65 Of The Strangest Products On Amazon That Are Insanely Popular (For Good Reason)

Kind of strange, but seriously popular.

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Often, the strangest products become the most popular, often receiving hundreds and thousands of five-star reviews. Why? Because they’re clever and innovative. And while popularity isn’t everything, it does come in handy when deciding which products to add to your cart. So what are you waiting for? The strange yet highly rated products on this list aren’t going to buy themselves, you know.


The Wristbands That Absorb Water While You Wash Your Face

These soft, microfiber wristbands are designed to absorb spilled water while you’re washing your face or removing makeup. The scrunchies, which feel like fleece, contain elastic that helps them stay in place during your skin-care routine. Plus, they have a 4.7-star Amazon rating with customers writing that they are “life changing.”


A Clip-On Strainer That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

A full-size strainer can take up a ton of cabinet space, making this clip-on version a smart alternative for cramped kitchens. The clips stretch to fit nearly any pot, pan, or bowl — and since all your food stays inside the pot while you strain, it’s also less likely that anything will spill out into the sink.


The Colorful Silicone Baking Cups That Are Totally Reusable

Instead of using wasteful paper cups when baking treats, why not make the switch to these reusable ones and save yourself some money? They’re made from tough silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit — and there’s no need to spritz them with baking spray, as they’re also nonstick as well as odor- and stain-resistant.


These Brightening Eye Masks That Are Fortified With Real Gold

Tired eyes are no match for these masks, as they’re made with real 24-karat gold that can help brighten skin after just 20 minutes of wear. But if that isn’t enough? They also contain hyaluronic acid to help soothe away unwanted puffiness, as well as a nourishing dose of antioxidant-rich vitamins C, E, and B3.


A Detangling Brush With Flexible, Cone-Shaped Bristles

Don’t yank away at tangled hairs — instead, allow this detangling brush to get rid of those stubborn knots. The cone-tipped bristles separate knotted strands, allowing them to work themselves free with a few gentle passes. It’s also suitable for all types of hair.


An Electric Washer That Works With Nearly Any Makeup Brush

Sometimes, using dirty makeup brushes can lead to your skin breaking out, which is why I’m a big fan of this washer. It’s designed to work with nearly any makeup brush — from kabuki brushes to eyeshadow brushes — and it only requires two AAA batteries (which are not included) in order to work.


A Batter Dispenser That Helps Keep Mess To A Minimum

It’s easy for pancake batter to drip onto your counters when spooning it from bowl to stove — unless you have this dispenser. A blender ball on the inside helps you mix up your batter so that there are zero clumps, while a pointed nozzle makes it easy to squirt onto pans. And since the nozzle is heat-resistant, you can even let it touch your pans without having to worry about it melting.


This Vegetable Slicer That Comes With 8 Interchangeable Blades

Whether you need to slice, dice, chop, or shred your veggies, this chopper can help you get the job done in no time at all. Eight interchangeable blades give you options when deciding how you want to cut up your greens, while a container on the bottom collects everything in one convenient spot. Cleanup is also a total breeze, as all pieces are dishwasher-safe.


This Heat-Resistant Mat That Helps Protect Counters From Burn Marks

Letting your flat or curling iron rest directly on your counters can lead to burn marks, so why not grab this mat? It’s made from tough silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for hot styling tools — and the textured exterior even helps keep your tools from sliding off. Plus, the inside opens up so that you can store your tools while they’re still hot.


The Silicone Utensil Rest That Can Hold Up To 4 Stirrers

Don’t waste a paper towel the next time you need somewhere to lay your stirrers — just put them on this utensil rest. Four slots give you ample space for all your stirrers, while a wide silicone pad catches drips to help keep your counter clean. Choose from dozens of colors as well as two sizes: medium or extra-large.


This Cheese Slicer That’s Made From Sleek Stainless Steel

There’s no need to worry about this cheese slicer corroding over time, as it’s made from tough stainless steel that’s both sharp as well as resistant to rust. The adjustable wire lets you cut thick chunks, thin slices, and everything in between — all while an ergonomic handle makes it easy to use with either hand.


This Backlit Makeup Mirror That Offers 2- & 3-Times Magnification

Doing your makeup in poor lighting can lead to less-than-desirable results — that’s why this mirror is a game-changer. The center panel is backlit with bright LEDs, making it easy to get those winged eyeliner tips looking just right. It also features two bonus panels that magnify your face two and three times — and both sides fold inwards for compact storage.


An Eyelash Curler That Won’t Pinch Your Lids

Whereas some eyelash curlers can leave your lids feeling irritated, this one is designed so that it won’t pinch your lids, yet still lifts your lashes up to deliver dramatic volume. Each order also includes two replacement lash pads, so there’s no need to purchase extras.


This Spray Bottle That Delivers An Even, Continuous Mist

Whereas some bottles require aerosol in order to deliver a continuous spray, this bottle doesn’t need any — and it’ll even continue spraying if you turn it upside down. It’s great for misting your hair or plants, and even just cooling down on a hot day. Plus, the wide bottle mouth makes it easy to refill once empty.


The Splatter Screen That Helps Keep Food Deliciously Crispy

Putting a lid overtop your frying food will cause steam to build up, which can lead to your meal coming out soggy — so grab this splatter screen. It lets steam escape so that fried foods retain their deliciously crispy texture, yet helps prevent hot oil pops from dirtying up your counters. Plus, the stainless steel metal makes it resistant to rust.


These Swedish Dishcloths That Can Help You Save Money Over Time

Instead of buying a new roll of paper towels, why not upgrade to these Swedish dishcloths and save yourself some money? They’re safe to use on nearly any surface, as they’re gritty when dry yet soft when wet — and each one can be washed and reused through hundreds of dirty jobs.


These Nail Caps That Help You Remove Gel At Home

Don’t have time to get your nails done? You can easily remove those acrylic nails or gel polish using these caps. The sturdy spring at the top keeps them clamped down on your nails so that they don’t shake off — and since they’re reusable, there’s no need to buy another set as long as you take good care of them.


A Rolling Pizza Cutter That Helps Protect Your Hands From Nicks

Whereas some pizza cutters have a completely exposed blade, this one helps protect your hand from cuts by encasing the top half of the blade in an ergonomic hand grip. It also dissembles for easy cleaning — and since the blade is made from stainless steel, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll ever rust.


These Brushes That Help You Apply Face Masks Without Mess

With their single “bristle” made from a wide piece of silicone, these brushes are a smart way to apply face masks — especially if you want to keep mess to a minimum. And since they easily rinse under running water, cleaning up afterward is a total breeze.


The Mesh Produce Bags That You Can Put Right Into The Fridge

Not only do these mesh produce bags feature their tare weights on a small tag attached to their sides, but there’s also no need to remove your produce once you get home — just place them right into the fridge. They’re BPA-free as well as 100% food-contact safe, and you can easily rinse them clean in the kitchen sink when dirty.


A Hydrating Cream That’s Fortified With Snail Extract

Shea butter, organic aloe, and vitamin E are only a few of the nourishing ingredients you’ll find listed on the back of this cream. It’s fortified with an ultra-high concentration of snail extract, and the non-comedogenic formula means it won’t clog your pores.


This Shampoo Brush That Massages Away Dirt & Oil

Add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, then gently scrub it into your scalp to massage away dirt and oil while you’re in the shower. The bristles are made from soft silicone that won’t irritate skin — and if you’re in the mood for a head massage when sitting on the couch, each order comes with a second massage head you can use when not in the shower.


These Can Coolers That Fit Around Slim Cans

Whereas many coolers are made to fit standard cans, this one is sized to work with those slim cans that hard seltzers typically come packaged in. They’re also double-wall insulated to help keep your drinks cold for up to 12 hours — and you even have the choice of more than 25 fun colors.


This 3-Step Knife Sharpener To Help Restore Dull Blades

Dull blades are both annoying — and potentially dangerous — which is why this three-step kitchen knife sharpener is a lifesaver. The ergonomically designed handle helps you keep a solid grip whether you’re left- or right-handed, while the anti-slip rubber base helps keep it securely in place. It even comes with a safety glove that’s cut-resistant.


These Spiral Hair Ties That Are Extra-Stretchy & Waterproof

Not only are these spiral hair ties sturdy enough to handle thick heads of hair, but they’re also seriously stretchy as well as waterproof. And when they do stretch out, simply warm them up with hot air from a hair dryer to shrink them back to size. Plus, they have over 44,000 five-star ratings.


The Bear-Shaped Car Mounts That Work With Your Phone’s Pop Socket

Some car phone mounts won’t work if you have a pop socket on the back of your case — but these ones will. The cute bear shape makes them a quirky addition to your dashboard when they aren’t holding your phone. And since each one features an adhesive backing, installation is as easy as pressing them right into place.


A Butter Dish & Knife That Helps Prevent Mess

Unlike the butter dish you might be using, this one features two raised slopes on the inside that make it easy to scoop your butter upwards, as well as scrape your knife clean. Each order also comes with a butter knife, and there’s even a magnet built into the lid so that you can rest the knife on top for safekeeping.


This Running Belt That’s Large Enough To Fit Most Phones

With an extra-roomy pocket that’s large enough to fit most phones, this running belt is a must-have for your next morning jog. A small port on the side lets you thread your headphones cable through so that your phone stays safely inside while listening to music, and the band can be adjusted from 22 to 50 inches.


A Pitcher That Lets You Make Cold Brew At Home

The cost of buying pre-made cold brew from the store quickly adds up, so why not make your own at home using this pitcher? Its reusable filter keeps grounds contained so that they don’t wind up in your mug, while the borosilicate glass walls are tough enough to handle sudden temperature changes — including being filled up with super-hot water.


A Honey Dispenser That Won’t Leave Behind Messy Drips

Spooning honey from jar to plate can be incredibly messy, so why not use this dispenser instead? The opening on the bottom allows honey to easily flow out, helping keep mess to a minimum so that your surfaces stay clean — and the airtight seal on both the top and bottom openings helps keep your honey fresh.


This Sugar Scrub That Helps Smooth Chapped Lips

When no amount of balm seems to help smooth your chapped lips, it might be time to break this scrub out. Hawaiian cane sugar granules gently exfoliate away flakes, while shea butter and kukui oil work together to help hydrate dry skin. It’s also cruelty-free as well as vegan.


A Giant Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

Always forgetting to sip water throughout the day? This bottle might be able to help. Not only can it hold a full gallon of water, but it also features helpful time markings on the side that remind you to take sips. Each order also includes two lids: one straw top, as well as one flat top that’s leakproof.


This Sandwich Cutter That Seamlessly Gets Rid Of Crusts

Get a perfectly crustless sandwich every time with this sandwich cutter and sealer with two sizes. The design of this tool leaves your filling intact for a deliciously fluffy result and, since there aren’t any blades, your kid can even help. You can also use this tool to trim cheese and deli meat into a perfect circle.


A Scented Candle That Looks Like A Bowl Of Cereal

If you’re looking for decorations that stand out from the crowd, search no further than this scented candle. Not only does it look like a bowl of cereal, but each piece of cereal is made from soy wax that burns clean when heated. Each order also comes with a real spoon.


A Polyester-Satin Pillowcase That Can Help Reduce Unwanted Frizz

Swapping out your cotton pillowcase with this silky polyester-satin one can help smooth unwanted frizz simply by sleeping on it. The envelope closure helps keep your pillow from sliding out, and it even comes in dozens of colors so that it’s easy to match to your current sheets.


These Silicone Pastry Brushes That Won’t Shed Into Food

Unlike pastry brushes made with traditional bristles, these silicone ones won’t shed into your meals — and they’re even heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part? They’re also odor- as well as stain-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about the bright color looking dirty.


This Leakproof Trash Can That Fits In Your Car

You don’t have to let guests throw trash on the floor of your car — instead, have them toss it into this trash can. An adjustable strap lets you secure it around headrests, stick shifts, and more, while a leakproof interior works to protect your car from spills. Plus, the magnetic lid hides all the trash out of sight.


The Space-Saving Organizer With Room For Up To 8 Purses

Storing purses on the shelves in your closet can take up a ton of space, so why not keep them inside of this organizer instead? It hangs from any standard-sized closet rod and features transparent pockets so that you can easily see what’s inside each one. Or, if you don’t have many purses, you can also use it for towels, sheets, and more.


A Pet Hair Remover That Doesn’t Require Sticky Paper Refills

This ingenious pet hair remover has gained over 133,000 five-star reviews for its ability to be reused again and again with no need for constant supplies of sticky papers. The nylon roller picks up all hair thanks to static electricity generated by rolling it back and forth and collects the hair into an easily emptied built-in chamber. Use it on all kinds of surfaces from clothing to upholstery to carpets.


This Foot File That Can Be Used On Wet & Dry Feet

No matter if you’re just out of the shower or taking a break from work, this popular foot file will get down to business removing calluses from both wet and dry feet. With over 100,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating, it’s made of medical-grade stainless steel with fine blades that slough away layers of dead skin gently and safely. Easily keep it clean with soap and water and store it conveniently in the included bag.


An Over-The-Sink Strainer That Extends Out To 19 Inches

This heat-resistant over-the-sink strainer expands out from 14 to 19 inches, making it suitable for sinks both large and small. In addition to straining, it can be utilized for rinsing and drying food that you’re preparing. It’s also BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe.


The Repair Cream Formulated With Moisturizing Snail Mucin

Hop on the popular K-Beauty bandwagon by opting for this repair cream made with a high concentration of snail mucin. The mucin helps to brighten, smooth, and moisturize skin while being completely noncomedogenic. Other ingredients such as shea butter, green tea, aloe, vitamin E, and jojoba oil provide skin with a healthy, enviable glow.


Some Grippy, Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Easy To Clean

Swap out your raggedy oven mitts for these new silicone oven mitts and pot holders instead. The silicone on the outside is grippy and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees, and the inside is made with soft, quilted cotton. If you happen to get these waterproof oven mitts dirty, they’re easily cleaned with soap and water. Their extra-long design helps protect your wrists and lower arms from steam and oven rack burns.


These Heat-Resistant Baking Mats That Won’t Stick To Food

Not only are these baking mats heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, but their nonstick surface also won’t latch onto your meals as they cook. And if you enjoy baking? Each one also features helpful macaroon markings printed on top, making it easy to pipette the ideal amount of batter.


A Pair Of Cut Resistant Work Gloves With Reinforced Fingers

Protect hands while they shuck oysters or saw wood with these cut-resistant gloves designed with three reinforced fingers for extra protection. The gloves can go on either hand and come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. The material is four times stronger than leather so you can use that mandoline slicer without a bit of fear.


The Silicone Shields That Help Protect You Against Oven Rack Burns

It’s almost too easy for your forearm to touch that hot rack when reaching into an oven, which is why I have these shields. They’re made from tough silicone that won’t melt at high temperatures, protecting your skin from accidental burns should you brush against them. Choose from two colors: red or grey.


A Soap Dispenser That Helps Cut Down On Waste

While it can be tempting to go squirt dish soap all over your sink, using this dispenser is a smart alternative that’ll cut down on waste. Simply press your sponge down, and it’ll inject the ideal amount of soap into its fibers. But if that isn’t enough? You can also use it as a sponge holder, as the top features a raised lip around the edge.


This Quick-Read Thermometer That Doubles As A Bottle Opener

This digital thermometer provides a temperature read in as little as two seconds to ensure your meat is perfectly cooked every time. Not only will it help prevent you from overcooking your steak or undercooking your chicken, it also has a convenient bottle opener built into the handle for popping open a cold one while you cook.


These Quick-Drying Towels That Are Easy To Take With You

Whether you’re headed to the gym or beach, these towels are made from absorptive microfiber that’ll help you dry off quickly when wet. They also dry fast on their own, which means you won’t get stuck carrying around a soggy towel — and each order comes with a small travel pouch so that they’re easy to take with you.


A Waterproof Mat That Helps Prevent Water Bowl Mess

If your dog is a sloppy drinker, placing this mat underneath their water bowl can help save you so much mess. It’s made from waterproof silicone and features a lip around the edge to help keep water and kibble from getting scattered all over your floors. Choose from dozens of colors as well as five sizes.


These Adjustable Salt & Pepper Grinders Made From Sleek Glass

Not only are these salt and pepper grinders a definite upgrade from the plastic shakers you’ve been using, but each one also features a dial on the top that lets you adjust how coarse the grind is. The lids are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, while the containers underneath are made from glass — and many reviewers raved about how they’re “easy to use.”


An Eyelash Comb For Fluffy, Clump-Free Lashes

No matter how good your mascara is, it’s bound to get even the slightest bit clumpy — which is why you need this eyelash comb. The curved design lines up perfectly with your lid while the metal bristles help separate each individual lash for flawless, clump-free mascara application.


A Nourishing Cuticle Oil Made With Vitamin E

Not only does this nourishing cuticle oil help hydrate dried and cracked cuticle skin, it can also strengthen your nails. Infused with vitamin E and sunflower oil, apply a few drops of this nongreasy oil to your fingertips to help revitalize nails and cuticles. Available in 12 yummy scents, this oil will last you a long while.


These Glass Carafes To Stylishly Serve Your Fave Beverages

From mimosas to iced tea, these elegant glass carafes can each store up to a liter of your favorite beverage. An embossed design lends style and the long, narrow neck allows for mess-free pouring. There are even airtight lids included to maintain freshness while being stored or keep out bothersome insects when on the brunch table.


An Exfoliating Body Scrub Made With Skin-Brightening Turmeric

Powerful turmeric shines as a star ingredient in this exfoliating body scrub that will give your skin a serious glow in addition to delivering antioxidants and soothing irritation. Sea salt and sugar provide even more gentle exfoliation while collagen, orange oil, shea butter, and coconut oil deliver both elasticity and hydration.


These Gloves With Built-In LED Flashlights

You’ll never need help balancing working and holding a light again with these flashlight gloves that have built-in LEDs. The gloves are made from soft and stretchy spandex that fits most hands, with lights on the index finger and thumb. You can use them for nighttime jogs, mechanic work, or intricate projects.


This Stainless Steel Pizza Paddle With A Foldable Wooden Handle

Not only does this pizza peel make it as easy as can be to get your pizza in and out of the oven, but it’s also designed with a foldable wooden handle for simple storage. The paddle is constructed of durable aluminum with a helpful built-in back step to ensure secure scooping. It can even double as a perfect cake or pie lifter as well.


A Set Of Heat-Resistant Spatualas For All Your Baking Needs

Not only do these silicone spatulas come in six fun colors, but they’re durable, too. Made of heat-resistant silicone that can endure a whopping 600 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re dishwasher-safe to boot. With four unique tools choose from, nearly all your cooking and baking needs are covered.


The Cast Iron Grill Press For Perfect Burgers

Cook up perfect burgers and sandwiches using this 4.7-star-rated cast iron grill press. It provides 2.1 pounds of weight and leaves your bread and meat with those all-important classic grill marks. A wooden handle adds a bit of extra style and allows for easy maneuvering.


An Ice Roller To Depuff Eyes & Face

Simply store this ice roller in the freezer and attach it to the included handle when your face needs a calming massage. In addition to providing a relaxing experience and increased circulation, the cold temperature also helps to soothe inflammation, redness, and puffiness. You can even use it with your favorite creams or serums for better absorption.


A Microwaveable Grill To Cook Bacon Without The Mess

Bacon is one of the messiest things to cook (albeit delicious), which is why this microwavable grill is a must-have for Sunday morning breakfasts. The ridged tray allows fat to trickle down, while the vented cover keeps grease from splattering all over the place. It’s not just for bacon, though. You can heat up everything from pizza to sausages with this.


A Silicone Drain Protector To Help Keep Hair From Clogging Your Drain

To help keep your pipes from getting clogged, try adding this silicone shower and tub drain protector. Designed to fit most any drain, this dome-shaped cover collects hair while still allowing water to flow through seamlessly, and has weighted stainless steel accents to hold it in place. When you’re done showering, just wipe out and dispose of the hair.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That’s Super Absorbent

With over 56,000 reviews, people clearly love this microfiber hair towel that’s made of highly absorptive material. Available in a set of two in soft gray (among other colors), the towel features a button and loop to secure it so you can go about your morning tasks while your hair dries. It even helps to cut down on styling time, thus preventing damage from hot tools and keeping your hair in healthy shape.


A Stainless Brush & Scraper To Help Get Your Grill Squeaky Clean

The worst part of barbecuing is probably having to clean up the grill, but with this grill brush and scraper, it’s easy. Instead of bristles, this 18-inch tool has a stainless steel mesh brush to clean between the grates and a scraper that lifts residue without causing any damage. Just heat up the grill, wet the brush, and get to cleaning.


The Hydrating Cream That Helps Moisturize Dry Cuticles

Dry cuticles are no match for this cream, as its nourishing blend of aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, and Japanese seaweed work together to help hydrate dry skin. The best part? Its precision-tip applicator helps keep mess to a minimum when dabbing it onto your fingers.

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