The Cheapest, Most Clever Home Improvement Products With Near-Perfect Reviews On Amazon

You’ll be excited about home upgrades.

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Does anyone know what the heck we ever did before product reviews? Just go out on a limb and purchase something without thousands of reviews backing it up? Oh, the horror. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where you can scroll through pages and pages (and pages) of reviewer comments to find out whether that internet-famous TubShroom really is as effective as it claims to be (the votes are in and it’s a heck yes). We’ve done all the scrolling work for you and found the cheapest, most clever home improvement products with near-perfect reviews on Amazon. It won’t be long before you’re adding your own enthusiastic reviews — seriously, thank you Prime for that two-day shipping. Here we go.


An $8 Shower Liner That’s So Popular It Has Gained 23,000+ Perfect Ratings

You know something is good when it has tens of thousands of positive Amazon reviews, as this plastic shower liner proves. Shoppers highly recommend the liner based on its amazing quality for a low price and note that the strong magnets keep the bottom securely in place. It has rustproof grommets to prevent those unsightly orange drip lines and you can either use the liner in place of a shower curtain or behind a decorative fabric curtain.


This Mattress Pad With A Near-Perfect Overall Rating After 97,000 Reviews

Protect your mattress and add an extra layer of padded comfort with this quilted mattress pad that’s cool and breathable for the ultimate good night’s sleep. With an overall 4.6-star rating after more than 97,000 reviews, this is a cheap but clever bedroom must-have. The ultra-soft topper is made from 100% microfiber and functions like a fitted sheet as it wraps around your mattress to ensure it stays put.


A Popular Steam Cleaner To Sanitize Your Home’s Hard Surfaces

Instead of spending a ton of money on professional cleaning services, take the DIY route and get this hard surface steam cleaner. This popular handheld device uses high pressure steam to remove dirt, grime, and grease, and it can be used on multiple surfaces, from countertops to flooring. Lots of customers say it’s well worth the money and has allowed them to deep clean hard-to-reach places that are otherwise neglected.


An Ultra-Absorbent Bath Rug With A Near-Perfect Overall Rating After 52,000 Reviews

Listen to the tens of thousands of reviewers who have given this super absorbent bath rug the five-star seal of approval and add this comfy accessory to your own bathroom. Made from soft chenille, its plush texture doesn’t just feel good on your feet, shoppers point out that the rug’s rubber backing grips to the floor to help prevent any slippage. It’s available in over forty colors, machine-washable, and has a budget-friendly price tag as an added bonus.


A Toilet Plunger & Bowl Cleaner Duo That’ll Help You Maintain A Clean Bathroom

Keep your toilet sparkling clean with this toilet plunger and bowl cleaner combo that comes in a sturdy and sanitary holder. The discreet design, convenient storage, and high effectiveness score big with thousands of shoppers, so if you’re looking for an upgrade on the flimsy toilet cleaning tools you currently own, this set is it. The brush has strong nylon bristles that are flexible enough to get to the hard-to-reach nooks around the toilet rim, while the heavy duty plunger delivers strong suction to deal with even the toughest of clogs.


This Silky Pillowcase That’s Way Gentler On Hair & Skin

Upgrade your bedding and protect your hair and skin while you sleep thanks to this luxurious silky pillowcase. Unlike a traditional cotton pillowcase that can snag your hair and cause skin irritation because of friction, this cooling alternative is gentle on hair and skin. Shoppers are amazed at the quality of the pillowcase for its incredible price, and many use the words “super soft” to describe it.


These Smart Light Bulbs With Voice Control & 16 Million (Yes, You Read That Right) Color Options

Illuminate your home with these smart light bulbs that are such a clever home improvement product, thousands of reviewers have left a positive rating. You can wirelessly control the bulbs via an app, use the handy voice control feature, or set a timer for when you want your lights to turn off. The smart bulbs offer 16 million color options, allow you to control brightness levels, and although they don’t need a hub to work, you can connect them with your Alexa or Google Assistant.


These Under-Bed Storage Bags To Help Maximize Closet Space

Make room in your closet by storing any out-of-season and bulky items in these storage bags under your bed. If you’re not sure whether they’re really worth it, just check out the huge number of near-perfect Amazon reviews. Each zippered bag has a clear plastic top that allows you to quickly identify what’s inside and a sturdy handle so you can easily pull the bag out. The lightweight bags have reinforced stitching for ultimate durability and to prevent any rips and tears.


A Sleek Coffee Canister That Has A Clever Freshness Date Tracker

Keep your morning cup of coffee nice and fresh by storing your coffee beans in this stainless steel canister that has an overall 4.7-star rating from a whopping 11,000+ Amazon shoppers. It has a release valve and date tracker on its lid to ensure freshness, comes with a handy measuring scoop, and features a sleek gray design that’ll look great on your countertop. Make this small investment in a high-quality storage container, and you’ll save yourself a ton of money on all those unplanned coffee runs throughout the week.


An Over-The-Door Organizer That Tons Of Reviewers Say Is A Great Space-Saver

If you could use a little extra storage space in your closet, listen to the countless reviewers who gave this over-the-door organizer near-perfect Amazon reviews and say it’s a great space saver. Each organizer has two metal hooks that hang over the top of the door and six pockets with clear fronts so you can see exactly what’s in them. Use them for everything from towels and purses to toys, and you you’ll be amazed at how much shelf space you gain.


This Battery Tester & Organizer So You Can Finally Get Your Junk Drawer Under Control

Empty out your junk drawer and chances are you’ll find a bunch of loose batteries you’re not even sure work. Get this battery organizer, and not only will you be able to test them, the compact case is large enough to hold up to 180 batteries neatly and safely. You can store it inside a drawer or cabinet, mount it on the wall or hang it by its handle, so it’s always easily accessible and you don’t end up repurchasing multiple battery packs just because you can’t find a single battery at home.


A Popular Table Lamp That’s Also A Charger Thanks To A USB Port

Illuminate the room, charge your phone, and add a minimalist decorative accent with this bedside lamp that has a built-in USB port. This reviewer favorite features a wood base and a cylinder-shaped white shade, and to add to its contemporary design, it has a touch control with three brightness levels. The lamp is also easy to operate, since you can turn it on and off just with a light tap on the wood base instead of looking around for a cord in the dark.


An Electric Bottle Opener That Works In 6 Seconds

Uncork a bottle in six seconds using this rechargeable electric bottle opener that has garnered thousands of near-perfect Amazon reviews. Unlike a manual opener that can be a pain to use and leaves cork pieces floating around in the wine (no thank you), this electric version works at the push of a button with minimal effort on your part. It’s stylish enough to display on your bar cart, wet bar, or next to your wine collection and once charged, the opener lasts for up to 30 bottle openings. This one also makes a great gift for so many occasions.


This Neck Support Pillow That’ll Turn A Regular Bath Into A Spa-Like Experience

Enjoy an at-home spa experience and rest your head on this bath pillow for ultimate relaxation. The waterproof cushion hugs your head, neck, and shoulders, and reviewers love that it stays put thanks to six strong suction cups and dries quickly once you hang it up. The mesh fabric allows for good air flow so you don’t feel like you’re resting your head on a soggy towel, and to clean it, simply place it in the provided protective wash bag and toss it in the washing machine.


An Under-Cabinet Jar Opener That More Than 20,000 Shoppers Love

Open jars effortlessly without cluttering your drawer with yet another kitchen gadget thanks to this genius under-cabinet jar opener. The small round disk mounts discreetly under an upper cabinet and can open any size jar when you insert it into the v-slot. It’s easy to access and lets you open a jar one-handed as the metal teeth in the opener grip onto the lid as you twist the jar. Go ahead and save yourself the arm strain and get this cheap but seriously useful little tool that thousands of shoppers love.


This Double Oven Mitt To Protect Your Hands From Painful Burns

Pick up a hot pan of freshly baked cookies safely with this double oven mitt that’s heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of shakily holding the pan with just one hand, this silicone and recycled cotton mitt allows you to get a good grip with both hands, while being protected from painful burns. The near-perfect Amazon reviews mention how well made it is and how nice it looks, checking off the style and function boxes simultaneously.


A Mortar & Pestle Set So You Can Make Fresh Herb & Spice Blends At Home

Don’t overspend on a fancy mortar and pestle set, when you can get this highly rated version for a great price. Made from heavy granite, it has a beautiful speckled stone finish that’ll look great on a kitchen shelf or by a stack of your favorite cookbooks. The 6-inch bowl can hold up to two cups and if you’ve never used a mortal and pestle before, it’s a must-have kitchen tool perfect for making homemade spice blends or crushing fresh herbs.


This Pet Stain Remover That Eliminates Odor With An Enzyme Formula

Remove questionable pet stains and funky lingering odors with this enzyme cleaner spray that lots of people report is the best they’ve ever used. It works on multiple surfaces including carpet, fabric upholstery, and floor tile, and instead of just masking the smells, this powerful cleaner actually eliminates them. Trade in the unpleasant urine odor for the fresh citrus scent this Angry Orange spray leaves behind, and you’ll soon find yourself adding to the thousands of near-perfect Amazon reviews.


A Light Therapy Lamp That Mimics The Brightness Of The Sun

Brighten dark and gloomy days with this Amazon fave light therapy lamp that’s easily portable and has many benefits. The UV-free LED lamp has three brightness settings and helps boost energy, improve focus, regulate sleep, and positively impact your mood. To use the lamp, simply turn it on, position it 18 inches from your face, and enjoy its bright light for the recommended amount of time (consulting a physician on time dosage is recommended).


An Under-The-Door Draft Stopper To Help Save Energy & Money

Keep drafts out and save money in the long run with this cheap draft stopper you can easily install under your door. With over 11,000 perfect ratings and a cheap price tag, it’s a great way to seal gaps that let cool air escape in the summer and allow drafts to come in during the winter. The stopper’s three-layer design aids its waterproof and soundproof features, and besides regulating temperature, it also blocks light and noise and prevents water and pests from coming in.


A Sliding Drawer Organizer For The Cabinet Under Your Sink

Organize your cabinets and maximize storage space with this two-tier sliding drawer organizer. If you’re wondering why it’s popular with Amazon reviewers, here are its main benefits according to their comments: it’s easy to assemble, saves space, and it fits perfectly under the sink. If your bathroom vanity is overflowing with cleaning products, give it a good clean and implement a new organizational system with these pull-out drawers that also feature multiple hooks to hold cleaning rags or brushes.


These Sink Strainers With A Near-Perfect Rating To Prevent Costly Clogs

Keep these stainless steel strainers in your kitchen sink to prevent clogs that only lead to expensive plumbing bills. Their overall 4.8-star rating from more than 41,000 reviewers is seriously impressive and if you’re looking to replace old, plastic drain covers, this is a budget-friendly yet durable option. The perforation is perfectly designed to catch large food particles while allowing for good water flow.


This Dryer Vent Cleaner That Speeds Up Drying Time & Helps Prevent Fires

This dryer vent cleaner kit does more than just remove all the lint and dust that has piled up, it helps speed up drying time and could actually prevent a fire. That alone makes it an excellent investment and a chore you should add to your regular cleaning routine. The kit has a handy hose attachment that fits most vacuums and whose flexibility allows you to get in hard-to-reach places where lint may be trapped. Forgo the pricey professional appliance cleaning and get this cheap tool so you can maintain your dryer’s good condition for years to come.


A $6 Gap Cleaning Tool That Gets In All The Nooks & Crannies

Whether it’s the area around the kitchen sink or the groove around the window trim, this clever gap cleaning tool has you covered. One end features a narrow tufted brush made from nylon bristles, while the ergonomic handle doubles as a scraper and has a hole for convenient hanging. One of the things customers love most about it — and the thousands of near-perfect reviews mention many things — is how easy it is to hold while scraping or brushing a surface.


These Cordless Mini Blinds For Window Treatments On A Budget

Custom window treatments are a huge investment, which is why these cordless mini blinds are a cheap but nice-looking alternative. The lightweight vinyl blinds are light-filtering and help maintain room temperature. They’re also easy to use — instead of dealing with a perpetually tangled-up string to adjust their height, simply pull at the bottom when you want to bring the blinds up or down.


These Shelf Liners To Keep Your Fridge Clean & Organized

Line your fridge shelves with these washable mats to keep them neat, clean, and color coordinated. Tons of happy reviewers say the mats are easy to cut down to size and help prevent things from rolling around the shelves thanks to their textured, non-slip design. Wipe them down with warm soapy water as needed, and in addition to using them for your fridge, they’re also a helpful addition inside drawers, cabinet shelves, and even double as placemats.


An Apothecary Jar Set For A Stylish Way To Store Bathroom Essentials

These beautiful apothecary jars are a game-changer when it comes to storing your bathroom essentials. The clear lidded jars look nice enough to leave out on the vanity or shelf and keep everyday items easily accessible. The jar set is very popular for their perfect yet versatile sizing for items like cotton swabs, floss picks, or hair ties.


This Drain Protector With An Impressive Near-Perfect Rating After 117,000 Ratings

If you have yet to try the TubShroom drain protector, over 117,000 shoppers have given this gadget an overall near-perfect rating. This little gadget is certainly cheaper than having to pay a plumbing bill for a clogged drain, and works effectively to catch hair around its cylindrical base. There are no chemical solutions or complicated installation needed, simply drop the shroom-shaped protector inside the drain (it fits in most standard drains) and let it do its magic.


This Laser Level That Doubles As A Tape Measure

Hang pictures easily and correctly thanks to this laser level that doubles as an 8-foot tape measure. Avoid unnecessary holes and subsequent patching by using this three-setting multi-tool that shoots a red beam across the wall to help you hang artwork or line wall tile in a straight line. The cheap but clever home improvement tool has more than 19,000 positive reviews, so you know it’s worth adding to your toolbox.


An Outlet Shelf To Maximize Tiny Spaces

Maximize space in a tiny bathroom or above a kitchen countertop with this outlet shelf that’s large enough to hold a speaker or charging phone. It has a sleek design and sturdy build that can hold up to 10 pounds of weight, and can either be installed at the top or bottom of the outlet. To mount this shopper-favorite on your wall, unscrew the existing outlet cover, line up the shelf in the direction you want, then screw the outlet cover back on.


A Snap-On Pot Strainer To Prevent Painful Pasta Water-Induced Burns

If you seem to sustain a painful burn every time you cook your favorite pasta dish, you need to add this snap-on pot strainer to your Amazon cart, like right now. This internet famous and reviewer loved silicone strainer has clamps that attach to any sized pot, and a built-in spout for faster and safer draining. Instead of balancing a pot of boiling water in one hand and a strainer in the other, this allows you to do the task one-handed, preventing painful burns. And if you’re apprehensive about storing yet another kitchen gadget, you’ll love that it folds down to save space.


This Double-Sided Carpet Tape To Keep Rugs From Sliding & Corners From Curling

Keep rugs from sliding and prevent people from tripping over curled corners by securing rugs in place with this double-sided tape. The near-perfect overall rating with over 49,000 reviews is telling, but if you’re wondering what the best things about the tape are, here’s the rundown: it uses a strong adhesive that stays put but doesn’t leave a residue, the tape adheres to multiple surfaces including laminate and tile, and it’s easy to install and cut down to size with a knife.


A Compact Fire Extinguisher That Works In Seconds

Add this compact fire extinguisher to your glove compartment, garage, or kitchen cabinet for a quick way to fight a fire if needed. The fast-acting extinguisher works in seconds to put out five different types of fires and multiple reviewers mention the product’s value in giving them peace of mind in case of emergencies. It’s a cheap product that’s easy to carry around and small enough to store, and that could save you much cost — both financial and personal — later on.


A Wall-Mounted Broom Holder To Organize & Declutter Your Home

This wall-mounted broom holder has gained thousands upon thousands of near-perfect reviews and if your home is in dire need of decluttering, use this organizer to get cleaning tools off the ground. It has six hanging hooks and five slots for brooms, mops, or rakes, and is a great choice for a closet, garage, or shed. It has non-slip grips to securely hold each tool and comes with all the necessary mounting screws and instructions to make installation super easy.


This Cordless Power Scrubber That’ll Make Your Chores So Much Easier

The second you use this cordless power scrubber, you’ll see why it has so many positive Amazon reviews. The toothbrush-style cleaner is built to get into all the nooks and crevices no other scrubbing device can reach thanks to its double oscillating speed. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t need to deal with an annoying cord dragging behind you, and water-resistant for ultimate durability.


This Beautiful Peel & Stick Wallpaper That’s Cheap & Easy To Install

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent years, but it can be an expensive investment and huge project. Enter: peel-and-stick wallpaper. This one features a cool line print for a modern aesthetic and a neutral backdrop for any room. Reviewers rave about how easy this removable wallpaper is to install and are impressed by its amazing quality. The paper has an embossed finish and the pattern repeat makes it easy to line up when attaching it to the wall. Order this fun wall treatment and give your home a quick and inexpensive makeover.


This Clever Blind Cleaner So You Can Remove All The Dust That’s Been Collecting On Your Windows

Window blinds collect more dust than you may think, but luckily this clever little duster brush is here to help. The triple blade design grips the blinds and traps dust in the soft microfiber cloth that’s actually removable and machine-washable, so you can use it over and over again. The duster has thousands of perfect ratings and helps speed up the cleaning process, since all you need to do is start at one end of the blinds and gently drag the duster to the other end, leaving behind clean, dust-free blinds.


A Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner To Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Yes, you heard that right — a cordless mini vacuum cleaner for your desk. Genius, right? You’re not the only one who thinks so, as 10,000 shoppers who bought it and love it agree. The cordless little appliance is basically a mini robot vacuum and rotates 360 degrees to pick up dust, paper scraps, and more. The small but mighty device has strong suction power and a rechargeable USB battery that lasts for more than two hours. Clear your desk — and therefore your mind — for a more productive and pleasant workday.


A Cordless Electric Kettle Because It’s Time To Upgrade The Old School Whistling Pot

A cordless electric kettle is a must-have kitchen appliance for every tea lover out there. Its overall 4.7-star rating after more than 55,000 ratings hints at how good this product is. The glass kettle has a seven-cup capacity, an auto-shut off feature, and a blue LED light that indicates that water is heating up. The cool design also features an easy-to-grip handle and pointed spout for mess-free pouring.


This Knife Sharpener That’s Way Cheaper Than A New Set Of Knives

Instead of spending the money on a new set of knives, purchase this cheap knife sharpener and get your knives back to like-new condition. It has two slots: one for sharpening dull and damaged knives and another for just a quick polish. It’s designed to grip to the edge of the counter for safe and comfortable use, and so that you can tilt it to the proper angle for maximum sharpness.


A Fabric Defuzzer That’ll Make Old Sweaters Look New Again

Remove those annoying pills and make old sweaters look new again with this powerful fabric defuzzer that’s small enough to store in your closet and pack in your bag when traveling. The hugely popular — like, has amassed a near-perfect overall rating after 113,000 reviews — device has three settings so you can customize the shave to the specific fabric, and a large 2-inch surface so you can get your clothes nice and defuzzed faster. Besides clothing, it also works well on any fabric-upholstered furniture around your home, be it an ottoman or an armchair.


A Clever Drain Cover That Allows You To Actually Fill Your Tub All The Way To The Top

Enjoy an extra relaxing bath by using this drain cover that prevents water from escaping and allows you to fill the tub all the way to the top. Its power grip suction cups ensure an extra-tight seal when you run hot water over the cover to secure it in place. It’s clearly a reviewer-beloved product since it has tens of thousands of positive reviews — this is a game-changer for your bath experience.


This Dual Sandwich Maker So You Can Make A Fast Food-Style Breakfast At Home

Make an at-home version of your favorite fast food breakfast in this dual sandwich maker that’s so popular, you’re definitely gonna want to snag one for your kitchen. The appliance consists of four layers: one for the top half of the sandwich, another for the egg portion, a third layer for toppings of your choosing, and finally the last section is for the bottom half of the sandwich. Besides delivering a tasty breakfast of champions, the sandwich maker also has removable parts that can go in the dishwasher to make cleanup extra easy.


This Fruit Fly Trap That’s A Buyer Favorite With More Than 38,000 Perfect Ratings

Eradicate those annoying fruit flies with this highly rated set of fruit fly traps that work for up to 90 days. Unlike bug traps that look gross and expose all the collected pests, these clever apple-shaped traps blend in easily with kitchen decor, especially when placed in a bowl of fruit. Each “apple” has a clear-front window on the back that allows you to see if fruit flies have been trapped and holes on the top that evenly disperse the lure for maximum results.


An Electric Milk Frother So You Can Whip Up — Literally — A Barista-Level Cup Of Coffee

Use this electric milk frother to take your barista skills to the next level. The handheld foam maker comes with a near-perfect overall rating after over 91,000 ratings, and you’ll find yourself adding your own once it arrives on your doorstep and you make yourself a perfectly creamy, foamy cappuccino. It effortlessly whips up a light cloud of frothed milk in seconds and even comes with its own sturdy stainless steel stand for easy storage.