60 Of The Most Popular Gifts Under $35 On Amazon This Year

These best-sellers prove you don’t have to spend a fortune to gift very, very well.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I always go for popular products when it comes to gifting. Why? If a ton of people are already vouching for a gift, there’s no need to search around for something someone on our list might like — a much-loved gift is a good gift. So, I’ve gathered up 60 of the most popular gifts on Amazon this year, so we can all shop a little quicker and way more confidentially. Oh, and these great finds are under $35, too, so you won’t have to break the bank to gift well.


These Essential Oil Shower Steamers With An Adorable Design

With these shower steamers, you won’t have to pick out a specific scent because they come with six different essential oil fragrances. Each one of these adorable discs has a colorful design to go with scents like peony and pear, menthol and eucalyptus, grapefruit, and more. Plus, these melting discs will last a long time without staining your tub or clogging the drain.


These Lightweight Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings

These budget-friendly hoops have the lightest design that’s actually comfy to wear, but they still look nice and expensive because they have a gold-plated finish. That makes these hoops great for everyday wear. Of course, they also have a stainless steel post and a chunky design that’s simultaneously timeless and trendy.

  • Available sizes: 20mm – 50mm
  • Available colors: 3


This Luxurious, Best-Selling Sheet Set That Comes With Extra Pillowcases

This bedsheet set is overflowing with luxurious details, starting with the super lightweight and breathable fabric and deep pockets. You also get four pillowcases, so you can stack up a bunch of fluffy pillows or always have extras on hand for guests. These soft sheers are even moisture-wicking, so this machine-washable set won’t do that annoying thing where they stick to your skin.


A Waterproof, Foldable Organizer That’s Easy To Fit In The Car

This foldable trunk organizer is honestly versatile enough to use it all over your car, not just in the trunk. It has straps to secure this waterproof organizer in the backseat, on the floor, and more. It also has a bunch of adjustable pockets on the inside for organizing and extra pockets on the outside, for smaller accessories like towels, tools, and shopping bags.


A Clip-On, Compact Strainer That Snaps Right Onto Cookware

This little heat-resistant strainer clips on the side of your pot, pan, or bowl, so you can go ahead and start pouring pasta water with just one hand instead of balancing a clunky strainer in the sink. The silicone is flexible enough to bend it to fit all of your go-to pots, and it’s even dishwasher-safe.


These Individually-Wrapped Eye Masks That Are Made With Shimmery Gold

These de-puffing, revitalizing eye masks are all individually wrapped, so it’s easy to gift a few of these eye masks that are infused with 24-karat gold to everyone. In addition to the glittery finish, these masks have glycerin, botanical extracts, and castor oil to soothe and hydrate the skin.


This Comfy, Sweat-Wicking Phone Holder That’s *So* Versatile

This armband is handy for carrying your phone on a run or if you’re simply tired of sticking your phone in your pocket. Not only is the comfy nylon design stretchy, but it’s also completely waterproof and sweat-wicking. Of course, there’s also a little zipper that keeps your phone, keys, and cards secure (but doesn’t stand out too much).

  • Available sizes: Small – XL
  • Available styles: 7


The Fan-Favorite Party Game That’s Full Of Internet Humor

The adult card game What Do You Meme? allows you to take some of the internet’s most famous viral photos and turn them into your own joke. Get ready to laugh hard as you pick the funniest caption for already-silly pictures. Over 33,000 Amazon reviewers already have, and have given this game a 4.7-star overall rating.


A Unique Egg Cooker That Perfectly Makes Tons Of Dishes

This BPA-free egg cooker is a versatile kitchen gift because it’s doesn’t just make perfeclty boiled eggs — though it absolutely does that. This compact cooker can make also make flawless omelets, poached eggs, and more. The dishwasher-safe tray inserts can even cook scrambled eggs. Plus, there’s a measuring cup with built-in measurements for all of the egg recipes.


This Cozy, Stretchy Beanie With A Chic Satin Lining

This beanie looks like a classic cozy hat on the outside, but it actually has a silky lining on the inside. This beanie feels super chic, and it’s just as gentle on your hair and skin as your favorite silky pillowcase. Even with the satin lining, this beanie still has plenty of stretch.


A Pet Water Fountain & Filter With A Nightlight

This water fountain gift saves pet owners from refilling water bowls all day because it has a 2.8-liter water container and a built-in filter. On top, it has a fountain design with two water flow settings that encourages pets to drink — and keeps them from splashing water all over the floor. Plus, it has built-in LEDs to illuminate this pet bowl at night.


This Makeup & Skincare Brush Set That’s So Aesthetic

This makeup brush set basically refreshes your entire makeup bag and your skincare drawer. For your makeup, it comes with 13 chic brushes that have fluffy, soft bristles that won’t fall off. This aesthetic set also has a bunch of skincare tools like lip exfoliators, a face mask applicator, and more. It also comes with a matching brush bag and the four makeup sponges have a little storage container.


An Adhesive LED Light Set That Works In Any Space

Gift these stick-on LED lights because everyone can find a spot in their home where they need a bit more lighting. This set comes with screws or super easy adhesive, so you’re not gifting a time-consuming home product. These versatile lights also come with a remote for easy dimming and timer setup, but they can also be turned on with a simple tap.


These Foldable Bluetooth Headphones With A Backup Wire Option

These high-definition headphones reduce outside noise and have a great sound quality — especially when you consider their budget-friendly price tag. They connect to your devices via Bluetooth and have easy-to-use buttons, but they also have a handy backup wire option, so you don’t have to constantly worry about keeping them charge. However, the charge will last for 14 to 20 hours.


A Cast Iron Press That Can Help You Make Trendy Smash Burgers

This grill press has the most durable design with the sturdy cast iron material and a chic wooden handle on top. It works with a bunch of different recipes, like pressed sandwiches, brick chicken, or super easy and trendy smash burgers. Best of all, it’s easy to clean off after dinner prep.


This Soothing Facial Spray That Smells So Lovely

This hydrating facial spray is an easy go-to because it’s a chic add-on to anyone’s skincare bag. It works with all skin types (even over makeup), and spritzing on the soothing, rejuvenating formula makes any skin type — but especially dry skin — instantly feel so much better and look dewy. It’s made with rosewater and leaves behind a luxurious scent with herbal extract ingredients.


These Colorful Wool Blend Socks With All Of The Cozy Vibes

This sock set has a classically cozy print that gives off colorful sweater vibes. Each one has a different color, so they’re easy to pair with all of your plush loungewear sets. Plus, they’re made with a wool and cotton blend of heavy-weight fabric to add a warm touch to the cozy, cute look.

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available styles: 25


These Soft Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair & Skin

These satin pillowcases are obviously a chic bedding choice, but they also double as a skincare gift. The super soft, smooth, and machine-washable fabric protects your skin and prevents friction on your hair, which help with dryness. This lightweight set is also completely free of a zipper because it has a soft envelope closure instead. Plus, these pillowcases come in four sizes and over 20 colors, which makes them suitable for any bedroom set.


This Bonsai Kit That Makes For A Unique Indoor Garden Experience

This unique plant kit grows four different bonsai trees, and it can kick any plant parent’s collection up a notch. This set comes with adorable growing pots that look like little burlap bags and all of the sturdy plant labels you’ll need. There are even pruning sheers, so your giftee is prepared when each bonsai needs a trim.


This Quick-Working Meat Thermometer That’s Easy To Clean

This meat thermometer will accurately read any food temperature to 1/10th of a degree in just three seconds. It’s completely waterproof, so you don’t have to be too careful when you wash it in the sink with the rest of your dishes. It also has a meat temperature chart and a hanging design, so it won’t add to kitchen drawer clutter.


This Trendy & Gentle Brush With An Ergonomic Handle

This detangling brush has a terrazzo print that will add a trendy accent to anyone’s bathroom drawer or countertop. Of course, the bead-free and super gentle detangling bristles also make this brush stand out — all while preventing tugging and frizz. Meanwhile, the funky ergonomic shape is way more adorable and comfortable to hold than a classic hairbrush.


A Battery Organizer That Has A Convenient Handle

This battery case with a battery tester is such a good organizing gift, because most of us have a pile or grubby plastic bag full of messy batteries hidden somewhere in our homes. It can hold 180 batteries of various types, and it has a clear top and a handle on top, so it’s easy to carry to each room to replace batteries all over your house.


These Fan-Favorite Leggings With The Softest Finish

These leggings have a classic high waistband, and they’re made with soft fabric that’s comfy no matter what they’re paired with. The soft finish is also topped off with 8% stretchy spandex, which is always a must. Plus, these cult-favorite leggings are easy to clean — just machine wash and dry.

  • Available styles: 25
  • Available sizes: One Size — One Size Plus (including length options)


These Adorable Squirrel-Shaped Toys With A Puzzle Design

This adorable plush dog toy has a puzzle-like design that’s so genius. It comes with little squirrel-shaped toys that hide inside a larger tree-shaped toy, so your pup can hunt for squirrels without bothering the real ones outside and enrich their mind. Plus, each little squirrel has a squeaker when your pup finds them.


An Electric Cleaning Kit To Wash Even The Tiniest Makeup Brushes

This brush cleaning kit is super compact, and it makes your brushes feel brand new without actually spending a ton of money on new ones. It comes with a mess-free bowl, a handheld brush spinner, and a bunch of collars to fit even the smallest brow brushes. To use, just connect your brushes to the collar, press a button, lift your brush in the bowl to dry it, and do your makeup again with like-new tools.


A Minimalist White Noise Machine That’s Compact Enough For Travel

This white noise machine has a compact design with minimalist buttons on top to choose from six calming sounds, including rain, a babbling brook, and classic white noise. It’s battery-operated, or you can use a USB charger, so it’s easy to pack this soothing machine in a suitcase.


This Amazon Fire Stick That’s So Easy To Use

This little Amazon Fire TV Stick is an easy way to upgrade someone’s TV without adding a bunch of confusing wires or clutter. After popping the USB drive in the back of the TV, they can chat with their Amazon Alexa or use the sleek remote to jump between their go-to streaming services.


This Exfoliating Foot Treatment That’s So Easy To Use

This set of foot masks has an exfoliating formula built right into a sock-shaped mask that you just slide right on. These aloe vera-scented masks take just 60 minutes to work. Then, it continues to work on peeling away dry skin and calluses for up to two weeks after.


A 2-Sided Dartboard That Comes With Safe-To-Use Velcro Balls

This dartboard is fun for the whole family because it uses sticky velcro balls instead of a classic, sharp dart. This board itself has an easy-to-hang loop on top, which means you can set it up in seconds. After you do, enjoy both sides: a classic dartboard for traditional play and a more colorful side that allows you to try out new games.


These Extra-Long Silicone Oven Mitts That Won’t Get Grimy

Fabric oven mitts start to feel a bit grimy after a while, but these extra-long silicone oven mitts are super easy to refresh. Simply rinse them in the sink or wash them in the washing machine anytime they get food on them. They still give you a soft lining, but the grippy silicone will keep your hands protected up to 450 degrees — all while looking brand-new.


This Layered Initial Necklace With A Bunch Of Styling Options

Not only does this initial necklace feel super customized, but it also looks super trendy with the layered design. There’s a choker on top with the delicate and reversible monogrammed necklace layered underneath. Plus, these dainty necklaces aren’t actually connected, so they’re easy to pair with other pieces.

  • Available styles: 78


This Chic Metallic Lash Curler With Gentle Pads

Gifting someone this luxe eyelash curler means they won’t have to buy another for a while because it comes with two sets of replacement pads. These little pads pop right onto the curler, and they’re super gentle on lashes. This stainless steel curler with a chic rose gold finish also comes with a storage bag.


A Mini Waffle Maker That Has Easy-To-Clean Nonstick Plates

This waffle maker has a non-stick design, so your giftee won’t be stuck scrubbing it after breakfast. The colorful top has a built-in handle for easy opening, and the entire thing is tiny enough to fit in any kitchen cabinet. This might be the most adorable kitchen appliance you can gift, thanks to its colorful design that comes in over 20 variations.


This Adorable Vegan Leather Bag Set With Versatile Sizes

Instead of picking out the perfect bag size for someone, grab this faux-leather bag set with three matching and adorable styles. It comes with a trendy circle bag, a wallet, and a mini backpack with a little puffy keychain and a bow accent on the front. Each style has chic gold hardware, which makes these bags look much more expensive than they are.

  • Available colors: 11


An Oversized Water Bottle With The Best Lid Options

Not only is this oversized water bottle easy to carry around with the built-in handle, but it also has times on the side, which remind your gifttee to keep up with drinking water throughout the day. It also comes with a straw (always a plus) with a protective lid or a classic lid, adding more versatlity to this BPA-free bottle.


A Wood Wick Candle That Comes In A Glossy Gold Jar

This candle feels like such a chic gift, thanks to the wood wick that lasts for up to 35 hours. Inside is 100% soy wax with eucalyptus and orange essential oils, though it also comes in fout other scents. The delicious-smelling candle comes in a glossy gold jar that looks luxurious no matter where it’s burning.


This Adorable Jar Of Glowy Moisturizer

This glowy moisturizer with nourishing cupuaçu butter is super fun to gift because of the bright and adorable packaging. It’s super hydrating with coconut oil, acai oil, and guaraná, which leaves your skin hydrated and tight. Plus, this little jar of moisturizer leaves behind a unique pistachio and salted caramel fragrance.


This Dust Cleaner With A Fun Gel Formula

Everyone can use this unique cleaning gel because it takes care of dust in car vents, crumbs scattered on laptop keyboards, grime taking over kitchen appliances, and more. It leaves behind a fresh scent after you clean up all of the dust from otherwise hard-to-clean spots. It also has a little storage jar, so the reusable gel formula is easy to store in a cleaning closet.


This Adjustable Reading Light Set With Super Versatile Clips

Grab this set of USB-chargeable LED book lights, which has three different light options. Each one has a clip on the bottom that also works as a little stand if you want to set up this lightweight LED on a desk. It’s also topped off with a bendy design that’s so easy to adjust.


A Nourishing Lip Exfoliator That Comes In An Easy-To-Use Tube

This lip exfoliator comes in a lipstick-like tube, which means it’s easy to apply. Just roll it up, rub it in circles on your lips, and see as dry, flaky skin comes right off. This gentle exfoliator is also infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil to soothe and hydrate your lips.


This Wine Pouring & Saving Set That’s Completely Drip-Proof

Your bottles of wine are good to go with this wine stopper set because it comes with an insert to help you pour the perfect glass and an air-tight one for keeping your wine fresh. The pouring insert has a built-in disc to aerate the wine, and both of these unique stoppers have a leak-proof design to avoid drips.


This Mini Space Heater That Can Be Carried Around The House

This mini space heater won’t look bulky in your home because it has a compact design with a sleek look. There’s even a little built-in handle on the back to carry this cozy heater around the house. It’s topped off with three easy heat settings and an auto-shutoff if you tip over this tiny heater, which makes it extra safe.


A Quick-Drying Gel Pen Set That Will Keep Notes Organized

This 20-pack of gel pens comes with 14 different colors, which allows your giftee to color-code their notes or simply write with the shade that suits their mood on any given day. These pens dry super quickly to reduce smearing. These pens are also comfortable to hold, thanks to the grip that wraps all the way around the writing utensil.


This Rust-Proof Espresso Maker That Looks So Sleek

This stainless steel coffee maker is way more budget-friendly than gifting an espresso maker, and it’s even rust-proof. It looks sleek on any type of stovetop while it quickly brews four cups of espresso. It can also go in the dishwasher after finishing up morning coffee time.


These Pet Grooming Gloves With A Comfy Fit

These gloves are so handy for pet parents because they’re covered in de-shedding bristles, which take care of all of the excess fur. With flexible, massaging nubs, these grooming gloves are also perfect for bath time, and they have a completely adjustable fit.


This Adorable, Mess-Free Honey Dispenser For A Tidy Pantry

This honey dispenser with a honeycomb design is an adorable kitchen gift that also keeps the pantry tidy. The glass dispenser comes with a matching stand, so it can hang out in the pantry without dripping honey everywhere. Plus, this bottom-dispensing container even works for storing sugar next to a coffee maker, chocolate sauce for an ice cream sundae bar, and so much more.


This Reversible Makeup Eraser With An Exfoliating Side

This makeup eraser only needs plain ol’ water to work, so its unique fabric replaces cluttered micellar water bottles. It’s even reversible, and one side is perfect for exfoliation. Plus, it’s machine-washable to easily get rid of all of the waterproof mascara stains.


This Foot Hammock To Pop On Airplane Or Car Seats

This little hammock for your feet hangs right onto an airplane or car seat for comfier traveling. It’s so lightweight that it’s actually easy to pack this unique little hammock. It also has adjustable straps, so you can find the perfect height to help out with back pain and leg swelling.


This Easy-To-Use Milk Frother That Comes With A Sleek Stand

Take your everyday coffee to another level with this milk frother, which turns plain ol’ milk into cafe-worthy foam. How does it work? With the simple touch of a button and 15 seconds. When the giftee is done making latte art, they can hang this frother up on the sleek stand that looks great in any kitchen.


This Creative Planner With Plenty Of Vision Boards

This planner stands out from the boring desk calendars we’re all used to because it has creative pages like spots for vision boards, grateful lists, and mind maps. There’s even are even colorful planning stickers and a trendy faux-leather cover. Of course, there are still plenty of customizable weekly and monthly planning pages for a classic calendar — but the undated timelines can be used for any time of year.


A Refillable Facial Mister That’s Easy To Carry

If you’re not sure what facial mist scent to gift, grab this hydrating facial mister that only uses water. This adorable pink mister is even smaller and easier to carry around than bulky facial spray bottles. With this rechargeable facial tool, you can even mix in a bit of toner with water for a customized fine facial spray.


This Weighted Blanket That Has A Chic (& Useful) Diamond Pattern

This weighted blanket has a diamond pattern that looks so chic, but it also works to keep all of the glass beads in place. Though it has five layers and weights 15 pounds, this blanket still manages to be breathable, so you get all of the calming comfort without sweating.


This Dainty Jewelry Tray With A Customized Initial

This ceramic jewelry dish has a minimalist design that will let their favorite jewelry pieces stand out. It’s finished off with a delicate gold rim and the daintiest initial letter to make it feel customized. This glossy tray is small enough to display on any nightstand, and it even comes with a gift box which makes it so easy to give.


These Trendy Slippers That Are *So* Breathable

These extra-fuzzy memory foam slippers are fun and trendy, and they work for anyone of any age. They have oversized criss-cross straps on top with a ton of plush and warm faux-fur that still manages to keeps the insole breathable. On the bottom, these adorable slippers are waterproof and non-slip.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 10
  • Available colors: 10


This Money-Saving Derma Roller That Helps Serums Soak In

This derma roller has over 540 needles on it, which may sound intimidating, but it’s gentle enough on the skin while still deeply exfoliating. This roller can help your favorite serums deeply soak into the skin, leaving you with a luxurious glow. While spa dermabrasion sessions can cost a fortune, this at-home option is so cheap.


This Long-Lasting Cast Iron Skillet With Over 113,000 Five-Star Reviews

This cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready to use right away to fry chicken, bake frittatas, sear steaks, and so much more. It can work on a stovetop, on the grill, or in the oven. This long-lasting, heavy-duty skillet is a total kitchen classic, and it has over 113,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Portable Charger That Weighs Just 7.5 Ounces

This portable charger can power up an iPhone from 0 to 100% twice over, and can charge tablets and other phones one and a half times. Despite being a total power-packed device, it’s still super slim and compact, weighing just 7.5 ounces. It has an indicator light that tells you how much battery it has left, which is a handy feature that helped it get 57,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This Silicone Popcorn Popper That Works In Just 3 Minutes

This silicone popcorn popper goes right into the microwave just like single-use bags, but it only needs kernels — no butter or oil. After it’s done in the microwave after two to three minutes, this popper turns into a bowl that can hold 15 cups of fresh, hot popcorn. After movie night, it collapses for compact storage.


A Set Of Durable Packing Cubes That Come With A Handy Laundry Bag

This set of packing cubes doesn’t just come with four cubes that have a durable, easy-to-clean bottom and breathable mesh top, but they also come with a laundry bag. In addition to sorting up to 14 days’ worth of clothes, this set also lets you keep your dirty stuff separate, which is huge. These packing cubes are a favorite on Amazon, with a 4.8-star rating after over 18,000 reviewers.


A Best-Selling Car Vacuum That Can Clean Every Nook & Cranny

This car vacuum plugs right into your cigarette lighter port, and it has a 16-foot range to reach every inch of the vehicle. Speaking of cleaning every inch of the car, this vacuum comes with flathead hose, extension tube, and brush head to get into awkward corners, creases, and gaps. This vacuum is a total best-seller on Amazon, with over 136,000 five-star reviews.