“The Office” Fans Can Spend A Night At Dunder Mifflin — Here’s How

"Oh my god. OK, it's happening!!!!!"

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Your chance to exude main character energy is closer than you think. If you’re part of the uh, millions of people that have watched The Office, you might have fantasized about starring in your own workplace sitcom at some point — or at the very least, have daydreamed about eating Kevin’s chili IRL. You can partially live out such a fantasy (minus the chili part) all thanks to

The travel site is putting together a once-in-a-lifetime experience for loyal Office fans to spend a night at Dunder Mifflin. Rather than making their way to Scranton, Pennsylvania, fans will be treated to a day in Washington, D.C. The Office Experience is located in the historic Woodies Building, where you can find a recreation of The Office’s most famous spots that include original show costumes, props, and activations. The experience is typically only available for ticketed tours, but two lucky pairs will get a more personal stay at Scranton Business Park.

Starting Wednesday, Nov. 16, fans of the show can head to at noon ET to try and win a one-night stay at the office. Winners will be chosen on a first come, first served basis — so you might have to set an alarm if you want to try your luck. The stays with take place on Nov. 19 and Nov. 20 and will only cost $20.05 per night in honor of the year The Office first premiered in the United States.

Winners will get a unique experience compared to what is normally available to the public. The itinerary includes a guided tour of The Office Experience, dinner at a nearby D.C. restaurant, Stanley-inspired crossword puzzles, and a scavenger hunt (the winner of this will get their very own Dundie award too). And no worries, if staying in an office — even if it is a fake one — overnight sounds like a nightmare come true, will secure the winners a room in a nearby property for them to spend the night.

Even if you don’t get to experience the overnight stay, The Office Experience will be open through Jan. 16, 2023, so you can plan a trip that fits into your OOO days. The two-story experience has 17 different areas made to look like iconic moments and sets from the show like Pam’s desk, Michael’s office, and the site of Kevin’s notorious chili spill. Tickets start at $32 and go up depending on the perks you might want to add, though there’s nothing to lose if you try to win big on Nov. 16. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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