These Dope Things Under $35 Will Make Your Home Look So Much More Impressive

Your friends will be asking “Where did you find that?!”

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If you’ve watched a lot of HGTV like me, then you know that home renovations can be expensive and overwhelming. But you don’t need to invest in a big project to make changes around the house. Amazon has tons of cool things that will make your home look and feel more impressive — all for less than $35.

Whether you want to make big changes or small ones, you’ll find something (or multiple things) in this list that’ll improve your home without breaking the bank.


This Night Light That Looks Like a Patch Of Mushrooms

Plug in this mushroom nightlight for a little touch of cottagecore vibes in your room. The light plugs directly into the wall and alternates between blue, yellow, and white light. Keep it in your bedroom or bathroom to light the way in the middle of the night. These are also a fun way to illuminate a kids' room or guest room.


A Broom Holder That Keeps Your Closet Tidy

Brooms and mops don’t really stand up on their own, so they often flop over in the closet, making it disorganized. This mop and broom holder has five slots for holding larger cleaning also well as six hooks for holding dust bins and other accessories. You can also use it in the garage to hold rakes and other gardening tools.


These House Numbers Lit Up By Solar Powered Lights

When it’s dark out, it can be hard to read house numbers from afar. These custom house numbers have a built-in solar-powered light, making them easily readable. The sign has a stake on one end so you can push it into the ground. It automatically turns on at night after exposure to the sun during the day. If you’re big into entertaining, these numbers are a must so that all your guests don’t second-guess their location.


A Handy Step Stool That Collapses Flat

You never know when you’re gonna need a step stool to reach a tall shelf or change a lightbulb. This folding stool collapses flat, so you can easily store it in a closet or small space. It also has a handle for carrying or hanging it. The surface of the stool has nonslip pads that grip the bottom of your feet. Finally, you can reach items in those tall cabinets with ease!


A Bird Feeder That Attaches To The Side Of Your Window

Most birdfeeders hang from a tree or sit in your yard, but this bird feeder has suction cups that attach directly to your window, so you can watch the birds up close. The feeder is made from a transparent plastic and has a trough for holding the bird seed. As a bonus, attaching it on the window makes it hard for squirrels to reach.


These Stackable Wooden Coasters

Keep these wooden coasters on your table to protect it from being damaged. The coasters are made from acacia wood and have a dip that keeps the cup in place. The dip also allows the coasters to be stacked. These are especially good coasters since their cork base helps absorb any moisture or condensation.


This Tablecloth With Rustic Touches

Protect your dining table from spills and stains with this rustic tablecloth. The cloth is made from a cotton and linen blend with a grid design and tassels lining the border. It comes in five different sizes and is available in 10 other colors and prints, so you can constantly rotate your table’s look.


This Milk Frother That Upgrades Your Home Coffee

It’s easy to make a simple cup of coffee, but it only takes another simple step to elevate it. This milk frother turns any dairy or non-dairy milk into a delicious foam with just the push of a button. The frother is battery-operated can comes with a metal stand to store it.


This Closet Organizer With 10 Shelves

Installing shelves in your closet is a bit of a hassle. Luckily this 10-shelf organizer hangs on the closet rod, so there’s no installation required. It’s perfect for storing pairs of shoes, clothes, linens, or even craft supplies. The organizer even has mesh slots on the side for holding smaller objects.


These Drinking Glasses Made From Mason Jars

Mason jars can make for a great drinking glass, but they can be hard to hold. Luckily, these mason jar mugs have a sturdy handle, so you can easily grip your drink. Each glass holds 16 ounces of liquid and comes with a lid, so you can carry them around without worrying about spilling. Use them for cocktails on your porch or iced coffee on the go.


This Dish Drying Rack That Looks Good On Your Counter

Most dish racks are something of an eyesore on your counter, but this bamboo dish drainer has an attractive minimalist design. The rack has 13 slots for holding plates, bowls, cups, and more. It’s also collapsable so you can fold it up and put it away when not in use.


This Shelf Designed To Fit In The Corner Of A Room

It can be tricky to know what to do with the corner space in a room, but this five-tier shelf is designed specifically to fill that space. The shelf has rounded triangle-shaped tiers that fit into a corner space and can be used to display photos, plants, trinkets, or other decor. It comes in eight shades, some of which can add a nice pop of color to your room.


A Set Of Spice Jars With Custom Labels

Every home cook needs a good set of spices, and ideally, a set of spices that are clearly labeled and easy to find. This set of 14 glass spice jars allows you to see the spices inside, and it even comes with 240 pre-printed labels. It also comes with a collapsable funnel so you can easily transfer your bulk spices into the jars.


This Bamboo Board That’s Perfect For Your Next Charcuterie Board

A big charcuterie spread belongs on a designated cheese board, not just a random cutting board you have lying around. This large bamboo cheese board is perfect for displaying your favorite meats, cheeses, and other charcuterie favorites. It has built-in handles for easy transport and two side trays for holding crackers or nuts.


These Pot Holders With Silicone Grips

The last thing you want when pulling a hot pan out of the oven is to have it slip out of your hands. These pot holders have silicone grips that make it easy to hold onto the hot dish you’re holding. They can withstand up to 480 degrees and have a loop for hanging them on a hook. They’re available in multiple colors, so you can buy a pair to match your kitchen theme — or, use them to create a new one.


A Round Cutting Board That Helps You Cut The Perfect Slice

Use this circular cutting board to cut the perfect slice of pizza, pie, or cake. The wood board is broken down into sections, making it easy to measure out what you want to cut. The board also has a smooth side. It also makes for a nice charcuterie board to hold your favorite meats and cheeses.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker With An Aluminum Filter

Instead of wasting money at a coffee shop, make your own delicious pour-over coffee at home. This pour-over coffee set includes a glass carafe and a reusable stainless steel filter, so you don’t have to buy the disposable kind. It’s ideal for brewing 1-2 cups of coffee at a time, making it a great buy for individuals or couples.


A Jar Opener That Saves You From Struggling

We’ve all been there, You’re struggling to open a jar of jam or pickles but the lid just won’t budge. This jar opener tool attaches to the underside of your cabinet and grips the sides of the lid so you can easily open it. It can be installed using screws or adhesive tape. And, it can be used on jars of all sizes — even bottles of nail polish.


A Mason Jar That Brews Your Coffee

Make your cold brew coffee in the same cup you drink out of with this mason jar cold brew kit. The set comes with a glass jar, a stainless steel filter to hold your coffee grounds (or loose leaf tea), and a versatile lid. You can either drink with the lid on, use the spout to pour it into another glass, or pop in a metal straw.


A Set Of Glass Vases With Farmhouse Vibes

These glass vases come in a pack of six and have a wide base that narrows to a skinny neck, in a design meant to replicate an antique medicine bottle. Use it to hold fresh or dried flowers and it will add a homey, farmhouse vibe to any room. They also come in 13 colors and varieties.


These Smart Lightbulbs That Connect To Amazon Alexa

Do you ever wish you could turn a light on or off without having to get up? Well, these smart lightbulbs can connect to your Amazon Alexa device, so you can just yell “Hey Alexa, dim the lights.” The bulbs, which come in a pack of two, also connect to an app on your phone where you can adjust their color and set a timer.


This Set Of Solar-Powered Outdoor Lights

Light up the walkway leading to your house with this set of 12 solar-powered lights. The lights have a stake on one end that makes them easy to stick into the grass or dirt. They automatically turn on at night after charging all day in the sun. They are weather-resistant, so you can leave them outside even if it rains.


Some Flameless Candles That Will Never Burn Out

The downside of candles is that they eventually burn out (and, sometimes you might forget to blow them out). These flameless candles are battery-operated, so they’ll never burn out. Plus they come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and set a timer.


This Rack That Keeps Your K-Cups Organized

Create your own little coffee station at home just like you’d have at an office with this K-Cup carousel rack that keeps your coffee selection organized. The metal rack can hold up to 40 pods and is the perfect size for putting on your countertop. It rotates 360 degrees so you can easily browse.


A Cute Stand That’ll Help Display Your Tea Collection

There are always so many accessories for coffee drinkers but not enough for the tea fans out there. This metal tea bag organizer has six racks for holding your tea bags, which can hold up to 120 standard tea bags. The racks are removable and the organizer can be mounted to the wall or rested on a countertop.


A Toilet Paper Stand Designed To Hold Mega Rolls

I don’t know when toilet paper rolls started coming in such huge sizes, but they often don’t fit in toilet paper holders. This toilet paper stand is designed to hold all types of rolls, including mega rolls. It has a wire basket design and can hold up to three rolls. It’s also ideal for fitting into small areas.


This Framed Chalkboard That’s Great For Making Fun Signs

Whether you want to create a framed sign announcing your future baby, or just want a place to draw, this framed chalkboard is the perfect vehicle. The board has a rustic wood frame and a twine rope for hanging it on a wall or doorknob.


This Tool That Reseals Your Snacks

Nobody likes to open a snack only for it to get stale, because you can’t reseal it properly. This mini bag sealer works like a little iron, using heat to reseal the packaging so it’s like it was never opened in the first place. Use it on chips, cookies, or any of your other favorite snacks.


A Set Of 10 Picture Frames To Show Off Your Favorite Memories

A house doesn’t really feel like a home without photos of your family and friends hanging on the walls. This set of 10 picture frames allows you to display some of your favorite memories. The picture frames come in three different sizes, and you can arrange them all together for a photo wall, or spread them around different rooms.


Some Cloth Napkins That Cut Down On Waste

Using and throwing away disposable napkins every day can be wasteful, but having a stock of cloth napkins can help cut down on that waste — and, make you feel slightly more adult. These cloth napkins come in a pack of 12 and are made from a poly-cotton blend. After using them, just throw them in the laundry bin for your next wash. Plus, they come in 16 bright colors.


These Ceramic Vases That Add A Pop Of Color

Vases are a great way to add an interesting focal point to a room. These vases come in a set of three and are painted in bright, coordinating colors. Leave them empty as a kind of sculptural piece or add flowers, fresh or dried. The vases come in three different shapes, but still look good as a set.


A Shelf That Keeps The Space Under Your Sink Organized

The cabinet space under the sink is notoriously difficult to keep organized, but this sliding basket organizer is designed to make it easier. It has one metal shelf with a sliding basket drawer beneath it. Use it to store cleaning supplies, soap, toilet paper, or other bathroom items.


A Two-Tier Basket For Holding Your Produce

This two-tier basket is great for holding produce like apples or bananas, but it also has plenty of other uses. Keep it in the living room to hold books and or toys. Or, you can put it in the bathroom to hold toilet paper and toiletries. The baskets are removable for easy cleaning.


This Shelf To Keep Your Shoes Organized By The Front Door

Once shoes start piling up by the front door, it’s hard to keep them organized. This three-tier storage shelf has two shelves that are perfect for storing shoes — it can hold up to eight pairs — but it also has two bin drawers where you can store hats and gloves (or of course, more shoes).


A Set Of 4 Mirrors You Can Arrange However You Want

Restaurant bathrooms always have a cool mirror situation going on. Recreate that energy in your bathroom at home (or any room, really) with this set of four wall mirrors. The frameless mirrors have a simple, square design that can be arranged in a vertical or horizontal line, or arranged in a square shape. Mirrors can also help make the space of your room appear to be bigger.


Some Metallic Wallpaper That Will Transform A Room

Bold wallpaper is as trendy as ever, but it doesn’t come cheap. This peel and stick wallpaper is an affordable way to add some color and dimension to your home. This pick has an emerald-colored background with metallic gold floral print overlayed. Use it on one wall as an accent or cover the whole room.


These Vinyl Floor Tiles That Are So Affordable

If you want to give your floors a makeover but don’t have the budget for a full project, these adhesive vinyl tiles are a super affordable option. The tiles are charcoal gray with a faux-wood texture. Each tile has an adhesive coating so all you have to do is peel and stick them to the floor.


This Floodlight That Lights Up Your Driveway

It’s creepy to walk up to a completely dark house at night, but this floodlight helps light up where you’re walking. The light has two bulbs that create a bright spotlight. It’s designed to be attached to the wall of your house or garage and is weatherproofed to withstand rain, snow, and other inclement weather. It works on a switch, and not through motion detection, giving you more control.


These White Curtains With A Breezy Feel

If you want summery curtains that still let in some light, these white curtains are the way to go. Made from a sheer fabric with a woven pattern, this is a great way to add a bit of whimsy to any bedroom. The curtains come in 14 different lengths, as well as 10 colors. They have both loops and a rod pocket for hanging.


This Smart Plug That Uses Voice Control

An outlet that you can control with voice commands sounds like technology from the future, but this smart outlet makes it feasible. The outlet connects to your Alexa or Google Home device, so you can use the voice commands to turn on or off any lamps or appliances that are plugged in.

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