The 4 Best Ski Boot Heaters, According To Reviewers

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best ski boot heaters

As a middle school ski club member, I learned quickly that cold feet made hitting the slopes much less fun. But that’s a problem easily solved by the best ski boot heaters, which take the form of insoles, socks, or adhesive pads that fit inside your boots to keep your feet toasty in a way that feels the most comfortable for you. Also important: These boot warmers are available in battery-powered and non-electric designs, so you can choose the most convenient option.

When it comes to keeping your feet comfy, your main choice is between electric boot warmers and air-activated heaters, and there are pros and cons to each. Electric ski boot warmers use insoles or socks in conjunction with rechargeable battery packs that offer multiple temperature settings. But one thing to keep in mind: The battery packs, which are usually worn on your calves, can feel a bit bulky for some. On the other hand, air-activated heaters warm up with just a few snaps of your hand, and fit in the toes of your boots. They're ultra-thin and require no electricity — which is great when you’re in the outdoors — but they’re not reusable and only offer one heat level.

You’ll also want to consider heat coverage on your foot. For instance, heated insoles will offer heel-to-toe warmth, while heated socks and toe warmers focus on your forefoot. And if you’d rather not wear anything extra in your ski boot or on your calves at all, you can still pre-heat them and remove excess moisture before putting them on by using a ski boot dryer. If you’re ready to hit the slopes for hours, these are the best ski boot heaters on Amazon that’ll keep you comfortable all day.

1. These Battery-Powered Heated Insoles

For heel-to-toe warmth on the slopes, these battery-powered heated insoles are a popular pick with reviewers. The insoles can be trimmed to fit women's shoe sizes 3 to 15.5, and the infrared heating pads evenly distribute warmth along the bottoms of the feet. The lithium-ion battery packs attach to your legs above your ski boots with the included gaiters and offer up to six hours of warmth on each charge. There are four heat settings, and the insoles are waterproof and easy to wash as needed. While wearing battery packs on your legs may feel bulky, these insoles offer the largest heating area of all the options on this list, so they might be worth it if you want to maximize warmth.

According to a fan: “These were amazing additions to my ski boots. Easy to set up and kept my feet toasty all day. Easy to set up and kept my feet toasty all day. 25 or 50% setting was plenty and they lasted as long as I did. The strap fit around my boot fine and I didn’t notice it at all."

2. A Pair Of Cozy Heated Socks

If you think wearing a strap around your leg may be uncomfortable, these electric heated socks are another warming solution with a more streamlined silhouette. The lithium-ion battery packs fit conveniently into zippered pockets at the elasticized hems, and there are three heat levels to choose from. You’ll get up to six hours of use on one charge, but the infrared heating elements only cover the toe areas, which means these socks offer less coverage than the insoles mentioned above. And while you may be able to feel the wires running through each sock, many reviewers found them to be comfortable overall.

The socks are made from a breathable, stretchy blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane with padded heels and toes for added comfort, and they're available in black and gray. For care, hand-washing is recommended.

  • Available sizes: Small - X-Large
  • Available colors: 2

According to a fan: “We work in the ski industry and love our new socks. The battery is very compact and keeps our toes warm and comfortable.”

3. These Toe Warmers That Don’t Require Electricity

If you’d rather not use a battery pack, these toe warmers are a best-selling option with thousands of five-star reviews. To use the slim toe warmers, open the package, shake them to activate, then use the adhesive backing to stick them on each of your socks. The warmers contain natural ingredients like activated charcoal and iron powder for air-activated heat that lasts up to eight hours, making these the longest-lasting option on the list. Each pack contains 40 pairs of single-use toe warmers, and most reviewers report that they're not bulky or uncomfortable to wear. These are great if you want a simple, ultra-thin design that fits easily inside your boots.

According to a fan: “I couldn't go skiing without this wonderful product! They stick to my socks as required (no wrinkling when I slide my foot into the boot), and they last all day. Sometimes I even pull them off the ski socks and slip them into my street shoes for the apres-ski! They're still warm!”

4. The Best Ski Boot Dryer For Pre-Heating Your Boots

Not only does this ski boot dryer remove moisture from your boots and prevent odors after a long day of skiing, but it can also be used before hitting the slopes to warm your boots up, so they're extra comfortable to put on. The adjustable drying ports utilize forced air and 105-degree heat, and there's a three-hour timer and a 6-foot power cord. Also great: You can use the dryer for gloves and everyday shoes, too.

According to a fan: “It drys my boots fast and awesome to warm them up during the winter cold mornings.”

Good To Have: These Heat-Retaining Ski Boot Covers

While these ski boot covers don’t generate heat, they’re a great way to insulate your feet from the cold, and they’re super easy to use — just strap them onto your boots, and you’re good to go. Made from wind- and water-resistant neoprene with thermal reflective strips, the durable covers attach to your boots with adjustable straps to help retain your body heat. You can use them on their own or, for extra coziness, pair them with one of the heaters mentioned above. The stretchy covers are available in three sizes to fit women's shoe sizes 3 to 16.5.

  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large

According to a fan: “They really keep my feet comfortable. On bitter cold days I also tuck a disposable heat pack by my toes & they've never gotten cold. An excellent low tech solution to a skier's bane.”