The Cheapest, Most Clever Ways To Look Better With Almost No Effort

You don’t have to spend hours getting ready to look your best.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Sometimes I find products that let me skip a tedious exfoliating skincare step or help me deal with wrinkled clothing, and I just have to share them. Because with these products, you can keep looking as good as you already do, but your usual routine can be way easier.

I mean, if I find a tinted sunscreen that also helps moisturize my skin, you know I put it on this list. Of course, I also found a bunch of clothing fixes like wrinkle-removing spray that saves a bunch of laundry time. No matter what part of your usual getting-ready routine could be quicker and easier, I found all of the products to fix it up.

So, even though you already look chic and on-trend every single day, these are the cheapest, most clever ways to look better with almost no effort.


Hydrate & Brighten Skin With These 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks

These eye masks are actually worth sticking on (even if you have a ton of skincare steps already) because of their unique 24-karat gold-infused formula. Not only does it add a bit of glam to your routine, but these individually-wrapped masks also brighten and hydrate sensitive under-eye skin, making you look fully awake even if you tossed and turned all night.


Condition You Lips Overnight With This Restorative Balm

This lip balm is small enough to keep on your bedside table or bag, and it’s quick to use, so you won’t mind using this overnight treatment. Inside this compact jar, there’s a bunch of deep-conditioning oil and ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and petroleum jelly that help out with annoying dryness and painfully cracked lips in just one night.


Put On These Easy-To-Wear, Reusable Pasties For A Seamless Look

These pasties are free of annoying straps and tape and simply stick onto your bust with a medical-grade adhesive that’s as easy to peel off as it is to put on. The result of these reusable, washable pasties is a seamless look that means you can comfortably go bra-free in silky, slinky tops. They come in two sizes and five different hues to best suit your needs and skintone.


Wear This False-Lash Mascara That Has 213,000 Five-Star Reviews

With this false-lash mascara, there’s no need to search for false lashes or even research extensions when you want a dramatic look that’s still suitable for everyday looks. The brush gives plenty of definition, and because it’s so flake-free, you won’t have to reach for this mascara to reapply it later in the day.


Nourish Your Locks With A Weightless Castor Oil Mask With Thermal Protection

This luxurious hair mask has seriously nourishing ingredients like castor oil and biotin, to strengthen and moisturize even fine or brittle hair. This collagen-infused mask with coconut oil is packed with powerhouse ingredients, but still actually manages to feel weightless. Plus, it helps out with thermal protection if you want to style your hair after this mask.


Refresh Your Sweaters With A Fabric Shaver That Has A Built-In Lint Brush

This compact fabric shaver doesn’t need batteries or a power cord to get rid of pills from your garments. There are also three different shaving heads, including a delicate option for all kinds of clothes, and it even has a small lint brush on the other side. It comes with a travel bag, so you can de-pill your clothes when you’re traveling, making sure you’re always looking your best.


Use A Hydrating Sheet Mask Pack That’s Made With Seaweed Collagen

This 15-pack of luxurious sheet masks is full of unique ingredients, like tomato, aloe vera, and even seaweed, which gives these a vegan form of skin-plumping collagen. Each one is individually wrapped, so it’s easy to stick one in the fridge if you want these chamomile and hyaluronic acid masks to feel extra soothing.


Wear These Low-Cut Socks With An Anti-Slip Design

If you want to wear sneakers but don’t want an athletic look, switch things up with this set of low-cut socks with arch support. This budget-friendly pack has an anti-slip cuff design and little silicone heel accents to really keep them in place. They’re also breathable and machine-washable, so they always feel fresh.

  • Available colors: 5
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11


Apply A Moisturizing Body Oil With The Best Sheer Finish

Swap out thick moisturizers for this body oil that leaves a sheer yet non-greasy finish behind. It has a sesame oil formula that’s super moisturizing and is easy to apply. This lightweight oil is also completely fragrance-free if you’re tired of overly-fragranced moisturizers.


Fill In Your Brows With A Micro Pencil That’s Super Easy To Use

This eyebrow pencil is the one to grab because the fine tip makes it way easier to use. The precise micro design is paired with a gel formula that’s super quick to apply and gives you realistic looking strokes to fill in your brows. It also has a matte finish and a brow brush on the other side, of course, to fully blend in your look.


Spritz Your Clothes With A Wrinkle Remover That Also Gets Rid Of Smells

Tuck this wrinkle-remover spray in your laundry room or closet because it saves you a ton of getting-ready time. Spritz it on whatever you want to wear, and the quick-acting formula will take care of wrinkles, smells, and any kind of creases before you head out the door. It works on all kinds of fabrics too, including silk and rayon.


Scrub Your Lips With A Nourishing Exfoliator That’s Mess-Free

This lip exfoliator is way better than the messy little jars of lip scrub we’re all used to. Instead of scooping out product, this exfoliator comes in a mess-free lipstick tube that you rub right onto your lips in a circular motion. It still has all of the things you want from a lip treatment, like avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and more, which helps scrub away dry skin and leave your lips moisturized.


Strengthen Your Nails With A Nourishing Polish With A Clear Finish

Add this nail strengthener with calcium and protein to your nail polish bag because it’s a go-to for making your nails look and feel better and give them long-lasting strength. Paint it on under your favorite polish, or you can even use it all by itself for a nourishing feel and glossy look.


Look Glam With These Gold-Plated Hoop Set With A Lightweight Design

This gold-plated hoop set with sterling silver posts are lightweight and easy to wear, and they look much more expensive than they actually are. This three-pair set comes with different sizes, and each one has a clip-style clasp, so you can quickly put this set on without searching for earring backs. The best thing about this pack is it gives you a bunch of options when you want that classic and minimalist hoop look.

  • Available styles: 11


Tame Stray Hairs With A Finishing Stick That Has A Mess-Free Brush

This hair-finishing stick might look like your go-to mascara, but it’s actually an easy-to-apply hair cream. No matter what you’re doing with your hair that day, this moisturizing and non-greasy cream will take care of stray hairs or unwanted frizz and keep them in place. The best part, of course, is the handy little brush, so you don’t have to use your fingers with this hair cream.


Get Rid Of Dry Skin With These Foot Peel Masks That Are Surprisingly Soothing

These foot peel masks are specifically for dry feet and those painful, annoying calluses. Simply pop them on once for an hour, and the fruit acid formula will feel so soothing. Then, watch over the next 11 days as they actually exfoliate your feet and old, dead skin simply peels away.


Accessorize With These Faux-Leather Belts That Are So Chic

Grab this two-pack of faux-leather belts to easily switch up your look. Each multi-pack can be worn around your natural waist or with your pants to give new shape and dimension to dresses, sweaters, and slacks. Plus, each one have is topped off with a chic gold-toned double O-ring buckle that’s super trendy and easy to style casually or dress up.

  • Available styles: 14
  • Available sizes: 24” — 54”


Apply A Non-Sticky Vitamin C Serum That Leaves You With Brightened Skin

This brightening vitamin C serum has a handy dropper lid, so it’s a quick and easy thing to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. This easy-to-apply formula won’t leave your skin with an annoying sticky feeling. Instead, it simply leaves behind a lightweight, protective finish that will make your face look brighter and smoother.


Use A Comfy Posture Brace That’s Discreet Enough To Wear Under Your Tops

Standing up straight is an easy way to look better, and this back brace has a unique fit that helps out with posture, and it’s completely adjustable. It also has a comfy and breathable fit that’s easy to layer under your favorite tops as you train yourselt to stop slouching.


Sleep On This Luxe Silk Pillowcase To Avoid Staticky Hair

This silk pillowcase not only makes your bedding look a bit chicer, but it also cuts down on your hair-styling routine. How? It’s made of breathable 100% mulberry silk that prevents staticky, frizzy hair and reduces breakage. The smooth, soft material is also better for your skin, too, as it reduces friction.


Finish Your Makeup Routine With A Setting Spray That Has A Matte Finish

This makeup setting spray has an easy-to-use mister. It dries into a long-lasting and matte finish that prevents oil slicks, smudging, creasing, and fading. This weightless, paraben-free, and oil-preventing mist also comes in a minimalist bottle that will look so chic in your makeup bag.


Keep Your Clothes In Place With This Best-Selling Fashion Tape

This double-sided fashion tape is small enough to use on a bunch of different clothing pieces — even on the back of low-cut socks to keep them in place. No matter which of your favorite pieces you stick this tape on, it won’t leave behind a sticky mess on the fabric, but it will leave you looking fabulous and your clothes firmly in place.


Use A Fan-Favorite Water Gel Moisturizer That’s Super Long-Lasting

Instead of completely avoiding facial moisturizers because they usually feel heavy, reach for this moisturizer that’s extra lightweight. It actually has a water gel formula with moisturizing hyaluronic acid that absorbs so quickly that you’ll forget you even put a moisturizer on. It also works for up to 48 hours, which is why this hydrating formula has nearly 61,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Convert Standard Bras Into Racerbacks With A Comfy, Adjustable Clip Set

These unique little clips stick right onto bra straps to make your existing underwear fit under different tops — especially those annoying racerback tanks. Plus, they have a comfy design, and you can completely adjust the height of them on your straps without messing up your favorite bra.


Get Rid Of Unwanted Bumps With This Body Scrub With 2 Types Of Exfoliators

This exfoliating scrub has a mix of glycolic and lactic acids and pumice buffing beads, so you can be extra sure that it’s cleansing your pores and taking care of any unwanted bumps from your body. There’s also plenty of conditioning vitamin E and calming bisabolol to calm and condition your skin.


Save A Ton Of Time With A Shimmery, Multi-Use Makeup Stick

With this creamy multi-stick, you won’t have to search around your makeup bag for blush, lipstick, and eye shadow because it works as all of those products. The shea butter- and vitamin E-infused formula even has a shimmery finish and blendable formula if you don’t feel like finding your highlighter.


Put Up Your Hair With These Waterproof Hair Ties That Prevent Creases

These spiral hair ties are so helpful if you can’t stand having a crease in your hair because they’re completely bump-free. They unique design also means they help prevent pulling and tugging, making these an overall gentler option. Plus, if you stretch them a bit too far, it’s easy to shrink down these waterproof hair ties with a cup of warm water.


Floss With An Adjustable Water Flosser That Has 3 Different Modes

This battery-powered water flosser is faster and easier to use than standard dental floss, but it works just as well. It has three different modes, including a pulse mode to benefit your gums. It also comes with four different tips, so the whole family can reap the benefits of this easy-to-use flosser. Oh, and it has a travel bag, so you can take this chic flosser with you.


Put On These Hand Masks With Moisturizing Milk Extract

These moisturizing gloves for your hands are so easy to wear, and they take just 20 minutes to add deep hydration to your hands. With their unique design, you can still style your hair or do a few chores while they nourish your skin with milk extract, hyaluronic acid, and coconut oil.


Release Wrinkles With A Mini Clothing Steamer That Has An Extra-Long Cord

This handheld steamer has a cord that’s over 9 feet long, so tackling wrinkled clothes isn’t a huge hassle. It has a sleek design with a clear, 240-milliliter water compartment, so it’s easy to see when you need a bit more water. Even though it’s super portable, lightweight, and compact, it can actually steam your clothes for up to 15 minutes.


Start Your Day With A Tinted Sunscreen That Also Adds Hydration

This mineral sunscreen with ceramides won’t add a ton of time to your skincare routine because it has a sheer tint built into the formula. So, instead of spending forever rubbing in sunscreen, this non-greasy formula will blend right in without leaving any streaks. Unlike a lot of sunscreens, this unique formula also adds hydration thanks to the key addition of hyaluronic acid.


Wear These Leggings With Pockets To Avoid Carrying A Bag

Pop your phone or keys in the pocket of these simple leggings to look more put together without carrying around a bag. Other than the unique pocket, these machine-washable leggings keep it pretty classic with a high-waisted design, a soft finish, and plenty of stretchy spandex. These are a fan-favorite on Amazon, with over 60,000 five-star reviews.

  • Available styles: 25
  • Available sizes: One Size — One Size Plus


Put Your Hair Up Into An On-Trend Bun With A Handy Doughnut Styling Set

This hair styling kit makes tossing your hair up way easier than it usually is. There are four different sizes of hair doughnuts, so you can switch up the size of your go-to bun. With elastics and pins, this set makes it easier to create that sleek bun look that’s so on-trend.


Soothe Your Skin With This Ice Roller That Can Also Reduce Puffiness

Cold therapy is one of the easiest, most calming things you can add to your skincare routine, and this ice roller makes it remarkably easy to do. This battery-free tool has a removable (read: cleanable), gel-filled head that you can pop in the freezer for 15 minutes, then use to massage your face. The result will be soothed skin, and this roller can even help reduce unwanted puffiness, redness, or swelling.


Get A Better Fit With These Stretchy Extender Straps That Match Your Bra

These little straps are actually extenders that fit right onto a bra strap to make your go-to bra a bit comfier — and save you big bucks. It hooks right onto your existing bra strap, too — no alterations required. You can buy the widths and colors that best match your bra and get up to about 4 extra inches of band width.

  • Available styles: 40


Reduce Razor Bumps With A Silicone Brush That Has An Ergonomic Handle

If you avoid exfoliating because it takes forever, this compact brush makes that annoying step super quick and easy, and the result is fewer razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The silicone design is also completely cleanable after your shower. If you forget to reach for it in the shower, you can even use this little brush with a comfortable-to-use, built-in handle on dry skin.


Wear These Lightweight Sunglasses With A Trendy Shape

These rectangular sunglasses with UV protection come in two seriously trendy options, so you always have one handy. You get two different colors, so the sunglasses you stick in your bag aren’t the same vibe as the ones in your car. No matter where you wear these durable, ‘90s-inspired glasses, they’re super lightweight and comfortable.

  • Available styles: 33


Get Rid Of Rough Foot Skin With This Callus-Removing Gel

If you’re frustrated with a callus-removing routine that isn’t really working, grab this callus-remover gel to make your routine easier. This exfoliating gel formula goes on right before you reach for the pumice stone, and it seriously removes dead skin in just about 10 minutes, which is way faster than a trip to the spa.


Get Salon-Worthy Locks With These Mess-Free Hair Serum Capsules

These little hair serum capsules are way less messy than the usual hair mask or spray products that you may be used to. Popping one (or more, depending on your hair) open gives you the perfect amount of this formula with macadamia oil, avocado oil, vitamin A, and more. The result is silky smooth hair that looks salon-fresh.


Keep Your Pants Tucked In With These Stretchy Jean Clips

These little clips stick right onto your favorite pants to keep them nicely tucked in whatever trendy boots you reach for that day. Each one wraps around your feet with an elastic design that feels super comfy. These clips are also adjustable, so they fit a bunch of different pant lengths.