These 41 Products Are Bestsellers On Amazon Because They Solve Your Trickiest Problems

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Life is full of problems. Some of them are small — like how I struggle to remember where I left my keys every morning — whereas others require a little more effort to solve. And while you can always Google your way to a solution, I've got a better suggestion that's almost guaranteed to make your life easier: try checking out some of the killer products on Amazon that solve life's little problems.

Now, I understand that heading over to Amazon when you've misplaced your car keys sounds counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Not only do they have products that help keep you organized (like a magnetic key rack that attaches to your light switch plates), but there's also moldable glue that's shock- and weather-resistant, elastic bands that prevent your fitted sheet from rolling up your mattress, and even a rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as an external battery. Basically, if you've got a problem, there's definitely a genius product on Amazon that can solve it.

On the other hand, if you love spending hours upon hours searching through Google, feel free to keep doing your thing. I'm just a girl who loves sharing the latest and greatest from Amazon with everybody — but if you're looking to save yourself some time and stress, there's no better place to start than with all the brilliant products on Amazon that make life easier.


A Handy Container That Collects Excess Kitchen Scraps

You can hang it underneath your counters, or you can attach this kitchen scrap collector over the top of a drawer so that you can easily slide peels, stems, and other unused bits inside. Each order also comes with a scraper so that your hands stay clean, and there's a built-in front pocket where you can keep the scraper for easy access. The large size means you won't be constantly emptying it out, plus the ABS plastic design is super-durable.


The Tool That Takes The Work Out Of Lifting A Mattress

Lifting up your mattress when you're putting the fitted sheet on can leave your back feeling sore, whereas using this convenient mattress-lifting tool is incredibly easy. This lifter raises your mattress approximately 5 inches off the base, and it's designed so that it stands upright on its own so that both of your hands are free to use. The ergonomic design allows you to grip it in a variety of positions, plus it's particularly great for people with limited mobility.


The Gloves That Protect Your Hands From Accidental Cuts

If you have a tendency to nick yourself when using knives, these cut-resistant gloves are made with material that's four times stronger than leather so your hands are protected from accidental cuts. These gloves are designed to have a snug fit so that your fingers maintain a good amount of dexterity, plus they're 100 percent food-safe so that you can also wear them while preparing meals. They're lightweight so your hands don't feel bulky, and they're great for oyster shucking, woodworking, working with mandoline slicers, and more.


A Pack Of Makeup Remover Pads Made From Soft Organic Bamboo

Tissues easily rip apart when you use them to remove makeup, whereas these makeup remover pads are made from eco-friendly organic bamboo and can be used over and over. Not only does that help save you money over time, but these pads are also safe to use on sensitive skin, as well as around the delicate areas underneath your eyes. Each order comes with 16 pads, and they're double-layered for extra durability.


The Stand That Keeps Your Headphones Out Of Harm's Way

Headphones can easily break if they get knocked off your desk, which is why this headphone stand mounts underneath it — eliminating the chances of you accidentally swiping them to the ground. This stand also features three USB ports where you can charge your devices, and the fire-resistant plastic outer shell is incredibly durable. It's able to hold two pairs of headphones at once, plus each order comes with adhesive and screws for mounting.


A Hot Tool Sleeve Made From Heat-Resistant Silicone

Leaving hot styling tools on countertops can leave burn marks, so why not store them inside this hot tool sleeve? This hot tool sleeve is made from silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and there's a notch on both sides that holds the plug so you can wrap the cable around the base. There are also hooks on the back that allow you to hang it from a towel rack, plus it works with curling irons as well as flat irons.


This Cream That’ll Help Soothe Sore Muscles

You might recognize the name Queen Helene from their popular mint julep face mask. But, the company also makes an incredible massage cream that’s non-greasy and smells incredible. It’s a great way to pamper your skin in a pinch, and Amazon customers can’t help but take note. Some even mentioned they’ve used this in their daily routine for decades. “This is the ONLY moisturizer that works for me,” one wrote.


A Handle That Keeps Your Hands Clean When It's Time To Lift The Toilet Seat

You could continue to lift your toilet seat with your bare hands, or you could use this toilet seat handle so that your hands stay far away from that gross underside. Made for toilets with a flat bottom, the adhesive handle is easy to install and also good for potty training alongside general hygiene. You get two handles per pack.


The Miniature Spatula That Gets Every Last Drop Out Of Bottles

It's always difficult to get the last few drops out of your foundation, condiment, or shampoo bottles, which is why this miniature spatula is designed with an extra-long handle that reaches into the bottom of your bottles. This spatula is designed to fit anywhere, plus it's completely BPA-free. One Amazon reviewer also raved that this tool helps her save money "by getting the last little bit of product out of the containers."


A Tool That Strips The Kernels From The Corn Cob

Plucking each kernel from the corn cob is incredibly time consuming, whereas using this corn stripper is as easy as inserting an ear of corn, then pushing it through with a twisting motion. The blades on the inside are made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, plus it's great for making homemade salsas or cornbread. It only takes a few seconds to completely strip an ear of corn, and it's top-rack dishwasher-safe.


The Hairbrush That Doubles As A Discreet Hiding Place For Valuables

Whether you're looking for a place to hide valuables at home, or need a discreet spot to store cash in your luggage while you travel, this hairbrush will do the trick. The top of this brush unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment that's large enough for jewelry, money, USB drives, and more — plus it works like a regular hairbrush when you're not using it as a safe.


A Travel Charger That Works In Over 150 Countries

Not only is it designed to work in over 150 countries around the world, but this travel adapter also features four USB ports so that you don't have to go searching for an outlet brick to plug your charging cable into. One of the benefits of this adapter is its built-in safety shutters that help prevent you from coming into contact with electric shocks.


The Personal Hands-Free Fan That Fits Around Your Neck

Perfect for outdoor sports, hiking, or even just getting stuck in hot summertime traffic, this personal fan is designed to fit around your neck so that you can cool yourself down without tying up your hands. The rechargeable battery can last for up to 10 hours depending on whether you have the fan set to high, medium, or low, plus it can also stand upright on its own so you can use it like a regular desk fan.


A Pack Of Moldable Mouth Guards That Help Prevent You From Grinding Your Teeth

If you find yourself grinding your teeth at night — but don't want to pay for an expensive professionally-fitted mouth guard — try these moldable versions instead. Each order comes with five mouth guards: three that are medium-thick, as well as two that are made for heavy-duty grinders. You can also use these guards to protect your teeth while you play sports, and they're completely BPA-free as well as devoid of any phthalates.


The Plug That Works On Almost Any Bathtub Or Sink Drain

If you've lost your bathtub or sink stopper, why not grab this universal drain stopper so you can take a relaxing bath again? This stopper is made from 100 percent BPA-free silicone that's naturally antibacterial, and it easily wipes clean with a cloth if it ever gets dirty. If you have a TubShroom or SinkShroom this stopper will work in tandem with it, and the air-tight seal doesn't let any water escape down the drain.


A Tool That Seals Plastic Bags Shut So Your Snacks Stay Fresh

Your snacks can still become stale if all you do is curl the bag shut, so why not seal the bag using this handheld bag sealer? This device creates an air-tight seal so that your snacks stay fresher for longer, plus it works with a variety of bags, including cellophane, snack bags, and types of PVC material. Each order also comes with a plastic storage case, and the power cable is extra-long so you're not stuck using it directly next to an outlet.


The Champagne Stopper That Keeps Your Bottles Bubbly

If you're not in the mood to finish your bottle of champagne in one sitting, you can use this stopper to plug the spout and save it for later. This stopper is made from high-quality stainless steel that's rust-resistant, and it creates a leak-proof seal so that you won't have to worry about your bottle spilling over in the fridge. It's designed to work on bottles of champagne, sparkling wine, cava, and prosecco, plus the built-in pressure pump helps further preserve the bubbles.


A Cup Holder That Conveniently Attaches To The Side Of Your Desk

Spilling your drink all over your desk will easily ruin your laptop, books, documents, and more, so why not use this convenient cup holder to keep your drinks safely out of the way? This cupholder is made with a heavy-duty clamp that grips the desk tightly so you won't have to worry about it falling off — and you can also use it to hold your phone, cosmetics, pens, or pencils.


The Back Stretcher That Provides Some Serious Relief

If you're looking for a chemical-free way to alleviate lower back pain, search no further than this lower back stretcher. This stretcher is made from high-quality, extra-hard EVA foam. Portable and easy to carry back and forth to the office, this stretcher is also a great way to help correct your posture.


A Portable Door Lock For Extra Security While You Travel

Whether you're staying at a hotel or a rental, this portable door lock is an easy way to give yourself some extra security while you travel. There are zero tools required since this lock easily installs within seconds, and it's a great way to make sure that anyone with an extra key to your door can't get inside while you're still home — plus, it even works on bedroom doors.


A Spiral Notepad Made With Weatherproof Paper

No one enjoys having their notes get completely ruined if they ever get wet, so make sure your notes won't wash away by writing them in this weatherproof notebook. The pages in this notebook are designed to repel water, sweat, grease, mud, or even a trip through the washing machine, plus the wire binding is impact-resistant so it doesn't lose its shape in your backpack. The outside cover is durable so that the pages are protected, and each notepad comes with 100 pages.


This Icy Eye Mask That’ll Help Battle Stress And Migraines

Sometimes, the best way to get a little TLC is located right in your freezer. This cooling eye mask is a great way to help you take a screen break. Available in five colors, Amazon customers love the fact that it comes with its own bag to help separate it from the other items in your freezer. You can also use this while you sleep — the mask has PVC cover on one side and plush fabric on the other side, so it’ll stay cozy.


A Tub Of Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes That Remove Oil Stains

Oil stains can be particularly hard to get rid of, which is why these heavy-duty cleaning wipes are formulated to power through oil, tar, dirt, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, epoxy, tape residue, and more. Each wipe is infused with aloe vera and vitamin E so that your skin doesn't dry out while you use them, plus it snaps tightly shut to prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating.


Stickers That’ll Help Keep Mosquitos At Bay

Mosquitos aren’t necessarily the best bugs out there, and it’s good to avoid them when you can. These mosquito patch stickers are a great way to keep bugs away without using a ton of sprays. Infused with citronella oil, both kids and adults can stick these onto clothing before planning a big trip outdoors. “They were plenty sticky and lasted through several times taking them on and off cotton clothes,” one customer raved.


A Stand That Lets You Keep Your Bottles Upside Down So You Get Every Last Drop

If you've ever struggled to balance your condiment bottles upside-down when they're close to being empty, try using this bottle stand to keep them from falling over. Featured on Shark Tank, this stand also makes it easy to transfer liquids from one bottle to another since the base is designed with a convenient dispensing valve, plus each order comes with four different lid sizes so that it's compatible with practically every bottle in your home.


The Accessory That Prevents Items From Falling Between Your Car Seats

No one enjoys having to hunt around for items they've dropped between the driver seat and center console, so prevent that from happening with this car seat gap filler. Not only is this handy automotive accessory designed to work universally across all makes and models of cars, but the high-quality neoprene casing allows it to expand or contract so that it completely fills all the available space you need.


A Nail Polish Bottle Holder That Sits Conveniently On Your Hand

You don't always have a flat surface to rest a nail polish bottle on, which can make it difficult to do your nails. Thankfully, this nail polish bottle holder is designed to rest on your fingers like an oversized ring pop, and since you can tilt your hand it's incredibly easy to get every last drop of polish from the bottle. As an added bonus, the silicone design is easy to wipe clean in the event you accidentally get a few drops of polish on the holder.


The Vegetable Peeler Made With Japanese Stainless Steel Blades

Not only will the Japanese stainless steel blades not rust, but this vegetable peeler is also made with a non-slip ergonomic handle that feels comfortable while you peel or julienne carrots, cucumber, zucchini, and more. It's great for making zucchini pasta noodles, salads, slaws, and more, plus one Amazon reviewer even noted that this peeler "works better than the zoodle maker" that's specifically designed for the task.


A Pack Of Bands That Keep Your Garbage Bag From Falling Down

If you find that your garbage bags keep falling down into the bin, these convenient garbage gripper bands will hold them up so you're not stuck having to constantly reach into the trash. Each order comes with six bands (three small and three large), and they're made from durable rubber, which means they won't break if you stretch them over extra-large cans like traditional rubber bands. As an added bonus, you can also use them on sleeping bags, workout mats, and more.


The Weight That's Designed To Hold Your Books Open While You Read

Not all books conveniently lay flat when you're trying to read them, so why not use this weighted page holder to keep your books open for you? This page holder has a non-slip coating on the outside that prevents it from sliding across the pages of your book — plus, it's great for cookbooks since it's waterproof as well as washable. The top features a matte finish that prevents dirt from building up, and the heavy design works on books of all shapes and sizes.


A Tool That Helps You Get Every Last Drop Out Of Your Toothpaste

Throwing out your toothpaste while there's still remnants of paste in the tube is a waste of money, so why not save yourself some green by using this toothpaste squeezer? Made of high quality plastic, these are a great way to get the most out of any squeezable product, including hair gel and topical medicines. With over 14,000 reviewers, they’re quite popular. “I find that I am spending less money on toothpaste with these, and that is something that I will be forever grateful for,” one customer stated.


The Bands That Keep Your Fitted Sheet From Rolling Up Your Mattress

Few things in life are as annoying as having your fitted sheet roll up your mattress while you sleep, which is why this pack of bands are designed to ensure your sheets stay snug and secure all night long. These clamps work with all types of bedding, and you don't need to worry about lifting the mattress since you can install these clamps on the side of the bed.


A Hand Warmer That's Reusable And Rechargeable

Traditional hand warmers are wasteful since they only work for a few hours, whereas this electronic hand warmer is made with a rechargeable battery so you'll never need to buy a replacement. There are three heating levels to choose from depending on how chilly you are, and the battery can also be used as an external power bank if you ever need to give one of your devices a quick charge.


The The Twist Ties Made From Tough, Flexible Rubber

Traditional twist ties easily fall apart after a few uses, whereas these twist ties are made from durable rubber that's designed to hold up against the test of time. You can use these twist ties over and over again to secure your headphone wires, television cables, bread bags, and more — plus, you can also use them outside since each one is waterproof and resistant to the sun's UV rays.


A Bed Connector That Turns Twin Beds Into Kings

Maybe you have two twin beds at home you'd like to combine, or maybe you're on vacation and the hotel only had twin beds available. Either way, this bed connector can help you combine your two twin mattresses into one large king bed. The cloth finish makes it easy to sleep comfortably on top of the closed gap, and the extra-long bed strap prevents your mattresses from moving apart while you sleep.


The Packing Cubes That Keep Your Luggage Organized

If you're trying to stuff everything you possibly can into your suitcase, you'll want to use these compression packing cubes to make sure everything fits. These cubes are made from nylon fabric that's incredibly durable so you won't have to worry about any accidental rips or tears — plus, they're also lightweight, which means they won't add to your suitcase's final weight. Each order comes with four cubes: one extra-large, one large, one medium, and one small.


A Faucet Add-On That Turns Your Sink Into A Water Fountain

You could continue to crane your neck awkwardly underneath your sink to get a sip, or you could use this attachable water fountain spigot so that it's easy to drink from the sink. This water fountain helps save you money since you won't need to buy any more wasteful paper cups for water, plus you can adjust how high the water reaches so that anyone can reach it.


The Vegetable Brush That Fits Into The Palm Of Your Hand

Not only is it designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand as you work, but this vegetable brush is also made with durable nylon bristles that won't easily fray as you scrub dirt off of your fruits and vegetables. The non-slip grip prevents this brush from sliding out of your hands in the event they get wet, and one Amazon reviewer noted that "it scrubs a larger area faster" than her previous brush.


A Pack Of Moldable Glue That's Waterproof And Shock-Resistant

If you're looking for a heavy-duty glue that can do it all, this moldable glue is so versatile that you can even use it to insulate wires and cables with up to 24 volts of current. Unlike traditional liquid glue, this moldable version turns into silicone overnight to create a permanent bond with almost anything, including glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, and more. It's able to hold up to 4.4 pounds if you use it to hang pictures, plus it's also waterproof as well as weatherproof.


The Screen Cleaner That Works On Any Type Of Touchscreen

No one likes when their touchscreen is cloudy with smudges and fingerprints, so keep your screens clean by using this rolling screen cleaner. This cleaner uses zero chemicals, yet still erases smudges, fingerprints, and smears more effectively than a microfiber cloth. It's designed to work on all types of touchscreens, and since it's completely reusable it'll even help save you money since you'll never need to buy a replacement.


A Power Scrubber That Easily Cleans Those Awkward Nooks And Crannies

Whether you're trying to scrub those tight spots in your hubcaps, or even trying to clean the awkward spaces around your sink faucet, this power scrubber will get the job done — and, all you need is a cordless drill. After cleaning with these, you’ll wonder why you bothered with any other scrubber. They even come in six colors, so they can match your home decor.

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