Dream, Create, Connect: The Secret Formula To Muses Reverie’s Artistic Community For Women

Muses Reverie is where women unite through art and adventure in breathtaking settings.

Written by Hilary Tetenbaum
Monique Rodriguez

In the ever-evolving landscape of art and culture, Muses Reverie emerges not merely as a community but as a siren’s call to the imaginative and intrepid women of the world through community and adventure. At its heart, Muses Reverie is a labor of love dedicated to fostering exploration, collaboration, and camaraderie. Muses meticulously crafts magical escapes to the world’s most spellbinding locations. With each journey created, careful and loving attention is paid to detail, making sure attendees have a truly unforgettable experience. So far, Muses Reverie has spirited away many women to all points of the compass for artistic engagement, mischievous fun, and meeting kindred spirits.

It was founded by the enigmatic Eden Tijerina, an artist herself with a deep background lovingly crafting worlds and experiences that welcome women artists to foster safe and meaningful connections that catalyze imaginative growth. This avant-garde collective passionately nurtures female artistry, creating a vibrant space that transcends the ordinary.

Muses Reverie isn’t just a gathering; it’s a sanctuary for women artists eager to challenge the conventional boundaries of their craft. From painters and sculptors to writers and creatives, women of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed, provided they possess a willingness to learn, listen, and practice. Whether you’re a novice fueled by passion or a seasoned professional seeking fresh inspiration, Muses Reverie offers a myriad of opportunities for growth and sisterhood.

A Dream By The Scottish Seaside

Imagine this: a week-long sojourn in a 500-year-old Scottish seaside castle, where evenings are spent sipping whisky by the fire, followed by candlelit lectures on philosophical love letters delivered by a brilliant professor. Nights are punctuated with breathless laughter as you and your companions play sardines, trying not to wake the others. Or picture braving the rugged cliffs of Lundy Island, where, upon disembarking from a two-hour ferry ride, you are greeted by the sight of newborn seals learning to swim. Your lodgings? A working remodeled 400-year-old lighthouse. When a French villa in Normandy beckoned, women gathered to engage in soul-stirring art projects, creating an escape that felt more decadent than the typical retreat. Attendees returned to dinner from photoshoots on the villa’s gorgeous grounds, dressed like real-life Gregorian nobility. The Muses team thinks everyone should be able to run down the halls of a great castle in a ballgown at least once.

One of the most treasured traditions are evenings resound with the belly laughs shared over intimate group dinners. This is where conversations buzz with anticipation for the morrow’s adventures. Dress code: absolutely whatever makes you feel comfortable. Workshops, helmed by inspiring women, transform safe spaces into sanctuaries of profound emotional exploration; with hearts wide open, tears, as well as laughter in equal measure, are often evoked. Here, participants are invited to delve as deeply into their personal journeys as their hearts dare to venture.

Pictures from the May Day picnic in Prospect Park show a vintage fashion show and a hands-on lecture by a textile expert from the MET. Or a Garden of Alchemy dinner party in a historical Brooklyn mansion, with fire dancers and a spellbinding performance by professional puppeteers. These gatherings are meticulously crafted experiences, celebrating and elevating the essence of womanhood.

In the digital realm, Muses Reverie is set to flourish as a virtual agora where members will be able to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other within a private Discord channel. Artistic challenges centered around themes like “Female Rage,” “Sanctuary,” and “Sisterhood” invite Muses to interpret and express these concepts through their chosen mediums, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and inspiration. The platform also extends mentorship opportunities, providing a space for emerging talents and established artists to learn, share experiences, and evolve together.

Ava/Instagram: gingeredspice

Prominent Figures to Feature the Upcoming Summer Retreat

This upcoming August introduces an exhilarating and unforgettable summer retreat where a few coveted spots remain for “Muses of the Moonlight Frontier.” This will be the Muses first-ever US mixed media week-long retreat. It will feature instructors like cultural historian Lynn Paramore, PhD. Her lectures on “Women In Folklore” enrich attendees’ understanding of how mythic figures influence modern identity and cultural narratives. Paramore’s thoughtful and insightful teaching style creates an inviting atmosphere for deeper exploration and discussion. Her sessions are a highlight for those eager to delve into the layers of folklore and the pivotal roles women have played in these enduring stories.

Another instructor to look forward to on this trip is photographer Edie Sunday, PhD in psychology, who has worked closely with prominent film-centric magazines for almost a decade. Her film photography workshop, structured in two dynamic parts, will delve into the psychology, emotion, and artistic expression of photography utilizing film cameras. Participants will explore the deeper aspects of visual storytelling, emphasizing the emotional impact and psychological undertones captured through the lens of a film camera. The second part of the workshop will introduce a hands-on session, transforming participants’ understanding of instant-print photography and demonstrating its potential not just as a medium for capturing moments but as a unique form of art. This workshop promises to offer a profound exploration of photographic artistry, appealing to both the seasoned photographer and the curious novice alike. Everyone will go home with a cherished picture of their own.

Muses Reverie endeavors not only to serve as a canvas for artistic expression but also to carve out a realm where women’s voices are heard, celebrated, and amplified. It is an open invitation to embark on a journey of artistic exploration and personal growth. This is more than a community; it’s a passport to a world where art and adventure converge in extraordinary ways, forging a legacy that transcends geographical and artistic boundaries, whether in person or online. It stands as a celebration of the diverse female experience, offering a space where every woman can unearth her inner muse, push her boundaries, and revel in the satisfaction of creation.

In the words of founder Eden Tijerina, “My favorite thing about Muses Reverie is watching brilliant women make real, lasting friendships; something that’s often hard to come by as we reach adulthood and realize our interests differ from most.” This sentiment resonates deeply with the community, as many members describe their experiences as transformative and profoundly inspiring.

To the artists, dreamers, and adventurers out there: Muses Reverie beckons. Will you answer the call?

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