The 4 Best Ramekins

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Ramekins are not only essential for making a variety of desserts — they're also great for dips, smalls snacks, and as part of a mise en place. The best ramekins are made from ceramic and are oven-safe, easy to clean, and the right size and shape for your specific needs.

While glass and stainless steel ramekins are available, ceramic is generally the best option because it usually has a nonstick glaze and retains heat well. However, ceramic can shatter during extreme temperature changes, so don't take a hot ceramic ramekin from the oven and put it directly into cold water.

Stoneware, a type of ceramic fired at a high temperature, and porcelain, a type of durable and nonporous ceramic, are common ramekin materials that hold up well. Ceramic ramekins are generally oven-safe, but it's a good idea to double check the exact temperature range of your ramekin before cooking with it.

You'll also want to consider size and shape. Some recipes, like creme brûlée, require wider, shallower ramekins, while chocolate lava cakes need a smaller diameter with greater depth. If you're not sure what you're going to make, a round, 8-ounce design is a solid choice for versatility. Most ramekins come in sets of either four or six pieces. If you regularly entertain guests, or do a lot of complicated prep work, opt for a larger set.

If you're ready to impress your friends with delicious desserts and more, check out our list of the best ramekins below.

1. The Best Overall

  • Size: 8 ounces
  • Material: porcelain

Perfect for classic table settings, this 8-ounce ramekin has a traditional round design with fluted sides. It's made from porcelain and is safe to use in the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. It is also oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for just about any baking project, from custards to soufflés. This ramekin is also well-liked on Amazon, with over 2,000 five-star reviews.

One fan raved: “Great design and easy to clean. I love the ceramic quality, size, and color. I have been using them for single serve soufflés and they bake well. In addition, they are super easy to clean.”

  • Available colors: white, blue

2. The Best Shallow Ramekin Set

  • Size: 6 ounces
  • Material: porcelain

Just over an inch tall, these shallow ramekins are perfect for making tasty creme brûlées, as well as mini tarts, mini quiches, and more. These 6-ounce ramekins are made from porcelain, so they're freezer-, dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a versatile, modern square shape that makes them great for holding nuts, candy, and sauces as well.

One fan raved: “I bought these to make creme brûlée and they are PERFECT! They fit perfectly in a 1/4 cookie sheet for a water bath while baking. They are seriously such good quality and beautiful.”

3. The Best Mini Cocottes

  • Size: 8 ounces
  • Material: stoneware

These 8-ounce Le Creuset ramekins have a classic mini cocotte design, which makes them perfect for whipping up molten lava cakes, baked eggs, individual mac and cheeses, and so much more. If you're not sure how to use a mini cocotte, you can check out the included cookbook, which has 25 original recipes. These cocottes are made from stoneware and are microwave-, freezer-, dishwasher-, and broiler-safe, as well as oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They are finished with colorful nonporous enamel, which is resistant to odors, chipping, and cracking. This set is available in four classic Le Creuset colors.

One fan raved: “I absolutely fell in love with these little pieces. I made some raspberry soufflés when I received them and the soufflés were cooked perfectly. The little handles are more useful than I thought, too. They’re the perfect size for deserts and it comes with a small booklet that has about 20 recipes that you can cook with these pieces. They’re sturdy, a beautiful color, and I’ve gotten compliments from people on how nice they look in pictures. If you have the budget to buy these since they’re a bit expensive, I think they’re worth the purchase!”

  • Available colors: caribbean, cerise, deep teal, and marseille

4. The Best Mini Ramekins

  • Size: 4 ounces (also available in 6 ounces)
  • Material: porcelain

These Bellemain porcelain ramekins have a classic soufflé shape, and come in a variety of fun colors. They are microwave-, freezer-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They can hold up to 4 ounces, which makes them great for baking mini cheesecakes and chocolate lava cakes, or for holding dipping sauces and garnishes. These ramekins are also double-glazed with an odor-resistant finish, so you won't have to scrub them hard during cleanup. Over 4,000 shoppers have given these ramekins a perfect five-star rating on Amazon.

One fan raved: “Small but mighty! Too cute. I use them to make panna cotta and other desserts. These are a great size for one serving and they seem tough like they’ll hold up for a long time.”

  • Available colors: multicolor, blue, and white

Also Great: A Set Of 100 Disposable Ramekins

  • Size: 4 ounces
  • Material: aluminum

Perfect for making tiny desserts for a large group, or for anyone who hates doing the dishes, these disposable ramekins from DOBI are convenient and easy to use. Made from aluminum, they heat evenly, are oven- and freezer-safe, and can be recycled — but note that these are not microwave-safe. The aluminum is also flexible, which makes it easy to remove sticky desserts.

One fan raved: “Got these to make flan and creme brulee and they are the perfect size. These are a lot sturdier than others I have ordered previously. They hold their shapes really well. Will be back for more when I'm out.”