These $19 Insoles Relieve Foot & Arch Pain According To Thousands Of Amazon Reviewers

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by Andrea Hannah
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If you've ever suffered from chronic foot issues (or owned a pair of truly uncomfortable shoes), you've probably looked into insoles and how they can relieve foot pain. But specially-fitted orthotics that come prescribed from a podiatrist can be a costly investment, and you wouldn't be alone if you're searching for a less expensive solution. You do not need to spend a lot to get relief: There are plenty of options like these $19 insoles on Amazon that reviewers swear are up to the task.

Like me, you may be wondering how a single pair of insoles could possibly work for everyone, especially since so many foot problems are specific and unique to the individual. That's why I was shocked to see thousands of reviewers of all ages, arch shapes, and activity levels in agreement that these wallet-friendly insoles by Walk-Hero have seriously improved their lives.

First, the claims: These insoles boast some lofty claims that they relieve pain from neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and more — all within a few minutes of wearing them. And, while relief in just minutes sounds a little hard to believe, one reviewer wrote, "These inserts completely fixed all the pain in my knees, ankles, and lower back. A problem that's been bothering me for 27 years was fixed with a 15 dollar purchase."

Walk-Hero Comfort & Support Insoles

The secret to these super comfortable insoles by Walk-Hero is all in the material they're made from. While a lot of insoles are constructed just from firmer plastics, these insoles are the perfect blend of firm and soft. The upper part is made from high-density EVA foam, which actually molds to your foot as you wear them throughout the day for a truly flawless fit. The foam works well to absorb shock, no matter if you're pounding the pavement or just walking around your house, and the firmer bottom prevents them from sinking in.

The overall design of these insoles is brilliant: They use high-quality silicone and foam to provide support at all angles without ever feeling too bulky. At the toes, these insoles are only 5 millimeters thick — or about as thick as a yoga mat — so they never get in the way while you're on the go.

The Walk-Hero insoles come in a huge range of sizes (from women's size 6 all the way up to 16.5), making it easy to find the right fit for your shoes. They're really durable, too. The manufacturer notes that these will last for up to two years of continuous use — even if you're running marathons in them. And if you hate them, it's a completely risk-free purchase. The company even encourages dissatisfied customers to reach out so they can make it up to you with another pair or a refund. Honestly, for only $19, these insoles are a steal all-around.

One reviewer wrote, "The thing that is different about this one is the design. It has a plastic shell that [absorbs] the shock where the arch is, and doesn’t ever 'sink in,' like many other inserts do (such as a gel or memory foam). They are thin enough on the areas necessary to be comfortable in every shoe."

The only thing reviewers can't seem to agree on? Why these insoles are so effective. Some fans were quick to call out how supportive the material is, or rave that the heel cup is the reason these orthotics stand out from others they've tried. Even more reviewers wrote that it's the unique shape of these insoles that make them so fantastic, but more than likely, it's a combination of all three.

For a product so many people have credited with changing their lives, these $19 insoles are definitely a purchase worth making when searching for foot pain solutions.

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