These 39 Brilliant Products On Amazon Will Cut Clutter In Half

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I'm a natural born clutter queen. Translation: No matter how much I buy into the "a place for everything and everything in its place" mantra, I still somehow find myself with jumbled dresser drawers, overflowing closets, and crowded countertops. Well, I'm going to pass down some counterintuitive wisdom: trying to put all your things in order actually requires you to buy more things — but they're things that help keep you organized. And if you don't know where to start, I've got some ideas for you in the form of all these brilliant organizational products on Amazon.

Everything on this list makes it easy to get a handle on the clutter in every corner of your life — like the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, car, and more — without feeling overwhelmed.

Of course, you don't have to be a clutter queen to appreciate the items on this list. If you’re a certified neatnik, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop. And if you’re just looking for ways to tackle those last frontiers of disorganization — the small mountain of shoes in your closet or the mess of food storage container lids taking up your kitchen cupboard space — you’re going to find your answers here.


This Under-The-Bed Shoe Organizer That Frees Up Your Closet

If your shoes are piled on top of each other on the floor of your closet, this under-the-bed shoe organizer is for you. Made from durable, breathable cloth, the organizer has space for 12 pairs of shoes, and the zippered transparent cover keeps dust away while still allowing you to see what's inside. The handles on each end make it easy to slide out from under the bed when it's time to swap out your sandals for your winter boots.


These Drawer-Organizing Bins For Socks, Bras, And Underwear

It might seem like an inconsequential thing, but putting your underwear drawer in order will actually make your mornings easier. (No more time spent searching for your lucky cactus print socks.) This four-piece underwear drawer organizer is outfitted with four dividers of different sizes, so you can put away rolled up socks, folded underwear, and bras. Speaking of which — preventing your bras from getting twisted or smashed in a crowded drawer will significantly prolong their quality.


This "Why Didn't I Think Of That" Way To Store Your Food Storage Container Lids

You know that jumble of food storage container lids in your cupboard? You can organize them and get more storage space with this lid organizer. It features adjustable dividers, so you can section off lids based on their size — which means you don't have to search and search for the right one. It's BPA-free and also fits in deeper kitchen drawers if you don't have room in your cupboards.


An Under-The-Sink Storage Rack That Won't Get In The Way Of That One Pipe

This under-the-sink organizer features a cut-out to accommodate that pipe that always tends to get in the way of other storage solutions. Measuring in at a height of 15 inches, it features height-adjustable tiers to fit items of all sizes, and because it expands from 11 to 15 inches, it's pretty much guaranteed to fit under most sinks. Use it in the kitchen or bathroom for sponges, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and extra soap.


A Spinning Makeup Organizer That Makes It Easy To Find All Your Cosmetics

This countertop makeup organizer spins 360-degrees, so you can get a good look at everything (and actually find your navy blue eyeliner). Height-adjustable trays let you neatly stack your cosmetics, while making room for taller items like moisturizer, and there's even a makeup brush compartment that stores your brushes upright. Use the small dividers on the top tray for lipstick, nail polish bottles, rings, and earrings.


A Skinny Silverware Organizer For Narrow, Crowded Drawers

This uniquely-designed silverware organizer is a fantastic way to free up some room in your silverware drawer. It features individual compartments for forks, knives, tablespoons, and teaspoons, and because they nest on top of each other — they don't take up a bunch of horizontal space in your drawer like other organizers. This reviewer wrote: "I have a tiny kitchen with only 3 drawers, so space is at a premium. My silverware organizer took up almost all of one drawer, so this organizer is a godsend."


A Zippered Case For All Your Small Electronics, Chargers, And Cables

Technology has made life simpler in some ways, but keeping all those small electronics safe and easy to find is another story. This two-layer electronics organizer, however, has multiple pockets and pouches, so you can store just about everything: chargers, cables, external hard drives, zip drives, memory cards, a mouse, and even a tablet or reader, thanks to the extra-large pocket. The zippered organizer is made from waterproof material and comes in colors, like gray, black, leaf green, and melon red.


These Unique Hangers That Hold Up To 8 Items Each

These camisole hangers are a space-saving way to store tank tops, bras, swimsuits, and strappy dresses. Made from durable steel with a bronze powder coating, each hanger features four descending rods with two notches each, which means you can actually store eight items on one. Each order comes with three hangers — i.e., you can hang 24 items without taking up your whole closet rod.


These Interlocking Bins For Desk, Kitchen, And Craft Drawers

These interlocking bins are a brilliant way to organize kitchen, bathroom, desk, and craft drawers. Each set comes with eight bins of different shapes and sizes that can be configured to fit any drawer — and because they connect to each other, they won't slide around when you pull the drawer open. A brilliant solution.


This 2-Tier Shelf So You Can Stack And Store Your Water Bottles

Keep your water bottles in a place where they're easy to grab in the morning with this water bottle stacker. The highly-rated stackers can be placed on the countertop or inside kitchen cupboards, and each one has has space for up to six bottles. And since they're transparent, they'll fit in with any aesthetic. Each order comes with two; keep one for yourself and give the other to a (well-hydrated) friend.


A Magnetic Hairpin Holder So You Never Lose One Again

You know those hairpins and clips that are scattered everywhere? You can keep them all together with this genius magnetic bobby pin organizer. The dish-shaped organizer features a powerful built-in magnet that catches your hairpins when you take them out at the end of the night — meaning you have them within easy reach the next time you put your hair up the next morning. Choose from two colors: raspberry mauve and sea foam teal.


This Genius Way To Double Your Shoe Storage Space

Double the amount of space you have for shoe storage with these shoe organizers. Each organizer features two platforms to stack your shoes on top of each other without scuffing, scratching, or dirtying. The top platform is height-adjustable, so you can fit heels and ankle boots, and the non-skid surface keeps shoes from sliding off. Each order comes with six organizers for six pairs of shoes.


This Heat-Resistant Styling Tool Holder So You Can Clear The Clutter Off Your Bathroom Counter

You can put your hot tools away — without waiting for them to cool down — with this styling tool holder made from heat-resistant mesh and silicone. The three slots are perfect for hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and brushes, and the compartment in the back lets you tuck cords neatly away and out of sight. The holder fits on countertops and in cupboards, but you can also hang it from a towel rod. Choose from black or white.


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Keeps Necklaces Tangle-Free

With over 3,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this jewelry organizer is the definition of "crowd-approved." It's outfitted with a sleeve on the back — slip a clothes hanger inside and you can hang the organizer right there in your closet. The dual-sided organizer features 32 clear vinyl pockets for small items, like rings and earrings, and 18 Velcro loops for hanging necklaces and bracelets without risk of tangling.


A Pan Organizer That Lets You Reach For The Bottom Pan Without Having To Unstack All The Others

This pan organizer is one of my all-time favorite storage solutions, since it allows you to get to the pan on the very bottom of the stack without having to lift up all the other pans on top of it. The organizer is sturdy enough for heavy cast iron and Dutch ovens, and the the rubber gripped feet prevent countertop scratches. The five tiers are height-adjustable and you can even remove a tier if you're looking to store a taller item.


This Rolling Laundry Cart That Fits Snugly Between Your Washer And Dryer

This rolling laundry cart has a super slim profile, so you can store it between your washer and dryer (or any other tight space), then roll it out when you need it. The three tiers tare great for storing detergent, bleach, stain remover, laundry sheets, and an iron, while the 360-degree rotating wheels make the cart easy to maneuver. You can also use it for storage space in a garage, office, or bathroom.


These Fridge Bins That Help You Pack Everything In After A Big Supermarket Haul

If your refrigerator always looks messy, you can use these fridge and freezer bins to organize it. Each set comes with six pieces: two wide bins for larger items, two narrow bins for snacks and condiments, a soda can dispenser, and an egg drawer with a sturdy lid that allows you to stack things on top (more storage!). The BPA-free bins are transparent, so you can see exactly what's inside, and the built-in handles make them easy to pull out.


An Over-The-Sink Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up When You're Not Using It

This over-the-sink dish rack is great for small kitchens where a bulky countertop dish rack is just out of the question. Made with heavy-duty, heat-resistant silicone, the rack features multiple slats that allow water to drain directly into the sink, and when everything's done drying, you can roll the rack up and stash it in a cupboard or drawer. You can also use the rack to hold fruit and veggies while you rinse them or as a trivet for fresh-out-of-the-oven pans.


This Coffee Pod Organizer That Fits Right Under Your Coffee Maker

Keep your Colombian, Sumatran, and Ethiopian coffee pods in order with this K-cup organizer. The bronze coated organizer features a pull-out drawer with room for 36 pods, and you can place your coffee maker right on top, so you don't lose any counter space. Perfect for the coffee aficionado.


An Adjustable Shower Caddy That Accommodates Small And Tall Shampoo Bottles Alike

The intelligent design of this shower caddy makes it a step above the rest. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, the caddy has two shelves that you can slide up and down or side to side to customize storage space. Cut-outs on the shelves let you store shampoo and conditioner bottles upside-down, — so you get every last drop — and the quick-dry soap dish prevents sogginess and extends the life of your soap. The caddy clamps onto your shower head, and the two suction cups attach to the shower wall to keep it securely in place.


A Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder With Space For 3 Spare Rolls

This free-standing toilet paper holder makes so much sense. It features an open-ended rod — so you can just slide on a new roll instead of having to unclasp the rod from the wall. And, unlike wall holders, you never have to worry if the roll is too big to actually, well, unroll. And since there's space for three spare rolls, you never have to worry about running out. The holder is made with chrome and brushed stainless steel.


A Small Wall Outlet Shelf For Speakers And Smart Home Devices

Turn a wall outlet into a tiny shelf for speakers, miniature smart home devices, essential oil diffusers, and even keys or other small objects with this wall outlet shelf. Just unscrew your existing wall plate and replace it with this. The shelf holds up to 10 pounds and there's even a cut-out, so you can thread a cable through to plug in your device.


This Smart Way To Store Folded Sweaters Once You've Run Out Of Drawer Space

If you're tight on drawer space, but don't want to hang sweaters for fear of the dreaded "hanger bumps" on the shoulders, this hanging closet organizer is for you. The organizer has five shelves that are perfect for folded-up sweaters and shirts, and the three mesh pockets on each side are great for smaller items like belts and scarves. The organizer's two hooks hang on any standard closet rod, and you can choose from seven colors.


An Expandable Spice Shelf So You Can See Every Bottle

This spice shelf looks like the cutest and tiniest set of stairs, but it's actually a great way to display all your spices so you can get a good look at them. The three-step organizer is made from eco-sustainable bamboo and it's extendable from 9 to 15 inches, so it'll fit cupboards of all sizes. Get this for your kitchen and you'll always be able to locate the coriander — but it's also great for perfume bottles, cans, vitamins, and jars.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Pantry, Bathroom, Or Office

Get more kitchen storage space — without having to remodel — with this highly-rated pantry organizer. It has 15 transparent pockets for condiments, tea, cocoa, oatmeal packets, spices, and storage bags. And because you can easily wipe the pockets clean, you don't have to worry about spills. Each order comes with two organizers: use one in the kitchen and the other to store cosmetics or office and craft supplies.


This Rack That Lets You Store Cutting Boards And Plastic Wrap On The Inside Of A Cabinet Door

This cabinet door organizer is a clever way to get just a tad more storage space in your kitchen. The organizer fits right over the cupboard door, allowing you to store cutting boards, cookie sheets, tin foil, plastic wrap, and rolling pins out of sight and out of the way. It's made with silver coated stainless steel with foam padded hooks to prevent scratches — use one of these on your bathroom cabinet, too.


This Way To Store Your Hats While Keeping Them From Getting Crushed

Store your collection of baseball hats and keep them from getting crushed with this baseball hat organizer. Just slip it over the rod of any clothes hanger and Velcro it closed. Then use the 10 sturdy clips to hang each hat by the bill or the button on top. Use it for beanies, bucket hats, and newsboy caps too.


This Expandable Shelf That Lets You Customize Storage Space To Fit Your Cupboard

It can be tricky to find a shelf organizer that maximizes space while still fitting into your cupboard, but these kitchen shelf organizers can do just that. One organizer is just slightly shorter than the other, so you can slip it right under to fit inside smaller cabinets, or extend it all the way out for larger cabinets. Looking for vertical storage space? You can stack the organizers on top of each other, too.


These Interlocking Storage Racks That Are Perfect For Brooms, Mops, And Gardening Tools

If you've got brooms, mops, shovels, and gardening tools stashed in a random corner of the garage (where they always fall over) this garage storage rack is for you. The wall-mounted rack is actually three 16-inch racks — use them separately in different parts of the garage or interlock them together to make a full 48-inch rack. The 12 non-slip steel hooks are sturdy enough to hold up to 5 pounds, so you don't have to be shy about hanging heavy objects.


A Sunglasses Organizer That Helps Prevent Lens Scratches

Keep your aviators, Wayfarers, and cat eyes in good condition with this hanging sunglasses organizer. Made with soft felt that won't scratch lenses, the organizer has space to securely hold up to 25 pairs of sunglasses. You can hang the organizer closet, or — if you want to show off your collection — you can hang it on the wall. Choose from four colors: gray, brown, pink, and blue.


A Battery Storage Case With A Built-In Tester So You're Never Caught Without Them Again

You know your smoke alarm will start chirping one of these days — make sure you have a working 9-volt on hand thanks to this battery organizer with a built-in tester. The hardshell, zip-shut case features soft foam inside with cut-outs specifically sized for every type of battery — from AAAs to Ds — as well as lithium coin cell batteries and those aforementioned 9-volt batteries.


A Tea Organizer That Takes Up So Much Less Space Than All Those Individual Boxes

Instead of shuffling through random boxes of English breakfast and oolong in your cupboard to find a packet of chamomile, keep all your tea bags in this tea organizer. It's outfitted with six mini transparent bins on both sides that hold and display up to 100 packets. The organizer has a slim profile, so it fits neatly inside a cabinet or on your countertop, and since it's lightweight, you can carry it over to your guest, so they can choose an after-dinner tea.


A Bedside Organizer That Fits Right Under Your Mattress

If there's no space in your bedroom for a night stand, use this bedside organizer to keep everything you need right by your side. One end of the organizer slips right under your mattress and the other end hangs off the side of your bed, putting everything right within reach. The organizer is is outfitted with a large pocket for books and tablets and three smaller mesh pockets for phones, remote controls, lotion, and snacks. It's made from sturdy Oxford cloth and leather and is available in black and brown.


These Dividers That Keep Your T-Shirts Neatly Folded And Wrinkle-Free

As someone who regularly pulls out wrinkled shirts from my stuffed dresser drawers, I'm obsessed with this T-shirt organizer. The organizer has 20 thin interlocking dividers; place your folded T-shirts on each one and — whenever you're ready to wear one — lift up the dividers to get to the shirt you want without having to disturb the rest of the pile. Genius.


A Clothes Drying Rack That Folds Up Flat So You Can Store It In Your Closet

Drape your delicates and sweaters on this clothes drying rack post-wash, and when they're done drying — fold the whole thing up like an accordion and stash it in your closet or next to the washing machine. The foldable rack has 11 durable rods that are strategically placed to give you room to dry as many clothes as possible while still giving each garment ample space to dry quickly


This Dish Rack That Makes Use Of The Corners Of Your Cupboards And Counter

This kitchen shelf organizer is a brilliant way to get a little extra storage space in your kitchen since it makes use of that dead space in the corners of your kitchen cabinets and counter. The three-tier organizer is made from durable chrome, and it's sturdy enough for plates, bowls, lids, or pots and pans. The organizer is highly-rated, with one reviewer writing: "This little gem saves so much room in our kitchen cupboard."


These Backseat Organizers With Touchscreen Tablet Pockets So You Can Watch Shows

My favorite part of these backseat organizers are the transparent touchscreen pockets that let you watch shows and play games on your tablet during long road trips. The multiple other pockets are perfect for storing books, drinks, snacks, tissues, first aid kits, and any other supplies you might need on your commute. The organizers are made from water-resistant Oxford cloth and features adjustable straps that fit around the front seat to hold them securely in place.


A Purse Organizer So You Never Have To Spend Time Searching For Your Keys AGain

Put this very handy purse organizer inside your purse and you'll never have to search for your car keys or lip balm again. The super lightweight organizer fits right inside your bag and has one large compartment, multiple interior and exterior pockets, and two zippered pouches for coins and other small items. And the whole thing zips closed, so you can keep valuables safe in crowded areas, like festivals and trains. The organizer is available in dozens of colors and three sizes, so you can use them in small handbags and large totes alike.


A Sturdy Backpack Organizer That Keeps Everything From Falling To The Bottom

If you need a backpack organizer more than a purse organizer, well, I've got you covered in that department too. This sturdy felt organizer is specifically shaped to fit inside backpacks, so you can actually utilize all that space and keep things from falling to the bottom. The organizer has one main compartment, a large zippered pocket, and other smaller pockets, and since it's made from soft but sturdy felt — it won't damage delicate items like tablets and sunglasses. Choose from two sizes and three colors: beige, coffee, and gray.

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