The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Home Upgrades On Amazon

Big changes on a dime.

by Laura Harper
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The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Home Upgrades On Amazon
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Remember when you got a new pair of sneakers as a kid, and you felt like you could run faster?As a grown-up, I still feel like a new set of dishes makes dinner taste better. Upgrades are fun — except now, they can be expensive. That’s why Amazon is my favorite place to refresh my space. You can find so many clever home upgrades for cheap, and you can read reviews and check ratings before you purchase. Keeping reading as I let you in on some of my favorite cheap home upgrades.


This Anti-Skid Textured Bath Mat That Also Helps You Scrub

Help protect your shower floors with this textured bath mat that provides more grip. The unique construction doesn’t need suction cups to keep it from skidding on wet floors. With a rough, loofah-like surface, this mat makes it easy to scrub your feet without bending over. You can pick from five colors to match your bath.


A Silicone Weather Strip That Stops Drafts Under The Door

It’s amazing how that little gap underneath an exterior door can add to your utility bill. This door draft stopper installs easily and helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The 3M adhesive holds the silicone strip securely in place, eliminating the need for a toolbox.


This Repair Putty That Covers Up Nail Holes On Drywall, Wood & Plaster

Quickly repair small holes and cracks with this versatile repair putty. It’s ideal for renters who want to get a security deposit back and dries quickly for painting. No sanding is needed to apply this putty. Simply apply, wipe, and then add a little paint.


A Cushion Support Insert That Refreshes Your Couch

Stop before you put your favorite couch out on the curb. This furniture cushion support insert can revive and refresh, saving you cash and keeping your standby sofa around. It folds out to fit pieces ranging from love seats to three-person couches, and a protective layer of vinyl helps you keep it clean.


A Pack Of Cabinet Handles That Add An Instant Modern Touch

It’s amazing how easy it is to do a whole kitchen upgrade with this set of cabinet handles. A minimalist design adds a sleek designer touch, and the 30-count pack offers more than enough for every drawer and cabinet. At just $27, these handles offer an inexpensive way to update your space.


These Grippers To Prevent Your Rugs From Sliding Around

Place these v-shaped grippers on your rugs to stop them from sliding around when walked on — they’ll even prevent curling at the corners as well. The grippers are safe to use on all rugs and all floor materials, though they work best on wood, tile, laminate, and other hard surfaces. The set comes with four of them for just around $10.


A 2-in-1 Sink Stopper That Keeps Your Pipes Free From Clogs

Stop food scraps from clogging up your drain with this sink stopper. Like a regular drain plug, it lets you fill the sink with suds for dish washing. Then, when you’re done, simply twist the tab open for draining along with straining. What an ingenious design. The stainless steel and silicone construction offers years of use.


A Set Of 8 Clear Bins To Organize Your Food

Utilize these clear bins in your fridge, freezer, cabinets, or pantry to better organize all of your food — they’re even stackable to save space. The bins are made from BPA-free, shatterproof plastic with built-in handles that allow you to easily access the contents inside. The set includes two different sizes of bins (eight in total).


A 2-Pack of Indoor Humidity Meters For Your Living Room And Basement

Monitor temps and humidity in your home and adjust your thermostat accordingly with help from these indoor humidity meters. Magnets let you hang them on the fridge, but you can also use the kickstand to set on a bookshelf or counter. The large LCD screen is easy to read and provides detailed feedback on your readings.


This Waterproof Kitchen Mat That Cushions & Supports

Relieve the strain of standing at your sink, stove, or even at your desk with this cushioned kitchen mat. Anti-fatigue gel foam construction offers comfort and posture support, and the PVC exterior is super easy to keep clean with a regular mop or sponge. The contemporary Moroccan pattern delivers a stunning instant update.


This 8-Piece Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit You Can Use Just About Anywhere

Under-cabinet lighting can give your kitchen a completely updated look without having to do anything else. This lighting kit provides everything you need to set up a customized design. Cut the wires to match your cabinet lengths and bend the wires to outline any sort of shape. A convenient remote offers effortless control.


This Bidet Attachment That Saves On Toilet Paper Purchases

As one reviewer shares, this bidet attachment is “a game changer for toilet paper shortages.” Installation is simple with no need for special tools. The dual-nozzle design delivers a cleansing spray, keeping you cleaner than just toilet paper would. Easy one-hand control supports effortless control.


This Lightweight Sheet Set That Comes In Dozens Of Colors & Patterns

Dress up your bed for comfortable sleep with this set of lightweight sheets. Dozens of colors and patterns make it easy to match your other linens and decor, while the microfiber construction is gentle on your skin. These sheets are easy to maintain in your machine — I mean, over 200,000 reviewers can’t be wrong.


A Set Of Solar Pathway Lights For Energy-Efficient Illumination

Warm up the path to your front door with these sweet solar lights. They’re waterproof for safe, lasting outdoor use and 100% solar-powered so you save on batteries. Simply stake them in place along a walkway or your patio for stunning illumination. Choose from warm white or cool white to create a custom look.


A White Pen To Freshen Up The Grout In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen

This grout pen works wonders to restore your grout to its former glory... no vigorous scrubbing required. The pen contains non-toxic, water-based white paint that you can draw right onto your grout to give it a fresh, clean appearance. Choose from either a narrow or wide applicator tip based on your specific grout.


This Effective Insect Trapper For Indoor Use

This insect trap combines a UV light, powerful fan, and sticky glue board to eliminate fruit flies, gnats, mosquitos, and other small bugs from your home. It’s compact in size to not take up much space, and it’s a breeze to use — just plug it in and switch it on when you notice any pesky bugs around.


A 4-Pack Of Fruit Fly Traps That Blend In With Your Fruits

Get rid of fruit flies effectively with this pack of cute traps. They look like apples, so they blend in with your fruit bowls. A liquid lure draws the flies in and keeps them from escaping, and a built-in window lets you monitor your success. So simple and so cheap.


This Retractable Hose That Comes With A Spray Nozzle

Working on your lawn or washing your car is easy with this retractable garden hose in hand. An included spray nozzle has nine functions and an ergonomic grip so you can take on any task. The hose weighs less than 5 pounds and retracts to avoid kinks and knots.


This Touch-Up Paint Pen That’s Easy To Use

Don’t repaint your entire wall – instead, use this brilliant touch-up paint pen to fix chipped, scratched or marred paint. The mini-tool is incredibly easy to use. Just fill the little syringe with your paint, insert it into the pen, and snap the brush tip into place. You can use it on open surfaces, as well as hard-to-reach areas.


A Plug-&-Play Mini Indoor Security Camera That Works With Alexa

Play with your pets or keep an eye on your home when you’re at your desk at work with this versatile mini indoor security camera. It’s small, so you can place it anywhere — and built-in motion detection sends alerts straight to your phone. Two-way communications let you engage with family members, and it pairs with Alexa devices for even more control.


This Magnetic Garage Door Hardware That Updates Without Tools

Deliver a quick, classic update to your garage door with this magnetic garage door hardware. The handles and hinges secure easily to your door with strong magnets — not tools. They stay in place securely no matter how many times you open or close the door. These sure sellers have a 4.8-star rating.


A Convenient Wireless Doorbell With An Adjustable Volume Feature

You won’t have to rely on just knocking anymore — with this wireless doorbell kit you’ll always hear it when someone is at your door. With a receiver capable of covering up to 600 feet, this durable unit boasts a three-year battery life, offering a great alternative to hiring a professional to install a wired doorbell. It has an adjustable volume, silent mode, and multiple colors to choose from. Best of all, you don’t need Wi-Fi to use it.


This Hanging Purse Organizer That Can Hold Up To 8 Bags

If you’ve got a purse collection that your closet is struggling to contain, this hanging purse organizer will be a lifesaver. (Or at least a space saver). With clear vinyl pockets that let you see each of your handbags clearly, it offers a sleek, wallet-friendly way to reduce clutter and track where all of your purses are. It features a stainless steel hook that swivels 360 degrees, and can fit up to eight purses.


This Chic Paper Towel Holder With A Luxe Marble Design

Constructed with sleek marble, this hand-crafted paper towel holder will add a pop of elegance to your kitchen. Not only will the heavyweight kitchen accessory look stunning on your counter with its gray and white pattern, but it won’t tip over with the brush of an arm or extra large paper towel roll, thanks to its sturdy base. It has a 5.5-inch base and protective felt pads underneath it to prevent scratching.


A Versatile Pantry Rack With An Adjustable Height Feature

The epitome of simple yet effective, this adjustable pantry rack offers an easy way to keep your cupboards organized. Constructed with durable plastic (which reviewers on Amazon described as “very sturdy”), the shelving unit can hold up to 35 pounds. It has a nonslip surface to keep spices and cans from moving around — and it can double as shelves for a bathroom, office, craft room, or garage.


This Smart Garage Door Control That Works With Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Life can get busy, which makes you forget simple things — like forgetting to shut the garage door when you leave home or go to bed. This smart garage door control lets you check your door’s status from your phone at work or on vacation. Schedule the system to open when you arrive home, or setup a time to close at night for added security.


This Stainless Steel Catcher To Save Bacon Grease For Future Use

It’s a really bad idea to dump hot bacon grease down your kitchen drain — instead, pour it directly into this stainless steel catcher (which has a strainer to separate out larger particles). And then utilize it later on to add delicious bacon flavor to various dishes. It can hold up to 5 cups worth of grease. And the comfortable curved handle makes it easy to maneuver.


A Set Of Edison String Lights That Upgrade The Look Of Your Landscape

Brighten your balcony with the vintage appeal of these waterproof globe string lights. The Edison glass bulbs deliver a throwback look and gentle illumination, and the 25-foot string is ideal for placement along your porch roofline or crisscrossed above your patio. This set comes with two replacement bulbs to keep the party lit.


A Set Of High-Quality Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls In 5 Sizes

There’s no better way to expand your kitchenware without taking up a bunch of space than with these cute and practical nesting bowls. The five-pack of high-quality stainless steel mixing bowls contains every size you need for virtually any occasion — 3/4-, 1.5, 3, 4, and 5-quart sizes. The bowls are lightweight yet durable with a wide rim that helps prevent drips.


This Toilet Paper Holder That Offers A Little Extra Storage

Keep extra rolls or your toilet-cleaning brush close-by (yet out of sight) with this slim toilet paper holder. Ideal for powder rooms and smaller apartment bathrooms, this holder boasts a spindle for the roll in use and a cabinet underneath provides thoughtful space for storing extra stuff. It’s available in black or white.


This Genius Laundry Detergent Holder That Stops Drips And Spills

This clever laundry soap station is designed to prevent you from wrestling with the heavy bottle of detergent, dripping soap all over the place as you tilt it at strange angles. Just place your cup underneath the little platform and pump away — it even comes with a handy strap to keep the bottle from toppling over. The unique soap holder is made from tough plastic and features rubber feet so it doesn’t slide around on your countertop.


This Mesh Screen With A Magnetic Seam For Easy In & Out

The design of this magnetic screen door is quite genius — the mesh allows for fresh air and natural light to shine through, but it also acts as a barrier, keeping bugs and pests out of your home. Plus, the middle seam is lined with 26 magnets for hands-free in and out. It fits doorways up to 38 by 82 inches in size, and it’s easy to install with the included adhesive strips and thumbtacks.


A 4-Pack Of Mason Jars That Are Great For Storage

Whether you’re canning foods, storing dry goods, or need a to-go container, this four-pack of mason jars will prove handy. In addition to being tough and durable, they’re also airtight and leakproof, allowing you to keep your food items fresh and help prevent spills. They also make great craft accessories for things like candles and vases. With more than 9,400 five-star reviews on Amazon, these mason jars are a fan favorite.


These Mirror Lights That Eliminate The Need For A Separate Vanity

Turn any old mirror into a makeup mirror and save on space with these vanity mirror lights. A DIY design is easy to set up without the need for tools or drilling. The brilliant LEDs last long, and smart touch dimmer allows effortless light control. Use these versatile lights for more than just mirrors; they work well artistic illumination throughout your space.


This Helpful Tiered Stand With Stacking Bins

Another fantastic way to declutter your home and help you stay organized, this three-tier stand with stackable baskets is super useful. Whether you’re using it to store fresh produce, cosmetics, arts and crafts, or other items, it will keep everything together in a cute and tidy fashion. Available in white or black, the bins are lightweight yet durable, and you can wash them easily with soap and water.


This Drain Stopper That Creates A Seal Over Your Drain

Replace a leaky stopper for a more enjoyable soak in the tub with these drain stopper. The suction-cup design fits drains of almost every size and ensures a tight fit that keeps water from seeping through. It’s made of sturdy stainless steel and silicone construction.


An Ultra-Soft Wedge Pillow Made With Cooling Memory Foam

Whether you want to use it as a leg pillow or a back rest, this ultra-soft elevation pillow with help you get comfy. Designed with high-quality memory foam, it’s equipped with a top layer containing hypoallergenic cooling gel. This can help you regulate your body temperature and keep from overheating. The silky cover is breathable — and it's machine washable too.


A Motion-Activated Toilet Light With Over 21,000 Reviews

Know where you go with this clever motion-activated toilet light. The LEDs cycle through eight brilliant hues, or you can choose your favorite color to light up the night. This toilet light stays on for two minutes, making it ideal (and fun) to use. Many reviewers have said this pack of two is cheaper than one from a well-known brand.


A Set Of Rubber Stoppers To Prevent Your Doorknobs & Walls From Damage

Stick one of these rubber stoppers on the wall (using the included adhesive) where your doorknob would normally hit to protect both of them from damage. The stoppers are 2 inches in diameter — though a larger option is available should you need it — and totally clear to be barely noticeable. The set comes with six of them to use throughout your home.


A Splash Guard That Keeps Water In The Sink Where It Belongs

Place this splash guard around your kitchen faucet, and the built-in drainage areas and sloped design will ensure excess water drips right back into the sink. You can rest sponges, dishcloths, or other cleaning essentials on it as well. The silicone mat will fit securely on faucets with a diameter of 2.5 inches or less.


A Large Woven Basket For Decluttering In Style

This large basket is the perfect place to throw blankets, towels, laundry, or any excess clutter. It has a cute, neutral tone and it’s made of woven cotton rope that’s durable and flexible enough to fold up when you’re not using it. Plus, the built-in handles make it easy to carry it from room to room if need be.


A Wall-Mounted Iron Hanger For Storing Pots And Pans

If you’re looking for more methods of organizing your kitchen, this wall-mounted rail hanger can store up to 15 pots and pans. Constructed from durable powder-coated iron metal, it has sturdy metal hooks and a capacity of up to 22 pounds. What’s more, it adds a stylish touch to your kitchen.


This Heavy-Duty Rack For Protecting Your Pans

If all your cookware is in a disorganized pile in your cabinet, you might need this durable pan rack. It can be used on its side or standing up and can store five pans at once, including cast iron skillets. And since the tiers are adjustable, you can also fit dishes, trays, and more.


A Set Of Woven Baskets With A Stackable Design For Easy Storage

These charming two-tone woven baskets are collapsible so you can store things in them or carry them around, but they don’t take up much space when not in use. The cute baskets, which come in a set of five, have neutral colors that go with any color scheme, and they stack together neatly. They are sewn durably with reinforced stitching, and they have convenient handles so you can carry them from room to room.


A Drain Catcher That Handles Hair In The Shower

Hair clogging up your shower pipes can be a thing of the past if you’re using this handy drain catcher. It’s made of two parts: a metal disc that water flows through and a spindle-shaped insert that collects the hair. When the catcher gets full, pull out the plastic cylinder to remove the hair.


A Hanging Closet Organizer For Sweaters, Towels, Shoes & More

Organize your closet without having to invest in expensive modular solutions. This hanging closet organizer has five cubbies for your accessories, sweaters, or towels, while six side pockets make space for accessories. Two hooks keep it balanced on your closet rod for a neat look and effective use.


These Convenient Wire Shelf Liners That Keep Items From Slipping Through

If you have any of those wire shelves in your house that you can’t set small items on, these handy shelf liners will give you more options. They’re designed to sit on top of your shelves, and you can trim them down to size as needed with a standard pair of scissors. Once installed, they will prevent tiny objects from falling through the gaps. Their portability makes them easy to clean and they work great for shoes, too


A Handy Wall-Mounted Holder For Brooms & Mops

If you’re propping up your brooms and mops in a corner, where they will inevitably fall down, you might need this holder. It can store up to 11 cleaning tools on six hooks and five clamps, which can each hold 7.5 pounds. Mounting hardware is included and installation is a snap.


A Sturdy Shower Organizer That Matches Your Existing Hardware

Made with high-quality stainless steel, this sturdy shower organizer is not only durable but elegant too. Capable of holding up to 20 pounds, it can fit just about all the soaps and shampoos that your heart desires. It is easy to install and it comes with four hooks for hanging things like razors, loofahs, and other items. And it’s available in your choice of polished silver or matte black finishes to match your shower’s hardware.


This Universal Knife Holder That Holds Knives Of Every Size & Type

Knife storage shouldn’t come in a one-size formula, and this universal knife block puts that idea to rest for good. The slot-less design holds your knives in place and lets you clear out your knife drawer with ample room for all. There’s even a spot for scissors. The contemporary stainless exterior adds a modern touch to your space.

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