Here's How You Can Donate To Organizations Fighting Against Trump's Birth Control Rule
by Kristine Fellizar
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

On Friday, the Trump administration announced their plan to cut back on the contraception coverage mandate that was set during the Obama administration. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers were required by law to include birth control coverage in their health insurance plans. Now with the new rule, in effect immediately, employers or schools can legally opt out of providing coverage, making access to birth control much harder for women everywhere.

As you can imagine many people are furious — and rightly so. For many women, birth control is an essential part of their health care.

“Millions of women have gained access to birth control through the Affordable Care Act, and all of them have been put at risk of losing this vital piece of their health care," Anne Davis, consulting medical director for Physicians for Reproductive Health, says in a statement shared with Bustle. "Every day, I see the impact that birth control access has had on my patients’ health and well-being. The contraceptive coverage benefit under the Affordable Care Act has done so much to reduce the barriers to birth control that my patients frequently faced. Let’s not go back to the days when patients couldn’t afford the birth control that helps them live healthier lives."

Cecile Richards the President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America said in a statement shared with Bustle.

“The Trump administration just took direct aim at birth control coverage for 62 million women. This is an unacceptable attack on basic health care that the vast majority of women rely on. With this rule in place, any employer could decide that their employees no longer have health insurance coverage for birth control. We’re talking about a fundamental right — to be able to decide whether and when you want to have children. Birth control is not controversial — it’s health care the vast majority of women will use in the course of their lifetime."

Under the ACA, birth control was recognized as preventive health care. Because of that, health insurance plans were required by law to cover birth control without a co-pay. Under the new rules, any employer can opt out of contraceptive coverage for religious or moral reasons. It also eliminates the guarantee that women continue to receive birth control if the employer decides to opt out, regardless of their beliefs. In other words, if an employer says they want out, that's it. It's up to the women to figure out how they can afford their own contraception.

If this outrages you, the good news is there are many major organizations out there that are fighting back against the administration's new birth control rule. Here are some of organizations fighting against Trump — and where you can donate to show your support.


American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union has been working for over 100 years to defend the rights of all individuals in this country including immigrants, minorities, and of course, women.

If you want to help support and become a "Freedom Fighter" you can donate here.


National Women's Law Center

The National Women's Law Center has been working to create equal opportunities for women and families for over 40 years.

If you want to support them in their fight against the Trump administration's roll back plan, you can make donations here.


Center For Reproductive Rights

The Center for Reproductive Rights has been fighting to protect reproductive freedom for 25 years.

You can show your support by donating here.


The Women's Convention

The organization behind the Women's Marches all over the country throughout the year are continuing to let their voices heard.

You can support by showing up to a march near you or donate here.


Americans United For Separation Of Church And State

The Americans United for Separation of Church and State have been protecting the "wall of separation" since 1947. Since the new birth control rule will no longer protect people against their employer's moral and religious beliefs, this is a great organization to get behind.

If you want to support them, you can make donations here.


Planned Parenthood

Among all the organizations fighting against the Trump administration's plans to roll back on affordable and easy access to birth control, Planned Parenthood may be the most well-known. As Erica Sackin, Director of Political Communications at Planned Parenthood Federation of America tells Bustle, there are three things she suggests you do, "One, tell HHS that they should revoke this rule, and that no woman's boss should be able to decide if she has access to birth control. Two, tell tell all your friends to do the same and three, go to and sign up to help us fight this rule." You can even go on their site to make a donation.


Physicians For Reproductive Health

The Physicians for Reproductive Health is a doctor-led organization whose mission is to improve access to comprehensive reproductive health care. They’ve been working to uphold access to safe and legal abortions as well as protect easy access to affordable contraception since 1992.

If you want to show your support, you can donate here. Nearly 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to their programs.

According to BuzzFeed News, four groups including the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Women's Law Center, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State say they'll be fighting the Trump administration in court.

“This new rule also reflects a disturbing trend in both the Trump administration and the current Congress of efforts to dismantle women’s access to health care, including administration appointees who oppose constitutionally protected rights, legislation allowing states to restrict family planning funds, and a health care repeal bill that would have left millions of Americans uninsured or without coverage for essential services," Davis says. "As a doctor, I am deeply concerned about the impact of these continued attacks on access to care for my patients and for the health of our nation. We have to do better.”

Despite what the Trump administration seems to think, reproductive rights are a basic human right, so let your voice be heard.