These Awesome Alternatives For Popular Products Are Half The Price & Work Just As Well

Budget-friendly alternatives for makeup, skincare, home goods, and beyond.

Written by Allison Bolt
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I fully admit that I sometimes keep a tab open with a way-too-expensive thing that everyone’s talking about. I know I won’t actually spend that much money on a cup or lipstick, because it’s usually not worth it, but it’s nice to go and look it. Maybe even add it to the cart in case of a deep, deep sale.

Instead of keeping tabs open full of overhyped and expensive things, I’ve found all of the budget-friendly alternatives that you and I can actually feel good adding to the cart (and buying). Plus, these finds work just as well, so I can finally close out all of those overpriced product pages I have opened.


An Anti-Crease Eye Primer That Feels So Expensive

This brightening eye shadow primer is seriously budget-friendly, but the weightless, oil-preventing formula and aesthetic pink packaging make it feel so expensive. It’s so lightweight that you won’t mind reaching for this crease-free formula every day. It also evens out your skin, so you can skip concealer on your eyelids (or even eyeshadow) if you don’t have time that day.


This Adorable Matte Tumbler That Keeps Drinks Ice Cold For 24 Hours

This leak-resistant 40-ounce tumbler has the trendiest matte finish, a matching straw, and, most importantly — a base that fits right into the cupholder in your car. It also has with a double wall-insulated design for extra-cold iced coffee that stays cold literally all day, and it’s topped off with an adorable curvy handle. It’s available in over a dozen monochromatic colorways including almond, mauve, and white.

  • Available colors: 15


A Seriously Silky Lip Oil With A Subtle Red Tint

This lip oil offers that subtle and chic red tint that’s everywhere right now. You know the one that looks like your natural lip color — just better. This unique oil is formulated with raspberry fruit extract and softening apple water that will feel way more soothing (and less sticky) than a classic lip gloss.


A Minimalist, Best-Selling Fanny Pack With A Super Safe Phone Pocket

This fanny pack is a super budget-friendly way to get that trendy crossbody belt bag moment. The matching strap is adjustable for the perfect fit, and it comes with a simple zipper on top for a minimalist look. If that isn’t enough storage for you, there’s also a zipper on the back that’s perfect for safely tucking away your phone.

  • Available colors: 31


A Waterproof Meat Thermometer That Gives Readings In 3 Seconds

This digital meat thermometer gives accurate readings to one-tenth of a degree in just three seconds, which puts it on par with models that cost hundreds of dollars. Better yet, it comes with a handy chart on the handle, so you don’t have to Google “medium-rare steak” while grilling. Finally, this genius gadget won’t be a huge hassle to clean after dinner or grilling out because it’s completely waterproof, so you can rinse off the probe without worrying. Fold it up, and this LED thermometer will automatically turn off.


A Flake-Free Brow Glue For Minimalist Fluffy Brows

Grab this brow glue for that laminated or super fluffy brow moment without spending a ton on your brows. This flake-free and transfer-proof gel is completely transparent, so you can get fluffy brows in your natural color that still look super crisp. It’s also surprisingly not sticky for just how much this formula holds your brow look in place all day.


A 2-Pack Of Foot Peel Masks That Gently Peel Away Dry & Painful Skin

These foot peel masks give you two pairs for the price of one pair from other brands on Amazon, but make you feel like you got a super pricey exfoliating treatment. This is a passive activity; you only have to wear these comfy sock-like masks around your house for an hour. The soothing fruit extract formula is strong enough to take care of painful calluses and dry foot skin over the course of two weeks.


These Bike Shorts With A Luxuriously Soft Finish

These bike shorts come with pockets and have a buttery soft finish that will make them feel so much more expensive than the pairs in your closet that actually were expensive. Even with the luxe peach skin fabric, these bike shorts are still breathable and moisture-wicking enough to wear while working out or even under dresses.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large Plus


A Hydrating Marula Oil That Brightens Your Skin

This lightweight face oil is made of 100% hydrating marula oil with a bunch of antioxidants, so it will feel just like ones that cost upwards of $65. The silky, fast-absorbing formula won’t feel greasy, but it will also leave behind a super brightened finish on your skin.


These Versatile Sponge Erasers To Scrub Away Every Stain In Your Home

This massive pack of sponge erasers work all over your home — and they do so just as well as name-brand melamine sponges. You won’t need to reach for any of your usual cleaning sprays to use these sponges — just water — and the unique material will work on everything from kitchen grease to dust to water stains in the shower. You can even use them to clean shoes and leather.


A Supportive Workout Tank With The Trendiest Fit

Workout tanks are so great but can be expensive. This cropped tank is such a comfy option because it has a supportive sports bra hidden underneath, and it even comes with removable pads — yay. The V-neck design is seriously stretchy and honestly adorable enough to style after you leave the gym.

  • Available colors: 25
  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large


A Best-Selling Micellar Water That’s So Soothing

This fragrance-, alcohol-, and oil-free micellar water will feel like such a luxurious moment at the end of the day because it has a super hydrating formula. This lightweight and quick-to-use makeup remover will also leave behind a refreshing feeling that’s way better than scrubbing with a harsh cleanser.


This Slouchy Bag That Is Absolutely Covered In Shimmery Rhinestones

This slouchy bag is covered in tiny rhinestones for a seriously expensive-looking Y2K moment. It’s topped off with a matching sparkly handle with knotted details on each side to give it an expensive look. Underneath all of those rhinestones, this zip-up bag has a soft cotton lining, so it’s still flexible enough to stuff with all of your things.

  • Available colors: 17


A Vegan Lip Butter That’s Made With Luxurious Agave

Swap out all of your glosses for this lip butter because it has the most luxurious formula with green tea and moisturizing agave. It adds a perfect tint to your lips — not too sheer and not too dramatic — that looks chic. Best of all, it is super easy to apply this shea butter balm without a mirror.


A Silicone Facial Brush That Vibrates For A Deep Cleanse

This facial cleansing brush is completely waterproof, so you can stick it in the shower and make your everyday cleansing routine feel more luxurious. It’s covered in a bunch of deep-cleansing bristles, and it even has different levels of vibration, making it suitable for all skin types and for everything from washing to massaging your face.


These Lightweight Cloud Slippers That Are So Comfy

Not only do these durable cloud slippers have a super cool design, but I promise you’ll reach for them all the time because of their lightweight feel and secure fit. You can actually mold the strap and the chunky cushioned sole to your feet with a quick blast of a hair dryer, which makes this budget-friendly buy feel custom.

  • Available colors: 17
  • Available sizes: 4 — 16


This Powder-Finish Cream Eyeshadow That’s *So* Easy To Apply

This eyeshadow stick will give you that creamy eyeshadow look that you’re seeing everywhere right now. It’s completely waterproof and has a powdery crease-proof finish, so you can sweep it on even if your eyelids tend to get oily under eyeshadow. It also has a little smudging sponge on the end to make this matte eyeshadow even easier to apply.


These Braided Phone Chargers With 10-Foot Cables

Lightning cable phone chargers wrapped in durable and protective braided fabric always feel more expensive (plus, they last a long time), and this budget-friendly pack comes with three braided chargers. The neutral braided fabric also looks more put together than a classic charger tossed on your desk or bedside table. Plus, they’re 10-feet long, so you can lay in bed and scroll while your phone charges.


This Precise Eyebrow Pencil With Nearly 40,000 5-Star Reviews

This eyebrow pencil has a fine tip that allows you to create hair-like streaks, whether you want to add volume to your existing brows or create a look with super crisp lines. It’s small enough to coat each hair without smudging a bunch of extra product between your brow hairs. This matte-finish formula also comes with spoolie to brush through and finish off your super precise brows.


A Hydrating Hand Cream With Luxurious Floral Ingredients

This lotion comes with a ton of unique ingredients that make it feel so much more luxurious than plain moisturizers. This super hydrating cream is filled with florals like chamomile, pansy, and even sunflower oil, which nourish your skin and make it look absolutely radiant. It even has rosemary and almond oil to make this moisturizing beeswax formula even more hydrating.


These Waterproof Earbuds With An Easy-To-Read Battery Screen

These waterproof Bluetooth earbuds come with a wireless charging case that has a sleek screen on the front to let you know how much battery they have left. Each headphone comes with convenient touch controls on the side, so you can easily change up your podcast volume, answer the phone, and more.


This Durable Dutch Oven That Looks *So* Chic

This enameled cast iron Dutch oven is a best-seller on Amazon, with a 4.8-star rating and 43,000 total reviews. The glossy enameled finish, which looks just as luxe as super expensive French Dutch ovens, is available in over two dozen colors, including classic red and bright lagoon blue. At 6 quarts, this kitchen powerhouse can be used in the oven and on stovetops up to 500 degrees, which makes it great for everything from stews to breads.


An Electric Toothbrush With An Aesthetic Charging Base

This electric toothbrush comes with the tiniest little charging base that will honestly look so sleek on your bathroom counter. It lasts for 14 days of brushing between charging it, but the charger is so aesthetic you might just leave it out all the time. It also comes with a two minute timer, so you won’t have to set a timer on your phone to get a perfectly-timed, thorough clean.


A Highly-Rated Throw Blanket That’s Made From Seriously Luxe Fabric

This budget-friendly throw blanket has that luxurious plush texture of those expensive trendy blankets everyone’s posting about. It looks just as nice as those with its neutral leopard print design and its chic neutral colors. Plus, the plush, soft, and warm microfiber fabric can even go in the washing machine.


A Seaweed & Elastin-Filled Cream That’ll Give You Radiant Skin Every Morning

Obviously, the packaging of this oil-free night cream looks premium, but the actual formula also feels super expensive with a ton of nourishing seaweed, which helps to soften your skin. This cream is also packed with minerals and other fan-favorite skincare ingredients like collagen, elastin, and glycerin.


These Soft & Comfy Cork Sandals With Metallic Details

These sandals come with a cork footbed that’s durable enough to wear everywhere, while being a fraction of the price of the name-brand sandals out these. They feature suede lining and adjustable straps, so they’re still soft and comfy. The flexible straps are also topped off with adorable and chunky rose gold-tone buckles to add to the classic look.

  • Available styles: 21
  • Available sizes: 6 — 13


This Soy Wax & Cotton Wick Candle That Comes In A Stylish Jar

You’ll want to scatter a few of these jasmine and sandalwood soy candles all over your home because they’ll look like you spent a ton of money on them. They have a minimalist glass jar with a glossy black finish that will look just as swanky as an $80 candle, whether you want to put these in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or office. Each candle comes with a smoke-free, 100% cotton wick.


The Hyaluronic Acid-Filled Gel Moisturizer That Amazon Reviewers Love

This moisturizer has a lightweight and refreshing water gel formula that works just as well as premium brands. This quick-absorbing gel feels like a thicker version of your favorite serum, and it has a hyaluronic acid for a bunch of hydration. It’s no wonder it’s the best-selling moisturizer on Amazon, with over 63,000 five-star reviews.


A Seamless Bodysuit With The Comfiest Mesh Top

This stretchy, moisture-wicking bodysuit is made with a bunch of mesh panels and accents, so it will feel super breathable no matter how you style it or what you wear over it. The top is free of awkward padding, and the thong design is easy to wear and adds to the seamless look. It’s also topped off with adjustable straps, so you can make this comfy bodysuit feel supportive.

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: XXS — 5XL


These Chic Water Drop Earrings That Look Really Expensive

These gold-tone earrings have a minimalist water drop design that wraps around your ear and almost look like oversized hoops when you’re wearing them. The chunky design is actually hollow and surprisingly super lightweight. Plus, they have a classic stud-style post to add to how comfy they are.

  • Available colors: 10


A 4-Pack Of Multipurpose Sponges To Speed Up Your Dusting Routine

These unique and reusable dusting sponges only need water to work, and they have a unique curved design to fit between blinds or around baseboards. They’re covered in ridges, so you can even use these reusable sponges to scrub the dust from annoying vent grates or wire shelving.


This Neutral Palette With A Tidy Spot For Your Eyeshadow Brush

This budget-friendly eyeshadow pallet comes with all of the classic beige options you could need. You even get 12 matte and shimmery finishes and a super light swatch for the simple makeup moment that’s so trendy right now. This pack also comes in a chic box with a built-in spot for the included eyeshadow brush.


These Faux-Leather Belts With A Double-O Buckle That Looks So Chic

Not only do these faux-leather belts look like the way-too-pricey version out there, but you also get two different colors, so you won’t get tired of styling them. Each one comes with a gold-tone buckle with an overlapping circle design that’s easy enough to reach for every day.

  • Available styles: 17
  • Available sizes: 22” — 58”


These Sheet Masks With A Luxe Aloe & Cucumber Serum

These sheet masks come with a unique aloe vera leaf serum built-in for a seriously soothing skincare moment. Stack up these expensive-looking masks in your skincare drawer, and you’ll always have a moisturizing formula with de-puffing cucumber and hydrating potato extract whenever your skin feels dry.


This Insulated, Matte-Finish Water Bottle With A Near-Perfect Rating

This water bottle is seriously insulated for how budget-friendly it is — I’m talking cold for 24 hours type of insulated. It also comes with a stylish matte finish that’s completely condensation-free, so it won’t drip all over your desk. Plus, the leakproof lid has an oversized handle for easy carrying.

  • Available colors: 8


A 5-Pack Of Makeup Sponges That Is So Cheap

You get a five of these colorful makeup sponges, so you can stick them in your makeup bag, pop a few in your skincare drawer, and even keep one in your everyday bag for touchups. The firm, porous sponges work with sensitive skin, and each one has a pointed end for super precise touchups and application and a rounded end for covering larger areas.


This Minimalist Pan With A Ton Of Compact Cooking Accessories

If you’re been eyeing that versatile pan that promises to replace basically your entire kitchen cabinet, try this multipurpose cookware that also comes with a ton of accessories. You can use it for frying, steaming, grilling, boiling and more. It even has a light pressure cooking option, and all of these versatile accessories are super compact. You also get a matching spatula to finish off this stylish non-stick set.


A Brightening Vitamin C Serum With A Soothing Formula

This vitamin C serum has a bunch of antioxidants from the main ingredient, but it also packs in some seriously soothing skincare favs like aloe vera and jojoba oil. This brightening step also won’t leave an annoying sticky feeling before your moisturizer or other skincare steps.


These Breathable High-Tops That You Can Toss In The Washing Machine

With a classic high-top design, these sneakers are made of a soft canvas fabric that’s breathable enough to style with everything. They even have two little ventilation holes on the side to keep them extra cool when you walk. They come with a chunky rubber sole to add to the timelessness, and they’re even machine-washable — yay.

  • Available colors: 24
  • Available sizes: 5 — 11


This Deshedding Tool With A Calming Massaging Design

You can spend a lot on pet grooming tools, but this deshedding tool works incredibly well for its low price point. It has a massaging design, so your pup will definitely sit still on your at-home grooming day (and you can avoid a pricey groomer trip). The head can be detached with the press of a button, which makes it easy to clean off the fur after brushing, and the stainless steel bristles are rust-resistant if you want to rinse them.


An All-Glass Mushroom Lamp That’s *So* Chic

Lamps can be hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but everything about this lamp gives off expensive vibes — but it’s so cheap. With a chic all-glass design, this mushroom-shaped lamp is small enough to tuck wherever you need a warm, glowy light. Plus, it comes with a warm white LED bulb, so this swirly lamp is ready-to-go when you get it.


A Stainless Steel Mug With A Sleek Warming Plate

This sleek stainless steel coffee mug comes with a matching warming plate to keep your coffee at the ideal temperature — even if you get distracted while sipping. The plate is waterproof and customizable, with an LED screen and easy temperature controls. You also get an easy-to-grip coffee sleeve and a matching lid to really keep your coffee warm.


This Soothing & Expensive-Feeling Salt Scrub With Shea Butter

This body scrub feels seriously expensive because instead of coffee or fruity formulas, this scrub is filled with calming lavender oil. The sea salt exfoliator is paired with grapefruit oil to leave behind extra-glowiness. It also has plenty of shea butter to balance out this exfoliating floral scrub and leave your skin so soft.


These Reusable Microfiber Pads For A Better Mopping Routine

Using these machine-washable mop pads will honestly make your cleaning routine feel so much more put-together because you won’t go through boxes of flimsy single-use mop pads every month. They’re durable enough to use every time you mop, and they’ll even take care of pet fur on all of your floors.


These Seriously Durable Sheets With Super Soft Fabric

This deep-pocket bed sheet set is made of fade-resistant fabric, so your bedding will always look chic and new. Not only will this breathable, soft fabric hold onto its color, but it even resists wrinkles, stains, and any annoying pilling — even when you wash your sheets.