill organizer box I have ever had. It will not spill in my luggage or bag while traveling. It will not spill out cups of pills if dropped or when the tabs get bumped. It's a perfect portable design that has deep cups to hold large vitamins. The daily cups snap shut and they are contained in a waterproof sealed snap shut container. Love it.”

Other Sizes & Configurations:


An Easy-To-Open Pill Organizer That Comes In Lots Of Different Sizes

The EZY DOSE is a basic pill planner with a few simple features that should make it a great fit for most people — just ask the more than 46,000 Amazon users who gave it an overall rating of 4.5 stars. The planner has 14 compartments, two for each day of the week. Compartments are labeled with the day of the week and time of day (AM or PM), with blue details on AM compartments and purple on PM. The lids are transparent to allow you to see at a glance which doses you’ve taken, and push buttons make the compartments easy to open even if you have hand pain or weakness, earning the planner an endorsement for ease of use from the Arthritis Foundation. Each compartment can fit about eight standard-sized fish oil pills, 16 vitamins, or 40 aspirin tablets, which should be enough for most people’s needs. That said, the best thing about this planner is that it’s available in a slew of other sizes.

Helpful review: “I am so impressed with these, I've spent much more on others that were made cheaply and much smaller. I especially like the click lock feature which keeps them secure, they won't open until you press the unlock tab. The pill sections are large and they hold all my medications and vitamins. I used to have to take my vitamins ‘on the side’ because all the others I've had didn't hold enough pills. You can't beat the price for this quality product!”

Other Sizes & Configurations:


A Compact Pill Organizer For Travel

Many of the pill organizers on this list are ideal for taking on the road, but this inexpensive Holii pill organizer is especially convenient, managing to find the middle ground when it comes to fitting a lot of pills without feeling bulky. It also closes securely and looks great, which doesn’t hurt either!

The organizer is made of a hard cereal shell fiber case filled with eight plastic compartments and a silicone sealing ring so everything stays super secure. On one side of the case, you get six smaller compartments, which the manufacturer suggests can each hold 10 capsules. On the other side, two larger compartments are designed to hold five larger vitamins each. The compartments aren’t labeled, but the organizer comes with labels so you can choose how (and if!) you want to differentiate them for yourself. The case itself measures 4.33 by 3.54 by 1.18 inches in size in total, so you can fit it in just about any type of bag (or even a larger pocket). It has a matte speckled exterior that’s truly aesthetically pleasing, and you can choose between a few different color options or buy a four-pack that comes with multiple colors.

Helpful review: “This pill organizer is by far the best I have ever used. There are six small separate compartments on the bottom half and two large ones on the top. Each compartment has a separate cover that snaps shut and stays closed. It is so convenient when traveling. I keep mine in my handbag at all times.”

Other Sizes and Configurations:


A Tiny Pill Box For Just The Essentials

When you just need a safe, organized way to take a few pills along in your purse, a tiny pill box can be more helpful than a hefty organizer. That’s where this Lizimandu pill box comes in. The metal case is super compact, measuring less than 2 inches in diameter and under an inch in height, and features a glossy design on the exterior. Whether you prefer floral, marble, or galaxy prints, there are tons of design options, so you can pick a box you really like. You press a button to open the box, and inside there are three small plastic compartments where you can stash pills or any small items. According to one reviewer, “each compartment can hold four vitamins in each and at least twenty small aspirin-sized pills.” The pill box comes in packs of one, two, or four, and the brand also offers a larger rectangular version.

Helpful review: “Great little metal pill box. Just enough room for my daily vitamins. It fits in my purse or a pocket. The lid snaps with a satisfying click so I know it's secure. It has not popped open unintentionally. It seems to be high quality.”

Other Sizes and Configurations:


A Pill Organizer You Can Fill Without Having To Open It

There’s a lot to love about this weekly pill organizer from Sagely. It contains 14 compartments in total, so you can keep track of medications you take twice a day (or once a day for two weeks at a time). The compartment lids are in two different colors to make it easier to tell them apart, and each set of two compartments are their own individual pod, so you can take them with you for a shorter outing without having to take the whole case. When you’re home, they sit atop a base that uses magnets to keep them in place. Best of all, filling the organizer is especially quick and easy, since the flexible lids have indents where you can count out your pills and slots you can simply push the pills through without having to open the lids up (don’t worry, your pills won’t be able to fall out the slots).

Sagely also has a corresponding smartphone app you can use to set reminders if you’re worried about taking your meds on time. The case itself comes in a handful of color combinations. This extra-large version measures 12.5 by 3.8 by 1.5 inches (length by width by height) but the brand also sells a more compact version.

Helpful review: “This pill box is well worth the hefty price tag. The compartments are large and can hold large pills as well as a significant amount of smaller pills. The magnetic base is very nice in that it securely holds the daily containers in place. I refill my containers on Friday evening and since the individual days are not connected like they were on my old inexpensive pill box I can rearrange my week to fit my needs (Friday is my "last" day). The containers are brightly colored. Each day is well labeled with large letters on the front and back. There is a slit in the top of each lid to push the pills into the container as well as a dimple to hold the pills before loading them. This method of "loading" the containers is very quick . I can double-check that I have each day's pills correct before pressing them inside the appropriate day/time well. The lids stay securely closed for travel but at the same time are not difficult to open when needed.”

Other Sizes and Configurations:


A Sleek & Subtle Pill Organizer

When you’re out and about, you might not want to be obvious about taking your pills — that's when Mimi Medcessories Pretty Pillbox comes in handy. The compact pill organizer comes in three subtly metallic shades — Rose, Champagne, and Steele — and is so sleek no one would ever guess what’s inside. Currently it’s available in just one size, with seven compartments (one for each day of the week), plus a bonus compartment for any extra pills. According to the manufacturer, each compartment can fit up to five large supplements or 10 to 12 small prescription pills. You can dispense your medication one day at a time by sliding the compartments out from each side of the pill box. A small button on the side of the box keeps it from opening in your purse.

Helpful review: “I am so glad I chose this product! Rattling around my 5 med bottles every morning was so obnoxious and they cluttered up my nightstand. My main concern was how many pills this thing could hold but I've found it can hold 2 regular sized pills, a teeny iron tablet, a gummy vitamin and one of those huge multivitamins, in one little slot! Definitely a great buy, and it looks so cute.”

Other Sizes & Configurations: None


A Pill Organizer For Patients With Caregivers

This LiveFine dispenser is equal parts organizer, dispenser, and gadget — which is what sets it apart from the rest. It provides 28 compartments, each large enough to fit up to 18 tablets of aspirin. When you’re filling the device, you can access all the compartments at once, eliminating the need to tediously lift 28 separate lids. Once you’ve filled the dispenser, you’re able to lock it, select a dose frequency, and program alerts. Depending on dose frequency, you might only need to refill the device once a month, or more often if you require more than one slot per day. The lock feature is key to LiveFine’s appeal, making it difficult for anyone who’s forgetful or easily confused to take their medications at the wrong time. When it’s time to take the meds, the device beeps and flashes to alert the user that they need to take a pill. The alarm will go off for 30 minutes, or until the user tips the dispenser over to access the unlocked pill slot. Many Amazon reviewers are caregivers who have purchased the LiveFine for loved ones dealing with dementia or disorientation, and report that it’s a massive relief to know that they don’t need to worry about missed meds or overdoses. However, it’s worth noting that while the majority of reviews are positive, adding technology to anything has the power to both simplify and complicate use. The LiveFine is no exception. A smaller number of users have complained of defective or malfunctioning devices, and while it’s no reason to skip the LiveFine if you need it, it is an argument in favor of doing a few test runs before you incorporate it into a regular routine.

Helpful review: “My dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer which spread to his brain. He has so many meds that he needs to take and I can't be there all of the time. This beeps until he takes it so he had finally been taking the right meds at the right time. He doesn't have to remember what day it is, or even which box is for which time. It beeps, he dumps out the open slot and takes the pill. I like the clear lid so that I can see that he has taken his meds without having to bother with the lock. I like the lock so that I know he isn't moving things around like he did with the other pill box. This allowed him to stay in his own home longer.”

Other Sizes and Configurations: None


A Weekly Pill Organizer In A Cute Zip-Up Case

Perfect for anyone who wants to tuck their pill organizer discreetly in their bag, this pill box from Made Easy Kit contains eight different compartments — seven printed with the days of the week, and one for any extra pill needs. This definitely isn’t an organizer meant for anyone who needs a lot of space, but according to one reviewer, you can fit at least eight tablets of Tylenol in each compartment. The plastic organizer fits inside an attractive zip-up case, which is made from waterproof neoprene and even has a small zippered pocket on the front for any additional items you might want to stash there. Choose from eight fun prints, including, desert cacti and rainbow tie-dye, or opt for a solid black one.

Helpful review: “I bought this product because I take lot of vitamins and wanted something more organized than opening a bunch of bottles every day. It’s perfect for that. Love the design and the material is good quality. The pill organizing part can be removed from the pouch, which is nice. I take fish pills (you know the horse-sized pills) and they fit in the compartment just fine with my other vitamins. I like the extra compartment too, so I can put Tylenol or anything else I might need when I am out and about. This pouch will fit in your back pocket!

Other Sizes and Configurations:


A Weekly Pill Organizer You Can Reconfigure At Will

With a unique stackable design and reinforced aluminum alloy construction, this weekly pill organizer from Zannaki stands apart from the rest. It’s shockproof, moisture-proof, and incredibly sturdy, and it has seven compartments (labeled with days of the week) that stack on top of one another. To access them, you simple unscrew the organizer from the compartment you need. Because of this stackable design, you can also change the order of the compartments, or even get rid of ones you might not need on a given day or week so you aren’t dealing with anything extra. Each piece of the pill organizer twists and locks into place, so it won’t come apart on its own. According to the brand, the compartments are also pretty roomy, with each one able to fit about 36 aspirin tablets, 19 standard-sized capsules, or eight large fish oil pills. Choose from a handful of different colors.

Helpful review: “I really love this pill holder. It will hold my vitamins and prescribed medicines and I take quite a few. It closes tightly and is very secure. I like that it has a string attached to the end. The two end pieces hold more than the regular days for pills as well. It does seem to be waterproof, and came with extra rubberized rings for replacing. It is about as long as my hand and fits nicely in my bag when I travel. It really helps me keep my medicine for the week organized.”

Other Sizes and Configurations:


A Round Pill Organizer That Rotates

Less than 4 inches in diameter, this round pill organizer is compact enough to take anywhere. It also happens to be pretty adorable, designed to look like your choice of three different citrus fruits. Use one to keep track of a small amount of once-a-day pills, or nab additional colors to stay on top of meds you take two or three times a day. You have a lot of freedom with regard to how you choose to use these pill organizers, since they don’t have the days of the week labeled.

The pill box is made of food grade polypropylene plastic, and you press the button at the center to spin the internal organizer. In order to access one compartment at a time, open the dispensing latch. For easy access to all the compartments, the lid also comes off when it’s time to refill for the week. The organizers come in packs of one or three, with or without a zippered carrying case.

Helpful review: “I really really really love this pill sorter. I take morning medication, and I often forget to take it on time and or at all. This pill container actually makes me look forward to taking my medication because it is so fun to use! First you load it up with all of your meds, then you push the center button to change the open compartment.”

Other Sizes and Configurations: None


A Monthly Pill Organizer With An Alarm

If you or a loved one is struggling to remember when to take your pills, MedCenter is here for you. The spacious pill organizer is a large countertop contraption, but it comes with 31 pillboxes so that you only need to refill the thing on a monthly basis. The pillboxes are split into four compartments, each of which can fit about 16 standard-sized pills of Advil. The pillboxes are color-coded on the ends so that you can keep track of whether you’ve taken your pills on a given day — simply flip all your filled pillboxes to display the green ends at the beginning of the month, and flip them over to display the red ends when you’ve successfully emptied them. You can slip individual pillboxes into your bag or pocket when you’re on the go, but MedCenter’s true appeal is its talking alarm clock that reminds you when it’s time to take your meds. This approach isn’t for everyone, but Amazon reviewers agree it’s great for older individuals who are coping with some memory loss. According to one reviewer, the product has been “literally a lifesaver.”

Helpful review: “This has been a lifesaver! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a way to stay on schedule. Sometimes I couldn't remember if I'd taken my pills or not. My husband got worried once when I thought I had double dosed and told me to get on Amazon and find something just like this! I'd never seen one before and was hesitant but he wanted in all his heart to see [me] not struggle with pills anymore. I got it AND I LOVE IT! [...] It's been a big help and plus now I only have to do refill once a month. It takes time but I get to rest and have peace of mind a month at time! If you have a strict medicine schedule to stick to, like me, this is for you!”

Other Sizes and Configurations: None

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